Another new PoT Fic. This is like an AU type thing. It still kinda follows the manga/anime story, but in this world, men are adapted to get pregnant just like women. I was too lazy to come up with another idea for it, and besides, the story's focus isn't the way Fuji got pregnant, but the fact that he did, despite not wanting one.

I know it kinda starts fast, but the story focuses solely on Tezuka's and Fuji's relationship, and the way they handle Fuji's pregnancy. I've thrown some Golden Pair in there too, but I think that will die out in later chapters.

There will be two chapters per month, and each chapter name will be the name of the month, followed by how many months pregnant Fuji is.

Anyway, hope you like it.

Summary: Fuji intentionally sabotages a condom to get himself pregnant, but once it happens, he realizes he doesn't want a baby because it will 'ruin his perfect life'. How will he and Tezuka deal with the pregnancy, and what problems will arrise when Fuji has trouble letting go of his old habits?

Pairing(s): TezukaFuji. Some Goldden Pair. Maybe other couples later on.

Rating: M [This chapter] Sexual Situations. Alcohol abuse. Male Pregnancy. Don't like! Don't read!

Disclaimer: If I owned Prince of Tennis, Fuji and Tezuka would be happily married with two, or maybe three kids.

A Baby Changes Everything

Chapter 1

"Ne, 'Mitsu?"


"What would you say if I told you I was pregnant?"

"I would say you're lying. We've never gone without condoms during sex, so I highly doubt your statement would be true."

Fuji Syuusuke moved from his spot at the window seat to the couch where his lover sat. "There are other ways to get pregnant, you know. If any of your 'milk' got anywhere near my bottom, whether from a faulty condom, or sitting on the toilet, I could in fact get pregnant."

"As soon as you show me proof, I'll believe you."

A male pregnancy test was suddenly in Tezuka's face, and sure enough, a little plus sign was present.

"How do I know you didn't get this from one of your friends?"

"Well, first of all, it only works on males. Second of all, I don't know any pregnant males." The small boy pulled his lover's book away and moved onto his lap. "Do you want me to really prove it 'Mitsu?" He asked. "I still have one test left if you want me to use it."

"Fine." Tezuka answered.

"You're so stubborn, you know?" Syuusuke giggled, kissing the taller man's nose. "Follow me then." He walked away to the bathroom, then opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out his last pregnancy test, just as Tezuka came in behind him. "Are you actually going to watch me pee? I thought you were just going to wait outside the bathroom." He sighed happily. "I fell in love with such a pervert."

"Just do it already. I want to get this game over with." Tezuka crossed his arms as Fuji pulled down his sweatpants and began to use the toilet. He gazed down at the test as he did it, while Tezuka stared at the beautiful boy's face; he wasn't that perverted.

"I can't wait to see the look on your face when you see I'm not lying." The feminine tensai smiled over at his lover, as he finished and handed the test over. "It should show up in two minutes. Getting nervous yet?"

"A little." Tezuka placed the test on the counter and pushed Syuusuke up against the wall. "I can never really tell if you're just playing a game, or telling the truth."

"I thought you said I was lying about all this?" Fuji giggled, jumping up to wrap his legs around the other's waist.

"But you're being so persistent. I'm starting to question my previous decision." Tezuka's hands squeezed Fuji's bottom tightly as the smaller body arched into his.

"'Mitsu, what are we going to do with a baby? We won't be able to have sex anywhere in the apartment anymore."

"If we have a child, sex on the table, counters, bathroom and hallway is the last thing we'll be thinking about."

"You forgot the floor in the extra bedroom." The tensai gasped as he felt Tezuka's lips against his neck. "I'm sure our kid wouldn't want to see us doing it on their bedroom floor. We're going to have to be like normal people and just have sex in our bed."

"There are walls and floors in our room."

"And what about money? You don't make enough to take care of three people."

"I guess we'll have to cut back on the take-out food, and you'll need get a job before you get too big, to help us save up."

"And I'll have to work after it's born."

"You won't be able to go out with Kikumaru and act like you're single."

"I won't be able to flirt with other guys to get them to buy me free drinks."

"You won't be able to drink."

"Hmm." Fuji sighed, suddenly squirming to get Tezuka to put him back on the floor. "'Mitsu, I was kind of excited about this before, but now that we started joking about it, I don't think I want to have a baby."

"That's unfortunate." Tezuka answered, examining the pregnancy test. "Because you were telling the truth before; you're pregnant."

Fuji's hand ran over his stomach slowly as his expression became sullen. "This thing is going to completely change our lives, but…" He looked up with teary eyes. "I don't want anything to change. I love our life just the way it is. I… I'm not ready to grow up and be a parent."

