DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Phineas and Ferb, at all, in any way shape or form. Now, I WAS going to hold a lot of my Phineas and Ferb stories off until after the holidays, but, come on, IT'S THANKSGIVING TIME! I'm doing this now because I won't be home on the actual holiday, so hopefully, I can get this done in time for that fourth Thursday of November.

The alarm clock on Phineas' nightstand flipped to seven a.m., and it was about to go off when a small hand slapped against the top of it, turning it off before it could give off a beep.

"Beat you again, alarm clock!" Phineas smiled. He threw off the covers and leaped out of bed. His stepbrother, Ferb, had also woken up, and the British boy carefully picked up the semi-aquatic egg laying mammal of action that was on his bed and set him down.

Phineas ran to his closet door where their calender was and he carefully traced his finger along the days. His finger stopped on November 24th. He turned to Ferb with a smile and said, "Happy Thanksgiving, Ferb!" Ferb nodded at him with a smile.

"Morning! Happy Thanksgiving!" Phineas smiled as he and Ferb, with Perry in tow, ran down the staircase into the kitchen. Linda was busy wrestling their Thanksgiving turkey out of the plastic while Candace was putting on food-safe gloves.

"Hello, boys, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!" Lawrence called to them from the living room. He was busy stuffing newspapers and wood logs into the fireplace.

"Morning, boys, Happy Thanksgiving!" Linda smiled.

"Hey, Mom, when are Grandpa and Grandma Flynn coming?" Phineas asked his mom as he and Ferb grabbed cereal bowls from the cupboard.

"Your grandparents are coming at around one."

"Okay, so Ferb, we have plenty of time to make the biggest pumpkin pie that Danville's ever seen!" Phineas said excitedly as he carefully poured himself a small bowl of cereal.

"MOM! The boys are playing to make the biggest pumpkin pie that Danville's ever seen!" Candace warned her mom. Linda merely sighed at her daughter's antics. She turned to her red-haired daughter who turned her attention from the boys to her mom with a nervous visage.

"Now, Candace, the turkey is dead, so it won't bite you," Linda informed the teen.

"Oh, can you prove that, Mom?" Candace challenged nervously.

Linda reached across the counter and picked up the plastic wrapping. She examined it and then pointed out smugly, "Can a turkey survive being frozen?"

"Can a caveman survive after being frozen for thousands of years and is then thawed into a breathing human being?" Candace counteracted.

"No, he can't," Linda answered slowly.

"Oh, yes, yes he can. Ask the boys, BOYS!" Candace called out loudly. Phineas, who was just sitting at the dining room table a few feet from her, turned around in his seat and called out, "Yes, Candace?"

"Can a caveman survive being frozen for thousands of years?" Candace quickly asked him.

"Yes, yes he can," Phineas smiled.

"SEE!" Candace yelled.

Linda rolled her eyes, thoroughly unamused and said, "Sure, Candace. Now," she continued as she and the teen turned back to the dead bird. Candace nervously held out a finger and she gingerly poked it. When she discovered that it was squishy, she squealed and mumbled, "I think I just became vegetarian."

"Now, Candace," Linda smiled at her. The orange-haired woman turned to the stove and placed the pan of stuffing on the counter. "Rub the skin with oil, and stuff the stuffing in. I'LL season it."

Candace gulped as her mom poured some oil into a bowl. Dipping her hands, she gingerly started to rub the bird. When she started to rub the inside, the teen instantly squealed, "THERE'S SOMETHING IN THERE!"

"Candace, are you okay?" Phineas wondered worryingly.

"NO, I AM NOT OKAY!" Candace yelled at him. Linda frowned and reached into the turkey and pulled out a packet of giblets.

"Really, Candace?" Linda sighed. Candace groaned and went back to rubbing the turkey down while her mom put the giblets into a pot for the gravy.

"Ugh, this is nasty!" Candace groaned.

