The boys and the Impala are stuck on a wintry road, but they are not alone. This is a dialogue only story. As always, I own nothing to do with SPN. I hope any who read will enjoy. Thanks.

"Stupid snow. Stupid ice. Stupid damn weather."

"Relax man, it's not like this is the first winter you've lived through."

"Doesn't make it any less sucky Sam. Grrr… damn it!"


"Why does the fact that we are stuck in the middle of fricken nowhere not bother you!"

"I figure you're doing enough bothering for the both of us. Plus, what's the point in getting all bent out of shape about it anyways?"

"I hate those rose-coloured glasses of yours dude, really gets on my nerves."

"You should try it sometime. Okay, okay, enough with the death glare bro. Look, I'll get out and give it a push. Just take some deep breaths, don't want you to faint over it."

"Shut up, not helping Sam. Wait, hang on, I'll go, your gargantuan paws will probably dent her. Plus, maybe it's not just coincidence that we seem to be stranded out here."

"What? No way dude, we got that spirit, burned his bones. This is just Winchester luck, nothing more."

"That's exactly my point Sammy. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled okay? Got a bad feeling in my gut."

"Or maybe you're just pissed off."

"Yeah, that could be. Hell, maybe I can work out some of my pissed off-ness out there and get beautiful here unstuck while I'm at it. Maybe then I can flutter my way over to Happyland like you."

"Nice. Well we should set up a flare or something, don't want someone to plow into us."

"Yeah, you get the flare set up, I'll see how bad it is and try to get my poor baby out of this shit so we can get the hell out of here."

"Alright Sam, give it some gas! Cmmmmmon baby, c'mon! Shit. Stop Sam!"

"How you doing man? Want me to try?"

"Just give me a minute, need to catch my breath."



"Looking kind of old right now dude, hunched over and panting like a dog."

"Bite… me."

"All set Dean?"

"I was born ready Sammy, let 'er rip."

"Kay, it's starting to move, couple more and should be good to go."

"Thank God, I'm freezing my nads off out…."

"Dean! Look out! MOVE!"


"Shit, behind you! DEAN! Move your ass now! "

"Oomph… crap… did I just get hit by… what… didn't we… well son of a b….that…. hurrrrrrrt."

TBC... Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed! :D