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Chapter 7: Overwhelmed

Iruka sighed, pushing the buttons of his cufflinks to make his weapons disappear again. He looked down at the dead child in front of him, his eyes brimming up with tears as he looked down at the lifeless eyes, the blood pooling out of his stomach and his mouth. It was a gruesome sight. The kid had been simply walking around in the night, probably going home to his family and his warm bed.

And here Iruka was, who had snuffed it all out in a blink of an eye.

The sun was starting to rise over the horizon, he would have to act quickly and get rid of this body before he was spotted. Burn the body, keep the head, but first he needed to make a few changes. The kid looked almost like Naruto, his hair was the same length and shade of blonde, but his eyes were too pale, nothing that contacts couldn't fix. Then the familiar scars that Naruto carried, but he could probably make it with a pen-laser, the burn wouldn't be too deep and since he was already dead he wouldn't bleed much either.

Hopefully that would be enough, he would also have to send them a DNA sample; a few hair strands should do the trick, although a blood sample would be more ideal. He could probably get away by simply saying that there wasn't enough time for him to gather a proper sample.

So that's what he did, quickly taking a picture of the unknown kid and then dragging his lifeless body deep into a dark alley. He took out a flat disk placing it on the ground, sliding his thumb across the sleek surface; it shone brightly and suddenly the surface seemed to fold out like origami paper and expand until it was about the size of a lift. He opened the door and pushed the body inside, and closed the door behind it.

He then hurried, pressing a set of buttons on the outside so that the surface of the box started to ripple and instantly the surface camouflaged to that to the background. Then he pressed another button and instantly the incinerator was activated. This way the body would be gotten rid of safely and the ashes removed, leaving no evidence behind.

When it was done he pushed a button on his sleeve and the rectangular box folded down again into a small flat sheet again that he pocketed. This was it then, he would have to send the picture and sample quickly to headquarters, there's only so much time he could stall. Looking one more time around the alleyway, making sure that he wasn't seen again, and hurried back home.

All he now had to do was find Naruto and hide him somewhere, before they started asking too many questions. Because after tonight he would be leaving the agency and going into hiding with his son.


Sasuke didn't even realize what he was doing until he was almost nose to nose with the sleeping blonde in front of him. Naruto had fallen asleep on the couch which meant that he was left simply staring at the younger teen studying him. The light tan of his skin that matched the sunshine blonde of his hair. Those whisker-like scars on his cheeks made him wonder but didn't want to ask. The steady sound of his breathing, how his chest slowly rose up and down, he was staring at the sight transfixed.

At the back of his mind he knew that he shouldn't do this, the blonde was sleeping. He didn't know a single thing about what the beast inside Sasuke would do to his innocent body as he slept so soundly.

Sasuke jumped away from the body and started pacing the living room, occasionally throwing the sleeping teen a few furtive glances. He couldn't explain how this happened. He wasn't the type of person who simply let his hormones get the better of him. Sasuke had been around enough betas in his lifetime when they were in heat, and never before had their pheromones affected him like this before.

He needed to get rid of this, get him to the council, or a safe-house, somewhere, anywhere, especially away from him.

God, where was Kakashi when you needed that hentai bastard?

It was already late in the afternoon; his sensei had been gone all morning, probably getting into contact with headquarters. He quickly took out his phone and ran into his bedroom so that he could call him, hopefully Kakashi wasn't too busy.


"Sasuke I'm trying to get in contact with them, but it's the season as you know so everyone is spending it privately…"

The Uchiha hissed. "Everyone can't be 'busy'!"

"I did manage to get hold of Shizune, she wants him checked out as soon as possible and have his lineage figured out. There have been lots of Kaiju lost throughout the ages and she wants to map his family tree properly. There's also a gathering next week for prospective mates, who knows, he might find someone there."

"A mating, so soon? He doesn't know anything about us, this is only rushing him," Sasuke tried to argue.

"She didn't say anything about him finding a mate then, just for him to attend. You know how dangerous things can be for unmated betas," Kakashi replied.

Sasuke did know how dangerous things could be, what happened to Naruto today was only a small fraction of the things that could happen. He had seen occasions where hundreds of alphas chased an eligible beta, many had gotten hurt that day. The beta had died. It was the worst atrocity their community had ever seen, and Sasuke was glad that he would never have to bear witness to anything like that again.

