New chapter! Sorry it took so freakin' long! And I know it's not the best chapter, but it had to be done.

Summary: Fuji intentionally sabotages a condom to get himself pregnant, but once it happens, he realizes he doesn't want a baby because it will 'ruin his perfect life'. How will he and Tezuka deal with the pregnancy, and what problems will arrise when Fuji has trouble letting go of his old habits?

Pairing(s): TezukaFuji. Some Golden Pair. Maybe other couples later on.

Rating: M [This chapter] Sexual Situations (kinda). Language.

Disclaimer: I do not own PoT.

A Baby Changes Everything

Chapter 4

"What about this one?" Tezuka asked Fuji, as he looked at a photo of one the families from the adoption website he was on.

The way it worked was, each family and couple sent in a picture, along with a description of themselves, to the adoption program where the employees then put the information up on the program's website for anybody looking to find the perfect people for their child. Of course, all the information was back-checked and records were gone through before the program allowed anything to be posted; they didn't want some psychopath serial killers adopting a poor, innocent child.

Fuji fiddled with his new phone from beside his lover, not even realizing he was being addressed, except in the text message Eiji had sent him.

"Syuusuke, look." Tezuka tilted the feminine brunette's head up so he could see the laptop screen. "What about them?"

The tensai made a face and shook his head. "They already have kids." He said, going back to his phone as it vibrated with Eiji's next message.

"So what?"

"Why would we give a kid to someone who already has them? And it's not like those people only have one. There are five of them. I want a couple that can't have kids, and don't have any yet. They have to be looking for a single baby; that way they can spoil it and make sure it gets all of their attention."

"I'm glad to hear you care so much about who our child's future family is."

"I may not want it, but it will still biologically be a Fuji. It has to be spoiled no matter what, even if it's not by us."

"Only the best for a Fuji." Tezuka mumbled sarcastically, turning back to the screen. He scrolled through some more listings, read a few bios and even watched a video before he came across a couple that was within the parameters Fuji had given him.

"What about these two?" He asked.

"Hm?" Fuji looked up before he gave his lover a skeptical look.

"What's wrong with them? They look nice."

"They look like they're going to be paying for each other's funeral any day now."

"They're only in their fifties."

"So what? Do you really think they'll be able to handle a baby? I'm telling you now, they'll break something before the kid does. If they wanted children, then they should've done it back before they hit the halfway mark."

"You're so difficult." Once again, Tezuka turned back to the screen, starting to rub at his temple to fend off the incoming headache the tensai's pickiness was giving him. He was glad about Fuji's willingness to find the perfect parents, but it was ridiculous the number of people he'd already turned away; at least forty acceptable choices had been rejected, and it didn't look like anyone was going to get picked anytime soon.

"Wait, go back a page." Fuji suddenly said, his finger pointing at the 'back' arrow.

"Here?" Tezuka asked once the page loaded.

"Yeah." The tensai leaned closer to the laptop, examining the two figures in the photo presented. "That's them." He said after a minute. "That's the couple."

"You haven't even read about them yet."

"So? I can tell just by looking at them that they're who I want."

The taller male sighed. "Fine. I'll call the program to see if we can set up a meeting with them."

"Good." Fuji glanced back down at his cell as it vibrated with yet another message, before he stood and stretched his arms. "Eiji said they're ready now. They're on their way as we speak so we can take the next train to the mall."

"What about all the stuff we're getting though? We can't fit it all on a train and it's likely that people will try to steal it when we're squashed together."

"Silly, you think I don't know that?" Fuji giggled. "I went to the bank yesterday to get some extra money so we can take a cab home instead. I think I deserve to not be molested for once, by some horny old guy who has no qualms about fondling a man he doesn't even know, but who refuses to touch his wife."

"I'm sure most men think they're touching a boy. You look exactly like you did back in middle school. You're the same size too. And some of them probably mistake you for a girl because of your long hair and… 'fragile' looking body."

Fuji furrowed his brow. "Shouldn't you sound a little more upset? Your lover just admitted to getting groped by complete strangers, and you act like it's a normal thing."

"It is normal if it happens every time you get on a train. And I know that if you really cared, you would've beaten the hell out of every single one of those perverts."

"Yeah, you're right." The tensai smiled. "But poor pregnant me can't defend myself anymore. Will you rescue me if something happens 'Mitsu?"

"If I see anyone touch you, they're dead." Tezuka answered in all seriousness.

"Good." Fuji's arms wrapped around his love's neck as the taller man stood up before they kissed lightly. "I would've had to reconsider our relationship if you hadn't said something like that."

"You can hold your own, but that doesn't mean I won't protect you when I'm with you."

"I love you." The tensai smiled.

"I love you too." The two kissed again before the ringing of the doorbell broke them apart.

"I'll get it." Syuusuke offered, heading towards the main door while Tezuka grabbed two empty hot cocoa mugs from the desk and brought them to the sink to wash.

"Fujiko! I haven't seen you in so long nya!" Eiji suddenly exclaimed from the doorway, no doubt squeezing all the air out of Fuji. Tezuka laughed at the thought.

"We saw each other four days ago." He heard his small lover giggle.


"Well, you were drunk, so you probably don't remember."

"Oh yeah."

"Come in Oishi. You don't have to stand in the hall."

"Thank you Fuji."

Shoes fell onto the mud mat by the door and seconds later, Oishi appeared in the kitchen, smiling at Tezuka happily. "Hello Tezuka. I haven't seen you for a while."


"How've you been? I heard you were sick last week."

"I'm fine. It was just a cold."

"I see." The former fukubuchou turned his head back to the main door. "Eiji, get off of him. It's rude."

