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It had been maybe two hours since Natsu's treatment had begun. Without the trees to shade them everyone had begun to sweat from the smouldering heat, Erza still running off to bring more plants for Rito. They were in a very large clearing now, since Erza had gone all out.

Rito was having a hard time, the black line on his arms and chest had grown darker, even when Rito paused for a moment to catch his breath the lines did not fade away like he had originally hoped. The longer he did it the more painful it became. He had already long past the end of his strength.

"Rito, I think we can probably stop soon. I'm almost done patching up most of the internal injuries, he could heal on his own from there. Now, if there was some way to get him more blood…" She trailed off, deep in thought.

"It's fine, you can stop now." Natsu's voice sounded, lifting his head slightly from Lucy's lap to give them a smile.

Wendy nodded, trusting in Natsu's decision she let the glow of her hands fade. Plopping onto her butt she wiped sweat from her forehead, it had been close but Natsu should be fine. Hearing a thud behind her she glanced back. Rito had collapsed face first into the ground.

"Rito!" Wendy shouted, quickly flipping him over onto his back. She didn't have the magic to heal him too!

" 'm fine…" He muttered, waving her off "just tired…" and with that he let himself fall asleep. Wendy frowned at the dark lines on his body…what exactly were they? She would have to investigate later when she had more strength. For now…she lied down for a nap as well.

Erza sighed as she put more trees and plants on the ground, looked like her job was no longer needed.

"Nap for about an hour then we need to start heading home. How are you feeling Natsu?" She asked kneeling beside the dragon slayer.


"Good enough to walk in about an hour? Either that or your gonna have to ride in a wagon." Erza stated completely ignoring the sudden horror that appeared on his face. That was right, they had originally brought a horse drawn wagon, they had left it with the horses where Happy and Carla had picked them up, it wasn't too far from here. Erza would go grab it when everyone was having a nap.

"Yeah I can walk." Natsu responded quickly, Erza nodded as she turned to go get the wagon. He didn't look good enough to walk but she would humor him for now.

"I don't think you should walk Natsu." Happy piped up from his new spot on Natsu's chest.

"Yeah, you still look pretty sick." Lucy added.

"More sick than usual." Gray cracked in.

"Shutup Gray." Natsu sighed, eyelids growing heavy. "It's hot…"

"That's because you have a really high fever Natsu." Lucy explained.

"Yeah, it's melting my ice real fast. Did Wendy say this would happen?"

"From the blood loss yeah. He's not going to be feeling very good for a while until his body produces more blood cells. Maybe Wendy can use Troia on you Natsu so you don't feel sick from transport." Lucy soothed, looking down at his unhappy face. Gray still sat beside her, ice hand on Natsu's forehead. The water from the melted ice dripped down on to her lap. It was cold but refreshing as well. Even having Natsu's head on her lap she could feel his temperature and it was making her feel rather warm as well.

"What's the use? If he's sick he's sick. What's the point of making him not sick for transportation? He's gonna be sick anyway…" Gray muttered.

"Screw you Gray…" Natsu mumbled as his eyes finally slid shut and he fell asleep.

"Gray, he'd be twice as sick. It'd just be miserable and he would be complaining the whole time." Lucy whispered back, Gray nodded in understanding.

Erza was back quicker than expected with the wagon, it was a fairly large wagon, able to fit about four people inside.

Carefully Lucy helped Natsu into the back of the wagon, he was still very sore and weak from their adventures so he leaned on her heavily. Soon as he was on the wooden floor his cheeks puffed out as his stomach contents threatened to come up again. Wendy helped him out, putting her hands on his back and casting Troia. This way Natsu could actually survive the ride home. Lucy crawled into the back as well, Rito following closely behind. He was still rather tired so he would rest a bit before walking alongside the wagon. Two brown horses pulled the wooden contraption along. Happy and Charle soaring above, Erza and Wendy sitting up front with the reins, Gray walking behind the wagon. There were still bandits around this area and they usually attacked from the rear, so it was best to have someone for defense back there.

