Dracula rises

Chapter 1

Father Wright had just arrived at Saint John church, a small, two story cathedral which was where he was bishop. It was night when he got there, as he had been out earlier, taking a break from being in the church by having a drink. The 40 year old, white, blonde haired man had been working hard lately and needed some leisure time. He came back in the middle of a sermon.

Father Joseph, a sixty year old bishop ranked above him, was preaching to a small crowd of mainly young 20 year old men and women, telling them about the power of prayer things like that. While Wright loved his god very much, he had to admit it was nearly driving him insane listening to the same lessons every single day. He needed a vacation.

Father Joseph saw Wright and walked over to him.

"Can you take care of this crowd for me? I'd like to get started on some of my paper work."

"Ok.", said Wright.

Wright walked over to the microphone and began talking to the crowd, and soon started some "Kyrie Elision" on the speakers.

That's when Wright noticed something.

In the back of the crowd, stood a man. He was wearing a black coat, and a black fedora hat. He was also wearing green tinted sunglasses. He looked like he was in his late 20's. The man seemed to notice Wright looking at him and gave a small wave.

Wright, slightly embarrassed that he was caught staring at the man, waved back.

"Why does he give me a bad vibe?" he thought.

Wright decided to ignore the man and went on preaching, although a bit nervous. He DEFINATLY needs a vacation, this religious stuff is getting to him.