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In a luxurious loft apartment not far from the Royal Family's Castle, just a hill or two down, Tiara had just awakened from a good nights sleep. She opened her eyes and lay still in her bed staring at her ceiling. Her windows had stayed open all night because of the extreme heat of the day before, and through the night as it had cooled down a light breeze made her beige curtains bellow in the wind. It felt cool in her room, and she felt it on her toes and arms. She sat up and glanced to her left at the windows near her door, then she pulled her thin sheets off herself. She was dressed in her night clothes, a white sleeveless t-shirt and yellow and white short pants.

Tiara yawned as she hopped out of bed, and walked on her fancy looking wood floors around to the other side of her bed to her dresser. Her long brown hair was a mess in her mirror, so she took a second to brush it, comb it, and tie her hair into a ponytail with her usual yellow bow. Then she moved to her door and walked out into the main room. It was huge and decorated with the finest furniture; all wood floors just like her bedroom and every other room. There were a few red steel beams protruding from the floors and ceilings across the area, but she didn't mind them because she liked the style of it. Her main room's walls were painted with dark-red wall paint, and furnished with simple, yet the highest quality accessories that any living space could have. To her left were red-brick walls next to the painted dry wall, with large windows every few feet and a balcony she could walk out onto.

The sun was coming out too and it began to crawl onto her floor. It was beautiful, and her apartment was luxurious beyond her wildest dreams; she had spent so long trying to achieve it and had about five years ago. Except Tiara had a blank expression on her face even when faced with all these nice things that she woke up to every day. This material wealth left her feeling empty…hollow…

Lazily she slid her feet across the floor as she moved to the right of her room and took a peek inside the cracked door of her new partner's room. Tiara smirked a bit seeing Honey sprawled out in strange positions on her bed; her hair was down and all her hair accessory's laid neatly on her nightstand near her bed. Her covers where on the floor and she wore a red nightgown, she had opened her windows too; which were on the opposite side of her room. Honey's room, like Tiara's room, was moderately big with plenty of room for furniture like a chair or even a small couch.

But the room was mostly empty and usually was even with the many partners she'd had over the years. Then the blank expression that crossed Tiara's face returned, Honey was still fast asleep and she hadn't even unpacked her belongings yet, which were two small suitcases. Tiara moved away from her door and walked over to her kitchen and prepared herself a cup of coffee.

Honey had told her she didn't own a lot since she started moving around a lot for her mercenary work. Honey and she hadn't shared much personal information with each other yet, but Tiara could tell the drifter life was not something she cared for much. It was quiet for a minute as Tiara prepared her coffee, listening to the pop of the boiling water as it mixed with the coffee beans and dripped into her coffee pot. Then she poured it into a cup and walked over to her balcony, opening the glass doors with wooden frames and stepping out onto the medium-sized oval-shaped area.

The morning sun was bright in her eyes as light started to fill the day. It was getting warm already so she knew to get ready for another hot day even though a nice breeze was running pass her this high up. Tiara walked pass a reclining chair and regular chairs to the metal railing of her balcony and took in the view. Because of where Arch City sat, on the coastline of a beach, it was as if it was a tropical paradise. In a sense, it kind of was, but it was also a city filled with danger. Tiara leaned her arms on the railings and began sipping on her coffee with a blank expression as she stared out below at the ocean waves, all the buildings, and all the people below her. Tiara knew just how Honey felt even though she never showed it on the outside, the difference being everything she did in her life she felt like a drifter….

People, family, friends, even her goals and dreams…

But her love life, which was something she had come to terms with not so long ago, was probably the issue which hurt the most. It was also the thing she cared to have the most but had been unsuccessful at attaining. She had always been open with her emotions but for a time she had buried them in favor of accomplishing her goals. People treated her as a thing...a freak...because of her abilities...

So when she interacted with others they treated her with a stigma. Her abilities were something she was never able to get pass, and so she'd been overlooked. She was sure it was the same for Blaze. When she was young she fell into the same trap as Blaze when she revealed her abilities to her peers. Her father had warned her but she was young and dumb. Every time she thought of the mocking of the school children it made her cringe.

She dipped her head for a moment, feeling shame in the pit of her stomach…

The early part of her life was a lonely one, as when she found out, like Blaze, that their abilities made them one of a kind in generations it took on a new spin. She didn't know that others did not possess abilities like hers. Even when she realized that she did, she thought she might be regarded as special. That it was cool and a good thing. But it was exactly the opposite as others viewed her as abnormal, and from those dark days she was excluded. She didn't get invited to anything, and people ignored her but when Blaze was pulled out of school she knew she couldn't stay.

She followed suit not wanting to be taunted anymore. As she grew older she understood why people were the way they were. She WAS special and no one other than Blaze and herself could do what they could do. It was a surreal feeling knowing that you were the only one on an entire planet of people who was different. And that meant Blaze and she held a certain position of power over regular individuals, whether it be good or bad. It was more likely people feared their destructive power which they were capable of. Though she had never thought that way, she was just a little girl who didn't want to be alone…

Once she was out of school she went into hiding like Blaze, and she didn't see her for some time, only after Eggman Nega attacked the city. She had watched Blaze take most of the heat for being different, and a lot of it was because she was the Princess. People knew of her just as openly, and disliked her just as they did Blaze. Only they kept most of the focus on Blaze because of her title and she at the same time of being disliked was also forgotten. She was ignored…

Tiara guzzled the rest of her coffee, feeling lonely again as she looked at the people below move about. She'd had so many male partners that never went anywhere. She had begun to lead a normal life before she started her mercenary work. With their traditions of marriage because of the disruption of the male population, females chased down their partners. That was no problem for her of course; they couldn't run away from her. She was able to easily overpower the males she chased so she could simply snatch them from wherever they were, and she had in the past anyway...

When she saw one that she liked she just took him. But even with their current customs, if a female didn't like the male she threw him away. Males usually stayed complacent once captured as if they tried to run the female would give chase and he would be caught again. With her anyway, they didn't even try to run...they became lifeless…they became fearful once in contact with her…

Even the toughest looking man she had captured became stunned once she took him, and it wasn't even as they didn't speak. It was just the way they treated her, timid, nervous, and afraid. They held the same demeanor as people who disliked her, and it made her feel off put by the experience. It made the whole thing awkward and uncomfortable. That they treated her like a monster, as a thing, and it was then when she realized she was actually putting people who disliked her back in her life. One in the same as everyone who disliked her. She had been trying to escape that, but she had done it to herself. But she had stopped…dating...if those were the words you wanted to use, years ago. She didn't want to be treated that way…especially if it was personally. So she let all the men go and for some time, she gave up on love because she felt it was too far gone, and she figured she'd just move on…

She had always had an air of confidence in her attitude, and though she never stopped her amorous ways she had come to terms with the fact that there might be no love for her. She'd spent a lot of her time recently focused on herself. Achieving great career and financial success but she knew, deep down, it was a cover for her crippled emotions. She had started her mercenary work not too long after Blaze became the Guardian of the Sol Emeralds; it was the perfect opportunity for her. With all the bad elements pouring into the city causing trouble, with her abilities it was the most obvious course of action for her. And all of it led right back to where she was now. As she stood on her balcony in her nice home with all the success she would ever need. Yet she still longed for the caress of someone…

Then suddenly a smirk came across Tiara's face, everything she had ever thought about love had changed when she heard of that hedgehog; Sonic. A silly grin came across Tiara's face as she daydreamed about him. She never believed Blaze whenever she spoke of him throughout the years; she never told her he too possessed abilities, that he wasn't regular. When she described him and who he was Blaze neglected to mention his abilities; she was a clever princess. Though she didn't believe Blaze at the time it created a fantasy in her head, and she did enjoy the idea of a male from another dimension. She enjoyed the conversations with Blaze she had about him and the two times she claimed they met. She had dismissed it though as Blaze could never prove he existed...until a few days ago…

To tell the truth she was genuinely shocked when she saw Blaze step off her ship with the blue hedgehog she had spoken of. And to now find out that there was a male who was like them; she couldn't believe her eyes back in the alley a few days ago. It was a dream come true for her. Simply, if there was a male who was like her, he wouldn't treat her like an other. She could love…

She thought Blaze was smart to try and hide the fact that he was like them from her. She should have known that she would go right after him as she had. Because that meant her retirement from the chase had officially ended. She knew Blaze knew about her personal life seeing as she was never with anyone and she the same. It was one common bond they shared, of the circumstances they faced.