"Oh, Candace, you'll live," Linda informed her sarcastically.

"Well, come on, Ferb, let's go!" Phineas smiled at his brother. Both boys went and put their dishes into the sink when Phineas asked, "Hey, where's Perry?"

The platypus in question was sneaking around around the screen door. With one paw, he opened the clear door, and then zoomed outside before anyone could notice him. He instantly stood up and with a fedora on his head, he knocked on the side of the house. A small hidden door instantly opened, and he slipped through.

He landed on an X on the ground of his secret lair and stood up, rubbing his sore back. Dusting himself off, he walked to his station and sat in his chair. He pressed a button and Major Monogram's face instantly appeared. Perry's eyebrows went up when he noticed the Pilgrim garb and hat that the major was wearing.

"Good morning, Agent P, and Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry thee have to work on a holiday, evil never rests. Yeah, sorry for the Quaker talk, I'm a Pilgrim! I think, Carl, am I a Pilgrim?" Major Monogram turned to his intern, who was manning the camera, who said, "I think that you look like a Pilgrim, sir."

"Thank you, Carl. Alright, for thy mission, Agent P. Dr. Doofenshmirtz has been sighted buying two cans of chunky cranberry sauce, ten pounds of potatoes and a Grandma Sherry apple pie. Man, I love Grandma Sherry pies..."

"Sir?" Carl called to get his attention. The major instantly cleared his throat and continued, "Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Go get him, Agent P!" Perry nodded and with a tip of his hat, he was off.

"Come on, Carl, thee and I are going to dinner at Mrs. Monogram's!" Major Monogram informed his assistant.

"Great! I'll go get my suit!" Carl yelled happily.

"Don't get dirt on the carpet, I just got it cleaned!"

"Okay, Ferb, we've got two hundred ten pound cans of pumpkin, a few hundred pounds of butter and flour, and well," Phineas turned to Ferb who was staring at a large mountain of sugar, "let's just say a lot of sugar."

Candace had her nose stuck against the clear door, causing a print to form on the door.

"Mom, Mom, Phineas and Ferb managed to get a lot of ingredients in a short amount of time!" Candace yelled in a nasally voice.

"Candace, can you stop trying to bust your brothers for ONE holiday?" Linda wondered. She gently grabbed Candace's hand and dragged her back to the kitchen. "Now, help me with the sweet potatoes."


Isabella, garbed in her purple/pink coat, hat, gloves and scarf, slowly opened the gate door and called, "Hey, Phineas. Mom said I could come over while she's cooking. Whatcha doin'?"

"Oh, hey, Isabella. Today Ferb and I are making the biggest pumpkin pie in Danville!" Phineas told her. Isabella smiled, "Cool!" She crossed the yard over to the boys and looked over Phineas' shoulder at a piece of paper.

"This is the recipe for Mom's pumpkin pie. I multipled it a few times, added a few things and divided this, and I'll say that it could feed a few hundred people!"

"That's a lot of people, Phineas. Mind if I get the Fireside girls to help us? We need our 'huge veggie pie making' patch," Isabelle smiled.

"Okay, sure."

"But, Phineas, do you think that with all these ingredients, you need a bigger work space?" Isabella wondered. She and the boys peered around the what now seemed small backyard.

"Hey, I guess you're right," Phineas laughed. He turned to Ferb and said, "Call the delivery men, Ferb, I know the perfect place."

Perry, on his glider, zoomed into Doofenshmirtz's apartment through a window. Of course, the window wasn't opened, causing him to break the thing as he passed through. Dr. Doofenshmirtz heard the commotion and called out, "I'm coming, who is it now?" He peered into the living room and when he saw Perry, he gasped and said,"Perry the Platypus, breaking a window, on a holiday! For shame, Perry the Platypus!"

Perry sighed and shrugged his shoulders at the scolding.