Rito sighed as he rubbed his arms, they were stiff and sore. Since he had stopped altering the energy he could breath easier but the black lines didn't fade, they were dark and ominous. He didn't like the look of them.

"Are you okay Rito?" Lucy's voice piped up as she scooted to sit by the now past out Dragon-slayer laying on the ground.

"Ah…yeah sure."

"Do you know what those lines are?" She asked.

"Not really…but I'm starting to have an idea...I think…" He muttered to himself running his fingers over the dark lines. "It's not a problem though, don't worry. It's good Natsu is feeling better."

Lucy smiled at him and gave a curt nod, her eyes switching back to the sleeping face on the ground when she saw Rito's eyes close, a sign to say he wanted to sleep. A small pillow was under Natsu's head, his sleeping face was calm and it made her feel calm too. Finally they were on their way home. They had been through so much since they got here. Poor Natsu had been impaled and drowned and then sick, all that to recover and then almost die from internal injuries. Lucy had gone along with all of that and through most of it she could've prevented his wounds. Yet he didn't blame her whatsoever. She owed him for this one. Well, he was going to empty her wallet later when she treated him to supper. Lucy bet everyone was curious as to what had happened the time they had been gone but she was thankful that they let them just rest instead. Rito had fallen asleep sitting up in the corner across from her. Looking around she grabbed the bucket, which had happened to be in the wagon inside a chest amongst other things, Gray had filled it with ice. It had been a while ago since he had done so, so the water had begun to melt into ice cold water. Taking a cloth, which had also been in the chest of essentials in the wagon Lucy dipped it in and placed it onto Natsu's face. He flinched at the cold contact and his eyes slowly opened.

"Mmm, Luce?" He mumbled, his hazy eyes searching her face.

"Yeah Natsu it's me. Just go back to sleep."

"I…don't feel so good…" He groaned as his head throbbed.

"I know, that's why you should go to sleep." She repeated.

"Ah…ya…um…Luce…about…what I said…before…"

Lucy felt her breath hitch in her throat. What he said before? What, did he mean the whole confession? Why would he be bringing it up again? Did he want to take it back?

Or maybe she should actually wait to see what he had to say instead of jumping to conclusions.

"…Yeah?" She coaxed, the time he was taking to say all this was killing her.

"About…what you said…did you mean it? Do you actually…love me?" His eyes looked up at her and she couldn't breath again.

Why was he asking this? Now she felt nervous to say it…

"…Um…yeah…yeah I did." She finally forced out, it was harder to say it now than it was before.



"Really really?"

"Damn it Natsu yes really!"

"So you weren't just saying it…to make me happy?"

Now she laughed, he was worried that she had said it to just make him happy before he died? That was ridiculous.

"No, I wasn't Natsu you idiot. I meant it and I still do…" She smiled down at him, wiping some cold water that had dripped down his cheek.

"Well…I…love you too…hahah…" Natsu chortled as he beamed up at her. His whole face smiled up at her and she did her best to return the radiance of his smile back at him. Her heart swelled with happiness as she looked down at him. Her smile slowly faded away as he tried to sit up, the cloth on his forehead falling off.

"No, Natsu don't sit up okay just lie down and sleep." She tried to persuade him as she reached out to push him back down. Her hands found his shoulders in a sad attempt to make him lie down again. He caught her hands, unbalancing himself so he fell back down to the ground again, pulling Lucy along so she plopped down half on him and half on the floor. Not giving her a second to complain he released her hands and immediately cupped her face and pulled her in for a kiss. She was shocked for a moment, her eyes wide and blinking. Soon enough she closed them and returned the kiss as well.


The two pulled apart at the loud scream to see Wendy's red face pop back outside. Rito jerked awake as well, Erza's voice could be heard asking Wendy what was wrong. Even Gray was shouting from behind if everything was alright.

"I'm sorry I interrupted!" Wendy shouted to the couple in the back. Lucy's face felt hot but Natsu just lied there and chuckled.