She figured something was up with that hedgehog when she found him with the fallen Leopard Brother, heck when she first saw him. Nobody rolled with Blaze unless she had a reason, there's a lot of danger around her, and she had a certain skepticism about Sonic ever since. Trying to figure out why he was with her, almost knowing he had abilities like them before she truly knew. Which wouldn't be possible since Blaze, and she were the only ones able to do that here. It shrouded him with mystery and intrigue after they first met but he was revealed now. She didn't know what other abilities he had, but he certainly was fast. She'd never known anyone who could run fast like Blaze and herself.

Tiara grinned a silly grin...he was fast…

And Tiara had no shame if Blaze hadn't claimed him by now, whatever her reason he was single and that made her happy. Tiara looked up into the clear blue skies feeling reinvigorated, feeling a new momentum as a new goal had come into her life these last few days. An old goal she'd forgotten, a new sense of purpose and that goal was him. That hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog.

She was back in the game.

Tiara smiled as the morning sun shined over her, feeling the air getting warmer. Still not caring so much about her material possessions, they only felt like a backdrop now that her emotions were a high lately. The strong feeling of affection she felt towards the hedgehog made her feel good again. Tiara was so lost in her thoughts she didn't hear Honey until she called her name as she stepped out onto the balcony.

Honey yawned and rubbed her eyes as she walked over to Tiara "Good morning."

Tiara turned to the sound and removed herself from the railing with a smile "You sleep good?"

Honey stretched "I'll feel better once I've got my fist planted in a criminal's face."

"I feel like moving around too, let's grab some food before we get started. I know a great place just down the block." Tiara said getting ready to head back inside.

But Honey's eyes shot open in surprise at the lovely view from the balcony. She spoke happily walking over to the railing and placing her hands on it "You downplayed it! The view from here is amazing!"

Honey smiled brightly as she turned to look at Tiara "It must be wonderful to wake up to this every morning."

Tiara smirked as she turned and walked back inside "It's alright…"

Honey was jubilant as she followed Tiara back inside brushing her black hair out of her eyes, and closing the glass doors behind herself "I gotta do something with my hair."

So they both went back into their respective rooms and changed into their usual clothing all the while yelling through the walls and conversing with each other; talking about males and their hair. Tiara even got to know a little more about her new partner, finding out she just got out of a long relationship were the male she captured cheated on her. Suffice it to say Honey caused him some distress and was hoping to find a new male in Arch City. Once changed Tiara and Honey left her apartment which was on the highest floor of the building. Making her apartment separate from the other tenants in the building below her.

But Honey was quick to notice people's treatment of her as they rode the elevator down. Having to share it with a few other occupants they gave Tiara strange looks, and as they got off on the main floor. The people there stared at them with accusing eyes, and it made Honey feel uncomfortable; everyone remained quiet as they walked pass them to the entrance. It was pretty obvious to Honey that they stared because they knew Tiara was different, but they said nothing; there was an elephant in the room.

When they stepped outside Honey noticed that Tiara remained unfazed; Honey frowned "I didn't think it would be true…"

Tiara smirked "I'll deal with it." she said placing a hand on her hip "Blaze and I also still rack up quite a bit of collateral damage so I'll give them that."

Honey looked exasperated "To see it…people acting that way…its wrong…" she said glancing back at the people in the building.

"So why did you want to work with me?" Tiara asked unfazed by the negativity thrown her way.

"People are individuals, not a single thing; everyone can't ignorantly hate you." Honey said as her smile returned.

"Good enough." Tiara shrugged and she patted her briefly on the shoulder as they began walking.

Honey giggled "I wanted to work with you."

Tiara smirked joking at her "That's more I like it. I guess there's always..." but Tiara was cut off as her phone rang in her pocket; the ring tone sounded like a pop song. They stopped walking as Tiara nodded and responded to the person on the line while Honey listened curiously.

"I'm on it." Tiara said as she pressed the screen of her phone and stuffed it back into her pocket. She grinned, and Honey smiled back at her knowing she just got a call from the office. Tiara cracked her knuckles "There's something going on down at the docks."

Honey squeezed her hands together "That's just wonderful!"

"Let's eat quickly, we're going to be busy today." Tiara said jogging away with Honey right behind her.

"I can't wait!" Honey said happily.

It didn't take them long to eat at the diner just down the block from Tiara's home as they were eager to get some action. The rush it gave them was a reason both of them enjoyed the work of a mercenary; it let them forget things in their life they wanted to forget. The work was a good distraction...

On the opposite side of town near the borderline of the city where the rain-forest started, Blaze, Sonic, and Marine had started their day early too. They had all had a rousing night at the castle in Blaze's room, with them all staying up late and listening to Sonic's tales of his adventures from his world in her room. They were served sweets like ice-cream, and cake, and Blaze had ran into her parents again and caught her father trying to slip Sonic onto a suitors list...again…

Blaze's face was stoic as they walked on the sidewalk near the beach but inside she felt good. She hadn't had such fun…ever…

It felt like having a sleepover with friends though she had none while growing up. She felt as though she just lived an experience she never got to live last night with Sonic. She walked behind Marine currently who followed Sonic; he had another close lock on an Emerald after it led him to this side of town. They had got up early despite the extra time they had spent…fooling around last night, and they were already on a hot lead to the next Emerald. Although Blaze was not even paying attention to the issue at hand…strangely she found that finding the Chaos Emeralds did not interest her at the moment. As they walked along pass the many female citizens and their stares, Blaze's eyes were on Sonic's back recalling how she combed his hair the previous day….

Blaze's face became thoughtful as her feelings about Sonic sent her into another daydream when Blaze bumped into Marine. Not paying attention to where she was walking, Marine turned to look a Blaze puzzled "You ok Blaze?"

Blaze blinked her eyes holding her stoical expression as her senses returned to her, and she looked around, seeing that Sonic stopped walking and was scanning the area, gripping the Green Chaos Emerald in his hand.

"I was just thinking…" was all she could muster.

Marine shrugged as she looked around like Sonic. Blaze was the only one who put the least effort into it because the heat did not phase her. Marine spoke aloud with a light frown "Is it getting hot or is it just me?"

"I'm with you, I'm gonna need to catch some air soon." Sonic said focusing on a small store on the corner across the street from them. It was a busy little shop, and they sold food which led them all to believe the obvious again.

"I'm feeling fine." Blaze interjected with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

Marine and Sonic turned to looked at Blaze with annoyed face's, and Marine responded with a grumpy look "This conversation doesn't concern you lady."

Blaze smiled at them as Sonic turned back to look at the grocery store. As they stared at the store Blaze's seriousness came back as her brows knotted with suspicion and a frown formed on her face "It's in the store? That is one coincidence to many."

