Someone Like You

Chapter One

Sam had been in Lima a few days. Ohio felt like home, like he was supposed to be there. This time things were ideal, his family had a home and his parents were employed. They weren't well-off again like they had been when his parents could afford private school and everything else but things were good for the Evans' now. Today was his first day of class, and he wanted to see all his friends again but more than anything he wanted, no he needed, to see the girl he left behind. Sam knew things would fall back into place, he knew love like that would never fade.

Getting ready for school this morning was longer than usual. Sam changed twice, for some reason he was nervous. He hadn't told anyone about his return and he wanted to surprises them all. Once his hair was exactly the way he wanted it, he checked himself out. He was no different than a few months ago, well he was. He had more confidence. He wore a Polo shirt, new jeans and new shoes. This year would be his year, he was sure of it. He was all smiles as he dropped his mom off at work then Stevie and Stacy off at school. He parked his mom's car into a spot. He got out and grabbed his backpack and headed into Mckinley. He hated sappy things but there really was no place like home. He managed to walk down the hall unslushied and unspotted. He put his backpack into his new locker . There was still time before homeroom so he decided to do a little decorating. He took out his wallet and found the picture. Mercedes had forced him into the photo both at a carnival that day. He smiled as he taped the picture wishing for that perfect kiss right then. He wanted to search for her right then but he had choir fifth period. If they didn't have any classes together until then his arrival would be a complete surprise like Mr. Schue hoped. He was curious on why Mr. Schue thought the club needed a big morale booster.

The day went on and it must have been luck. Sam didn't see any of his old friends. His classes were cool. He headed to the choir room full of excitement. She was going to be there and life was going to be perfect. He peeked into the room and saw everyone was seated , he didn't see Mercedes but assumed he just looked too quickly. Mr. Schuester began to speak. "I know things have been rough lately, we lost some of our family, and the Trouble Tones are better than we imagined. We won't let this rough patch stop us. I promised you nationals and I meant it. We gained Rory and I have a return that is going to blow your socks off." Everyone looked at each other. "Please let it be Mercedes!"Puck said. Will gave head shake. "Any introduction I do wouldn't give justice to this. Come on in new Glee club member." He said. Sam smiled and walked in. He stood by the piano and watched as everyone freaked out. They rushed to greet him. Sam was excited and listened to them say how good it was to see them back. He told them how much he loved being back and seeing them. Everyone went back to their seats but Quinn lingered. She smiled at him sweetly and seemed trying to talk to him without using words. "We should definitely talk soon. "She said before going back to her seat. Sam was flummoxed and let it show for a second. "Where is Mercedes?"He asked. Then he noticed the other empty seats. "Santana and Brittany ?"He continued. Rachel stood to answer him. "It was a disaster , Sam! They were jealous of my star power and could not handle it. They joined Shelby's stupid Trouble Tones with Sugar Mata." She informed him. "And they are amazing."Tina admitted. Everyone shot her dirty looks. Sam took his seat. He couldn't believe it, he didn't know what to make of this right now. Class began and the assignment was to think of some Christmas songs they had not done yet and some songs that would truly wow the judges at sectionals. Sam couldn't shake the feeling that things were not the same without Mercedes here. He powered through. He passed the auditorium on his way to sixth period and he heard the voice of an angel. There were two to be exact. He decided to take a peek at the competition and the girl he wanted to see. He entered through the backstage balcony, going unseen. Santana and Mercedes sat on stools with sheet music while Brittany and some other girls were off to the side doing choreography. The piano started again. Mercedes sang first. Sam did not know the song but it was beautiful in a sad way. She seemed to feel it but not as much as Santana did. Santana let a tear or two stream down her face as she belted her parts. The song finished and the dancing ceased. The girls grabbed their things and looked to be getting ready to leave. He saw their director give them some notes and they talked amongst themselves. Sam smiled. It was his time to go to her, and tell her everything he felt about her still and ask her to be his again. He was just about to climb down the stairs when he saw Mercedes walk to a large black guy. He made her smile as she sweetly bumped into him and wrapped her hands around him. Sam watched, the feeling in his chest was agonizing. She kissed him and he kissed her. Sam didn't know why Mercedes would hurt him like this. She had moved on and it never occurred something like that could happen. Not with a love like theirs. The guy took her hand and they walked out together happily. Sam stood there crushed. Nothing was the same anymore, Lima was not home anymore.