"Shizune is sending someone over to help, a young agent from root…"

"Root? Why is someone from root getting involved?" Root was an elite force in the Kaiju army, they were specially trained in the art of killing, assassins. An escort mission wasn't exactly their forte.

"It's the season Sasuke, there will be a lot of alphas out there waiting to sniff him out. You and he will need the best protection that we can provide."

"Wait! Me, why me?!" he shouted.

"You're going with him of course; he knows and trusts you, it would be too stressful for him to be suddenly sent on this journey with a complete stranger. And I'm sure that you don't want him to go on his own as well…"

Sasuke almost crushed the phone in his hand. "What's that meant to mean?!"

"Goodbye Sasuke, the root member will arrive soon. I'll almost there and have brought a few new clothes for our guest."

There was a click and the line went dead. The Uchiha was just staring at his phone, not really believing the predicament his sensei had put him under. He needed to create distance between himself and that dobe, not be closer to him and have another bloody Kaiju in close vicinity. Okay, he could do this… just this one trip and then he could leave it all behind and forget about Naruto. Yeah he would do that, this was pheromones talking after all, once his heat was over these 'feelings' would all be gone.

Sasuke sighed heavily and pocketed his phone, he should probably also pack his own things. They would be leaving as soon as Kakashi came back. So he took a backpack out of his closet and gathered a few clothes to pack inside. The council was at a hidden location deep underground, they had to hide from both the Agency and humans. They were never truly safe. It would take a few days to reach the main base, their community had different 'houses' all over the world, but their capital was located in Japan. He had only been there when he was younger, but as soon as he was old enough he had moved away, never enjoying their crowded home.

He had almost finished his packing when he heard a shifting sound coming from the living room. His first thought was that Naruto may be up, but he was sure that dobe would be more noisy than this… he didn't seem like the type who would keep quiet. It couldn't be his sensei either, since he would have made his presence know. Kakashi knew how paranoid he was. That meant that somebody else was in apartment, with Naruto!

Quickly he stormed towards his bedroom door and threw the door open and the sight that met him was one that made his blood boil. A male was leaning over the still sleeping blonde, short dark hair surrounded his pale handsome face, but what got to Sasuke the most was the fact that this guy was sniffing all over the sleeping teen, taking in the scent of his heat like it was a drug. Sasuke growled throatily; he quickly went into an offensive stance, catching the attention of the unaware alpha, who looked up smirking at him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked with a growl.

"Ah, you must be Uchiha-san," the stranger said, a smile still firmly in place.

"You have me at a disadvantage then," Sasuke replied, still not giving in on his fighting stance.

"Just call me Sai, I'm a member of root. I'm sure that Kakashi said that you were expecting me?"

Sasuke nodded and slowly went towards the other male, coming to a stop between him and the sleeping blonde. Sai, noticing the sudden protectiveness, couldn't help but let his smile grow even wider. He had heard about the last Uchiha and he had no interest in finding a mate; well it sure looked like he had an interest now that was for certain. Slowly he turned around and sat down on the nearby chair, his eyes still firmly fixed on Sasuke.

Sasuke didn't like this guy at all; root or not, he shouldn't be eying up a defenseless beta like that. Before he could take steps to make sure that Sai understood not to go after the teen he was interrupted by his front door opening and Kakashi stepping through with a few plastic bags. He looked from Sasuke to the new guest, wondering why there was such animosity in the air, until he saw the sleeping kid on the couch.

"Now boys cool your heels, we have a long journey ahead of us so we shouldn't be fighting," he said good-naturedly, putting the bags down on the floor.

The Uchiha simple grunted while the root member simply continued to smile. "I got him a few clothes," he said. "Wake the kid up so that we can get a move on."

Sasuke nodded and moved towards the still sleeping blonde. "Oi dobe, get up sleeping beauty," he said shaking his shoulder.

Naruto groaned, not at all enjoying the fact that he was suddenly being woken up like this. He grumbled and tried to swat the offending hand away from him, it was too early for Iruka to be waking him up. He turned around, hoping that his guardian would finally get the message, only to be met by an annoyed growl like that of a dog. Confusion filled the teen as he opened his eyes to realize that it wasn't Iruka that was looming over him, but a grumpy dark-haired man who was glaring at him.