Sonic waited a moment or two before he spoke "…I think it's in there alright…but it might be moving…"

Blaze blinked in surprise as she stepped next to him, she finally gave her full attention to the people inside the store but she couldn't get a bead on who might be carrying it. Blaze caught Sonic's eyes as she stepped onto the street, and he got serious nodding back at her. Blaze gave Marine a serious look as well that said to be careful, one that Blaze gave her often as she watched over her over the years. So inconspicuously they walked across the street as a few cars passed and into the Grocery Store. The store was unnamed as far as they could tell, and they sold lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that sat in many wooden bins around the small area.

The owner, a female gray cat was checking her customers out and Sonic gave Blaze and Marine a subtle bob of his head as he motioned for them to head to the back of the store. As they moved into the back area of the store Sonic was compelled to move by the force of the Emerald in his hand. The trio felt tension as they got closer to confronting the person with the Emerald since it was not in plain sight. Sonic and Blaze worried about Marine's welfare even though they all assumed it might be some criminal in disguise. Mingling in plain sight so she or he could hide; it wasn't long before Sonic's eyes darted towards a little female cat, a child whose fur was teal. She wore a yellow dress and a yellow sleeveless shirt, and she did not seem to notice them; she had a shopping bag in her hand.

As Sonic stopped Blaze and Marine knew he had found the culprit, he leaned over and whispered into Blaze's ear "She has it." he motioned to the little girl a few feet away from them.

Marine caught who they were looking at so she kept a bit of distance behind Sonic and Blaze. They all didn't want to take any chances even if she was just a child. Blaze and Sonic walked up behind the little girl, and their shadows loomed over her as she innocently turned around.

Blinking at the two she looked confused questioning in an innocent voice "Yes?"

Unfortunately, this gesture started to get everyone's attention in the store. The people in the store had already wondered why Princess Blaze and her strange guest had wandered into the store. But their faces turned into disgust when they hoped the Princess was not going to do what they thought she was about to do. Blaze and even Sonic this time, frowned seeing the peoples accusing faces around them but they ignored them.

"I need to see your bag." Blaze stated with her stoic expression.

The girl looked confused and afraid "….But why?"

Suddenly, everyone's eyes in the store were on Blaze, Marine, and Sonic. People's attitudes were starting to get annoying to him too now, and Sonic questioned the girl trying to be respectable as possible "Did you pick up a shiny gem today?"

The girl shook her head "What are you talking about?"

The people in the store had stopped shopping at this point. An angry female yelled at them "Leave that little girl alone!"

"What's the matter with you!" yelled a man with his wife.

Blaze and Sonic looked at one another as the angry people in the store began throwing insults at them. Blaze gave Marine a serious look, and she scooted closer to her and Sonic. Blaze gritted her teeth, and Marine looked around worried but Sonic ended it as he held up the Green Chaos Emerald. And in its close proximity just as they found the Emerald in the mall, the Green Chaos Emerald began to glow. The shouting continued as the little girl looked up in surprise as the Cyan Chaos Emerald glowed through the girl's bag.

Blaze now looking irritated gave the girl a sharp glare, reaching to take the bag from her "Give me that bag."

But the girls face became expressionless and before Blaze could grab the little girls bag she suddenly leaped into the air. Shocking the trio and even the people in the store, she tossed her fruits and vegetables at Blaze briefly obscuring her sight. But the trio ignored the shocked people who were still focused on yelling at them as the girl began hopping on the stands of food and out of the store with the glowing Cyan Chaos Emerald in her hand. The trio was in shock because the little girl was moving kinda fast! Something was wrong, that wasn't a little girl!

Without hesitation Blaze dashed out of the exit of the store and Sonic gave the Green Chaos Emerald to Marine, and she stuffed it back into her back pack as he picked her up. Sonic was right on Blaze's tail as the people continued yelling all kinds of obscenities at them as they ran out of the store. They even had the gall to run out after them and yell at them as they ran away. One in particular stung them all as the store owner made her mind known "Don't you ever come back to my store again you freaks!"

Blaze frowned as she looked back at Sonic and Marine as they ran away. Moving at such high speeds sometimes it got hard to hear one another but Blaze didn't need to speak. As when she looked to Sonic he briefly held a frown before he gave her a reassuring smile. Marine held on tightly to Sonic's neck as he carried her, and she gave Blaze the same type of look. Because even if it was directed at all of them, they knew most of it was shifted onto Blaze. Blaze gave them a heartfelt smile, feeling strength from their support and turned forward again. The little girl was not that far ahead of them, and Blaze felt new determination as she sped up, spurring Sonic to do the same. No one could run that fast here and whoever or whatever that little girl was she would not outrun them.

Meanwhile back in Sonic's dimension, Mobius, Tails and Amy had spent the latter half of the week trying to figure out what happened to Sonic. A long time ago Sonic and Tails relocated their home from South Island to an area near the water on the mainland; South Island was still visible if you went down to the coast. As of now Tails's workshop, Sonic's and his home, resided in a small village of people. Though Eggman never stopped his tyranny some parts of Mobius had grown, cities had even been erected. Eggman did attack from time to time, but he never went all out because of Sonic. But in this small peaceful village, Tails's workshop, a two-story home with a large garage attached to the side stood out amongst most homes, which were usually one floor.

Tails's Workshop sat at the end of the village so the Tornado could have a runway. Amy, Vanilla and Cream also lived in the village. But Amy and Tails had spent more time in Tails's workshop than they did outside the last few days. It made it all the more unfortunate as the last few days had really nice weather, but today it was cloudy and Tails was sure they weren't regular clouds.

Inside Tails's garage, Amy and Knuckles watched Tails as he ran test on the Master Emerald. He'd asked Knuckles over today and asked him to bring the Master Emerald, as he too was starting to notice the weird weather up on Angel Island. Though he couldn't stay long, the Emerald had to be put back in its place before the island fell out of the sky again. The Tornado was parked right behind the trio as Tails scanned the Master Emerald.

"Well did you find out anything this time?" Amy asked Tails with a worried face.

"It's just about done Amy, if this is anything like last time then the Chaos Emerald's are the cause for the strange weather." Tails turned to them both looking away from his computer with a thoughtful face.

Knuckles stood with his arms crossed and a serious face "The strange weather is our worlds merging with wherever Sonic went. The Chaos Emeralds are surely responsible for this."

"Do you think he went to that place with that Princess you guys were talking about?" Amy questioned Tails.

"It's possible. From what I've learned about this alternate dimension stuff, that is the reason why her and our worlds merge. It's because their closer…if that makes any sense…" Amy and Knuckles looked confused; Tails grinned "I can't explain it without getting technical, but I've measured the residual energies from the Chaos Emeralds when we came back last time we went there. From the amount of energy left over I got a measurement, and I've used that as a point of reference for other measurements."

Amy and Knuckles looked even more confused so Tails tried to finish his statement "The point being is I've detected other…places…using that point of reference with Blaze's world and other places are farther away."

"But what about the storms that happened? They're going to happen again right?" Amy asked him still looking worried.

Knuckles interjected with a frown "Well if its anything like last time, as our worlds merge the storms will get worse."

"Do you think there's anything you can do Knuckles?" Tails asked him.

"I'm not sure; I told you last time it happened I could feel the Master Emerald calling to me." Knuckles said with uncertainty.

Amy looked curious "So that's happening this time to then?"

Knuckles glanced at the Master Emerald sitting next to Tails's computer "Yeah…"

Tails looked back at his computer "It's almost done."

"I also felt its call getting stronger when you guys were collecting them; it happened before the storms stopped and you guys came back. You know what that means?" Knuckles said with a grin.

Tails face lit up with a smile "When we were collecting the Emeralds…"

Amy finished for him with a big smile "That means Sonic is collecting them wherever he's at!"

