DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Phineas and Ferb. At all. Saw the 'Lotsa Latkes' episode, so awesome. I loved the 'Frenemies' song, my favorite line was, "He's like my least favorite brother!" because that describes them, they're like brothers from another mother, kinda like Phineas and Ferb, and to Linzerj, I know that they are separate people, but I needed someone to compare his talk to. That's all!

Candace and Betty Jo soon had the kitchen/dining table in a manner of disarray. The carton of soy milk was laying on its side, dripping all over the tabletop, and the margarine carton was upside down. The vanilla extract's lid was missing, and the dishtowel that Candace was using to try to wipe up the mess was turning the oddest shade of green. The mixer was turned onto full blast, causing the melted chocolate to start to spray everything.

"Ugh! Grandma," Candace groaned. A flick of chocolate landed on her red sweater, "This was new!"

"Oh, Candace, it can be cleaned. If you can't clean it, don't buy it!" Betty Jo answered. Wiping her glasses with a clean paper towel, she carefully adjusted them back onto her head and managed to push the 'off' button on the mixer. The two peered into the mix with a look of disdain. The brown bowl of goo was separated and looked like a pile of barf.

"Grandma, you did measure, right?"

"Of course I did, sweetie," Betty Jo told her as she unhooked the bowl from the mixer. "It'll look better when it sets."

"Okay, then," Candace said uncertainly as her grandma handed her the bowl and she put it in the fridge.

"See, now was that so hard?"

"Hey, you know what, it really wasn't that hard, Grandma," Candace smiled. The two leaned against the counter and Betty Jo held up her hand for a high five, to which Candace smiled and smacked softly.

Linda came in from the living room where she had been watching football with her husband and father only to see her kitchen table a complete mess and her mother and daughter grinning at her sheepishly.


Candace sighed and turned to Betty Jo, "Come on, Grandma. Let's get cleaning."

Heinz sat in silence as he grumbled to himself, jealousy taking over him. Roger had the head of the table seat, he said the grace, he had carved the turkey AND had made his father laugh. THAT was hard to do.

"Oh, Heinz, can I interest you in my famous cranberry sauce that has earned over ten blue ribbons?" Roger grinned. Doof reluctantly took the bowl while his mother squealed, and with her hands clasped together, said in a proud voice, "Oh, I am so proud of my son!"

Heinz mumbled to himself as he served himself cranberry sauce, "I don't even like cranberry sauce."

"Heinz, that's not very polite," Charlene pointed out gently. Perry was sitting on her lap and was being fed bits of bread.

"So?" Heinz challenged. The scientist straightened when he was passed the mashed potatoes. Taking the tiniest bit, he called over to his mother brightly, "Mother, would you like to try some of Roger's delicious potatoes?" Once she had taken it, for emphasis as to how 'good' they were, he stuck a forkful in his mouth.

Perry smirked at him when the doctor's face immediately screwed up and he started to gag. Mrs. Doofenshmirtz paid no mind to her oldest son and gave herself a healthy dose. Heinz managed to watch as he proceeded to spit his potatoes into his napkin as she got some on her fork and took a bite.

Doof expected his mother's face to turn into that of some disgust, but instead, her face brightened and she smiled, "This is good!"

"It IS?" Doofenshmirtz asked loudly. His face wore the face of pure shock.

"Why, of course it is, brother, I made it," Roger said. He gave himself some potatoes and passed them to Charlene.

"Well, they smell delicious, Roger. I don't think Heinz could make such delicious potatoes to save his life!" Charlene laughed as she passed the potatoes to Heinz, who absentmindedly passed them to his father.

"Wait, wait, Roger didn't make them! I did!" Heinz immediately pointed out.

Mr. Doofenshmirtz silently served himself and handed the bowl to Vanessa, who said, "But Dad, you can barely cook!"

"What do you mean that I can barely cook? I CAN cook, and I DID make these potatoes!" Heinz retorted.

"Heinz! Stop acting like that!" Charlene reprimanded him. The rest of the family turned to the meal. Heinz folded his arms and slouched, a scowl stuck on his face. When he heard a small chirp beside him, he muttered, "Not one word, Perry the Platypus."

Linda had settled down and Candace and Betty Jo had set to work at cleaning the kitchen. The ingredients were put away, the floor swept, and the kitchen table was wiped down and Candace and Betty Jo laid down a leave-covered tablecloth on it. Candace painstakingly set the large orange plates, assorted silverware and large linen napkins. Betty Jo arranged a wreath of leaves around two big plain candles and placed a vase full of wildflowers in the center.

"Well, I think we did good, Grandma," Candace said brightly as she set the cups. Betty Jo followed behind her with the apple cider and answered, "I think we did, sweetie."

"Well," Linda called over her shoulder as she stirred the gravy, "are you going to roll the truffles now?"

"What do you say, Grandma? Has it been long enough?" Candace turned to face her grandmother.

"I think so," Betty Jo answered. Placing the apple cider jug on the counter, she and Candace crossed the room to the refrigerator. Reaching inside, Candace pulled out the bowl and placed it onto the counter. Peeling off the plastic wrap, she and Betty Jo studied it for a moment before they both drew back and pinched their noses.

"EW! Grandma, we can't serve this!" Candace yelled.