"Uwaa!" he shouted, jumping away from the angry man that was in his room, only to realize that he wasn't in his room, or in his warm bed. But in a strange room, lying on a couch, surrounded by three other guys.

"What-what, what's going on?!" he shouted out in bewilderment.

"Idiot, stop shouting!" the raven in front of him snapped.

Naruto just stared at him, it took him a while to get his mind in gear and everything came crashing back down into him. God, so that all hadn't been some kind of fucked up dream, he really was the product of some genetic fucked up experiment. He felt like puking. Sasuke was just looking down at with a frown before he sighed and stepped away from him.

"Get moving dobe, we have to leave before it gets dark."

"'Leave'? Where are we going?" the blonde asked, finally noticing the new guy watching him with a wide smile. "And who's that guy?" he asked.

Kakashi answered him. "We're going to Konoha, where we'll meet with the council and hopefully figure out a few things. Maybe even find your real family."

"My family?" he couldn't help his voice croaking, he hadn't even considered the possibility of finding out who his real parents were. He had never even thought about it, Iruka had been the only parent he had ever needed. But now it wasn't as if Naruto could ever go back home, he wouldn't be able to see his guardian again.

"Maybe, I'm not making any promises, now how about you go get yourself cleaned up and have a shower, and then we'll leave," he said, handing the blonde some clothes and a toothbrush. "You'll find paste and soap in the bathroom."

Naruto nodded and went in the direction Kakashi pointed, stepping through the bathroom door and closing it behind him. He sighed tiredly, resting his back against the cool surface before he slowly started stripping his clothes off. He put the shower on, testing the water with his fingers until he was sure that it was the right temperature until he stepped inside and closed the glass partition. He groaned out happily when the warm water drizzled over his tired body, washing away some of the stress he had endured since… yesterday? Kami had it really only been one day?

That seemed surreal, a part of him felt like he had been enduring this nightmare for… forever…

The blonde rolled his shoulders before picking up one of the shampoo bottles and squeezed some of the gel out before lathering it into his hair. Orange scented he noticed. He didn't think Sasuke would be the type to have orange scented shampoo, he seemed the type who would wear one of those metrosexual brands like Axe Freeze or something.

It felt like he was finally getting cleaned; after the chase, all that running, then the news about his heritage, made him feel almost …dirty. Like right now he wasn't part of himself. He might have said that he was okay with the whole thing with Kakashi and that bastard, but he wasn't. He really wasn't. His eyes stung, and he could feel himself crying. Naruto flinched when his back hit against the cool tile surface before he slowly slid down. He hunched over, letting the warm water simply beat over him as he continued to cry on.

When he finally stopped Naruto wasn't too sure how long he had been sitting there bawling his eyes out, and he hated himself for being so weak. The water had gone cold; carefully he stood up not wanting to slip on the smooth surface, and put the shower off. He grabbed the towel off the rack and quickly started drying himself off before getting dressed. Naruto was slightly embarrassed to realize that Kakashi had gotten him a pair of froggy print boxers, not to mention that the rest of the clothes were a perfect fit. He gathered up his dirty things and left the bathroom, still toweling his blonde hair.

Everybody was already packed and ready; Kakashi quickly took his clothes and threw them in a bag. "We can wash them later," he simply said. "Here, spray this on you," and handed him a small bottle.

"What is this?" Naruto asked.

"A pheromone inhibitor, it will mute your scent a little, and we should be able to leave the building safely without being tracked."

Naruto nodded and started spraying whatever was in the bottle on him. It was scentless but there must be something inside it that helped. He didn't notice how Sasuke's shoulders seemed to drop slightly. He gave the spray back and Kakashi put it inside his bag, and then he was handed a new thick jacket, his old one he had forgotten got damaged in the scrimmage.

"Okay everyone, are we ready?" Kakashi called out.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted and was about to lead the way when Naruto stopped him.

"Wait!" he said, going to where his old jacket was disposed and started rummaging through it.

"What now?" Sasuke sighed and watched the blonde search through the pocket before exclaiming out in surprise when he finally found what he was looking for. "A frog?" he asked when he saw the green frog 'thing' that the blonde was holding.

Naruto didn't say anything, simply looked at his birthday present forlornly. This was the only thing he had left that would remind him of home, especially since he knew there was no chance of him ever going back. He put the purse inside his pocket before going out of the waiting open door into the unknown.

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