"Exactly, when you were collecting them the call got stronger so that means the Emeralds are getting closer to one another. They're becoming whole again." Knuckles stated crossing his arms again with a smirk on his face.

Tails nodded smiling "So when he gets them all you should know."

Knuckles then slammed his fist into his hand with an arrogant face "I'm gonna give Sonic a piece of my mind when he gets back, he's always so reckless putting our worlds in danger."

Amy and Tails smiled sheepishly and chuckled; Sonic and Knuckle's rivalry never changed. Just then a window above them was opened and a female's voice spoke aloud "Yo, what's up with all the strange weather?" the woman looked curious.

Knuckles looked shocked balling his fist "Rouge! What are you doing here?"

Amy and Tails looked slightly surprised because Rouge did visit occasionally, Knuckles was just vigilant because Rouge liked to tease him. Amy waved happily at her "Hey Rouge!"

"Hi guys." she said in a sauvé voice as she slipped through the window and flew down next to them. Her attention was quickly shifted to the Master Emerald though and her eyes lit up with desire "Oh is that an Emerald?"

Knuckles looked irritated as he intervened "Don't play nice, you know that's the Master Emerald!"

Rouge grinned as she turned to look at him "You sure you don't have enough room on that island for the both of us?"

Knuckles looked embarrassed "What's that supposed to mean?"

Rouge shrugged "With the worlds merging again we should get used to living together."

Tails, Amy, and Knuckles were surprised. Tails asked her looking confused "How do you know about that?"

Rouge winked at him "It's a secret."

Tails sighed in defeat, and Rouge walked over to the Master Emerald with Knuckles right behind her. Rouge began poking the Master Emerald and confusing Knuckles with semantics and innuendos about living together. All the while, Knuckles tried to deal with Rouge and protecting the Master Emerald from her and his dignity.

Then the computer finished scanning the Master Emerald, and Tails smiled as he began typing "Oh it's complete."

Amy looked over his shoulder while he typed "So what are you doing now exactly?"

"I'm scanning the Master Emerald to get an energy reading for measurement; I've tested it in the past with the Chaos Emeralds. They all give off an energy reading and since the Master Emerald, and the Chaos Emeralds are tied together then I should get a good measurement." Tails said to her distractedly.

Amy nodded in understanding "So since the Master Emerald is kind of tied to the Chaos Emeralds and there in use then you should be able to get a better measurement like when you scanned them last time?"

Tails hit enter with a surprised look on his face "…Yeah…that pretty much sums up what I was about to say. Only we can't do much on our end. The measurement from the Master Emerald is so I can make a comparison with my point of reference." Tails said as he started to print out the results "You sure picked that up quick Amy."

Amy spoke with a satisfied face placing her hands on her hips "When Sonic's involved it's my business to know."

Tails chuckled and shook his head as he reached and grabbed the results from the printer. As he read over it a frown came over his face, and he spoke in disappointment "It's just as I thought…"

Rouge stopped toying with Knuckles, and they both joined Amy and Tails. Rouge spoke curiously "So what's happening?"

Tails handed the paper to her, and Knuckles and Amy loomed over the sheet of paper; it had wavelengths on it that they assumed to be energy. Knuckles looked up from the paper "They're exactly the same."

"That means Sonic is in Blaze's world again." Tails said with a frown.

"But didn't you say Blaze is strong?" Amy asked Tails with a curious face.

"Yeah but Sonic needs to get back soon or you know…" Tails said with a shrug.

"If Sonic has help then you know he will make it back." Amy said enthusiastically.

"Sonic won't leave us hanging." Rouge smiled snatching the piece of paper away from Knuckles.

There were a few moments of giggles from everyone as Knuckles looked irritated but suddenly Knuckle's eyes widened in shock. There was slight panic from everyone, and Rouge questioned confused by his behavior "What's wrong?"

Knuckles spun his head around to the Master Emerald and stared at it for a moment. Everyone was silent as it began to glow, and he fully turned around and walked over to it. He knelt down and placed a hand on it "…I feel the Master Emerald calling me…"

Everyone was curious as they huddled around him, and Rouge questioned Amy and Tails looking confused "What's he talking about?"

"It's a long story…" Tails said with a sheepish grin.

Rouge smirked "That sounds like a story I'd want to hear."

Although Knuckles ignored her comments this time "…Something…it's happening right now…I feel a strong pulse of energy from the Master Emerald…"

Amy squealed holding her hands together "Its Sonic!"

"Sonic must be getting close to another Chaos Emerald…" Knuckles said in a serious tone as his eyes closed; the Master Emerald continued to glow.

But his seriousness was washed away when he opened his eyes, and Rouge was standing right next to him hugging the Master Emerald. One of Knuckle's eyes twitched, and Rouge gave him an innocent look "I can feel it too. We can talk about our connection once we get home."

Quickly Knuckles registered her innuendo and his face became annoyed; he pointed accusingly at her "Why do you say such strange things!"

Rouge only stuck her tongue out at him as she continued hugging the Master Emerald. Knuckle's irritation came back, and he spoke to Tails as he stood"I'm ready to go Tails."

"Me too." Rouge said happily.

"Alone." Knuckles grumbled.

Tails chuckled "Sure Knuckles. I'll get the Tornado ready."

Rouge giggled by his side as Amy got ready to go back in the house "I guess it can't be helped." she sighed and Amy waved at Knuckles and Rouge with a happy demeanor "I'll see you guys later."

"Later Amy." Knuckles said as he walked back over to the Master Emerald and picked it up next from Tails's computer.

"Later hun." Rouge said as she messed with Knuckles as he tried to carry the Master Emerald over to the Tornado. Knuckles stumbled and hopped as he tried to get away from Rouge, their bickering was present in the background as Tails walked over to the wall near the garages exit.

He flipped open a plastic box on a panel and hit a red button, and the garage's metal shutters flew up. A gust of wind entered as the door opened and Tails observed dark clouds rolling in, only he wasn't sure if they were regular storm clouds or the ones caused by the merging of worlds.

"Dinner will be ready soon Tails, don't take too long to get back; Vanilla and Cream are coming over." Amy called back to him as she went inside.

Tails looked over his shoulder "I won't be long…"

Amy nodded as she disappeared, and he looked back into the increasingly dark skies. Once he dropped Knuckles and the Master Emerald, and maybe even Rouge off at Angel Island, he had something's he wanted to look into. Tails held a determined face as he looked into the dark skies, he wanted to figure out what caused Sonic to be transported out of there world again. He hated sitting around and watching, and hoped that Sonic was ok whatever he was doing right now...

Back in Blaze's dimension the trio had closed in on the little girl who was running at beyond normal speeds. They'd briefly chased her down the opposite direction of the coastline back down to the docks where the S.S. Marine was. There'd seemed to be some commotion going on at the docks unfortunately, and the trio spotted the chaos going on in the distance as they approached the docks. There were four wooden pirate ships and one made out of metal sitting next to the docking bay were the city's ships sat. They were close enough to see pirates trying to hijack the ships and even jumping off their own ships onto the docks. The ships were firing cannon balls as well, attacking the ships at the docks. The city's police forces were fighting back though, large groups of swat were firing back at the ships with their guns, and the pirates were doing the same; and the workers on the docks in their blue jumpsuits scrambled around trying to get out of the heat of the action. As they got closer to the docks Marine saw pirates on her ship.

"My baby!" Marine yelled in Sonic's arms.

Blaze glanced back at the pair hearing Marine's distress; Sonic grinned yelling to her "We'll go on ahead!"