"Well, that's for certain!" Betty Jo groaned.

"MOM!" Candace yelled. Linda turned from her gravy and asked calmly, "Yes, Candace?"

"Mom," Candace moaned pitifully as she showed her mom the stinky chocolate, "we can't serve this!"

"I blame the margarine," Betty Jo accused.

Linda looked at the mixture with distaste and replied, "Yeah, you're right, Candace. You CAN'T serve this."

"You can't serve what, love?" Lawrence wondered as he and Grandpa Clyde strode into the kitchen. Without a word, Candace showed him the bowl of gloppy, smelly chocolate. Clyde instantly clapped two fingers onto his nose, and Lawrence replied, "I suppose you're right."

"What are we going to have for dessert?" Betty Jo sighed, putting her hands on her hips.

"Why, pumpkin pie, of course," Phineas smiled pleasantly. He and Ferb walked into the kitchen; the red-haired boy bearing a large plate with a large chunk of golden pumpkin pie sitting on it and the green-haired boy holding a container filled with whipped cream.

"Why, boys, where did you get these?" Linda wondered as she put down her whisk.

"Ferb, Isabella and I made the pie, and the Fireside Girls made the whipped cream. Once we found out that you couldn't make pumpkin pie because of us, we felt bad, and we have this to show for it," Phineas explained. He and Ferb parked their dishes on the counter and smiled.

"Why, thank you boys!" Betty Jo smiled. Putting an arm around each of her grandsons, she turned to Candace and said, "You're lucky that you have brothers like these two, Candace."

Though Candace was awfully mad at both of them, she couldn't help but smile as she said, "Yeah, I guess I am."

"Man, this whole 'make Roger look horrible in front of Mom and Dad' plan isn't working out so well," Heinz groaned. The table had been cleared by Charlene and Vanessa and Roger had gone into the kitchen to retrieve the pie.

Charlene and Vanessa took their seats and the Doofenshmirtzs waited patiently for the mayor to arrive with the pie.

Heinz sat up straighter when Roger burst in the dining room with a horrified look on his face.

"I can't believe it!" he said loudly.

"What happened, Roger, my son?" Mrs. Doofenshmirtz asked worriedly as she raced to her younger son's side. The mayor sighed and held out his Gimmelnut and butternut squash pie. "This happened."

Charlene and Vanessa gasped and Mrs. Doofenshmirtz's hand flew to her mouth in surprise. The pie in his hand was covered in little ants, nearly blackening the entire top of the filled pastry.

"The bugs got it," Roger moaned, "now WHAT shall we do for dessert?"

Heinz had been sitting stunned in his own delight at seeing his brother's pie ruined. A thought entered his head and he yelled, "Wait here!" His family watched, confused as the doctor ran around the table and into the kitchen. Perry's lifeless form disappeared as he relaxed a bit, and slid off of Charlene's lap. Scrambling underneath the table, he saw Doof's feet as they raced to the dining room.

"Since I knew you were making Gimmelnut and butternut squash pie, which sounds disgusting by the way, I brought a Grandma Sherry apple pie!" Doof said excitedly. The whole family cheered and Mrs. Doofenshmirtz smiled at her oldest son. Reaching out, she patted him lightly on the back and said, "That was very good of you, my son."

Doof could only smile at the words.

Within a few minutes, they had eaten all of the Grandma Sherry pie. Perry followed Doof into the kitchen as an aquatic pet and then stood up like his secret agent self, brown fedora in place.

"You know what, Perry the Platypus?" Heinz asked him as he put his dessert dish into the sink. When Perry gave him a slight shrug, the doctor smiled and said, "This Thanksgiving wasn't so bad after all."

Perry gave him a wide smile and tipped his hat to him as Doofenshmirtz said, "Happy Thanksgiving, Perry the Platypus." Perry nodded and without a sound, opened the back door and left the house.

"Okay, Linda, what are you thankful for?" Betty Jo asked her. The dining room table showed off how the dinner had gone. Ferb loosened his belt and Phineas and Candace both slouched in their seats and sighed blissfully.

"Well, I'm thankful for my wonderful family," Linda smiled. She wrapped an arm around Lawrence, who returned the gesture and asked Candace, "What are you thankful for?"

"Well," Candace said as she sat up straighter. She glanced from one little brother on one side and the other little brother on the other, and smiled, "Even though they can be a bother, I'm thankful for my little brothers."

Phineas gave her a smile when she roughed up both of the boys' hair and said, "What about you, Phineas?"

"Well, I'm thankful for my friends and family," Phineas smiled. A noise from the floor had the whole family looking down at their aquatic egg-laying mammal of action.

"Oh, there you are, Perry," Ferb said.

"And yes, I'm thankful for Perry, too," Phineas smiled as he bent and grabbed him and held him close.

"Alright, everyone," Lawrence said as he fumbled to open his camera. Opening it, he held it up around the table and said, "Say 'turkey!'"


That photo was mailed to all of their relatives. Linda had an arm around Lawrence, and Betty Jo and Clyde were holding hands. Candace was smiling brightly while hugging both of her brothers to herself, and Phineas held up Perry enthusiastically. The photo was captioned, "Happy Thanksgiving from the Flynn-Fletchers."

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