"But Oishi!" Tezuka heard the redhead whine.

"You're going to hurt him."

"Fine." Was the pouty reply.

"I have something else for you to hug anyway." Fuji said, walking by the kitchen to go to the spare bedroom. "You'll like it, I promise."

"What is it nya?" Eiji asked excitedly, clinging to Oishi's arm. "Do you know?" He asked his boyfriend.

"I'm afraid I don't." Syuuichiro answered.

"Here she is." Fuji cooed less than a minute later, walking back into the room with Addi squirming in his arms. "Isn't she adorable?"

"Aw Fujiko! She's so cute nya!" Eiji pulled the puppy into his arms and squeezed her tight, letting her lick all over his face. "You're so soft and fluffy Inu-chan! I wish I could take you home with me! Oishi, get me a puppy for Christmas, okay?"

"Eiji…" Oishi laughed, scratching behind the dog's ears.

"Her name is Addi." Fuji smiled, patting the puppy's side.

"Nya, what kind of name is that?" Eiji asked.

"'Mitsu asked that same thing. It's a name I found on an American website. It's not something that's commonly heard over here, so I picked it."

"I think it's nice." Oishi nodded.

"Well, it does seem to suit her." Eiji added.

"Are we going to go shopping, or are we going to stare at the dog all day?" Tezuka interrupted, drying his hands on a dish towel.

"Alright 'Mitsu, don't get so impatient." The tensai took the puppy back into his arms and carried her back to the spare bedroom to put her in the kennel he'd bought.

"Don't want you going potty all over the floor, right?" He asked playfully, latching the metal door shut. "And I don't think 'Mitsu would like it very much if we came home to scratched and chewed furniture, so you have to stay here until we get back, okay?"

Addi wagged her tail happily, liking how much attention she was getting all of a sudden, but began to whine when Fuji stood and walked for the doorway.

"Don't worry, I'll let you out when we get home." He said sweetly. "Bye Addi." He closed the door after leaving the room and almost bumped into Eiji as the redhead ran over to the laptop that remained open on the desk.

"What were you doing nya?" He asked curiously, pressing the 'space' bar over and over again as he impatiently tried to get the computer out of sleep mode.

"Nothing." Fuji appeared beside him and slammed the lid shut, his patented smile on his face. "I was just watching some naughty videos. Care to join me when we get back?"

Eiji wrinkled his nose and shook his head. "Nya, you're such a pervert Fujiko."

"You should've already known that." Tezuka said. "But don't take him seriously, He's lying to you."

"Aw, 'Mitsu, you always ruin all my fun!" The tensai pouted.

"You were lying? Nya, what you were really doing Fujiko?"

"It's none of our business Eiji. Just drop it." Oishi cut in, dragging his lover away from the desk and towards the door.

"Nya, but I'm nosy!"

"Believe me, we all know." The black-haired man silently mouthed an apology to the two brunettes who'd followed him and Eiji to the entryway. "Let's just go now, alright?"

Kikumaru huffed. "Alright." He grumbled.

"'Mitsu, I need to sit down."

Tezuka glanced down at his small love; the tensai looked like he was in pain, and he was paler than usual. One hand gripped the pole he stood next to, and the other was squeezing Tezuka's shirt harshly as he struggled to stay standing, but it wasn't working. His legs were quickly giving way, and Tezuka would have a hard time holding him up for the rest of the ride without one of them getting hurt, so a seat was needed immediately.

"The next stop is only a few minutes away. Hold onto me until we get there and then I'll get you a seat."

"'Mitsu, my back… I can't stay like this…"

"I know, but we can't move right now. Just wait."

Fuji released the pole and let himself be completely supported by Tezuka's body. The taller male tried his best not to hold the tensai too tight, out of fear that he'd only make the back pain worse, but it was almost unnecessary when elbows, briefcases and bodies were slamming into him as the riders of the train shifted in preparation for the next stop.

"Nya Fujiko, is something wrong?" Eiji asked from behind Tezuka. "You look like you can barely stand."

"He threw out his back." The former buchou answered, moving his arm up just in time to block his lover's back from getting hit by a metal-cornered briefcase. "When the next stop comes, find him a seat as quickly as possible."

"Nn." Eiji nodded, turning slightly so he could tell Oishi the plan as well.

"Damn, this hurts." Fuji cringed in the taller brunette's hold. "How much wider will my hips get?"

"I don't know, but I'm not worried about that right now." Tezuka said. "How long do you think the pain will last?"

"If I sit down, probably fifteen minutes to half an hour. I don't know about standing though."

A few more minutes passed before the train slowed down and came to a stop. Immediately, people began shoving their way out of the car while just as many pushed their way on. Tezuka was able to move only a few feet before they were squished together again, but he was able to successfully place Fuji down on a newly vacated seat.

"Better?" He asked, standing in front of his small lover who had become busy rubbing at his lower back.

"A little."

"You shouldn't have come out here today. Not when your body's still adjusting."

"I'll be fine. We may just have to take a few breaks here and there, but I'll make it." The tensai let out a deep breath, smiling slightly when Eiji pushed his way over and sat down beside him.

"How'd you hurt your back, nya?" He asked worriedly.

"I'd rather not say, Eiji."

"Oh, I get it." The redhead smiled slyly. "Tezuka couldn't control himself and went overboard on your butt, right?"

"Eiji, not here." Oishi interrupted. "That kind of talk is private."

"But I'm right, aren't I Fujiko?"

Fuji feigned a smile. "Yeah Eiji, you're right."

Eiji sighed, leaning back in his seat with his hands behind his head. "This is nice. I hope no pregnant or old people get on, 'cause I don't wanna give up this spot."