Blaze nodded as Sonic sped up and ran pass her and the girl with the Emerald. They had reached the same street they crossed when they first arrived, and Sonic and Marine crossed the street straight into the thick of the action by the ships.

Blaze then jumped into the air, conjuring fire in both of her hands. Just as the girl stepped onto the street Blaze swiftly came crashing down onto the girl. Nearby bystanders who were watching the attacks on the docks watched in horror as they watched Princess Blaze attack what seemed like a child. But Blaze ignored them as she had the girl pinned on the ground, a foot on her back and a fiery hand on the girls head.

Blaze growled baring her sharp gritted teeth, and her eyes narrowed in anger, still with fire in both of her hands as she squeezed the girls head increasing the flames. Blaze already knew this wasn't a girl; she had seen similar things in the past. Suddenly, the girl's body convulsed and began twitching, and the bystanders took out their camera phones, but they stopped recording when the little girls head exploded. The explosion had a small shockwave, but Blaze was shielded by covering herself in flames. The flames around Blaze lessened then vanished as the explosion subsided and she made her flames go away. She looked at what was left. A twitching body with no head, and no blood, just oil. Blaze frowned as she looked at what stuck out of the neck, metal and wires.

Eggman Nega….

Blaze bent down and took the Cyan Chaos Emerald out of the robots hand, and she looked over to the bystanders ordering them as she pointed at the robots body "Watch this."

Then without hesitation she dashed off after Sonic and Marine, leaving the confused bystanders as they hesitantly surrounded the robots body. They were already afraid of the Princess, they weren't going to disobey an order from the Guardian of the Sol Emeralds.

Blaze placed the Cyan Emerald into her pocket as she ran pass the gunshots and police and pirate's fighting. Quickly, she spotted Sonic and Marine on the S.S. Marine fighting pirates off the ship. Pirates were still coming off their ships in the water; they'd hooked ropes to slide down onto the ships on the docks. So Blaze decided that it was time to make an impression. She turned to the edge of the docks and jumped down onto the water, and she dashed across the water to the most vulnerable targets, the wooden ships.

The pirates didn't see her coming either as she ran across the water tossing fire balls up unto their decks. Setting the sides of their ships on fire, and before they knew it their ships burst up into flames. Once the pirates on the docks saw their ships burning they tried to flee, but the police went on the offensive. They overpowered the ones on the docks and cuffed them before they could jump into the water.

Blaze left one wooden ship alive as she jumped off the water and hopped up onto it. The second the pirates caught site of the princess they dropped their weapons and began abandoning ship. There were mostly females on this ship, and they cowardly tried to run before Blaze snatched one by the collar and held the female pirate in front of her. Her fur was completely white and her eyes had a twinge of yellow; her clothing was tattered.

"I anit telling you nothing!" the female pirate said aggressively.

Blaze's face was stoic as she held her other hand up and conjured a large flame. The female pirate's eyes shot wide in surprise, feeling the heat of the flames in the princess's hand as her fellow ship mates ran pass them and jumped off the ship. The female pirate was speechless as Blaze spoke starting to look annoyed; her eyes narrowed "Where is your captain?"

Instantly, the female pirate pointed directly behind Blaze at the only metal ship. Blaze was quiet as she glanced behind herself at the metal ship. It didn't look heavily armored, but it had a lot of cannons; strangely it was not firing. Blaze looked back at the cowering white female cat and stopped the flames in her hand.

The female pirate epped as Blaze gripped her collar, turned to the railing of the ship, and tossed her off. Blaze looked around the deck to see no one was left; she didn't want to burn anyone alive. Then she saw on the docks that the police were getting the pirates under control now that some of their ships were burning and sinking into the ocean.

Then Blaze heard the faint call of her name, and she turned to look to the S.S. Marine. Blaze then smiled as she saw Marine waving at her and Sonic kicking the last pirate off their ship. Sonic waved to her as well and then Blaze put her hands on the railing with a smile still on her face as she pointed to the metal pirate ship. Getting the ok Marine and Sonic bumped fist; making Blaze shake her head in amusement. Marine ran up to the steering deck and Sonic waited on the main deck.

Blaze's face became serious again as she ran up to the pirates steering wheel and fired up the motors of the wooden ship. The ship lurched and as it moved she steered it into the metal ship, it made a large thud, and it rocked the whole ship. It didn't knock Blaze off her balance though. Blaze ran from the steering wheel to the bow and jumped onto the metal ship.

When she landed she conjured flames in her hands ready to attack but the main deck was empty. Blaze's flames dissipated from her hands, and she moved to the railings to get a glimpse of the S.S. Marine. Marine and Sonic were still waiting, the Energy Cannon came out of the deck were Sonic was standing, and he gave Blaze a thumbs up. Blaze smirked briefly before she nodded at him and conjured flames in her hands again.

First, she went back to where she boarded the ship and threw a few fireballs at the wooden ship she had boarded. She threw one so hard it put a hole in the deck and Marine and Sonic cheered her on as they watched the remaining wooden ship burst into flames. Then she turned to the only door not far away from were she was standing. She walked at a normal pace towards the door. Her hills clanked on the metal deck, and as she readied to approach the door it burst open with a female flying through with a black hat falling off her head. Blaze was on guard; this woman was the captain who just fell at her feet. But that wasn't all; more female pirates began rushing out the door screaming and when they saw Blaze they ran to the opposite railings screaming louder as they all jumped ship.

Blaze gritted her teeth…she knew what that meant…

Not soon after all the remaining pirates finished rushing out of the lower deck of the ship, shortly Tiara and Honey walked out the door. Tiara held a smug grin as Blaze lowered her flames again "Hey Princess!"

Honey waved at Blaze with a happy smile too "Hello Princess Blaze, are you here to help?"

Blaze frowned pausing for a moment before she spoke to Honey "...It is by chance...you seem to be faring well with Tiara."

Honey shook her head up in down with pleasure "These last few days in Arch City have been a blast!"

"Stand down Princess, we're on the same side." Tiara smirked as she walked over to the railing.

Blaze and Honey followed as Tiara waved at Sonic and Marine; Sonic and Marine both looked at one another confused. Tiara smiled "He's even handsome from here."

Blaze looked annoyed as she grabbed the pirate captain by her collar and dragged her over to the railing. Blaze hopped up onto the railing and nodded to Marine "We have no time for that today."

Tiara and Honey saw the Energy Cannon on their ship begin to power up. Tiara picked Honey up and hopped up onto the railing as well, and they both jumped off the ship and dashed across the water to the S.S. Marine. Once back on the docks Sonic fired the Energy Cannon at the metal ship and tore it to shreds. It exploded only moments after the beam was fired, slowly the metal ship sank into the shallow water, and only its upper half was visible as it fully sunk.

And just like that the chaos on the docks was over as the police arrested the pirates that climbed out of the water onto the docks. They seemed to ignore them all though, the workers on the docks were too busy talking to police anyway. Blaze kept a sharp glare on Tiara as she walked over to a group of police and handed over the unconscious captain to them. Sonic and Marine came down from the S.S. Marine, and the police gave Blaze strange stares as she handed off the captain and walked away joining Sonic at his side.

Tiara's eyes violated Sonic and he felt uncomfortable as she stared at him with a gentle smile "Hey hedgehog, I can get us a reservation at the best spot in town. You wanna head over there after your done doing whatever you're doing?"

Sonic smiled as he politely declined "Sorry I really can't, there's something really important I have to take care of today."

Blaze kept her eyes on Tiara as she pulled the Cyan Chaos Emerald out of her pocket and handed it to Sonic. Sonic spoke with praise "Nice one Blaze."

"We aren't finished yet." Blaze said keeping a frown.

