- I won again, said Jon reached out to Robb, who was lying on the floor holding a frown-But I must admit it took me a while longer than normal to take you down, it means that you are improving Stark. -
- You can be a better swordsman than I, but must admit that I'm better with the spear. - Robb Jon took the hand that pulled up
- You have to be good at something-
- Good morning boys - a third voice came from afar
Robb and Jon quickly turned his head toward her, and there was brown straight hair to her waist with perfect curls at the ends, white as snow, indigo eyes, and his body was already formed as a woman and wore a chainmail.
- Lya, came to see us training? - Jon asked leaning on his wooden sword
- Maybe she said, approaching - or maybe I participate in the training-
Robb and Jon looked at each other and gave loud laughter, which irritated Lya.
- Now that you had fun at me gentlemen, I ask you to stop laughing now, she said fiercely.
They just continued with their laughter, the angrier, forcing her to give a strong punch in both the laughter ceased immediately, but were followed by complaints of pain and pests.
- Oh, I did not know you were so strong-Robb rubbed his arm, where a hematoma probably arose.
- I have many talents, she said proudly
- Well, let's say you attend the training, you know wield a sword? - Jon questioned the
- But of course I know, she said without hesitation
- As you know, the thing is more like a sword that you got was a needle. You can get hurt, Robb said cautiously, not wanting to take another punch.
- If you are so concerned, why do not you fight me? - She said taking the sword that Jon held
- I do not think that would be worthy to fight with a woman, even one without - Robb was interrupted by the sword of Lya, who attacked him by surprise, she gave him time even to catch his breath, he continued with the string of attacks by making the reeling with the force that would put the sword and not giving him any opportunity to attack, only defense. Robb moved away and the two began walking in circles.
- You should not be with the Septa Mordane, embroidering and trading secrets?
- You should not talk less? -
- And you should not be fighting? - Jon enjoyed
They set out to confront again, but this time Lya Robb who attacked and defended themselves and retreated, and he followed, Lya was out of balance going to the ground, thus leading him along, Robb held it under him and held the sword pointed at her.
- Well now of course, I would kill her, he smiled and looked proud that Jon kept his eyebrow, took advantage of his distraction Lya and her limp body to pick up his sword, and getting knocked over, she froze holding his arm around his throat and the other arm pointed to the sword.
- Now of course, I would kill him, she mocked him, you talk too much-
- It was not worth anything, I got take it with you, you have no training, is a woman, would not be polite of me if I used everything I know. - Spoke convinced
- Do not force me to give another blow, this time in your face-
- Stay calm, lovebirds-Jon laughed
- Lya? - A woman screamed from afar
- Looks like you found Septa Mordane -Robb said he received a threatening look of Lya
- Oh gods, Lya what you do here? Every dirty on top of Robb and still pointing a sword? - She reported horrified.
Lya Robb broke off and helped him up, but when he found himself held the laughter, struck down again.
- Girl, this is not the way a lady should behave, apologize, said Sept. authoritarian
- Forgive me Septa Mordane, but he does not deserve my apologies - Lya said, refusing to even look at it
- Sept, I do not think she needs to apologize - Robb said
-is not correct, a lady should not behave that way-
- But who said that a lady can not know how to use a sword?
- Oh gods, you and Arya with these crazy ideas in mind, I'll have to tell the Lady Catelyn. -