Fuji winced at the word 'pregnant'. He knew that Eiji was completely oblivious to the fact that he was pregnant, but he couldn't help but get a little nervous. The Golden Pair wasn't always the most observant pair, but there was still a big chance that Oishi would become suspicious if too many more symptoms showed up while the four of them were together; he was a smart man. The tensai didn't really care if the black-haired man found out either; he just hoped Eiji wasn't told about it. The redhead wasn't really known for keeping secrets.

"Alright, we're here nya!" Eiji exclaimed once he slid through the doors of the superstore he and the other three had decided to go to for all their Christmas gift-shopping. "Wow, it's huge!" He gasped, looking around at the ceiling-height shelves packed with electronics, toys, clothes, cooking supplies, bedroom and bathroom pieces, and pretty much anything else the four men could think of.

"It's called a superstore for a reason, I guess." Fuji giggled. "I'm sure we'll be able to find all the things on our lists here."

"And if we split up, we'll be able to get gifts for each other, nya."

"Good idea, Eiji." Oishi nodded. "Tezuka and I can go together, and you and Fuji can."

"Yay!" The redhead cheered, hugging his friend tightly.

"Not too tight, okay? My back still hurts a little."

"Ah! Sorry Fujiko!" Eiji released his grip, looking a little ashamed until he caught sight of a shopping carriage. "Here!" He said, rolling it over to Fuji. "You can use this! And if your back starts to hurt really bad, you can lean against it to make it better!"

Syuusuke smiled. "Thank you." He turned to the other two. "I guess we'll see you in a little while. We all have our cellphones, so we can call each other if we need to meet up."

"Ah." Tezuka nodded.

"Nya, let's go this way Fujiko! I want to look at all the toys!"

"Slow down Eiji. I can't run like you."

Oishi sighed once his lover and friend were out of sight. "It's funny how well they get along when their personalities are so different." He said.


"I suppose we should go down each isle and check everything out. Maybe we'll find some good stuff for Eiji and Fuji while we're at it."

"Ah. I don't know what to get Syuusuke though. He has so many things already."

"Maybe he'd like some camera stuff."

"He has plenty already. We're going to have to upgrade from a backpack to a suitcase for storage if he gets any more photography things."

"Nn, I'm having that kind of trouble with Eiji too. I know he loves stuffed animals and cats, but he has so many already. I don't want to be rude to his parents and keep adding to the collection."

The two made it down the first isle, finding nothing that suited their lists. The second isle was a little more successful, with Oishi picking out a few pots and pans for Eiji, since the redhead had worn out all his old ones thanks to his constant need to cook. Tezuka thought about getting Fuji a few too, but the tensai wasn't as… 'abusive' a cook as Eiji. Plus, their kitchen supplies were only a few months old thanks to a few fights, and some ideas Fuji had had that involved Tezuka shoving things in places they shouldn't be shoved.

The next isle was men's clothing, mostly for adults and teens, and both Oishi and Tezuka picked up a few ties they hoped weren't too hideous in case they were invited to a few parties over the holidays. Tezuka got a few pairs of jeans for Fuji (one to two sizes larger than usual for when he began to grow) and an over-sized printed t-shirt with a picture of Yosemite Sam and a giant cactus (the cactus was the whole reason he picked it).

The next few isles were filled with the same things (fashion was important to the store owner apparently) for both men and women, and teens and kids, but it was when they reached the eighth isle that Tezuka froze.

"Is something wrong, Tezuka?" Oishi asked worriedly from behind the former buchou as he tried to get a look at what the isle contained. "Oh, it's baby stuff!" He exclaimed, when he caught sight of the packages of bottles and pacifiers and blankets and clothes. Furniture was on one side and everything else was on the other (the lengths of the shelves were ridiculous) and the isle just seemed to grow and grow the longer Tezuka stared, like he was getting tunnel vision that emphasized on the walls rather than the tunnel itself.

"Look, it's so adorable!" Oishi said, walking over to a pile of assorted onesies. "Eiji and I love looking at this stuff. It's fun to imagine that we'll be shopping for these things someday, and I especially love getting to see Eiji so excited about being a parent."

"Syuusuke and I don't usually look at this stuff. There's never really been a need to."

"But isn't the thought of being a father amazing? I can't wait until the day Eiji tells me that he's expecting."

"Trust me. It's not all that exciting." Tezuka answered, walking over to an unfolded pink blanket that had been messily discarded on top of a box of diapers.

"What do you mean by that?" Oishi asked, looking confused.

"I can tell you from personal experience that it's not always a joyful feeling knowing you're going to be a parent."

"Fuji's pregnant."


The former fukubuchou breathed out heavily. "He's the last person I'd expect to see pregnant."

"It was a shock to us too. We definitely hadn't planned it… He's not taking it very well either."


"We're most likely going to have it adopted."

"Oh." Oishi mumbled sadly. "I'm sorry to hear that."

"So am I."

Syuuichiro looked up at his stoic friend, noticing a hint of sadness and disappointment reflected in the usually stone-like hazel eyes. He could tell Tezuka wasn't really a part of the 'we'; it was what Fuji wanted. Oishi knew that Tezuka would do most anything to make the tensai happy, and apparently it consisted of giving up their first child just because Fuji didn't want one. And as the father, Tezuka didn't really have any say in the matter; at least not while he and Fuji were still together.

"Are you really going to let him do it?" He asked.

Tezuka hesitated slightly, in his reach for the blanket before he nodded. "But if I get any more attached to the thought of being a father to my first child, Syuusuke and I may have a court case."

"I understand. If Eiji told me he didn't want our child, I'd probably act the same way."

