Chapter 9: Mistake

Bella's POV

I kept glancing up at the sky as I ran into the middle of the woods. Edward wasn't keen to the idea of letting me go by myself, but I finally convinced him to stay. I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep myself from attacking him if he was anywhere near me when I first changed. I would be unable to control my instincts.

I sighed as I reached a great location. There was a very slim chance that a human would run across my path. I paused by a tree to take off my clothes when I heard movement behind me. I turned to meet a pair of golden eyes.

"Edward!" I exclaimed. "What are you doing here? You need to leave now!"

"No," he said simply as his jaw clenched.

"Edward, please," I begged, "you need to go."

"Why?" he demanded.

I gave him my best "duh" expression. "Maybe for the fact that I'm about to phase."

"I met you before when you were a wolf," he argued.

"I was in my right mind then," I yelled. "I won't be in a few minutes. Go; I'll kill you!" I was near tears.

"No." He was so stubborn!

I growled. "At least climb high in a tree. I can't climb as a-" I felt a huge pain growing out from my chest. I glanced up at the sky in horror. I felt to the ground, moaning in pain. I was phasing.

I felt my bones grow and reposition themselves. I felt the fur grow from my skin. My teeth were sharpening into fangs. I let loose a horrifying scream that would make any sane creature flee. I looked up into the face of a horrified man.

I lunched for this unnamed man, but he sidestepped me. He ran for a tree and started to climb. I pounced at him again, and almost caught him. I circled the tree, snarling at him as he sat on a high branch in this unfortunate tree. I growled up at him again as I clawed at the tree, but it was no use.

I backed up slightly, my eyes still on my prey, my enemy, and jumped at him. My teeth found a hold on his leg. I threw him to the ground as he cried out in pain.

He tried to get up off the ground, but I jumped on his chest, my teeth inches from his face. He looked terrified, yet when he spoke his voice was calm and gentle.

"I'm sorry, Bella," my prey said softly. "I should have listened to you. I love you."

I froze just when I was about to bit his throat out. Bella? Love? My eyes noted his bronze hair, his strong features, and the love in his eyes even though I was about to kill him. Love. Edward.

Oh my God! This is Edward. I jumped off him and backed up, my ears flat against my head and my tail between my legs. I tried to kill Edward. I'm a monster.

I started to whimper as I fled slowly from him. He slowly sat up and looked at me confused. "Bella?" he asked. "Bella, are you okay?"

Am I okay? I tried to kill him! Am I okay? He moved slowly toward me with his arms outstretched. I retreated more.

"Bella, it's okay love. Everything is okay." He was close to me and I couldn't move. I had backed myself into a tree. I was trapped.

Edward put his hand on my head behind my ears. He gently scratched and my eyes closed. All I could see was Edward's horrified expression as he looked at me when I was about to kill him.

Edward sat on the ground next to me, and I laid my head on his lap. I felt my mind growing calm after about an hour, and I could think clearly again. I concentrated on my human life and how it felt to be on two legs. I felt my body shift forms. It wasn't nearly as painful as the change from human to wolf.

My head was still on Edward's lap. I looked up at his face and saw the shocked expression dominating it. "Never follow me into the forest again," I mumbled as I fell asleep, not caring that I was currently nude in front of Edward.

A/N: Sorry that this chapter is so short. I wanted to end it here for an idea I'm playing with in my head. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, and I'm hoping I can finish forming the idea by the next set date. ~JerinAnn