Hey! I was thinking on shutting this story away for good...

... and then a band inspired me to write more! XD

Anybody ever heard of 'Steam Powered Giraffe'? They're this (super addictive) robot band that started out performing their original music out in Balboa Park in San Diego, California, USA, North America, Northern hemisphere, planet Earth, Milky Way, Universe. :) Just give them a try, y'all! Look up 'Honeybee' on YouTube and click on the video with the beach background and a black-clothed robot thumbnail :D They play pretty Vaudeville and 1900s music!

Without any further ado and my inspiration of choice out of the way... here we go!

Crona's POV

I wanted so, so badly to hold my breath and shut my eyes tighter and silently repeat over and over, "I don't know how to deal with this, I don't know!", but with Kid practically on top of me, and me being in the nude, I just couldn't! He would know I was awake! I couldn't stop myself from sweating with nervousness and I prayed to Heaven he didn't notice I was awake... His hand ghosted over my chest and stomach-

I moaned! God, I just moaned because Kid touched me! It was quiet but I was sure he heard me because I felt him tense and he's gonna think I'm disgusting now and I really am what do I do oh GOD!

I held myself still, trying not to burst out in apologies and usher him out of the room so I could sob in Mr. Corner. It was a difficult task when I realized that Kid's hand was resting over my heart. I calmed myself down and tried to think of what he was doing... It was kind of symbolic that his hand had stopped on my heart...

that area was on my chest... Kid's hand was still, on my chest... it was warm... I couldn't help myself as I took deeper breaths and my heart beat faster under Kid's surprisingly warm hand.

That's when I opened my eyes and looked at him. I only opened them halfway, just meaning to take a glance at him to see what he was thinking-

OUR EYES MET oh my goodness he knows I'm awake and now he'll definitely think I'm gross for not stopping him and what am I supposed to do if he ignores me and starts to hate me and what if he doesn't want to see me ever again AHHHH!

My eyes widened up before I got a hold of myself and shut them tightly, rambling on and on in my head, nonstop. How could I do that?! I then decided to hold my breath.

A moment of tense silence passed. It wasn't really awkward, it was more like the silence that would happen if you just heard a weird noise across the room and you were alone and you think it was a ghost and you wait to see if it'll happen again and you're terrified of the ghost attacking you.

Yeah, that kind of silence.

"It's alright, open your eyes," I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard Kid's voice whisper to me. "I already know you're awake." Oh great...! "I'm only checking your body for scars, nothing else, so don't worry." I let myself breathe again as I opened my eyes a bit to see him. I nodded, whimpering softly in shame.

"... c-c-can I sit u-up...?" I asked, not really realizing I stuttered so much in my nervousness. He chuckled and I started to blush.

"Of course." He moved back so I could properly sit up, and it hit me that I really was almost in the nude, only wearing my underwear. I felt my face turn bright red as I recounted why I was like this and why Kid was here and exactly what should happen next. I have to tell Kid the truth...

"S-sorry..." I muttered softly, hoping he would hear me so I didn't have to repeat myself.

"Why are you apologizing?" he asked. I shook my head.

"R-Ragnarok insisted that... W-we tricked you... I-I'm sorry..."

"How so?"

"... h-he said I should f-fake sleeping..." my voice was extremely quiet, nervous he'd get angry with me. "A-a while ago he said y-y-you liked me and I just... don't know, I-I wanted you to..." I turned away, chickening out as I hugged my arms. It was over... until his arms slid around my back and I gasped, eyes widening but not moving otherwise.

"Crona, it's true," he told me.

"W-what's true...?" I asked nervously, realizing now that I had a raging stutter... confound it...

"I think... I do like you..." he nearly whispered in the silence that followed. I didn't know what to think-I mean Ragnarok was right! I could hear him celebrating in the back of my mind, being that we shared my body and I could hear his thoughts as loudly as he heard mine. I smiled a little before turning to face Kid properly, hugging him back and sighing as I rested my forehead on his shoulder.

We stayed silent for a while, just holding each other, and before long I felt Kid's lips assaulting my neck. I didn't take notice until something wet and hot licked me and I squeaked. Who wouldn't?! My body froze up for a second until I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him away. Everything happened fast as I turned away from him and curled up.

Kid liked me, I knew, but he moved so quickly! I didn't expect him to want me just like that! What do I do? I can't deal with this, I can't deal with this...! (I think I also started to voice my thoughts quietly, disguised by whimpers and whines...)

"I-I'm sorry, Crona!" Kid's voice broke through my whimpering, and I flinched. "I didn't mean to do it, please forgive me!" Oh, Kid just didn't realize that I didn't see it coming... I wanted it, sure, but that was hard to admit to Kid... or anybody really, now I think about it... I went silent.