"Speaking of Kikumaru, you can't tell him about the pregnancy. It has to remain a secret. I only told you about it because I trust you." The pink baby blanket was folded neatly by the former buchou before large fingers squeezed it tightly; something about this piece of fabric made his heart and stomach flutter.

"I know. That boy is the biggest gossiper I've ever met. If I were to tell him, it wouldn't be a secret to anyone anymore."


"So, how far along is he?"

"Ten to eleven weeks."

"Wow, almost three months. It's odd though, he's not really showing."

"He'll get bigger once the second trimester begins. For now, he may stay as thin as he's always been." Tezuka gave the blanket another squeeze, then dropped it into the carriage Oishi had pushed along with them.

"Are you getting that for yourself?"


Oishi chuckled. "You better hope it's a girl then. I'd hate to see you give up a boy, but keep a pink blanket in his memory."

"I don't know what it is, but something just feels…"

"It feels right, doesn't it? Like something's telling you that's the one?"


"I guess we should expect a little girl then. If you feel that strongly about your decision, then I trust your judgment."

"Let's keep walking. I still need to find something big for Syuusuke."

"Same with me, for Eiji. I don't think he'll be very happy getting nothing but cookware and clothes for Christmas."

Tezuka nodded, then led the way around the corner to the next isle to continue gift-shopping.

"Nya, which ones should I get?" Eiji asked, looking anxiously between the dozens of fish tanks lining the store's back wall. "I know he likes the saltwater ones, but right now he only has freshwater tanks, and I don't know if this store has everything for saltwater fish."

"You could go ask an employee." Fuji answered.

"But which ones would I pick? There's got to be at least forty different kinds of fish here!"

"You should've come a little more prepared, Eiji. Although, after being together for seven years, I would've thought you'd know exactly what Oishi would want, even if he never told you. We used to call you the Golden Pair for a reason, you know."

"But that doesn't mean I know what kind of fish he wants! I don't know the first thing about fish! And I don't even know if half of these will get along with the ones he already has!"

"Why are you trying to get some right now anyways? He'll notice all the fish supplies in the carriage when he meet back up."

"Nya, but I already thought of that Fujiko." Eiji explained. "After I picked out the fishies, I was gonna go pay for them and hide them in a shopping bag so Oishi can't see them."

"But what about taking care of them until Christmas day? You said you don't know the first thing about fish, so how are you going to keep them alive long enough for Oishi to enjoy them?"

The redhead suddenly whined and slapped his forehead. "Dang it! I didn't think of that!"

"Don't worry. You can go out Christmas Eve and buy them. That way they won't go hungry for too long. Besides, you don't want to buy any kind of pet at a store like this. Most of them have diseases and will die the day after you buy them. You want to find a good pet store to get them from."

"Says the man that took in a puppy off the street."

"I couldn't help it though. It was on impulse." Fuji threw a few bags of treats into the carriage, then smiled up at his friend. "Let's keep looking now, okay? We still need to find Echizen a few more gifts since his birthday is three days away."

"Nya, it is? How'd you remember that Fujiko?"

"Who needs to remember when they have the internet at their disposal?"

"I should've known you'd say something like that." Eiji deadpanned. "I always think you're so cool, and then you go and say stuff that's not cool at all."

"Whatever. I'm not here to impress people."

"And then you say that." Eiji slapped his face. "You're a really contradictive person Fujiko. It's a wonder Tezuka can put up with you."

"What can I say?" The tensai giggled. "Come on. Let's keep moving."

"Hold on!" Kikumaru was back to gaping at the fish tanks. "Look Fujiko! This fat one is so cute!"

"You're so easily impressed."

"But look! This one's extra fat!"

Fuji moved over next to the ogling redhead and gazed into the tank as well. "It's a Ryukin, so it's supposed to look like that."

"Nya, but even the bigger one's not that fat."

"Maybe there's something wrong with it then. Remember, this isn't a pet store."

"Hm." Eiji pressed his face to the glass and examined the fish long and hard. Fuji smiled at the behavior; the former acrobat was still just as childish as when they were still in middle school. He was too easily distracted and intrigued by the most trivial things; he was going to be the one that would still be running and jumping around when they were all eighty and living in a nursing home somewhere. Everyone knew that when they hit the end, Fuji would still be as beautiful as ever, and Eiji would be going down with a youthful fight.

"I know!" The redhead declared. "It's going to have babies!"

Fuji stopped mid-giggle and froze; why did that have to be his answer?

"I-is that so?" He asked, turning his face away from his friend to hide his panicked and saddened expression. "Isn't that interesting?"

"Nya, I bet it'll have hundreds of babies!" Eiji cheered. "But… it's too bad they'll all be separated. Fishie-chan won't get to be with its babies once they're born because the store will move them to a different tank. Poor Fishie-chan."

"Nn." Fuji nodded shakily, before he wiped his eyes with his shirtsleeve. "Eiji, can we please go somewhere else now?"

"Nya, what's wrong Fujiko?" Eiji asked worriedly, placing his hands on the tensai's shoulders. "Are you upset for Fishie-chan too?"

"I… I can't tell you… I'm sorry…"

"Aw, Fujiko…" Eiji turned the brunette around and hugged him tightly. "You don't have to tell me. Just cry it out until you feel better, okay?"

And that's exactly what Fuji did. He buried his face into the redhead's shoulder and cried as hard as he could. He hated this strong wave of guilt that washed over him; how could he be so selfish? He had the choice to keep his child or give it away, but as Eiji so blatantly pointed out with the fish, some people didn't have that choice. They weren't allowed to keep their child no matter how much they wanted to; and here Fuji was, preparing for the day when he'd let his child leave his life forever. He should be grateful for the life that grew within him, because he did have a choice, but he just couldn't bring himself to feel different in his original decision.

