Okay, so I just finished reading Inheritance by CP and OMG! I was crying so hard. This is a spoiler alert for all you guys who haven't read or finished reading the fourth book. So wait until after you've read the book.


It has been centuries since the Rider Eragon Shadeslayer and his dragon Saphira Brightscales have been to the land Alagaseia. Centuries have passed since the Great War between the Varden and the Mad King Galbatorix. Centuries have passed and all has been well. And now it is time for Eragon to return.

"Saphira. It's time for us to send more eggs." Eragon said to the large blue dragon that took up most of the room. The dragon lifted her head in front of Eragon and stared at him with one shield sized blue eye. A silent understanding passed between the two and Eragon sighed. "You are right." he said finally as he stood

Little One, are you ready? Saphira asked her rider

"Yes." he said "It has been much to long, and don't you miss Firnen?" he said and she snorted, a pillar of smoke filtered out of her nostrals answering his suspicions "We leave tomarrow at sun down." he said before the blue dragoness took flight. She barily made it through the large hole in the dome of the building. The man sighed as he stepped out into the sunlight and stared out across the land at all of those he had tought. Dragon Riders of four different races. Elves drwarves Urgals and humans alike, friends as they learn from one another. Each was a different age. Some were young and others more experienced. But Eragon and Saphira were the oldest and most experienced of the hundreds of Dragons and Riders here.

"Shur'tugal, the eggs are ready for travel. Who do you wish to go on the jorney?" Blodgrahm, one of the few elven spellcasters that had come with Eragon when he left Alegasia

"Saphira and I have decided to pay Arya anf Firnen a visit." he said as he stroked his go-tee thoughtfully as he watched his students practice with one another, not taking notice to their master as they did. Eragon's eyes landed on one of the middle students. She was a small petite little human who could easily be mistaken for a young girl. Drena had come from the Spine and had travelled to the Ilirea to take a chance to be a Dragon Rider, her luck held and a violet egg had hatched for her she named him Ververa, but they passed through a large storm that had blinded Drena. "Drena shall come with me."

"Are you sure Eragon?" Blograhm asked

"Yes. It has been too long." he said before descending the stairs. As he did the students stopped and watched as he walked towards the purple rider and her dragon, "Drena, would you like to come with me to Alegasia?" the girl blinked at him for a long moment before a smile spread across her fair features

"I'm honored to be of service, Eragon-Elda." she said in her timid voice, but she held her head high and proud.

"Pack you bags, we leave tomarrow at sun down." he said as he turned "And, Drena, practice that pary, you're off by an inch."

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