Lucy slumped to her door. Who the hell was ringing the doorbell so frantically at 4 in the morning? In a tight tank top and short shorts she wrenched the door open, prepared to yell in the face of whoever it was…she didn't even get the chance.

"LUCY! HURRY NATSU IS IN TROUBLE!" Happy shouted tears streaming down his face.

"EH?" Was all Lucy could get out before Happy wrapped his tail around her wrist and soared into the sky.

"GRAHHHHHHHH!" Lucy screamed as the cold wind whipped against her bare skin.

Once she had composed herself she decided to ask happy what the hell was going on. His reply was hard to understand between all the sniffles and sobbing but what she got out of it she didn't like. Natsu had apparently been coming back home from a long mission he went on alone, well with Happy of course when something awful happened. A huge cat like animal had attacked them and from Happy's words apparently fire had no effect on it, it was too fast and Natsu was losing. He had yelled to Happy to go get help.

"WHY DID YOU COME GET ME!" Lucy screeched. "IF NATSU CAN'T BEAT IT THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I CAN!" Actually now that she thought about it… "I DON'T EVEN HAVE MY KEYS!" She did a mental face palm, of course she didn't, she was abducted in her pyjamas! Happy didn't even seem to hear her, he was probably just focusing on flying…since he was doing a poor job at it...he was crying so hard…was it really that bad? Poor Happy…Lucy made up her mind she would do all she could to help…they had been flying for a while…how far away was it? The air was getting colder and colder and there was approaching storm clouds. Very big ones…with thunder and everything.

"Please tell me we are gonna suddenly veer off in a different direction." Lucy whimpered knowing the answer.

"We're almosd there." Happy mumbled tears still slipping off his little face. How long could Natsu hold his own against the beast? Especially if he had been losing as Happy put it…how does Natsu loose exactly? He always wins in the end and no matter how many injuries he's fine right? Right?

They hit the wall of rain about 5 minutes later, Lucy was sure she would die or at least get a nasty cold, she had never been this cold before, the rain seeped all the way into her bones. Tears ran down her face now…it had been so toasty in her room in her bed that she had worn skimpy pyjamas…of course this would be the night when she would be flown through a thunderstorm. The blonde groaned miserably as they continued on, her arm sore from hanging so long. Trying to take her mind off her miserable situation she observed the forest they were now flying over, there was a splitting ahead of trees Lucy assumes a river of something ran through there and there were huge rocks everywhere. Strange looking forest actually, some weird colored trees and she got this uncomfortable feeling about it…like they shouldn't be there…no one should.

Then much to her dismay they started to descend, she was relieved when the trees blocked out most of the rain though. Quickly they landed and began to search for the pink-haired boy.

"He was around here when I left." Happy exclaimed his little eyes searching for a hint. Lucy's eyes widened, there was blood…lots of blood, and it couldn't all be from Natsu right? It was on the ground and on some trees…what had happened here. She began to run after the blood trails. The ground sloshing beneath her feet she came into a clearing…then there he was…Natsu. He was standing in the middle of the clearing, wind whipping his scarf behind his bare torso. His shorts had mostly been torn to shreds and yet even though he stood there tattered and bleeding Lucy couldn't help but think how strong he looked. His eyes narrowed dangerously as his eyes searched through the pouring rain for his target. The trees that had been around him were ripped apart or burnt to a crisp. It had been a fierce battle she could tell yet no sign of the beast…

Lucy clambered over to Natsu, the rain obstructing her view she tripped over fragmented trees. She kept her eyes on the man in front of her…how badly was he hurt…would he be okay…what happened to the beast? He heard her clambering towards him, and Happy shouting in joy and his head turned towards them quickly. Lucy stopped in her tracks…his eyes…they were so serious, barely human like when he gets in a serious fight where he is mad…very mad. When he saw her he seemed to get even madder.

"L-LUCY? HAPPY WHY DID YOU BRING HER HERE? THAT IS THE WORST PERSON YOU COULD HAVE PICKED!" She heard Natsu rage, Happy ignored it just flying towards him with a smile.

"You're alive!" Happy giggled.

As much as Lucy should've been angry with his words she just wanted to see how he was doing and continued silently on her way. Plus she had thought the exact same thing…

"Luce you shouldn't be here…" Natsu said quietly as she approached him. The rain was hard to see through but now that she was close enough she could see the damage. Tears stung the corners of her eyes…he was injured so badly…large claw marks covered his body, running down his entire bare chest and his back…one deep one on his cheek.

"N-Natsu…" She whispered. Reaching out to him.

"Take her back." Natsu ordered to Happy.

"W-What? Natsu I came here to help you! Look at yourself, you need help, we should get you to a healer Natsu!" Lucy cried.

"Happy get her out of here." He stated again…Happy shook his head.

"I don't think I can fly all the way back Natsu…I barely made it here and we came to save you!" Happy sniffed.

"Just take her as far away as you can!" Natsu began to shout. Happy's eyes started to fill with tears again.

"What is wrong with you Natsu! I know I'm not that strong but I wanted to help in any way I could!" She shouted back at him.

"IT'S NOT THAT!-" Natsu began to retort but stopped quickly his eyes searching through the rain, he put his finger to his lips for us to be quiet as he listened…so the beast was still here…

It felt like eternity as they waited…Lucy looked around too but it was no use she couldn't see or hear anything over the roaring rain. She felt comfortable though, standing right beside Natsu. Lucy suddenly felt a warm hand on her shoulder and before she could do anything all hell broke loose. Natsu pushed Lucy to the ground at the exact moment the beast launched at her from the rain leaving Natsu to take the brunt of the attack. Lucy heard a sickening crunch as Natsu was swatted away into a tree. She sat up immediately seeing the beast approaching Natsu who sat holding his chest at the base of the tree. The beast was about 2 meters tall and 3 meters long, four long legs that ended in huge claws extending from its paws. It looked like a large cat but moved irregularly fast, when it pounced she couldn't even see it move. Now it was hovering over the pink haired boy a growl irrupting from its ugly snout. A huge paw slammed down on Natsu's chest and blood spurted from his mouth as he let out a scream of pain.

Happy lost control and started to attack the beast, smacking his little paws against its large muscle-ridden back. Lucy watched wide-eyed as its ear twitched in annoyance and it lifted its unoccupied paw to swat Happy away. Pressure was added to Natsu as it used its one front paw to carry its weight. Lucy started to shake as she heard Natsu scream louder as he was pushed farther into the ground. Then the beast raised its huge paw high into the air and slammed it into Happy causing the little flying cat to crash into the ground nearby…from there he didn't move.

"HAPPY! HAPP-GRHAAAAAAAA!" She heard Natsu scream…tears streamed from her eyes.

Lucy had been watching all of this unfold before her eyes. She was of no use…she was weak without her keys… even Natsu thought she was weak…Happy should have brought someone else and now because of her…Natsu was gonna…Natsu was gonna…

NO. That was it, she couldn't take this anymore! She wasn't going to be the scared bystander as a huge beast destroyed her friends in front of her. No. Fucking. Way. She didn't fly through a horrible thunderstorm in practically just her underwear to not save him. Without even a second of thought she picked up the closest rock and launched it at the beasts head.

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