It really ate at him; that feeling of knowing there were people out there that would do anything to keep their offspring close, but he wanted to push his away. Tezuka was right; he was a spoiled, selfish, immature child, and he didn't deserve to ever possess the privilege of being a parent.

After a few minutes of hugging and sobbing, the tensai pulled away, wiping his tear-stained cheeks to dry them. "I think I'm okay now." He sniffed.

"Do you want to go see Tezuka?" Eiji asked, always the good friend.

"No, I'll be fine. Come on, let's go."

The cab was quiet for the most part. Because the backseat was only for three, Fuji and Eiji had to snuggle up against the other two men (ignoring the angry glares of their agitated driver), and deal with the fact that their hips were pressed together.

Fuji wouldn't look at anyone. His head lay against Tezuka's arm, and his blue eyes stared blankly out the window at the passing buildings, but he didn't really see anything. His hand squeezed his lover's tightly, and his mouth was downturned, but Tezuka didn't dare ask what was wrong; not while Eiji was still there.

The redhead had been gazing over at the tensai worriedly for the whole ride. He was afraid to touch him, or talk to him, but he couldn't pull his eyes away from the sight of the upset brunette. What happened to him all of a sudden? Sure, he'd never acted like the happiest man in the world, but he wasn't the type of person to get upset either. Eiji had never seen him cry before, and he had certainly never seen Fuji hold onto someone so tightly, like he was scared of something. But Fuji wasn't scared of anything; at least, that's what everyone used to think.

Eiji had always believed it. The tensai was an outgoing person-even though he had such a soft voice and quiet demeanor, and he was always so confident with what he did; no wonder so many people had admired him in school.

But something was different from the Fuji he knew in school. This Fuji seemed… depressed almost, like he'd grown up and realized what a cruel place the world around him was, compared to the drama of a middle school tennis court.

The fact that Tezuka hadn't seemed to notice made the situation curious too. If he was acting so… normal, did that mean this happened often? Was this Fuji the real Fuji? The new and… seemingly declining Fuji? If it was, Eiji wasn't sure he wanted to hang out with the tensai anymore.

"First stop." The driver grumbled, bringing the car to a stop in front of the Kikumaru house. "That's twelve thousand, four hundred and eighty yen each."

"That's so much money, nya." Eiji mumbled as he and Oishi climbed out of the back seat. "I hardly spent that much on gifts."

"I'll get it, Eiji." Oishi offered, pulling out his wallet to hand the driver a wad of cash.

"Oishi! That's way too much money to pay on your own! Let me give him some too!"

"It's alright. I'm supposed to spoil you, remember?"

Eiji reluctantly nodded, and followed his lover to the trunk of the car to take out their shopping bags. Tezuka got out too, and helped them carry the stuff in while Fuji remained motionless in the car. It was only when the driver started to hit on him, that he turned his body to the window completely.

After a few minutes, Tezuka climbed back in and they took off. His hand reached out to hold Fuji's, and the tensai accepted, spreading his fingers apart to allow larger ones to slip in between them.

They rode in silence once more, not really wanting to speak to each other. Tezuka had a strong desire to know what was bothering his petite lover, but he thought it best they wait until they were in the privacy of their home to say something.

Fuji slid down further into the bathwater, letting only his head stay above the steaming liquid. It was wonderful to finally relax after a stressful (and physically painful) day of shopping, and it was definitely helping to clear his head. His stomach hadn't quite stopped turning yet, but he couldn't tell if it was because he still felt guilty, or because he still hadn't gotten over his morning sickness.

When Tezuka walked into the room, he let his head completely submerge with rest of his body. He held his breath for as long as he could, then popped up gasping for air which earned him an angered look from his lover.

"How's the bath?" Tezuka asked.

"Fine." The tensai mumbled.

"Tell me what happened."

"I don't want to."

"I already know it's about the baby, so just tell me."

Fuji blew bubbles with the water, then slumped below the surface again. He wasn't in the mood for talking; he'd already done it with Eiji (even though the redhead had no idea what all the crying was about), so there was no need to bring on another argument from a controversial conversation about the baby.

When he came up the second time, he found Tezuka sitting on the toilet staring at him. Hazel eyes roamed over his body, pausing to stare at his stomach for a little longer than necessary.

"Don't look." He said, curling in on himself.

"Why not?"


"You don't look any different than you did three months ago."

"I know, but we both know that the baby's in there. I don't want you to look because I don't want you to think about what's happening inside me."

"I'm going to think about that whether I'm looking at you or not. Now, quit trying to avoid the subject and tell me what happened."

"Nothing. I'm fine now."


"I don't want to talk about it!" The tensai shouted, turning his body away from the other man. "Just… leave me alone."

Tezuka narrowed his eyes, but obeyed the petite brunette. He got up and left the bathroom without another word.

Fuji felt himself crying for the second time that day, his blue eyes shedding rivers of tears he didn't know he had left. He didn't like crying like this; he'd never cried before he'd gotten pregnant. He remembered specifically that the last time he'd cried had been when he'd played tennis against Tezuka in their third year of middle school, when he'd failed miserably. But these damn hormones were merciless. They kept him from bottling up even the simplest emotions he usually had complete control over, and he hated it. How could he fool anyone with his smile when all other emotions overrode it?

Half an hour passed before the chills of the cooling water forced him out of the tub. He pulled the drain and stepped out onto the bathmat, pulling a towel over his shoulders much like a child would.