Tiara frowned a bit at their interaction but a mischievous grin crossed Tiara's face "That's fine, we can always try another time…"

"You won't be busy all the time will you Sonic?" Honey asked him with a big grin.

"I suppose not…" Sonic stated looking nervous again.

"The S.S. Marine is locked up Blaze..." Marine said looking just as suspicious as Blaze at Tiara and Honey.

"We will take our leave then…" Blaze spoke aloud.

Tiara nodded, but the trio knew something was up when suddenly Tiara lunged at Sonic, and he jumped back out of instinct. Blaze instantly went to intervene as Honey and Marine watched on. Honey cheered her on "Go get em boss!"

"Strewth, fake with your left Sonic!" Marine called out to him in shock.

Tiara was getting more aggressive and Sonic knew unfortunately for him, here in Blaze's world it was totally legal, and he didn't like that it was acceptable behavior. After a few missed grabs by Tiara who was having a great time trying to capture her prey, Blaze threw a small fireball her way. It was mostly harmless, and it allowed Sonic a moment of opportunity to get some distance between them. Sonic dashed away from her with a panicky face and Blaze waited for him to pass her before she ran right behind him.

Tiara grinned calling out after him, dashing just right behind them "Don't worry hedgehog! I love the hunt!"

As Blaze and Sonic dashed back in the opposite direction Sonic snatched up Marine as they ran pass Honey. Tiara did the same snatching Honey up as she ran pass, and they bobbed and weaved through the crowds of police, workers, and cuffed criminals making their way back to the streets. When they got to the streets people began moving out of the way hearing commotion coming their way. The people Blaze had ordered to watch the robots body were now surrounded by police but when they saw the fast moving targets they moved.

Sonic was first across the street with Marine in his arms and Blaze right behind him, she picked up the robots body as she ran pass. Tiara was right behind her as the crowd dispersed to make way for them. The bystanders, the police, and even the criminals gave the group weird looks whispering words of condescension at them and fearing them for being abnormal. They didn't see things like they just saw often, and it scared them. Though the group was in a totally different world than the normal citizens and by this point their put downs were starting to go unnoticed by them all.

Blaze, Sonic, and Marine had dropped by the castle around noon with the sun high in the sky after they lost Tiara and Honey, and dropped off the robot girls body with the city's brightest scientist. One being Tiara's father, but they did not get a chance to even meet with them as they were right back out the door to find another Chaos Emerald. Once they had lost Tiara, and things calmed down, Sonic felt another Emerald that didn't seem to be far from the Castle. Blaze was the first to declare that they should get moving because she did not want to take a break and waste any time.

Even though Blaze knew Marine's and Sonic's enthusiasm had died as the day went on and it got scorching hot again. They didn't want to leave the A/C of the Castle and Blaze had to herd them out. It was uneventful though as when they left the castle Tiara and Honey found them again and chased Sonic throwing them off their lead for the next Emerald.

Blaze, Sonic, and Marine found themselves in an inopportune position midtown, and Tiara made sure to take advantage of their awkward position. This area of the city was mostly residential housing, but none the less it still was busy. Sonic was following Blaze, who carried Marine through very crowded streets full of people. The crowds of people did make a small path as they all ran pass them, but they were moving so fast the citizens took a second to register what was happening. Tiara was right behind them carrying Honey, and Sonic trying to dodge and weave through the crowds of wide eyed on lookers was just the slowdown Tiara needed to get at him. Sonic screeched to a halt with a panicked face trying not to crash into a female cat carrying shopping bags, and he was successful. But unfortunately Tiara was two feet behind him and Honey jumped off her back as Tiara dashed right at him.

Tiara held a big grin as she lunged at Sonic and Sonic dodged. She missed and the many people around them backed up giving them space. A small circle formed in the crowded streets from the shocked bystanders and Blaze, and Marine were quick to notice. Blaze had immediately stopped running when she saw Sonic get blocked off, and her eyes were narrowed in anger as she glanced behind herself. Marine remained silent, though her eyes were wide in surprise, as without a word Blaze turned on her hills and ran back in the opposite direction. Marine jumped off Blaze's back as she ran into the small open circle formed by the dispersed crowds. Sonic continued to evade Tiara as Blaze intervened, and Marine noticed Honey standing not far away.

Honey took notice of her too, but jovially joined her, standing near her, and cheering on Tiara. Marine smirked back at her as she began cheering Blaze on. The onlookers looked fearful but they continued to watch, even though they weren't sure what they were watching. Tiara was successfully able to grab Sonic, but he was able to fully get away from her grasps with Blaze's help. As Tiara had a good reason to hold on, her grip was tighter, and she held a grin the whole time as Sonic looked nervously at her.

Sonic held a worried expression and Blaze an angered one as Tiara grabbed both of Sonic's wrist. Sonic lowered his arms hoping to get free but her grip remained strong. But Blaze grabbed her hands and was able to wrench one of her hands off of him. Sonic took the opportunity to spin around loosening and almost freeing himself, but Tiara lightly kicked the back of his leg making him stumble.

Blaze growled as she sparked some flames at Tiara hoping to make her back off, and she conjured fire in both her hands. The flames were small at first but they quickly grew larger and she thrust her fiery hands at Tiara making a large pop, and it made Tiara let go of him. Tiara took a few steps back as Sonic regained his balance, but Tiara surprised Blaze not only by using her speed and dashing at Sonic immediately after, but she also surprised her because she was still grinning. Blaze used her speed as well to stop her as she thought that would have been enough to let them escape. But Tiara was persistent as she yanked Sonic back, and closer to her by grabbing one of his arms. Sonic's brows were wrinkled in worry as Blaze conjured fire in her hands again attempting to break Tiaras grasp.

Blaze grabbed Tiaras arms briefly with fiery hands making Tiara flinch away, and let go temporarily. But she quickly grabbed Sonic by his shoulder as he tried to turn and run. Blaze's flames had been light since this point, which is why she hadn't hurt Tiara. She usually used non lethal flames unless it was serious. But she was getting irritated and her flames grew stronger, a darker red, to finish this confrontation.

Tiara pulled and spun Sonic back around but Blaze swiped at Tiara with fiery hands, and Tiara moved back, but continued to grin. She reached for Sonic again, but Blaze swiped at her. Tiara felt the heat of her flames this time and Blaze gritted her teeth. But Tiara grabbed Sonic yet again, and he tried to remove her hand, but she grabbed his other hand as Blaze brought her fiery hands down on both of theirs. And Marine and Honey's heads bobbed up and down in a trance, and the nearby bystanders looked on with mesmerized eyes as well, as Blaze's, Sonic's, and Tiara's hands deflected one anothers.

Tiara's hands grabbed Sonic's but was slapped away by Blaze's fiery hands, and Sonic tried to remove her other hand while Blaze kept up the heat. Tiara dodged Blaze as she threw a small stream of flames at her all the while still holding Sonic, and he looked exasperatedly at her "Aren't you supposed to be at work or something?"

Tiara responded in a happy tone "I got a lot of off time I haven't used."

And Sonic didn't get much time to ponder her response as she pulled another fast one. She faked Blaze out as she set the ground beneath her a flame, and took the opportunity to grip Sonic's arm firmly and get behind him. Sonic gasped as she twisted his arm behind his back and placed her hand on his chin. Sonic frowned at her as he grabbed at her arm and she grinned at him flirtatiously. Blaze's lips curled down into a frown remaining silent and her flames continued to burn in her hands.

Sonic spoke in a determined voice "Do what you gotta do Blaze!"

Tiara slowly backed up with Sonic speaking in a soft tone "Ok princess, back up and our hostage doesn't get it."