"I just wanted to see how Natsu was doing." Wendy continued over top of Erza's 'Better not be doing anything indecent'. Lucy looked back to Natsu for an answer but he was already asleep. Irked slightly at the fact he could fall asleep so easily after that and with the fact she was still half on top of him she responded for him.

"He said he was feeling kinda sick, but he's tired and sleeping again."

"Ah, okay, just keep up with the ice for now if his fever is still high" Wendy finished, still not daring to peek back into the wagon.

Rito nodded off to sleep again when he saw nothing was wrong. Lucy decided to just lie down for a nap as well since Natsu's fever was cooling down, they were still a ways away from home now. Lying down next to the dragon slayer she dipped the cloth back in the cool water before gently placing it back on his forehead. It was a bumpy ride on the floor of the wagon but she snuggled up the best she could to Natsu and let her eyes slid closed.

She awoke when the wagon jolted slightly as it stopped. It was dark now, a few hours must've have passed by now.

"Lucy? Are you awake?" Erza's voice spoke through the hanging fabric.

"Yeah." She responded, rubbing her eyes as she sat up sleepily.

"We had stopped at your house, you can get out now." The redhead continued.

"Are you dropping everyone off at their houses?" Lucy asked, still rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"No, our next stop is the guild, we need to get Natsu into the infirmary, he isn't doing very good at the moment."

"What!" Lucy's eyes strained in the darkness and found Natsu propped up against the wall, the dim light of Wendy's healing magic on his chest.

"What's wrong with him?" Lucy couldn't help the panic that found it's way into her voice as she scrambled over to the two. Sometime along the way Rito had gotten out of the wagon and walked, the cats were asleep in the corner he had been in before.

"He's alright. We just need to get some blood into him and he should be able to recover. There is a back up supply at the guild for emergencies." Wendy explained, not bothering to look over to the blonde as she continued working.

"Then I'll come with you." Lucy decided.

"Lucy, your probably exhausted. Please let us handle this, go home and get a good night's rest." Erza responded. Lucy stared down at Natsu for a while, she was really tired but she just didn't want to leave him. Erza had a point though. Once they got to the guild Lucy would just fall asleep in a chair or something anyway. Nodding to no one in particular Lucy climbed her way off the wagon, Rito extending his hand to help her off. With a quick thanks and goodnight she walked over to her door and watched as the horses pulled the others off to the guild. Standing there for a few moments Lucy sighed. She fumbled with her keys and managed to get her door unlocked. Stepping in she locked the door and lazily climbed the stairs.

Her house was empty.

For the first time in a long time it was quiet, no distant roar of only god knows what, no bugs chirping, no quiet breathing of a certain dragon slayer nearby. It was quiet. It was lonely.

Walking across the room she stretched, grabbing some pyjamas and a towel. Having a quick shower she got ready for bed, brushing her teeth and giving her hair a quick comb. Thankful for having a toothbrush and hot water at the ready she climbed into her bed.

Now it felt almost too soft. It smelt like home and looked like home but…it just didn't feel much like home at the moment. Her mind couldn't help but wander over to Natsu, how was he doing at the moment? Was he alright? How the heck was she supposed to sleep not knowing? Her fingers played with her keys under her pillow. It was their new spot, she didn't want to be caught off guard without her keys ever again. That and she knew it probably wasn't the last time she would have to run out of her house in the middle of the house. No more skimpy pyjamas for her, so sir. Nice long sleeves and pants for her from now on.

She was prepared for the unexpected whatever it may be.

Tossing and turning in her bed she just couldn't get comfortable. She was exhausted but couldn't sleep whatsoever. Hours ticked by and she was getting tired of counting the ceiling tiles. There was 168 of them. It wasn't changing no matter how long she counted them for. It had started to rain, the large water droplets splatting onto the window next to her bed. It was nice to be able to watch the rain and not be in it. The thunderclouds rolled in and with time lightning lit up the sky.