"I know." The taller brunette pulled his lover into a tight hug. "I could've told you that before you even mentioned it. We're still too young to think about a family together, but I guess it's a little late to consider that fact."

"But…" Fuji pulled back and wiped his eyes. "We don't have to keep the baby."

"You're not terminating the pregnancy."

"But if we don't want it, what else can we do?"

Tezuka picked Fuji up and placed him on the bathroom counter. "We were obviously too careless in our actions for this to have happened, so now we have to take responsibility for it, even if we don't want to." He kissed Syuusuke's forehead, giving him another hug. "Besides, I know you. The moment you would walk out of that operating room, you would immediately regret what you did. You would forever feel the guilt of killing that fetus."

"I know." Fuji whispered.

"There is always adoption though. We can look up a few programs and talk to some potential families, if you want."

"I think we can try that." The tensai wiped his eyes, then tossed the test into the trash. "I'm just going to go to bed now, okay 'Mitsu? I feel tired all of a sudden."

"Go then." Tezuka pressed his lips to Fuji's cheek. "I have some work to finish up, but I'll be in soon."

"Mm." Fuji hopped off the counter before walking down the hall to their bedroom and flopping onto their queen-sized mattress, his face buried in his pillow.

What ever possessed him to think that having a baby was a good idea? He wasn't ready, he knew Tezuka wasn't ready, their families probably weren't ready, but he figured they call it hindsight for a reason.

He loved kids, always had. He loved playing with them, and listening to them talk; especially ones like Yuuta. When Yuuta was a baby, he was just the most adorable thing in the world. He would follow his Aniki all around the house, whether crawling or stumbling; and they would always fall asleep together, cuddling under a blanket on the living room rug, sometimes in a random place. Syuusuke loved the little ones that would trail behind him at a friend's party, the ones that would come up to him to show him their toys and try to demonstrate the right way to use them, the ones that asked if he'd play with them, even after their parents told them not to bother him.

But they didn't bother him at all. He absolutely adored when they did that. He'd always imagined having kids that clung to his leg and wanted nothing more than to play and spend time with their Daddy (Mommy, once he admitted he was gay).

The only problem was, the way that Yuuta treated him now. He hadn't called for almost a year after the tensai had moved out of the Fuji house, and he'd never visited his apartment, nor had the older sibling ever been invited to his otouto's place after he had moved in with his girlfriend. It was probably one of the main reasons the idea of having a baby had appealed to Syuusuke when he first found out. After all those years of hearing about how much Yuuta hated him; of waiting for the younger boy to come home during holidays to see him, but who wouldn't show; of all the unanswered phone calls and texts and voicemails, emails, real mail, he was sick of it. He missed being chased around, followed everywhere like the younger boy's world had revolved around him, and what better way to get that back than to give birth to a being that would idolize him the rest of his life?

But just like he and Tezuka had discussed, having a child meant his whole life would have to be rearranged. He wouldn't be able to go out with Eiji or Saeki or his other friends and party all night until Tezuka had to come get him from the bar or club and carry him home because he was too drunk to walk anymore. During the pregnancy, he'd have to just sit in the corner and watch everyone else get drunk while he wasted hours of his life being miserable, and if they ended up keeping the damn thing, then the club and bar scene would be out of his life completely until that brat was kicked out of the house at eighteen.

And of course, no alcohol. How could he go nine months without alcohol? Not to mention the fact that once the baby was born, Tezuka would be sure to put a permanent drinking ban on him until the kid was out of the house for good. What kind of torture were those higher-ups making him go through by putting a stop to his drinking for almost two decades?

He didn't want to change. He hated change. It was the reason he hadn't played a match against Tezuka for two years after their first match in middle school, and it was the reason they hadn't played together since the second one. He knew that playing against the one he fell in love with would backfire on him, and it certainly had after their game in ninth grade. He had been so angry, so jealous, so embarrassed; he should have won the spot of Singles One for Nationals, he should have been the one the team had gathered around and cheered for, he should have been the one to beat his best friend after having to use every ounce of tennis talent he possessed, because he knew he could have… but he hadn't. It had eaten away at him for so long, to a point where he didn't play tennis the way he had before. It was like he had turned into Kirihara Akaya of Rikkaidai. He purposefully hurt his opponents, he loved watching them roll around in pain, he loved the feeling of power he had when he imagined it was Tezuka whimpering out a surrender after a particularly hard hit to the face or stomach. He had relished in being evil.

After entering their second year of high school though, Tezuka had had enough. Him of all people knew that the small boy's new behavior wasn't the real Fuji Syuusuke; it was a monster that had been created. He confronted the tensai about it, and shortly after finding out the truth, he apologized.

"I never knew it upset you that much." He said. "I'm sorry."

