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"Which of these tables to you like the best?" Holley asked Mater as they flipped through the table store pamphlet.
"Uh... The white ones." Mater replied, since the other choice was blue, which Mater couldn't stand.
"So do I! Marvelous! We'll order these. What about the table cloths? I like the lace ones."
"Yeah! They look cool!"

"What do you think of these charming yellow napkins?" Holley asked a few pages later.
"They're cute!"

"How about this plastic silverware?"
"I can't stand plastic!"
"Oh, good, because I can't, either," Holley said. "Instead, I'll get the silver looking silverware."

Which place cards should we pick?"
"I kind of like the ones with the fruit on it." Mater said.
"Oh, I never noticed those before! Oh, you're brilliant! I love 'em."

"And I know we agreed on the yellow plates earlier. So, now that that is settled, I'm going to the table store with Finn to place my order. Do you like daises?

"Good. Now I can get the centerpieces as well! Yay! See you later, dear."
"Okay. I gotta go help McQueen with his painting."

"Finn, thank you so much for coming with me to the table store. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Well, you know me! I love tables!" Finn joked.
Holley laughed at his joke.

"Hi, this is Wingedd Tables. What can I get for you today?" The table salescar said.

"Yes, I need 20 of your white tables, lace tablecloths, fruiot place cards, yellow napkins, silver looking silverware, and daisy centerpieces."
"Yeah, well, we're out of daises. It's going to be another 2 hours to get some more," The salescar replied.
"Oh." Holley said, feeling depressed. "Well, I can sit in your waiting room and read magazines until they're ready. How about you, Finn?"
"Oh, umm.. I was thinking of driving around downtown."
"Very well. Be back here in two hours."

Finn stopped for some coffee at the local coffee shop, and he thought about what his next mission would possibly be. Ironically, a familiar looking car drove into the store.
"GIMME SOME COFFEE!" the car demanded.

"Well, that wasn't very nice." Finn thought. He turned around to look at the car. He saw that it wasn't just any car. It. WAS. A. LEMON!

"You! Lemon!" Finn called, thinking of giving the car a lecture on etiquette. And then he realized that it wasn't just a lemon. It was Acer, one of the worst lemons!

"Hey, McMissile, how ya been?"
"I'm awful, now that you're here. What are you doing?"
"Oh, that's too bad, because hoped you were feeling bad! I'm doing well, ever since I escaped from prison!" Acer said happily.
Finn Gasped. "You ESCAPED?!"

"Yeah. Me and all the other guys. We live for breaking out of jail. And for getting mad at people!" said Acer happily.

"Everyone's escaped?" A horrified Finn asked.
"Yeah. Where's your smart-o purple girl spy partner? And your dented tow truck? I bet THEY'D be able to help you. HAhahaahahaha!" Acer laughed.

"How dare you!" Finn exclaimed. "First you insult my comrades, and now you shock me so much that I forget about my coffee and now it's getting cold. I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THIS COFFEE!"
"That's the way life is, McMissile. We can't all pay attention to our coffee. Until later! Be sure to let your friends know that we're back!" Acer said, and laughed an evil laugh. "We're EVERYWHERE..."
"I will! I will tell them! I'll tell Mater and- Oh no! Holley! I can't possibly tell her, she'd be too upset to think about her weddin-" Finn realized in horror that he had blabbed to a lemon about Holley's wedding.
"A wedding, you say! Perfect. See you later! :D" Acer said, and he ran out before Finn could do anything.

"Oh, no. Oh, NO! Oh, I shan't tell Holley anything about this. It would destroy everything!"
Little did he know that indeed, everything would come close to being destroyed.

"There you are, Finn! Why, Finn! You look as if you dumped cold coffee on yourself!"
"No. A rather silly person spilled it on me." lied Finn, not wanting to say that he dumped cold coffee on himself out of fury that a bunch of lemons had escaped from jail and that he was so close to one of them and did nothing.
"Well, we had better go, my centerpieces, tables, tablecloths, napkins, silverware, and place cards are done."
"Good. Let's go home."

"Hello, dear! What did you do today?" Holley called when she & Finn returned.
"We repainted my trailer." McQueen said proudly.

"How lovely. I always love seeing things after they've been repainted. Come along, Mater, we have more things to plan. you might as well come too, Lightning. I need your opinion on gazebos. And you too, Mater!"
"Okey Dokey. See you around, Finn."
"Yes, yes, yes, yes." Finn replied. As soon as everyone was gone, Finn thought to himself, "Oh, if the lemons find out anything about the wedding... Even the napkins. Oh, we'll be done for."

Finn was in trouble.

So, there you have it! Poor Finn. :(
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