Blaze ignored her and took steps forwards anyways, and Tiara spoke again with her grin widening "Alright princess, I warned you."

Tiara then pulled on Sonic's arm making him bend in her direction. Their faces were already close because of the way she was holding him; her head peeked out right besides his. And with her hand on his chin she turned his face towards hers and her eyes became half lidded "Lets smooch hedgehog..."

Sonic's eyes became wide again and his eyes darted over at Blaze "Get back Blaze! Do whatever she says!"

Blaze's eyes stayed narrowed with an upset expression on her face as she suddenly dashed forward. She extinguished her flames for a moment as she grabbed Tiara's hand on Sonic's neck. She wrenched it free and this time Tiara frowned a bit as Blaze slinked her arm around Sonic's neck. And she held on closely to Sonic moving around him and engulfing a part of herself in flames. The half of herself holding Sonic did not have any dangerous flames, but the other half of herself burned a dark red. And the intensity of the heat was enough to make Tiara let go of Sonic once and for all as Blaze moved herself around him.

Tiara held a frown as she jumped a few feet back away from Blaze's flames, and the opportunity gave Blaze and Sonic enough time to run again. Sonic and Blaze dashed off in the opposite direction together and Sonic picked up Marine as they began moving through the crowds again. Sonic and Marine did glance behind themselves at Tiara who had picked up Honey, and they were both smiling again.

Sonic remained quiet as he turned forward again with his brows knotted in determination. He followed Blaze even closer as she turned left down another crowded street. This time though Blaze quickly ran inside a store and Sonic and Marine were inside too moments later. Their line of sight was briefly disrupted with Tiara, and it seemed to work as Tiara and Honey dashed right pass the stores windows. The trio had planted themselves against a wall near the stores windows and they all sighed with relief as they saw Tiara go pass.

They had seemed to duck inside a restaurant and there were only a few customers. Two females eating at separate tables, two people in a line, and an employee taking orders at a counter. The people did look strangely at them for a hot second but seeing the Guardian of the Sol Emeralds they did not say a word as they returned to what they were doing. Blaze's stoic face had returned, Marine had a silly expression on her face again, and Sonic had a look of relief.

"We should wait momentarily." Blaze stated glancing at the two.

Marine nodded her head with a smile "Agreed, the A/C in here feels good."

Blaze gave her a stern look and Marine rubbed the back of her head while Sonic noticed something else. In the line at the counter was a male cat; he hadn't seen one alone yet. And he watched the interaction play out. The male cat had black fur, and yellow eyes and he looked to be ordering food. The employee, a female cat with all brown fur looked skeptically at the male as he ordered his food.

The male smiled nervously as he spoke "Yep, I'm ordering for two."

The employee slowly punched in his order but noticed something strange about his ring. It was faded and she stopped placing his order. The male looked even more nervous as the employee suddenly snatched his ring off of his finger and inspected it. The male spoke again with wide eyes trying to sound angered but his voice quivered "What are you doing..."

And the employee squinted her eyes annoyingly at the black male cat "Hey! This ring is fake!"

She spoke loudly so everyone in the vicinity could hear her and the female behind the male in line donned an upset expression. The male was busted, and he turned around as the other two females eating their food got up from their seats looking upset too. Blaze watched with her stoic expression, Marine with a goofy grin, and Sonic with wide eyes. But before the three females could do anything the employee reached over the counter with a white rag, and pressed it against the males face from behind. She pulled the male onto the counter and he struggled for a few moments but he quickly passed out going limp, and the employee dragged his body over the counter. The other three females gave chase as the employee dragged the male black cat through flapping doors into a back room.

Once they were gone Sonic blinked his eyes glancing at Blaze and Marine "Maybe we should wait a little longer..."

Marine burst into laughter, and Blaze smirked a bit at Sonic's uncomfortableness. So the trio waited it out a little longer inside the restaurant they had hidden in. Taking some time to scope out the outside, and make sure it was safe before they headed back out. Once the coast was clear from Tiara, the trio tried to inconspicuously walk down the streets. Marine pulled out the Cyan Chaos Emerald from her backpack and gave it to Sonic, but the time they had lost trying to shake Tiara again, Sonic felt they might have moved farther away from the next Emerald.

By the time the trio reached the end of the street they decided to stop at an ice cream shop because Sonic and Marine were burning up again. Marine wiped her forehead looking miserable "What do you want Blaze?"

"I am not hot." Blaze said with a stoical face as she glanced over at Sonic who looked miserable as well, then she looked back to Marine "I will have a small scoop."

Marine frowned as she ran into the ice cream shop "Yeah yeah don't rub it in..."

The particular shop sat next to a bridge that connected a small gap in this part of the city. Sonic leaned his back against the railing of the bridge and Blaze stood next to him with her arms crossed.

"Say Blaze? Why did Tiara try and get the Chaos Emerald when she works for you guys? What does she gain from that?" Sonic asked with his tongue out referring to the previous day at the mall.

Blaze remained stoical "If an Emerald is collected by her or any other mercenaries, she, or they get a commission and the Emerald would be returned to me; a Sol Emerald in my case of course. It has happened on a couple of occasions in the past."

Sonic fanned himself with his hand "When we find the next Emerald we're taking a break….from the heat…"

Blaze looked in his direction raising a skeptical eyebrow "I contend that we keep looking. I will not have Marine or you lollygagging because of a little bit of heat."

Sonic smiled wiping his brow "Is that a challenge I hear?"

"A game of chess will settle this matter, is your mind prepared for the challenge?" Blaze said suddenly smirking.

Sonic pointed at her grinning "You're on! I can play you at the same time as drinking an ice-cold drink…with ice filled to the top…" he daydreamed.

Blaze chuckled and she smiled uncrossing her arms "Seeing if there are no detractors we will engage in an honorable and intellectual exchange. Winner decides how we collect the remaining Emeralds."

"I've only played chess a few times with Tails but I'm sure I can beat you." Sonic said with a smug face.

Blaze smirked; he was so arrogant talking as if he'd already beat her. Blaze held her hand out "Shake on it."

Sonic grabbed and shook her hand without thinking "Deal."

Just then Marine came out of the ice cream shop catching them shaking. She looked questioningly at them both "Oi oi, what's going on here?"

They released, and Marine handed them their ice cream. Blaze spoke first since Sonic and Marine had there double scooped ice creams already stuffed in their face's "Sonic has agreed to a duel."

Sonic coughed on his ice cream "…hac…what?" he said confused with widened eyes.

"A game of chess, it is for the control of the authority of how we collect the remaining Emeralds." Blaze said as she began nibbling on her ice cream with a smirk still on her face.

Marine nodded with a pleased face feeling cooled down by the cool treat. She removed the cone from her mouth and licked her lips turning to Sonic with a curious expression "So it's like, for, so we can take a break?"

"Correct Marine." Blaze said almost finished with her ice cream already; her stoical expression had returned.

Marine licked on her ice cream once more with an innocent expression "Oh you shouldn't have done that Sonic, you'll never beat her, but you gotta win. For the A/C mate."

Sonic was confused as he watched Blaze devour her cone, looking at him with her usual stoic, almost expressionless expression she usually held. Though he could see through the usual lack of emotion she always was this time. And he could see through her golden colored eyes...a smug look...

He looked back at Marine as she bit into her cone "You're probably gonna lose though….but you gots to try so we can stay inside."

She tricked him. He didn't know what he just agreed to. Sonic blinked his eyes as he looked at Marine "...Did I make a mistake?"

Marine licked on her ice cream and silently nodded. Sonic stuffed the whole cone and ice cream in his mouth as Blaze and Marine giggled. Sonic kept forgetting that she was royalty and because of it, she was a proficient individual…she was gonna destroy him...