It had taken Fuji by surprise. Why would Tezuka apologize for winning? Sure he had made him jealous, but he hadn't done anything wrong.

The two discussed things for a long time, and by the time they were finished, they came away with a new feeling for each other. Fuji loved how much Tezuka had worried over his emotions; he seemed to care so much even though it had been two years since the incident, and Tezuka was glad to see the tensai acting like his normal self again, something that he had realized he'd missed too much.

Two weeks later, Fuji confessed that he had a crush, and Tezuka admitted he did too. They set up a 'first date', which they didn't really want to admit it was-since they still considered themselves straight at that point, and wanted to see if it was just a phase they were going through-which ended in a friendly hug outside Fuji's house; no reason to take it too far on the first date.

A few months went by with them going out places together, alone and with friends, before they grew comfortable with cuddling. Fuji would snuggle up beside Tezuka during a movie marathon at his house, his legs laying across the taller boy's, while his pretty head rest against his shoulder or neck. Neither felt uncomfortable when it happened, which was a good sign, but they still weren't sure about taking things further.

When things finally progressed, it was to handholding. Nothing in public, but when they were snuggled together on a couch or bed, they would grasp each other's hands and interlace their fingers, sometimes Tezuka would even kiss the tensai's knuckles, which left the smaller boy blushing like crazy.

Their first kiss happened four months after they confessed. It wasn't anything special, just a quick peck on the lips. They had just left a party where many make-out sessions were taking place, and standing outside Fuji's home, it seemed like it would be a good time to test just how much they thought they liked each other. Tezuka had leaned in, stopping only centimeters away from the tensai's mouth to let the boy decide if he really wanted to make the move. He did.

Their lips pressed against each other, and then they were apart again, but a tingle still travelled up their spines, and their hearts beat wildly in their chests. What they were feeling for each, was definitely more than just some crush, they were falling in love.

Only a week after that, their relationship jumped ahead a few steps. They were attending a party thrown by another second year, to which most of Seigaku-including the tennis team-had attended.

It wasn't Fuji's first experience with alcohol, but it was his first time getting drunk, and he was horny once he did. He'd stumbled over to Tezuka, who was sitting quietly on a couch as Eiji and Oishi sucked each other's faces off on one side of him, and Momo tried to squeeze his girlfriend's breasts on the other. The tensai had giggled drunkenly and collapsed onto his boyfriend's lap, his face falling against Tezuka's neck, which he kissed sloppily.

"Fuji, are you alright?" Tezuka asked, pulling the feminine boy away from him to look at his boozed-up face.

"Mmm, you're really sexy, Tezuka." He slurred. "I wanna kiss and touch all over your body."

"Are you drunk?"

"What do you think?" The tensai hiccupped as he leaned over against Eiji, who fell forward onto Oishi, leaving the brunette laying down on his friend's back. "What do you say Tezuka? Wanna kiss me?" His fingers shakily ran over his lips.

"Ah." Tezuka turned and moved over his boyfriend before pushing their mouths together. He wasn't really sure if sober-Fuji would approve of their first real kiss happening while he was intoxicated, but the pose the small brunette was making with his legs spread across the couch, his shirt rising up, and his jeans riding low, was just too much. Tezuka had hormones too, and even he had trouble controlling them sometimes.

Their tongues met in the middle, twisting and pushing against each other. Fuji's arms draped around Tezuka's neck, while the larger boy gripped the tensai's hips and pulled them against his. He could feel Fuji's erection rubbing his thigh, which only made him grow hard at the thought of finally getting to have sex with his pretty, feminine boyfriend.

"Take me home, Tezuka." Syuusuke moaned into his lover's ear, and soon he was being piggy-backed down the street towards his house. He pulled his keys out of his pocket, before Tezuka unlocked the front door and walked in, pulling the tensai in by the arm before shoving him up against a wall. Their mouths met again as their jackets were shed onto the floor, shirts following suit. Tezuka pressed his body to Fuji's, rubbing the smaller boy harshly against the wall, but neither noticed; they were too busy relishing in the feeling of their crotches pushing together.

"Nnn… Tezuka…" Syuusuke pulled away and moved for the stairs. "We need protection." He said, beginning to climb. "I don't wanna get pregnant." He reached the top of the flight and motioned for Tezuka to follow. "C'mon, follow me."


Apparently, nothing was sacred in the Fuji house. Finding a condom consisted of the tensai slipping into his parents' room, going through his father's dresser, and taking the rest of the rubbers in the box, before sneaking back out without waking either adult. He'd led Tezuka back to his own room, pushed him down onto the bed, then proceeded to pull his pants and underwear off before giving him a mind-numbing blowjob. From there, lotion was poured onto fingers, which then entered Fuji's bottom, and afterwards were replaced with Tezuka's throbbing erection.