Looking down at his stomach briefly, he wondered if Tezuka was lying about his appearance. He knew he was still small, but it seemed like he'd already grown so much. He could see the little bump that used to be nothing but flat stomach, and pondered on whether it was the reason Tezuka had glanced at it too long.

He knelt down in front of the under-sink cabinet and pulled out a scale, which he placed on the floor before standing up and stepping onto it.

"I've already gained four pounds." He mumbled. "I'm going to be huge."

He kicked the scale to the side and stepped out of the bathroom, letting the towel drop to the floor. "'Mitsu, why is the door closed?" He asked, twisting the knob of the bedroom door. "Why is it locked?" He growled.

"Hold on, I'm doing something." Was the reply.

"Well, hurry up. I'm getting cold out here."

The door opened after a few minutes, and Tezuka was greeted with a knee to the groin by a very irritated Fuji.

"What the hell was that for?" He groaned, leaning over against his bedside table to keep from falling to the ground as he gripped his aching flesh.

"I told you to hurry up. I was freezing my ass off out there and yet you were taking your sweet time doing… whatever the hell you were doing in here."

"Did you have to hurt me though? I'd like to stay fertile, you know."

"Then don't upset me while I'm pregnant." Fuji answered, snuggling into the blankets of the bed.

"It seems that will be easier said than done." Tezuka sighed, climbing in next to his petite lover. "Your hormones are out of control, and even the most trivial things set you off."

"Want to get kneed again?" The tensai glared.

"It's not like I'm trying to upset you. But you have been more… sensitive."

"You do want to get kneed again."

The former buchou lightly hit the back of his head against the wall the bed was pushed against, wishing he had the balls to hit harder until he didn't have to hear Fuji's smart-ass mouth bitch at him any longer. Screw those damn hormones; they completely destroyed the tensai's true, easy-going and more positive personality. Things were so much simpler when Fuji did nothing but laugh and smile and treat Tezuka like he was the center of his world (not that Tezuka really enjoyed being treated like some sort of god). He missed Fuji's kind demeanor; and most of all, he missed getting to have a Fuji that wasn't so self-conscious.

There used to be days when the small male would walk around the whole day without wearing any kind of clothing; showing off his thin, soft, ethereal body to Tezuka, and maybe even the building manager a few times.

He wore tight, form-fitting, skin-revealing clothes that he used to flaunt his perfect, feminine body to anyone he passed on the street (it pissed Tezuka off that he got so much attention from complete strangers); he was in no way afraid of his appearance, because he knew there was nothing wrong with it.

And even at almost three months pregnant, he was still just as beautiful as he was before; but he didn't seem to think so. He was wearing nothing but Tezuka's clothes-which were a few sizes too big for him-to hide his stomach that remained unchanged in size; he wouldn't allow Tezuka to look at him (although tonight he seemed too tired, and upset with whatever happened at the store to care); and he was constantly fretting over his widening hips, and swelling chest.

"It's not like we planned on this happening, you know. If we had intentionally gotten you pregnant, then it would be different."

"Nnn…" Fuji bit at his bottom lip, suddenly looking a little timid.

"Syuusuke." Tezuka growled.

"It wasn't an accident to me. It was intentional at first."

"What did you do?" The usually stoic man shouted angrily.

"I… did a little tweaking to our last pack of condoms." The tensai admitted.

"You purposefully broke our condoms to get pregnant? Don't you think I'd like to be included in that kind of decision?"

"Of course. But I didn't think you'd want a baby, so I just… left them out in the sun a little too long. They dissolved, and then your come got inside because of it." Fuji smiled weakly. "You can still think of it as an accident though, since I didn't actually rip the rubbers. The sun and friction caused it."

"You definitely did rip them, since you left them out on purpose! You intentionally made our protection fail! And now look what happened! You completely regret your decision! You're too quick to decide things before actually contemplating every aspect! I can't believe you'd do something like that, especially without telling me!"

Fuji turned his head away; he didn't want to get yelled at anymore. He hated getting yelled at, especially at a time when Tezuka should be comforting him. He knew he'd made a mistake by tampering with the condoms, and he knew he sorely regretted it; that was why he needed to be comforted. He needed to be told everything would be alright; that Tezuka wasn't upset (even though he definitely was), because he really was sensitive right now, and he really couldn't take having the man he loved shouting in his face.

"I-I'm sorry…" He whimpered, hiding himself in the mess of blankets. "I-I shouldn't have done it… Just don't… don't yell…"

Tezuka sighed and rolled over. He gently pulled the blankets back, then wrapped his arms around the smaller body before lightly kissing at the tensai's neck, trying to get him to calm down.

"Don't cry, Syuusuke. I'm sorry I yelled." He apologized. "I was just a little upset you'd do something like that."

"I'm sorry…" Fuji answered quietly.

"It's alright. Just calm down."


They stayed laying that way for a long while, in silence. Tezuka was glad he got his lover to settle down again after one of his hormonal mood swings; it was almost impossible to predict what would set the tensai off, and what it would take to get him to calm down again, but it couldn't be helped; he was pregnant after all, so it was perfectly normal.

But he couldn't get over the fact that Fuji had purposefully sabotaged their condoms, just so he could put himself in a situation he didn't want to be in. They were only twenty-one after all, far too young to be thinking about having children; and they weren't in the most ideal financial position, so the fact that Fuji had made such a large decision without consulting Tezuka first was very angering.

Fuji's breathing quieted after a while, alerting Tezuka he'd fallen asleep, but the larger male still wouldn't move. He wanted to go the whole night with the tensai in his arms, just like they did before everything started going (seemingly) wrong.

(Three Days Later: Night)

"'Mitsu, let's invite Eiji and Oishi over for Christmas. They deserve to be together without having their parents staring them down, don't you think?"

