Twenty years ago...During the fight with Azarenka. The twin brothers struggled in the sky as the time paradox was about to reset them both. As they leave earth's orbit, there is only a couple of seconds before the implosion

"Why won't you let go?" Asked Azarenka. "You really give your life for them? It would been a paradise if I had taken control!"


"I can see to the very end you will not give up. And there is no point of changing your mind." Said Azarenka. "But know this you may have beaten me but there will be always someone like me...always."

"And for everyone like you there will be always someone like me to oppose it." Said Jack. "You can count on it."

Jacks' chest plate of his armor started to glow and covered both his body and also Azarenkas'. From Earth everyone can see the implosion from the sky as it was brighter than the sun. The rangers mourn as their friend gave his life to save earth. Days later, informed the rangers that Jack nor Azarenka is anywhere in history. In other words that they are both missing by when or where could they be?


Jack wakes up and quickly gasps for air. He looks around and sees that he is in a room fully accommodated. He gets up and heads towards the table with food and water and starts to eat. As he ate it's like he hasn't eaten in years. But then he remembers what had happened before he woke up. He remembers being caught in the time paradox with Azarenka. He immediately drops his food wonders of he survived so did Azarenka. He immediately runs out of room and went looking for him. As he ran he sees people dressed in a usual way. He didn't pay any attention and continued the search. After an half an hour of searching, he couldn't find him anywhere. He remembers the way he came and headed back to that room. Minutes later when he gets back, several men in uniform were in there waiting for them. Jack immediately takes a defensive stance. However the men in uniform did not. Jack is confused on what is going on since he woke up.

"What the hell is this?" Asked Jack. "More importantly where the hell am I. Where's Azarenka? Since I'm here, I'm sure he is here to."

"You ask a lot of questions don't ya Jack?" Asked a familiar voice.

"Wait that voice..." Said Jack. "But it can't be."

The uniformed men step out of the way to revealed the familiar voice and it was Comet. The person that showed Jack the truth about the illuminati. But he was presumed dead.

"Comet! I can't believe this." Said Jack. "I can't believe you're alive. But how?"

"I'm sorry Jack I had to keep my true identity a secret." Said Comet.

"Well what are you? Are you human? Where am I?" Asked Jack.

"No I'm not human per say." Said Comet. "I'm a time master and my men in uniform here is the chronological police."

"Chronological police..." Said Jack

"Yes. You see Jack the world you came from is just one dimension of many. There are over a thousand and more have been discovered." Said Jack. "We are in charge of keep balance for all dimensions. We monitor history for all dimensions making sure everything is intact. And if someone disrupts it we consider it a very serious offense. So we apprehend a potential threat, past judgment and put them in prison just like normal law enforcement. Here is the center of all dimensions."

"And where is here?" Asked Jack

"The Beginning of All." Said Comet. "To some goes by another name Earth Prime."

"I never knew that existed." Said Jack. "Tell me something how did I end up here? Shouldn't I of been a new born baby?"

"Well I stepped in at the last minute to grab the both of you and brought you here." Said Comet."

"Where is Azarenka anyway?" Asked Jack.

"Forever in prison." Said Comet. "You see we have a prison that is outside of time and all dimensions. It is called the Temponaut. There is one way in and no way out."

"Good! Saved me the trouble." Said Jack. "So you can send me back home right?"

"I'm sorry. I can't do that at the moment." Said Comet.

"And why in the hell not?" Asked Jack."

"You see. I managed to conjured up a great deal of my powers and also a great deal of others like myself to get to you." Said Comet. "Also there is a problem that is accruing. But my superiors won't tell us what it is."

"I will tell you what it is my friend." Said a man walking in the room. "Officers out!"

The other chronological officers' teleported away. Jack feels a little faint so he sits down at the nearby chair.

"Chrono! What's going on buddy?" Said Comet.

"We will catch up later but in the meantime, there is something I must tell the both of you that our superiors don't want the rest of us to know. But I need to tell you Comet in case something happens to me."

"Ok go ahead." Said Comet.

"What is really going is that no one can go back in time nor cross through the dimensions." Said Chrono. "Also everything in history is changing. Fiction is becoming fact and fact is becoming fiction. I mean everything has changed. Even your destiny Jack."

"What do you mean?" Asked Jack.

"I'm sorry but you were the one that was supposed to be the leader of the illuminati and your brother was to be in your place." Said Chrono. "But somehow history had changed."

"This is impossible." Said Jack. "You mean to tell me that the only reason that I'm the person I am is that a change in history?" Asked Jack. "It's possible that we probably switched at birth. But who would do that?"

"Sorry but it's true." Said Comet. "That's why I was trying to contact you all this time. I apologize for deceiving you all that time my powers were even fading then. I had to give you the extra push."

"Wow that's a lot to take in. However, but I believe that I would of made my original choice even if I was destined to destroy the world." Said Jack. "So you guys can stop it right there. So what about me going home?"

"Until this problem is fixed, we don't know when we can send you home." Said Chrono. "So I guess you can live here until then."

From out of nowhere a portal appears before the three. The two time masters were in shock that someone is traveling to their dimension even when they were told that it was impossible. Someone stepped through the portal. It was a black male with wild and crazy hair. He appeared exhausted and barely gets on his feet.

"What is this place?" Said the man.

"The Beginning of All." Said Comet.

"So then I'm in the right place then." Said the man.

"Who are you anyway?" Said. Chrono. "How did you managed to get here."

"Scott...Scott Truman. It doesn't matter how I got here. I'm here with important matter."

"I'm still trying to figure out how you got here." Said Chrono. "I also think that you're in no position to be keeping information."

"What is wrong with you?" Asked Jack. "It doesn't matter how he got here. But he damn sure as hell had to do a lot to get here. Let's listen to what he has to say. My name is Jack."

"Thank you. I come from another dimension. I recently traveled to another earth. I was chasing a robot. His name is Professor Cog." Said Scott. "He's is part of a computer virus named Venjix that took over most of the population of my dimension. Now the last survivors of mankind are forced to live in a dome city."

"Wait! You wouldn't be a power ranger are you?"

"Yes I am. My code name is ranger red." Said Scott. "How did you know?"

"Someone told me about how another ranger came from another dimension and fought alongside the samurai rangers." Said Jack. "You defeated Professor Cog...didn't you?"

"I thought I did." Said Scott. "However when I went back to my dimension, Cog survived and time had completely changed. Everyone that I know and loved dead or worse turned into robot hybrids. I don't know how Cog survived and how he managed to change history of my dimension. But I was told that if I came here you would help me change it back."

"Sounds sad really. However if we could help you we can't. You see we have no way to change anything back at this point." Said Chrono.

"Yes it's a miracle how you got here." Said Comet."

"What if I told you that if I could get here and then I can get back?" Asked Scott.

"You do? How?" Asked Comet.

"All I need is your word that you will help me." Said Scott.

"You have my word." Said Chrono.

"I will help you too." Said Jack. "One ranger to another. Looks like my job as a ranger is not over yet."

"I hear you on that." Said Scott. "Now let's do it"

The two red rangers shake hands. Jack just had an exciting adventure saving the world from the illuminati he would think that his job is done but a rangers' job is never done for his adventure is not over yet. Little does he know that he will not be fighting to just save Scotts' world but all worlds and dimensions throughout time and space.


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