He'd never felt such an attraction to someone as he did the moment he hit the tensai's prostate, and watched him arch up with a beautiful moan escaping his lips. Tezuka only got harder, his heart only beat faster, his body only tingled more and more in those few more moments until he and Fuji came all over each other, breathing each other's name. They were only falling deeper into love with one another.

Over the next two years, they worked hard at school, tennis, and their jobs, preparing for the days when they'd go off to college. The sex only grew more intense and addictive with time, and by the end of senior year, the two were seriously considering the same college, so they wouldn't have to be apart longer than necessary.

Then, Atobe had offered Tezuka a job when he graduated. The heir had inherited his father's company at eighteen and was hiring those he deemed worthy of being an employee of the great Atobe Keigo. Tezuka was his first choice for hire; he remembered how much he'd admired the stoic man's dedication and hard-working attitude, so when he heard Tezuka was looking for a job for college tuition, he'd immediately offered one with the deal that he'd pay for all schooling expenses.

Tezuka, thinking of Fuji first and foremost, accepted the job because of the high salary. It was just enough to support two people, and pay for a two bedroom apartment.

Right after finding said apartment, he called Fuji over to see and asked if he'd move in with him.

"You want me to move in with you?" The tensai looked shocked before he jumped into Tezuka's arms and hugged him tight. "Yes! Yes! I will!"

That night, the new place was broken in with them having sex on almost every exposed surface.

And things only got better when Tezuka told Syuusuke that neither had to pay for college. The tensai almost fainted with relief and happiness, and immediately the two signed up for classes at a local, but expensive university.

The next three years were perfect. Fuji finished his two year college plan-having majored in photography-before spending his days at home, cooking big meals for his wonderful 'Mitsu and hanging out with Eiji and Saeki at clubs where he loved tricking other men into buying him free drinks. Tezuka continued school-majoring in business-and worked his way up the ladder at Atobe's company until he was actually able to start saving money in an account so he could buy Fuji a promise ring.

But things can't go perfectly forever; something has to go wrong eventually, and it happened in the form of a sperm escaping through a ripped condom into the bottom of the tensai, where it then travelled around until it came to an egg, thus creating the thing the small brunette now believed would ruin his wonderful life.

"Syuusuke, are you still awake?" Tezuka asked from the doorway to their bedroom.

"Mm." Fuji sat up in the bed and rubbed his eyes. "What is it?"

"Come look."

They walked out to the living room together and sat down on the window seat. "It's snowing." Fuji said, grasping Tezuka's hand in his own. "What's it doing snowing in November?"

"Well, it's been pretty cold out, and December's only two weeks away."

"Hm. I suppose." The tensai sighed. "I guess we better start taking out the Christmas stuff."

"Ah." Tezuka's hand suddenly left Fuji's and the short boy turned around to find his tall lover down lower than him, on one knee.

"'Mitsu…" He breathed, suddenly feeling his body shaking with excitement. "You didn't…"

"I know we can't get married here, and I know you don't want to leave Japan permanently to get married, so… I got this to hopefully make up for it." Tezuka opened a box and pulled out a small ring with diamonds embedded in it. "I promised myself that I would give it to you the first snow of the year. I know how much you love winter romance. Plus, it's convenient now that we know about the baby." He slid the ring onto Fuji's finger before he stood and kissed his small lover.

"'Mitsu, I love it. Thank you." Fuji admired the band on his thin, dainty finger. "I never thought you would do something like this. It just makes me love you more."

"I'm glad you like it." The tall brunette picked the tensai up bridal style and carried him back to their bed before laying him down and making love to him late into the night.

(The Next Day: Noon)

"Nya, you're so lucky Fujiko." Eiji whined as he examined his friend's ring. "I wish Oishi would propose to me."

"Well, it wasn't a proposal really." Fuji answered, twirling a finger around in his cocoa. "We can't technically get married, so it's more of a promise ring, to represent how we'll be together for the rest of our lives."

"Aw, you guys have like, a perfect life! Tezuka has a good job, you live in an awesome house, you get to do whatever you want, and you're so in love!" The redhead sighed and played with his hair. "Why can't I be as lucky as you?"

"We're not all that lucky, actually." The tensai mumbled to himself.


Fuji smiled sweetly and gripped his cocoa mug. "Nothing, just thinking out loud." He took a sip of his hot drink. "You know, your life's not all that bad. Sure, you still live with your parents, and Oishi lives with his, but he did get into a good college, and you two are just as in love as Tezuka and I are. Isn't that really all you need?"