"Ah." Tezuka nodded.

"They should stay overnight too, so they can have a little Christmas Eve fun in the spare bedroom."

Tezuka, who had just taken a large bite of ramen, began to choke; always with the inappropriateness.

"'Mitsu, are you alright?" Fuji asked, trying to keep himself from laughing.

"You should've waited until we got home to say something like that." Tezuka answered quietly after taking a large gulp of water to clear his throat of noodle chunks. "There are other people eating, and I'm sure they don't want to hear you talking about housing our friends, just so they can have sex together."

"Oh come on, like they haven't been doing the same thing." The tensai nodded his head to the table behind his lover. "That lady's been talking about how she gave her boyfriend a blowjob at the train station the other day. The guy behind me keeps arguing with his friend over what they'll do to me once they steal me from you and tie me up somewhere, and the owner at the counter keeps telling that woman over there just how big his dick is. If you think people aren't as perverted as I am, think again." He slurped in a few noodles before wiping his face with the back of his hand. "Besides, they have no right listening in on our conversations. It's their fault if they hear something private if they're eavesdropping."

"You say that, yet you're listening in on all of their conversations. You're being hypocritical and contradictive."

"I suppose." The tensai sighed, letting a smile spread across his face. "But at least I know men will still look at me. I needed that self-esteem boost."

"I don't know why. I've told you constantly that nothing's changed, appearance-wise anyway. You're still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

"He's right baby. You're wonderful." The man behind Fuji turned around and nodded. "I'll fuck you even when you get to be nine months. Pregnant boys are the best."

"Turn around and eat." Tezuka ordered as he glared at the stranger. "Syuusuke, move over here."

"Nn." The small brunette quickly moved around the table to sit beside Tezuka, before a strong arm wrapped around his shoulder and a pair of lips pressed to his temple.

"You're mine." His lover muttered against his ear, sending shivers down his spine. He loved when Tezuka was possessive of him in front of other men; it let him know the former buchou wasn't afraid to have others know of their relationship, and he certainly wasn't afraid of getting in a fight in order to keep what was rightfully his.

The tensai smiled happily and snuggled into the larger male's body. "I know." He sighed. "And I'll always be."

"Good." Tezuka nodded before going back to his meal.

"Nn, I can't wait. It's too tempting." Eiji squirmed around on his friends' couch as he stared at the pile of Christmas presents lying on the floor. "Oishi, can I open one, please?"

"You can wait." Syuuichiro said.

"Nya, but the morning's so far away!" The redhead pouted. "Can I just open one? Just one?"

Fuji giggled from his spot on the floor. "I'm all right with him getting a present early, Oishi. Go ahead and give him one."

"Well…" The former fukubuchou rubbed his head. "They're all pretty big gifts. I don't know which one I'd give you."

"Nya, just pick the first one that comes to mind!" Eiji exclaimed, hugging his lover's arm tightly. "Please, pick one, pick one!"

"Okay." Oishi turned to Kikumaru and took the redhead's hands in his. "Eiji, I found an apartment that I'll be moving into next month. Will you… live with me?"

Eiji's dark blue eyes widened in disbelief. He'd been expecting a physical gift, not a request. But what kind of physical gift could possibly compare to finally getting to move in with Oishi? He'd been waiting three years for the chance to have his own home to share with the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and now was not the time to refuse.

"Of course!" He exclaimed, pulling his lover into a tight hug. "You didn't even need to ask Oishi! I'll follow you anywhere you go!"

Syuuichiro chuckled and kissed the redhead's cheek. "I'm glad to hear that." He said.

"You two are just too cute." Fuji sighed as he ruffled Addi's fur. "You're such a perfect couple. Now all you need is kids to complete your nice little family."

"In a few years." Oishi nodded.

"Nn, I can't wait until I get pregnant! I want to have a baby so bad, nya!" Eiji turned to Oishi and snuggled into his neck like a little kitten. "Give me one, Oishi."

Fuji lost his smile. Eiji sure was desperate to have a child. It awed him how similar he'd acted only a few months before, and just how different their views were now. He only hoped Eiji would have a more positive outlook when he finally got knocked up.

"Oh, speaking of babies…" The tensai added. "I put some condoms on the dresser for you. Don't be afraid to use them."

The other two turned deep red and shifted their gazes in random directions; they certainly hadn't expected Fuji to come to the conclusion that they'd try to have sex even though they were guests in the apartment. At least they didn't have to hide it now that the brunette said something.

"T-thank you Fuji." Oishi mumbled. "We'll be sure to use them if we need to."

"Good. I don't want any unexpected pregnancies happening."

The former fukubuchou flinched and Fuji cocked his head because if it. He must've found out-hopefully from Tezuka, and hopefully with no intention of telling Eiji.

"What are you three still doing up? It's almost midnight." Tezuka appeared from the main bedroom, his arms crossed. He appeared very much like he did back in middle school as Seigaku's buchou.

"Just because you're an old man, doesn't mean we can't stay up, 'Mitsu." Fuji smiled. "Relax a little. I'll be in soon to jerk you off."

Three people flushed this time, but of course Fuji was not phased. He continued to play with Addi and kissed her head, clearly not caring just how much private information he kept revealing.

"Come to bed, Syuusuke." Tezuka ordered after a minute of recomposing himself. "You need rest."

Fuji sighed. "Fine, come on Addi." The tensai was pulled up onto his feet and he gave Tezuka a light kiss on the lips as a thank you before turning back to their guests. "You can stay up if you want, but 'Mitsu and I are going to 'bed'." He made quotations marks with his fingers to emphasize the word. "Good night."

