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Percy pov

Okay to tell you the truth, no one was getting along. On the bright side, no one was arguing. Everything was silent. This irritates me because of the awkwardness, other times I wish it was just that but no. My ADHD just had to kick in; Jason came toward and for a slight moment I think I knew this guy before. "Well, this is not exactly how I thought it would happen", Jason said. I don't know I reply "Yeah! You think they would at least argue." As soon as I said this everything was quiet. Until I heard Annabeth screamed, we both had pale faces then we ran. That's when we got the good news and the bad news and even more bad news. Good news was Annabeth had only hit her head by a book. I couldn't help but think 'don't like them much right now do you.' Then we get to the bad news about the book, it had me and Jason on it. And why would that be bad well, first it has us as Seven year-olds and second it was us I mean we don't know each other. Worst Annabeth has that stare which means we're all going to read it.

Jason pov

Yup, not something you see every day. It doesn't seem like Annabeth doesn't want to read the books that just hit her. Then I remembered she is the daughter of Miner-Athena. "Okay, I just IM everyone who might need to know about this. Now, Perseus Jackson and Jason Grace, care to explain this!" Annabeth bellowed. Percy, either being a brave man or an idiot- so I heard-, decided to respond to her um… confusing statement. "Annabeth, If we knew wouldn't we tell you. Plus I'm guessing this isn't the first time our memories were stolen." "Fine, seaweed brain, I'll take that.

20 minutes later

So my guess is that Annabeth got everybody who she knew. Why just knew because she isn't too thrilled with the stroll brothers, Connor and Travis, or Clarisse La Rouse. So here was the list me, Percy, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Thalia …..

Percy pov

… Travis, Connor, Katie Gardner, Chris Rodriguez, Clarisse La Rue, and of course, the G-man himself, Grover. "Alright, so who wants to read first?" I ask. "Me, duh, seaweed brain. I want to know what's going on." Annabeth remark.

"Jason and Percy" Annabeth read "That's weird it's in Greek and English." (Sorry couldn't put the greek word in here.)

Nellie notes

Now to the people, who are reading this; please note two things. "What are you noting about?" "Leo" "Yes, Thalia." "Shut up."One I am NOT a half-blood, "Really" the Stroll brother mock. unfortunately. And two do not by any means put a Greek and Roman together;"why not?" Hazel asks. unless they are good friends, which is unlikely. "so I'm guessing, me and Jason are friends." My name, if you're that stupid to not look at the chapter, is Nellie before the Stroll brothers could say anything, Annabeth read and I don't want to hear 'that's a stupid name.' Leo laughed "It's like she already knows them!" Connor smirked "Well at …" Annabeth cut him off by reading Well guess what yours is probably horrible too. Connor stopped smirking. Leo snickered "See, already knows them."

This story, if you want to believe it, is absolutely true. "Ha, yeah right!" coming from none other than Clarisse. Or I think after the accident, I don't know any more. "Why?" Me and Jason asked. Annabeth just giggled as she read. Why? Now me and Jason were blushing. It's because of the stupid two had to -… "Annabeth what does it say? Who are the stupid two? Is it Jason and Percy?" Annabeth could only answer Piper by reading. Wait you're not getting anything before the next chapter. "Awww." "Travis and Connor, be quiet and listen." "yes Katie." Now get back on warnings. If you're a half-blood, mostly by the name of Jason and Percy, keep reading "Umm… Piper?" "Yes, Jason" "Does this answer your question?" "Yeah" … I mean don't read. "Make up your mind!" Thalia yelled. "Thalia." "Yeah." "It's a book." "I knew that." Gosh I'm getting' idiot-iduce. "Yeah, you catch it from Perce over here." "Hey!" Okay if you're really sure about reading this, I can't stop you. "Why would you want to stop us?"Frank question. But if you do know these kids "Kids! We are teens!" "Seaweed brain, right now in the book you are seven." "Right" or are these kids, I'm sorry for what happen "why are you sorry?"Jason said confused and now you must find out. "Great! We get to hear about Prissy and lightning idiot's life" "Sis, why you got to be so mean?" "Because we're from the war god." "Oh, right"

Besides who doesn't want to see two seven years-old get into trouble, "your right it's not like kelp face doesn't get to trouble everyday!" not including me. Well maybe the Romans & the Greeks "Yeah" but other that no one. I guess it all started at Elements Elementary school … "Well that was the end of the chapter." " can I read, Annabeth?" "Sure Jason." "We fell out of a tree…"

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