Eiji looked guiltily down at his own cup, his teeth gnawing on his bottom lip. "Yeah, about that. Oishi hasn't really been paying attention to me lately. Every time I try to snuggle with him, or kiss him, he just pushes me away and says he's busy. We haven't had sex in almost two months, and he hasn't talked to me for three days. All he says is 'I'm tired' or, 'I have schoolwork', and hangs up his phone. I feel so lonely lately, and I'm starting to worry about our future together. I didn't go to college because Oishi said I should be spoiled and not have to work, and he said he'd pay for our house and save up so we can have kids someday, but I don't know if I want to stay with him if he's just going to ignore me."

"Eiji, Oishi's acting like that because of you." Fuji said, sitting back in his chair.

"What do you mean?"

"He said he wants to spoil you, but that's hard to achieve. Right now, he's working as hard as he can, so that he can get a job that allows him to spoil you. He's probably studying and working twenty-four/seven so that he can eventually give you whatever you want. If I were doing what he does, I'd be tired and irritable a lot too."

"Nya, you're right!" Eiji cried, hiding his head in his hands. "He's only been thinking about me this whole time, but I've been too busy bothering him to notice how hard he's working!"

"There's more, isn't there?"

Eiji whined, crying even harder into his palms. "Nya, I didn't want to, but I was so lonely and horny! I couldn't help it!"

"Who was it?"

A name was muttered under the redhead's breath, too low for Fuji to hear.

"Don't make me guess Eiji. Just tell me."

"I said, 'Oshitari'."

The tensai snorted. "The one from Hyotei that copied my Higuma Otoshi?"

"Mm." Kikumaru nodded.

"I should've guessed. After all, Mukahi Gakuto is your biggest rival. Why wouldn't you sleep with his boyfriend?"

"Nya, that wasn't the reason though. We saw each other at a club, and I was already drunk, so I started pouring out all my feelings and problems to him. He seemed to listen to me intently, which made me happy 'cause I was finally getting attention, and then when he told me he and Mukahi were in a fight, I couldn't take it anymore. We found our way to the bathroom, and that's when it happened."

"If you were feeling alone, you should've just told Oishi."

"Nya, I know. But stupid me didn't think of that beforehand." Eiji rested his head in his hands. "And now I really regret what I did. I only love Oishi; I don't want anyone else."

"We all have things we regret doing." Syuusuke responded, running a hand over stomach. "Hopefully you'll be able to fix this with Oishi."

"Yeah." The former acrobat suddenly noticed the contents of his friend's cup and perked up, looking confused. "Nya Fujiko, why aren't you drinking coffee? We always have coffee when I come over."

The brunette looked down to his mug. "I just felt like switching things up today. Do you want some too?"

"No, I'm fine with coffee."


Truth be told, it wasn't his choice not to drink the coffee. Tezuka wasn't letting him have it anymore; he said it was bad for the baby. It really pissed the tensai off. Now he had to go every day without his morning and afternoon caffeine, and he knew it wasn't going to go well. He was always cranky and snappy when he didn't get coffee, and he knew it would only get worse with the pregnancy hormones now raging through his body.

First alcohol, now coffee; Tezuka would be lucky if he lived through the next nine months.

"Syuusuke, I'm home!" Said stoic man suddenly called from the doorway.

"We're in the kitchen!" Fuji shouted back as he stood and took his mug to the sink. "Welcome home. 'Mitsu." He said when his lover entered the room. "How was your day?"

"Stressful." Tezuka sighed. "Hello Kikumaru." He nodded to the redhead.

"Hi nya."

"How were you today?" He whispered into the tensai's ear.

"Same as any other day." Was the response, as Syuusuke finished cleaning out his mug and began drying it.

"There wasn't any sickness or anything?"

"Not yet." Fuji opened a cabinet before going up on his tiptoes and placing the ceramic cup in.

"Nya, Fujiko's sick?" Eiji interrupted. "Is he gonna be okay?"

"He's not sick, he's-"

"'Mitsu, you didn't give me a kiss yet." Syuusuke pulled the taller man down and brought their lips together.

Eiji sighed jealously at the sight of the other two before pulling out his cellphone and checking the time. "Nya, I have to go. I think I need to talk to Oishi about some things."

Fuji pulled away from the kiss, and rest against his lover's body as the acrobat walked past them. "Okay, good luck. I'll see you tomorrow."

"And don't forget, it's club night tomorrow night. Twenty-one to twenty-five get free drinks."

"Right. Bye Eiji."


The door opened and closed a minute later, before Fuji found himself shoving Tezuka away angrily. "What were you thinking? You can't tell him!"

"Why not?" Tezuka asked, looking confused.

"Because he'll immediately be attached to it! And he'll go tell everyone! What do you think will happen when our friends and families find out we're having a child we're probably going to give away?"