Suddenly right behind Sonic, Tiara and Honey came walking down the street. Tiara's eyes lit up in surprise, and she yelled as Honey jumped on her back "Giddy up hedgehog!"

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Honey exclaimed as they dashed towards Sonic.

Sonic tuned around in shock and bit down on his ice cream as Blaze picked Marine up. Sonic held onto his head as they all dashed off to the other side of the bridge "Owwww! Brain freeze!" Sonic exclaimed as he ran from marriage.

This went on for some time as they went around the city; they couldn't shake Tiara this time so while fleeing they decided to just look for the next Chaos Emerald. With the Cyan Chaos Emerald in hand it led them all to a section beyond the city limits, a little ways into the forest and into a remote area where there where many boulders and stone pillars laying on the ground. It was getting around evening and the sun was starting to set. There also seemed to be dark storm clouds rolling in for an evening shower.

Even Tiara became suspicious as they reached this area of town; she stopped her antics seeing whatever they were doing was getting serious. Also with Blaze carrying that…thing... earlier, Tiara had a hunch something bigger was going on and that Blaze was not bending the truth. She figured Blaze was holding some information back to stop her pursuit of Sonic, but now she knew she was wrong.

The group was hunched next to a very large boulder and just got done with a brief conversation about why they were in the outskirts of the city. Honey questioned aloud "Why would there be an Emerald way out here?"

"I go where it leads me." Sonic responded; he held the Cyan Chaos Emerald in his head.

"Is it still close?" Blaze asked him with a frown.

Sonic paused and they all stood "…It's moving…" .

"Whoevers got it is still around here, lets split up." Tiara said with a serious face.

"I was just about to suggest the same." Blaze's frown deepened as she began moving around the boulder; she spoke without looking back "Marine, you're with me."

"Right behind ya boss lady!" Marine said with a determined expression following Blaze around the boulder.

Leaving Sonic, Tiara, and Honey. Sonic pointed just ahead of them all with a serious expression "It's coming from that direction."

Tiara couldn't help but smile in such close proximity to him, but she controlled herself "Just this once hedgehog. Honey and I will split up too, we'll cover more ground that way."

Sonic looked bashful but nodded; Honey looked confused and slightly worried "This isn't normal is it?"

This made Sonic and Tiara gain serious faces as they nodded their heads and Honey became serious. That was indication enough that she would not be facing a normal enemy. She had only fought criminals, regular things, and she never thought something like this would ever happen to her. She had also only heard in passing that the Princess and Tiara had dealt with such enemies, that they had fought things which some could only imagine. Something beyond normal strength...

So the three split up and searched through decaying rocks and shrubbery. Every now and then, they would all converge and Sonic would feel the Emerald going in another direction, and they spread out again. It didn't take long either as soon they found another little girl, a yellow cat dressed in a red dress wandering through these outskirts of the city. It was odd in itself and Tiara, and Honey, were hesitant for a moment as what seemed to be a girl had walked into a clearing. But Sonic, Marine, and Blaze who were crouched behind a large rock shook their heads in disagreement. Blaze ran a finger across her throat in a slitting motion. Tiara and Honey nodded, and they all came out from their hiding spaces.

"What are you doing out here little girl?" Blaze said aloud.

The girl turned to the sound, and she didn't even respond this time as her face became expressionless. It shocked Tiara and Honey, knowing now whatever that was it wasn't a little girl. Blaze, Marine, and Sonic had seen it earlier, but it still crept them out. The girl tried to sprint and run away but Sonic was faster. He quickly ran from Blaze's side and blocked the girls escape.

They could now clearly see she had a Chaos Emerald too. Marine exclaimed loudly with wide eyes as she pointed at the girl "She's got the Grey Chaos Emerald!"

Blaze conjured fire in her hands and shot a wave of flames at the girl. The girl dodged and tried to run in another direction, but Honey blocked her escape. Before the girl could try and run again Tiara was on her, using fast punches but amazingly the girl was able to block a few.

"What in the…" Tiara said with a frown as the girl was just strong enough to push pass her as Tiara tried to grab her.

Blaze landed near the girl as she pushed pass Tiara and was able to successfully grab the girls arm. Blaze created a large flame that began to crawl up the girls arm. But she was able to wrench her arm away from Blaze too. The girls arm was on fire, but she had no expression. Blaze spoke through gritted teeth "This one is sort of strong too!"

Sonic was next to attack, spin dashing at a high speed, but he narrowly missed her; the girl did have trouble dodging Sonic and she stumbled. Before she could recover Honey had got a hold of her and the flames on her arm faded away to reveal a metal arm. Honey gritted her teeth with an angered expression "Robot or not you're still going down."

Honey said as she twisted the girls arm, but suddenly the robot girl reversed her twisting her arm, and it had a hold of her "Ahhh!" Honey exclaimed as she struggled to gain control.

"Let go of her!" Tiara said as she and the rest of the group enclosed on the robot.

But then Honey grunted as she grabbed the robot with her other hand, and with grace flipped her entire body landing on the opposite side of the robots twist. Back on the right-side Honey growled as she did a double reverse. She twisted the robot's arm again and then kicked its leg in and slammed its face into the ground.

Honey grunted as she held onto its arm, and kept her foot on its back as it tried to break free "It's really strong!"

Marine and Sonic helped keep the robot down, but suddenly it stopped. Everyone froze as the little girls head twisted completely around and faced them. Its eyes began to glow red and Tiara growled as she slammed her foot into the robots head; crushing it and leaving an imprint of her foot. Slowly the robots body began to shut down and its grip of the Grey Chaos Emerald loosened. Sonic and Marine stood and Honey let go of it rubbing her arm.

Marine snatched the Grey Chaos Emerald out of its hand but even Marine did not have a face for victory. It dawned on Blaze, Sonic, and Marine that they collected two Chaos Emeralds in one day. Now they had four, but that was cause for caution. They all looked at one another with frowns as they were all thinking the same thing.

Eggman Nega…

If the Emeralds were trying to leave the city that meant Eggman Nega had plans for them already. He was already operating under the radar trying to collect them, but none the less his presence was and felt more prevalent now. Then they all started to notice the dark clouds rolling in from the skies. Sonic, Marine, and Blaze looked at one another and wondered if they were all on the same page. Wondering if those were regular clouds or the ones that meant Sonic needed to get home soon. Tiara was a bit on the up and up and was curious about the clouds too. As she remembered the same types of storms whenever Blaze claimed she ran into Sonic in the past. One thing was for certain, Eggman Nega was now a clear threat, and they had to collect the remaining Chaos Emeralds faster...

"How long was it before?" Blaze looked to Sonic narrowing her eyes.

Sonic counted on his fingers with a frown "I think it was about a week..."

"…" Blaze's lips curled down into a deeper frown. He had already been here a few days. It was already time for him to go…

Blaze felt a few raindrops on her head as Tiara picked up the robots body and they all began their trek back into the city. Blaze just realized it was almost time for Sonic to go, and she hadn't thought about it much since he'd been here. And she felt sadness wash over her. Even she could see how much she had changed with Sonic around, and because of her...feelings…towards him…

She knew that today she wouldn't be able to engage Sonic in a game of chess. Or if they would even have the time to now….

Boy this chapter is all over the place, I hope you like it. I wanted to touch a little on Tiara, get some feel for her character and her parallels with Blaze, I think it came out nice. Not a lot of romance in this chapter, the bigger plot is advancing but there will be an interesting reveal in the next chapter :) It has to do with romance too. So I hope you like it since this chapter isn't as structured as my other chapters.