Chapter 7

Father Wright arrived at the church. It was now 5:00 AM. He came in as the police officers and ambulances arrived.

"Oh God, what did I miss?" He thought

He walked in with the other policemen. On the ground were the bodies of the officers that were killed. One of them must have sent a transmission to have backup arrive before they were attacked and killed. Wright's stomach turned.

Soon, he looked to where the seats in the chapel were. On the ground, was a girl. She was hardly moving, and she seemed to be groaning. It was Natalie!

Wright immediately called the officers to come. A paramedic came as well.

"She's in shock." The paramedic said. "She's had a lot of blood taken from her, but luckily, not all of it. She should be ok."

Wright looked at Natalie. He couldn't bare seeing another human being in this kind of state.

That's when he noticed the door to the garden behind the church was open. Wright stood up, and walked through the door.

"Where are you going?" An officer asked.

Wright didn't answer. He continued walking out of the church, into the garden.

The garden was a very splendid sight. It had many types of flowers, that stood brightly from their vases. It seemed ironic how bright and cheerful they were.

Soon, Wright walked into a field. As he expected, he saw the man he had seen the other day at the other end of the field.

The man seemed to notice his presence.


Wright was startled. "I've come to kill you. You've killed too many people and the Lord would be disappointed in me if I didn't rid you from this world."

Dracula laughed.

"I can't be killed you know." He looked at Wright, his red eyes glowing through the lenses of his sunglasses.

Wright gulped, and started praying to himself.

"That isn't going to do you any good. Give up, you senile old man."

"Our father, who hart in heaven, hallowed be thy name, by kingdom come…"

"Fine then." Dracula pulled out his 454 Casull Revolver. "I'm going to make you beg, Father., then you can lick your precious God's ass."


Dracula's gun went off as he was suddenly stabbed in his hands by two of the small swords. Dracula's hands were nailed to a wall behind him.

The bullet Dracula had fired had hit Wright in his stomach, but he was so full of adrenaline, he didn't even feel pain.

Dracula tried to move, but his hands were stuck. He was crucified to the wall.

Father Wright grabbed his larger sword. He poured holy water on it.

"Go back to hell, motherfucker!" Wright rarely cursed, he surprised himself with that statement.

Wright plunged the sword into Dracula's chest, making the once cocky vampire scream in pain. He spluttered blood.

Dracula looked at Wright, angrily eyeing his crucifier with hatred. Then, a smile came on Dracula's face.

"You're going to die, Father, you've bled so much already I'm surprised you're not dizzy."

Wright looked at his stomach. It was covered with blood.

Then, light began coming over the hillside. Dracula and Wright looked at the sky and saw the sun coming up.

Dracula said nothing. Wright looked at him with somewhat pitiful eyes.

Dracula began to laugh. His laugh started out small, but soon, it echoed through the area. Wright couldn't even hear himself think anymore.

As the sun came up, Dracula's face began to melt. He looked up at Wright with a bloodthirsty face, and then, turned into nothing but a sizzling pile of liquid flesh. The only things remaining were a coat, a hat, and green tinted sunglasses.

Wright began making his way back to the church. He didn't know how he would make it before he bled out, but he tried his best. He was soon in the church. All the bodies were removed, the only thing left was the blood stains, which were nearly dry now.

As Wright struggled out of the church, he saw the policemen still in the parking lot. He saw Natalie, looking alot better then before. She had her regular color now, and was sitting on the sidewalk, with a paramedic next to her, making sure she was ok.

She saw Father Wright. She gave him a wave. That's when Wright collapsed. Natalie screamed.

The paramedic went over to Wright.

"He's….he's dead."

Natalie had her hand on her mouth. She frantically screamed out Wright's name. She had known him as the father of this church for a few years now, and now, a kind, generous man, was dead on the street.

She looked at him one last time before turning away to walk home. She saw him sprawled on the street, his arms stretched out, his legs together, in the shape of a crucifix.

She wondered if his body was like that on purpose, or just a coincidence. She didn't know.