"They'll have to know eventually though. You can't hide a pregnancy forever."

"I know, but we can still hold off as long as possible. I'm not ready to talk about this with anyone yet."

Tezuka leaned down and kissed the tensai's forehead. "That's alright with me."

"Thank you 'Mitsu." Fuji sighed. "Now, I may not have morning sickness yet, but I'm horny as hell. Throw me onto the table over there and make me bedridden for the next week."

"You don't need to tell me twice." Tezuka scooped his small lover up in his arms before moving across the room to their six person table and dropping him harshly onto it. Fuji slid on the wooden surface, but was quickly pulled back to the edge where his crotch rubbed roughly with Tezuka's, making him moan.

His sweatpants were yanked off his body, followed by his over-sized sweater, leaving him completely exposed to his boyfriend, who bent over and began to lick at a pink nipple. The tensai's arms came up to wrap around Tezuka's head, pushing it harder into his chest as he arched up into it.

"Nn, just skip the foreplay and get in my ass already." He whined out.

"I can't wait anymore either."

The smaller body was flipped over, before a tongue made its way all over the tensai's smooth back. It travelled from the tip of his spine down to his bottom, where the cheeks were spread apart and the entrance was licked, leaving him to squirm and mew in pleasure.

"'Mitsu, just do me!" He shouted. "I'm ready!"

"I don't want to hurt you or the baby." Tezuka answered before turning his lover back over and entering slowly.

"We're not going to break, just do it!"

Tezuka pulled out, before shoving back in quickly, roughly. Fuji arched up off the table, moaning loudly. Sure he hadn't been prepared, but he was just so used to the intrusion of Tezuka's cock, that he really didn't need it anymore. He was still just as tight as the first time though, and both were grateful for that; it made everything feel so much better.

A harsh pace was set from the beginning, rocking the table back and forth across the hardwood floor, leaving scratches and scuffs on the newly stained oak, but neither male noticed; they were too busy trying to keep Fuji from sliding around on the table's surface. Said boy gripped the wooden edges, while Tezuka kept a tight grip on his hips, most likely forming bruises.

It was wonderful when they had sex like this. It was just so incredibly arousing having sex on a table, or against a wall, or in the bathroom of a bar-it was one of the reasons they weren't allowed in half the clubs in Tokyo anymore-that both Fuji and Tezuka wished that their romps around half the apartment and city could last forever. It was a never ending turn on, knowing they could be caught at any second by someone walking into the bathroom, or someone looking out an apartment window into theirs while they were pressed to the glass, or the fact that they weren't following the norm by having sex on everything but a bed, and it only made them want each other more when the other suggested it.

Tezuka was big, which Fuji absolutely loved. He was always stretched so wide when his lover was inside him, and the pain mixed with overwhelming pleasure only made the experience all the more intense. And Tezuka just couldn't get over how tight the feminine tensai was. He would squeeze the former tennis buchou to the point where he was coming far too early, leaving Fuji still squirming and whining for more. A quick blowjob usually solved the problem, but Tezuka much preferred to watch the tensai scream out an orgasm while his lover was pounding into his small, pliant body.

"'Mitsu… c-coming…" The tensai moaned, his hand quickly pumping his dripping erection. "Coming…" His head whipped backwards, and his body arched up off the table as his come splattered across his stomach, sending Tezuka over the edge with him at the sight of the beautifully-shaped body covered in the white, sticky fluid.

Fuji was filled up by Tezuka's own essence, sending him into a fit of whines and moans until the taller brunette pulled out of him and kissed him deeply.

"Nn, I love you 'Mitsu." Fuji breathed quietly, wrapping his arms around his lover's shoulders.

"I love you too." Tezuka answered, lifting Syuusuke up and carrying him to their bedroom, where he was laid on the bed. "Sleep now."

Fuji giggled, playing with his hair. "It's only five o'clock."

"But you need to stay well-rested for the baby. Sleep."

"Alright, fine." The tensai laughed again. "'Night 'Mitsu."


Fuji snuggled his naked body into the blankets and closed his eyes, falling asleep only minutes later.

(The Next Day: Night)

"'Mitsu, I'm going out!" Fuji called from the doorway to the apartment as he slipped into his shoes. "I'll be back later!"

Tezuka appeared behind him, his arms crossed and his expression serious. "Be careful out there. I don't want the baby to get hurt."

"I know I know! Jeez 'Mitsu! It's like we're still in middle school!" The tensai giggled and opened the door, only to be stopped by a strong pair of arms wrapping around his middle.

"That means no drinking." Lips brushed his cheek.

"Got it."

"And take a cab. I don't want you walking out in the cold."

"I'll never be able to go if you keep worrying about me so much."

"I have every right to worry. I love you more than anything else, and I want you to be safe."