Kid sighed and moved on my bed, but I didn't see him. After another tense silence, I uncurled myself, feeling more determined, and lay myself carefully overtop of Kid. I closed my eyes, blushing, and relaxed, letting out a small sigh. My soul felt different, like it was being toasted, nice and warm...

After a few moments of simply relaxing in peace, I moved. My eyes opened and my elbows propped me up so I could properly look at him.

"I like you, Kid..." I said softly. Kid opened his closed eyes and smiled at me. Oh lord, that smile...

"I like you too, Crona." he said back to me. My soul became warmer and started to spread through my physical body as well. I found myself leaning down to him, closing my eyes slowly and pressing my lips to his with a strange confidence I didn't know I had, deep down.

A plethora of feelings became alive and pulsed through me strongly. I couldn't control myself when he started to kiss back and I let out a short gasp through my nose. I felt heat radiating from his face... or was that just my face? Maybe it was both of us. After all, love is only accomplishable with two people.

"K-Kid..." I murmured quietly against his lips, my eyes opening to find his still closed. He took advantage of it and I felt his tongue in my mouth in an instant. Oh, MAN, his eyes opened up and he stared at me. My brain started to go hazy, I didn't know if I would last very long... His tongue rubbed up against mine, to which I responded after noticing what he was doing and mimicking. At some point we pulled away and I whimpered.

"K-Kid, your hands...!" His hands had traveled down my back and were now still on my hips, his fingers slipping carefully under the only thing covering me. My brain fell a little deeper into a haze...

"Crona, please take off my clothes." I could only stare with wide eyes at Kid, not believing my ears.

"Y-y-you want me t-to undress you?" I asked nervously, to which he nodded. Kid took my hands in his and placed them firmly on his chest. For a moment I had no idea what to do and I almost passed out, but then I remembered that Kid wanted me to take his clothes off, and I should listen to what he says because we like each other... My hands worked to get all of his clothes off. Halfway through, I blinked back up at Kid's face.

"A-are you sure...?" I asked, just to be safe. He smiled and removed his skull from his neck and placed it onto the jacket I had removed already. He unbuttoned the top button of his shirt to provoke me to continue. With trembling hands, I kept on removing his clothes. Once his chest and stomach were exposed, I couldn't help but blush even hotter and feel like I was going to pass out again.

He pushed me into a sitting-up position so he could sit up as well and he took his shirt off completely, placing it to the side with the rest of his clothes neatly.

"My pants too, Crona," he said, and he must've realized that I was going crazy because he added, "Unless it's too much." I shook my head with determination, finding myself and undoing his belt. Next came his pants and underwear... I bet he knew I was terrified and embarrassed, but I still looked him in the eye. He was now naked, beneath me... I can't even... describe... I feel dizzy...

Kid's hands came up to rest around my underwear again.

"Can I remove this?" he asked, to which I could only stare at him again. I nearly lost myself! The he said something else, but I didn't hear him due to my stressing out... I know it was meant to be reassuring though, and it took me a minute to decide before I nodded, giving him access.

In a second, we were both nude, skin-on-skin. I tried not to die, but it was a mighty difficult task! I felt that haze wash over me and some more wonderful things happened. I didn't even know anymore...

Kid's fingers were inside of me... moving, so much pain mixed with pleasure... I whined out, begging him to continue and get it over with... "P-please hurry," I whimpered.

"With pleasure," he muttered back to me and he guided me into position, and I had to ask him if he were ready. "The question is, are you ready?" he tossed my question back at me. I couldn't take it anymore and answered him by lowering myself onto him. I bit my lip. It hurt...

After a moment, I started to move again, Kid's eyes never leaving mine and mine never leaving his. We had a connection we didn't want to break, and I felt my prior pain be replaced by a blinding pleasure and I leaned down again to kiss him. Both of us were lost in bliss as we kissed each other. I started to moan into his mouth at some point... I was lost now, I felt ready to pass out right there...

I broke the kiss. "Kid!" I nearly shouted out, climaxing onto both of us. Moments afterwards, Kid followed me and I squirmed as his cum filled me... He moaned my name.

"I love you, Kid..."

"I love you too, Crona..."

We kissed once more.

... So? Is it over? What do I do to add to this? How should the story go on? Give me your ideas and I'll try to think of something on my own or I'll use your ideas if I really have to, but I don't want to, but if I can't think of one I will even if I don't feel like I should... *confuses self* o3o...

And now, I leave you with kissies and a huggies. :D

And by kissies and huggies I mean Hershey's and that diaper brand. :D :D :D