"Saa, they weren't very quiet last night, were they?"

Fuji lazily rested his head in his hand at the kitchen table; his blue eyes drooped from lack of sleep and he couldn't stop himself from letting out a loud yawn as a cup of cocoa was placed in front of him.

"It was your idea to have them here. Like always, you didn't plan far enough ahead to realize something like that would happen."

"I know, I know. I'm too immature to analyze things ahead of time." The tensai slumped forward. "Stop patronizing me."

Tezuka rolled his eyes. Yet again, when he tried to tell Fuji something, the boy immediately gave up; he never wanted to listen to what Tezuka had to say unless it involved him getting his way. How was he ever going to grow up if he didn't take any of the advice that was offered to him?

"Ugh, I feel like shit…"

"Go back to bed then."

"But it's Christmas."

"And it will last until midnight. Go back to bed if you don't feel good. We can't afford to have you getting sick right now."

"…Didn't I tell you to stop patronizing me?"

Tezuka's eyes narrowed dangerously, but Fuji didn't see; his face was turned downward. "I pray for the family we find. If our child's anything like you, they may die a few decades too early."

"Your humor isn't very humorous."

"Your sarcasm isn't very humorous either."

Fuji glared at the other. "Shut up."

Tezuka glared back just as hard. "Make me."

The tensai arose from his chair, and Tezuka copied.

"What are you doing?" Syuusuke asked.

"What does it look like?"

"Answer me."

Tezuka smiled and leaned in next to his love's ear. "Make me."

"Shit, this is so cliché." The tensai mumbled before he lunged at his lover and attacked his lips. The taller brunette attacked back, lifting the petite body into the air before slamming it back down onto the table.

There was biting, panting, moaning; they hadn't been this feverishly involved in so long, and Fuji was right, it was completely cliché. A trivial argument turned into hot and heated sex; a sight seen in many different movies was now happening in the kitchen of the two's apartment.

Fuji's shirt was yanked over his head and tossed to the floor before Tezuka began feverishly kissing all over his soft neck and chest. Arms wrapped around the larger male's body as the tensai moaned, arching his chest up for more.


The sound interrupted their rushed intimacy, and they both shot an angry glare at Oishi, who was standing in the doorway to the second bedroom, Eiji looking over his shoulder.

"At least do it in the bedroom, nya. I didn't wanna get out of bed on Christmas morning to see you two doing it on the table." The redhead teased.

"And now, the mood's ruined." Fuji mumbled as he shoved Tezuka away and put his shirt back on. "I would've thought that after hearing you two go at it all night, you'd sleep in a little later."

"But it's Christmas!" Eiji whined as he jumped onto the couch. "Of course I'm gonna get up early, nya!"

"Hm." Fuji slumped down beside him. "Let's just get this thing over with."

Presents went by quickly. Fuji got his clothes, and a new camera (thanks to Tezuka's inability to find something else), plus a few different sweets (wasabi included) and gift certificates to nearby sushi shops from Oishi and Eiji. Tezuka had gotten a new watch and a few business things, because he was just as much in love with work as he was with Fuji (the hormones talking).

They didn't really speak except to say which presents went to who; they didn't even say 'thank you' to each other, but Oishi and Eiji figured they'd do it later when they had privacy again.

The other two however, had a little more fun. Thanks to Oishi's apartment find, he was able to give Eiji a kitten; a Himalayan like Ryoma's old cat. When the little puff of fur was placed in his hands, he'd gasped and hugged Oishi as tight as he could, saying how much he loved his lover and how perfect the little feline was.

And when Oishi unwrapped a tank of saltwater fish, he laughed at the little predicament he and Eiji would have once they moved in together since they now had an energetic kitten, and two tanks of both freshwater and saltwater fish.

The redhead joined in on the laughing, and they kissed for a long time after all the present opening was done.

Fuji eventually got up and left for the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. Tezuka had his arms crossed, and he looked utterly pissed off; it definitely wasn't the Christmas the other couple had been expecting, although Oishi could guess why there seemed to be so much tension.

They left before dinner, ready to go back to Eiji's (whose house was closer) and better celebrate their best Christmas yet, together.

When they were gone, Fuji shoved Tezuka down onto the couch before giving him the roughest bout of sex they'd ever had. Bite marks and bruises covered their bodies when it was all over, and Fuji found he had more than just come dripping from his behind as he struggled to stand up to go clean off. When his legs gave out and he fell to the floor, he laughed. Neither of them knew why, but he laughed.

"Damn, we've never done it like that before." He panted as he was picked up bridal style from the hardwood. "Let's do it rough from now on."

"You know that won't get rid of the anger." Tezuka answered.

"No, but it's hot. Bite me again 'Mitsu. Show me just how pissed off you are."

"These hormones are turning you into a masochist."

The petite brunette was roughly thrown onto the bed, and pinned down by his wrists. Tezuka sunk his teeth into his lover's collarbone and relished in the moaning and squirming that resulted.

It felt absolutely amazing taking his anger out on Fuji physically, and it was even more amazing just how hot it was to hurt him and have him like it. The only problem with the newfound strategy was the fact that he couldn't go too rough on Fuji while he was pregnant; it might put too much stress on the baby or worse, harm it.

But fuck it. He was so damn fed up with the way the tensai acted; one afternoon and night of painful, stress-relieving sex wasn't going to do any damage, and the two of them might actually start getting along again once all the pent-up aggression was gone. Normal sex might come back into the picture if they got everything out, and weren't too busy being pissed off at each other to be intimate.

"'Mitsu… Break me…"

The tensai's deep blue eyes stared Tezuka down in a fiery challenge; it was accepted.

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