"I love you too 'Mitsu, but Eiji's waiting for me outside. You don't want to leave him waiting out there, do you? Oishi might get mad."

"Ah." Tezuka kissed Fuji again. "Have fun."

"Easier said than done. Without alcohol involved, I highly doubt 'fun' will happen."

"I'm sure you'll find a way to change that."

"Mm." Fuji walked into the hallway and waved over his shoulder as he headed to the elevator. "Bye 'Mitsu! Love you!"

"Fujiko, come dance! You're acting like Tezuka tonight, and it's not fun!" Eiji pulled on his brunette friend's arm, trying to get him out of his seat and onto the dance floor.

"Sorry Eiji, I just don't feel like dancing tonight. Maybe another time."

The redhead sighed and slid into the seat opposite the tensai. "At least drink something then! You're no fun out here sober!"

"I'm not in the mood for drinks either." Fuji rested his head in his hand. "Maybe we should've just stayed home."

"But tonight is our party night! We can't stay home on party night! C'mon Fujiko! Loosen up! One drink's not gonna hurt you!"

The tensai opened his eyes. Eiji was right. One drink wasn't enough to harm the baby, and if he ate some fries or a sandwich with it, then there was even less of a chance that something bad would happen. He'd stay completely sober all night, and Tezuka would never have to know anything.

"Alright Eiji, I'll have one."

"That's more like it!" The redhead cheered. "I'll be right back with one then!"

"Do you mind ordering me a sandwich while you're at the bar? 'Mitsu and I didn't eat dinner tonight."

"Sure!" Eiji hopped up from his seat and shoved his way to the bar, leaving the tensai by himself.

Fuji sighed, twirling a strand of hair around his finger as he stared out at the crowd. No doubt by the end of the night, at least four of the single, drunk guys stumbling around the floor would mistake him for a girl and come over to hit on him, some of the sober ones too. He was getting tired of telling them he was in a committed relationship, and wasn't a cheater like they desperately wished he was.

But as he looked down at his hand resting on the table, he smiled. He now had Tezuka's ring to show off, keeping all the perverts and ugly guys away, without him even having to tell them. At least a ring wasn't an embarrassing way to get rid of the guys like a pregnant belly was, so he could enjoy the feeling for a little while before the baby ruined it for him.

"Here Fujiko. They ran out of your favorite brand, so I got this for you." Eiji sat back down at the table and slid a beer over to the brunette before taking a sip of his own.

"Beer? I thought you would've gotten something stronger since I said I'd only have one."

"Aw, you're right! Why didn't I do that?" The redhead pouted.

Fuji giggled before taking a sip of beer. "How did it go between you and Oishi? Did you tell him about 'the affair'?"

"Don't call it that nya! And yes, I did."

"How did he take it?"

"He uh, hung up on me. And then he wouldn't answer my calls or texts. I think he might hate me now."

"That's impossible. There's no way Oishi could ever hate you Eiji. He's just not that kind of person. I'm sure he's angry about it, and maybe even sad, but there's no way he'll stop loving you because of it. He's always forgiven easily when it comes to you."

"Nya, I sure hope so. I don't want him to break up with me. He's the only one I love; I don't want to lose him."

"Mm." Fuji sipped his beer again before eyeing it with a surprised expression. "This actually isn't that bad." He commented, tilting his head back to chug the rest of the bottle.

"There's the Fuji I wanted to hang out with!" Eiji cheered as the empty bottle slammed onto the table. "Here, keep going!" He held out his own alcohol for the tensai, who quickly swiped it out of his hand and downed it, placing it next to the other bottle when he was done.

"Alright Eiji, that's enough." The brunette shook his hand to signal he was done, but the redhead had already called over a roaming waiter and ordered more drinks.

"Nya Fujiko, you've already had two, don't stop now!"

"But Eiji, I-" The tensai was silenced as Saeki magically appeared beside him and handed him a shot glass.

"C'mon Fuji, you're the biggest drunk out of all of us. You can't stop at just two."

"Here, hold his mouth open and pour it in!" Eiji came around the table and poured the alcohol down Fuji's throat while Saeki held his head in place. "More more! Give him more!"

The next few hours became a blur to the small brunette. He remembered his friends pouring drink after drink into his mouth, while he sat, helpless, in his chair, and then the winter cold as they left the club to go to another. He remembered doubling over as he threw up all over the sidewalk, then the feel of snow on his face from when he tripped in the street, and there was also the vague image of himself flying off a mechanical bull. By the end of the night, he found himself sprawled across a couch at the fourth club, a trashcan next to his head that reeked of puke, no doubt his own.