"Well, I'll let you off easy this time. It's Thanksgiving, which, like Christmas, usually I don't really have anything against, but not this year!" Doofenshmirtz grabbed a remote from his TV and pressed a red button, causing a dog carrier to engulf Perry.

"Yeah, I know, I think I've done a dog carrier before, but I can only think of so many traps! Anyway, back on subject, this year, Thanksgiving is different. My parents are visiting from Gimmelshtump and Roger is hosting Thanksgiving at his house! I mean, he'll make me look even worse than usual! And so, to ruin his perfect plan of trying to ruin me, I give you," Doofenshmirtz ran into the kitchen and brought out a covered dish, "The-Most-Disgusting-Thanksgiving-Side-Dishes-You-Will-Ever-See! I couldn't name it with an inator at the end, it's a bowl of food, not a machine."

Perry raised his eyebrows while Doof continued, "I'll go and switch Roger's mashed potatoes and cranberries with my nasty mashed potatoes and the worst canned cranberry sauce in the history of the world, Buck Tooth Gil's. Weird name, I know. My parents will think that Roger made all these, and they'll hate him and love me! Excuse me for a moment, Perry the Platypus." Doofenshmirtz went back into the kitchen and came back out with a basket filled with dishes.

"See, now I'm ready to go," Doofenshmirtz told Perry proudly. Perry pointed to the box of frozen pie sticking out of the basket. Doofenshmirtz said, "Oh, Grandma Sherry's pie. Yeah, Roger is serving butternut squash and Gimmelnut pie, and I say, 'Ya know what? I'll bring along apple, 'cause I like it, and it's tradition, and I'm traditional.'" Doof carefully put on his jacket and with one hand holding the basket, he grabbed the handle on Perry's cage and said, "Come on, Perry the Platypus."

"Alright," Phineas smiled as he closed the big door on a delivery truck, "that's everything."

"Yes, yes it is," Isabella smiled back at him. "Yo, Frank, you can move on now!"

"Okay, little lady, men, move out!" the delivery man called into his radio. The four large delivery trucks pulled out of the driveway and on down the street.

"Come on, Isabella, to our bikes!" Phineas yelled happily.

"To the Old Abandoned Cake Factory in whose name we only say 'old abandoned' once!" Isabella squealed.

"Okay, sweet potatoes are done," Linda said slowly. She and Candace were both stooped down to the eye level of the counter, watching the syrup drip down the side of the pan, "I think."

"Wow, this cooking stuff is easy! Just pour and mix!" Candace squealed.

"Well, cooking is like that, but Candace, we're moving on to baking, where you have to mix everything in the correct amounts," Linda warned her. She rummaged through her cookbook collection and drew out an index card.

"Okay, okay, Mom. What do we need?" Candace peered over her shoulder.

"We need butter, flour, sugar, pumpkin-" Candace quickly interrupted her mom with, "I'LL GET THE PUMPKIN!" The girl instantly started to rummage through the cupboards.

"Alright, Candace, let's see, cinnamon, water-" "MOM!" Linda turned to Candace with an annoyed scowl and said, "Yes, Candace?"

"Mom, THERE'S NO PUMPKIN!" Candace yelled loudly. Linda highered one of her eyebrows as the teen started to comb her hair frantically with her fingers. "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO, MOM? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!"

"First, we're going to relax, Candace," Linda informed her. When the teen didn't stop jumping up and down, Linda yelled louder, "Calm down, CANDACE!"

Candace finally stopped jumping and she started to breath in and out slowly.

"That's better, Candace, now, let me look," Linda said to her.

"Okay, but you won't find any!" Candace warned her.

"Sure, Candace," Linda said to herself as she started to rummage through all the cupboards. Ten minutes later, Candace was leaning against the counter with her arms folded and a smug smile on her face. Linda, completely beat and exhausted, was sitting on the floor of the kitchen floor, which was littered with cans and boxes.

"You're right, Candace, there's no pumpkin."

"Told you."

Well, that went well! I hope you liked it!