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Summery: Bella's life is perfect. She has the perfect man,Edward Masen, that tells her that she's perfect. Well, it all changes with just one bite. He's bit by a vampire and she's bit by wolf. Will they be able to stay true to their love, or will they destroy all that they love?


"Edward, I'll be okay now. You do not have to walk me all the way home," I said though I loved that he cared.

"Isabella, what kind of a man would I be to let a beautiful women walk home at night all by herself?" He asked me with an eyebrow raised, but humor in his beautiful emerald eyes.

"A normal man. All the other men in the world would just wave and say, 'see you tomorrow.' But you have never been normal," I smiled at him my biggest smile. "You have always been a gentleman who any lady would be lucky to have."

He looked at me like I spoke Latin. Then he smiled. "Any man would be lucky to have you. Sweet, innocent, loving. I feel like the world's luckiest man."

I stopped and went on my tiptoes to peck his cheek, but he quickly grabbed my face and crushed his lips to mine. His lips were soft yet firm. They were warm and they felt even hotter as the electricity formed between us. I never wanted to stop. This was better than anything I have ever experienced; this was the first time he wasn't totally a gentleman where he would only peck my lips.

But like all fairytales, they all have to end. We broke apart when we heard a noise. It sounded like an animal so we thought it was a stray dog. We heard paws hitting the road so we turned to see the puppy we were sure to find. But instead of a cute, little puppy, we were faced with a gigantic monster. I never saw anything like it. It looked like a wolf, but it had razor sharp teeth, it was bigger than a man on all fours, but the scariest thing about it was the eyes. They looked intelligent … human.

Edward grabbed my hand and slowly backed us away from the monster. It looked at Edward and I was terrified that it would jump and kill my boyfriend. I wanted us to be more though. I wanted to marry him and say that he was mine and always would be mine. But everyday that passed it seemed more unlikely. Especially now that it seemed that we were both going to die.

Before I could think another thought, the monster jumped. Both a good thing and bad this happened. The good thing was the it didn't jump for my Edward. He was safe… for now. The bad thing was that it jumped at me. I felt myself flying backwards. Something sunk into my shoulder when I hit the ground. It hurt worse than anything I have ever felt before in my life so I cried out in pain.

I heard Edward scream, but it sounded faint and distant. I saw Edward hitting the beast in desperation to get it off of me. The giant wolf on me looked at him irritated and swiped a paw at Edward and got him square in the chest. I tried to move as my love fell to the ground but I couldn't move. Everything hurt. The animal walked over to me again to probably kill me and or eat me, but it was thrown back.

I saw a beautiful blonde haired man attack it at lightning speed. He and the animal continued to fight. I saw him bite the animal on the neck and it howled in pain, but it didn't die. With a jolt, I realized that he was a …vampire and the animal was a … WEREWOLF! I was bit by a werewolf! Could life get any worse?

With a final howl, the animal gave up and fell to the ground. The vampire pulled out a match and lit it on fire. As it burned, he walked over to Edward and I. His face held compassion for Edward and compassion and … regret for me. He was going to kill me! Oh please make it fast! I looked at him with fear evident in my eyes.

His face relaxed slightly. "Child, I am sorry I didn't get here in time to save you both." His face held more sorrow and regret than anyone should ever bear.

"Save him," I chocked out. "Please turn him if you can. The world would mean nothing without him in it," He nodded his head so I continued. "And kill me," he looked shocked but I continued. "Kill me. I don't want to live like this. I would rather be one of you or be dead than what I am about to become. Please."

He shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I can not kill you. I hope you learn how to control the beast in you like I did."

He leaned towards Edward and bit his neck. Edward, my Edward that I would soon lose because of myths and legends, cried out in pain. It took all my strength to crawl five feet over to him. He looked at me with pain filled eyes.

"I love you Edward Masen. I will always love you. Stay strong for me and maybe we will meet up someday," I leaned in and captured his lips for the last time. When I pulled away, I looked at the kind vampire who saved my Edward. "Keep him safe."

He nodded and picked up my everything and left me in the streets with the burning body of the thing that changed my life feeling heartbroken.

I would learn how to control the beast that will soon be me if it is the last thing I do. I will make myself safe and then I will find Edward. If he doesn't want me then I hope he kills me because I can not live in a world where he hates me. A single tear fell from my eyes before I fell into the unconsciousness that should make my pain go away but it only made it worse.

I woke up a day after I fell asleep. I felt healthy, strong, like nothing could touch me. I prayed to God that a full moon wouldn't appear for a long time.

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