The smell was overpowering, leaving his stomach to turn for probably the fifth time that night before he leaned over and threw up into the wastebasket. Whoever had been sitting across from him jumped up from their chair and started rubbing gently at his back, telling him he was going to be fine once he got it all out of his system, but he was still too intoxicated to recognize the voice, nor feel comforted by the words.

When it was all over, he struggled to sit up on the couch, and was eventually helped by Eiji, who pushed him back until he was upright.

"Fujiko, are you alright nya? I've never seen you drink so much before." His voice sounded like it was being muffled, and it was hard for Fuji's head to process the sentence.

"Fine…" He mumbled, hoping that had answered the redhead's question, if he had even asked one.

"I called Tezuka nya. He's coming to get you right now. When I told him you were this wasted, he sounded really upset. I hope you don't get in trouble for what I did Fujiko."

Fuji didn't try to listen, his head hurt too much when he did, and he wasn't up for the pain at the moment. It was bad enough he still had the urge to barf, he didn't need the 'Headache of the Century' to accompany it.

"Fuji Syuusuke!"

He winced as the loud voice made his head pound and vision shake. He heard the sound of footsteps, seeming to echo on for ages, before he saw the blurred image of his lover's face, looking quite pissed.

"'Mitsuuu…" He giggled, feeling his body being lifted up into Tezuka's arms. "I love youuu…"

"Stop talking. I'm taking you home."

"Are we gonna… do it?"

"I said 'quiet'."

The tensai pouted, but obeyed, allowing himself to be carried through and out of the club.

As soon as the winter wind hit his face, he buried it into Tezuka's warm and surprisingly soft shoulder. It was so cozy, so comforting. He closed his eyes, and fell into a deep sleep.

He woke up the next morning with the worst headache he'd ever had in his life. The light coming in through the windows made it worse, the sound of the wind hitting the outside of the apartment complex made it worse, the neighbor's dog barking its head off made it worse, and the fact that Tezuka was nowhere in sight made it hurt the most. He slowly sat up in bed, rubbing his forehead and curling his toes before turning to climb out.

He stumbled his way down the hallway, past the open bathroom to the living room, then into the kitchen, but his lover wasn't anywhere to be found.

What day was it? Tuesday? Wednesday? He couldn't remember. As a matter of fact, he couldn't remember anything of the previous day. It was like he had slept through it, only that couldn't be the case since he felt like absolute shit. Obviously he had a hangover.

He walked back into the living room to grab the house phone off its charger, before rubbing at his temple as he tried to remember his lover's cell number. He had it on speed dial on his own phone, so he usually didn't have to type it out. But add that to the fact that he couldn't think straight, and it was turning out to be a real project just to call Tezuka.

Finally, he remembered caller ID, and searched through all the calls received within the last month until he saw the one he was looking for and clicked 'talk'. The phone dialed, and Tezuka picked up seconds later.

"What do you want Syuusuke?" He asked, sounding quite annoyed.

"What happened yesterday 'Mitsu? I can't remember anything."

"I'm sure you can figure it out. You know what a hangover feels like."

"But, how did it happen? I don't remember going out."

"It's not the point that you went out. It's the point that you got drunk."

"Come on 'Mitsu. Since when do you care about me getting drunk?"

"Since we found out you were pregnant."

Fuji gasped, his eyes growing wide. Slowly, the night came back to him. He recalled giving in to Eiji's pleas, and drinking a beer. Then he drank Eiji's beer, then he had a few shots; he had some other things he wasn't quite sure of, and he eventually got drunk enough to the point where he was lucky not to get alcohol poisoning. And he had done it while he was pregnant, after he had promised Tezuka he wouldn't do it.

"'Mitsu, I'm so sorry. I wasn't going to do it, but then Eiji said one beer wouldn't hurt, so I had one, and then from there, I guess I took it too far."

"You took it beyond 'too far'. You could've killed our child. You're lucky you didn't kill yourself. Kikumaru said he's never seen anyone drink so much at one time before. And you never ate anything. All that alcohol circulated in your system, having nowhere to go. What would I have done if you had been hospitalized, or died? I don't think I'd be able to handle it."

"I know. I'm sorry. I promise I won't do it again."

"How can I trust that statement, when you promised me before and didn't keep it?"

"Because I won't even go out anymore, if that's what you want! I may not want this baby, but I don't want you to be angry with me 'Mitsu! If you don't want me going out anymore, just say it and I'll do it!"

"It's not my choice of whether you go out or not, but when it comes to that child's safety, I will have a say in the matter."

"I completely agree."

"Then go to the hospital. Make sure both of you are okay. And find out just how far along you are."

"Alright." Fuji wiped his eyes of the tears that had begun to fall. "I love you 'Mitsu."

"I love you too. I have to go."

"Bye. I'll see you tonight."


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