This was her one of her favorite weather conditions to watch, it was always so interesting. Could Laxus eat lightning if he was struck by it? Would he just sit outside in rainstorms and wait for a meal? Laughing slightly at the image that appeared in her mind Lucy got out of bed and wandered around her room. Everything was in the same place since she had left, everything except her. She was different now. Natsu was different now too. They loved each other and now they knew it.

Crazy how it took that much just to confess. Lucy wasn't complaining though, she loved him. She loved him so much that home didn't even seem like home anymore. She couldn't even sleep without him here and Lucy was tired of trying to, if she couldn't sleep she might as well go to the guild and not sleep as she watched him. It would be much more comfortable for her to know he was okay. Quickly getting up she went to her closet and grabbed a nice raincoat. Popping boots on she headed down the stairs to her door. Soon as her hand touched the doorknob she heard the sound of rain get louder and a loud thud upstairs.

What was that?

Deciding to be cautious she snuck up the stairs on her hands and knees. Peeking around at the top of the stairs.

Her window was wide open, swinging wildly in the wind but she wasn't paying attention to that. No, something else was capturing her attention. The person that was standing in the middle of the room. Someone had broken into her home! Huffing silently she was about to reach for her keys, which she had grabbed earlier, when lightning flashed again, lighting up the room.

Lucy didn't reach for her keys, instead she stood up straight and walked out into the open at the top of the stairs. The intruder noticed her right away, his face looking straight into hers.

He was soaking wet, still only in the ripped up shorts Rito had made for him and his trademark scarf. Dripping quietly in the middle of her house. His chest rising and falling quickly as he breathed quickly, showing that he had just ran. Probably all the way from the guild's infirmary.

"Natsu…" Lucy muttered.

She watched him in the darkness. As much as she didn't want to encourage his behavior she couldn't help but smile at him as he stared at her. His hair was stuck to his face, sending little rivers cascading down his face to drip off his nose and chin. Dark eyes peered at her from under the flattened pink spikes.

He moved quickly, getting across the room in no time at all. His arms moving with precision as they wrapped around her body, one hand finding the back of her neck as he brought her close and his lips pressed up against her own. Lucy didn't even have time to react as she was swept into his embrace. He was cold and wet but Lucy didn't care, she was even wearing a raincoat so if there was a time for a soaking wet kiss now was the perfect time.

Natsu held onto her tightly even once he pulled out of the kiss, looking deep into her eyes. Water dripping down onto her face.

"I…" He muttered. Lucy waited patiently in his gaze for him to answer as he struggled to catch his breath. Looked like he hadn't fully recovered quite yet. All thoughts were snatched from her mind as he collapsed, her arms caught him before he hit the ground. Lowering him quickly but carefully she rested him up against the wall.

"I'm fine." He stated, beating her to the question he knew was coming. "I'm just a little tired…"

Lucy's lower lip jutted out slightly, he said he was fine but he still had an obvious fever. Not like before but running all the way in the rain hadn't helped anything at all.

"Why did you run all the way here then? Shouldn't you be in bed resting? Do you have a death wish?" She asked poking him in the chest with each question.

Grabbing her finger from poking him any further Natsu looked up at her. "I couldn't sleep…"

"Hm. Yeah me either." Lucy mumbled, sitting down next to him, her finger still being held captive.

"And then I couldn't stop thinking about you…and I think that I can't really…sleep without you? Is that weird? I mean we had to in the forest for so long…I think I just got used to it." His voice almost held a slight hint of cautiousness. A first for Natsu and his words.

Smiling in response she took her other hand and placed it over his that was holding her finger. "No, that's not weird at all. Why do you think I have a rain coat on?"

"I thought you just slept in that…it would make sense 'cause you're weird."

That earned him a good smack to the head as she stood and put her jacket away, grabbing a towel on her way back. Natsu didn't move from his spot, rubbing his new lump on his head until she came by and kneeled in front of him.

Ignoring the protests she put the towel on his head and started rubbing a little rougher than she would've normally.

"No, I'm not weird. I was coming to see you, you idiot. I couldn't sleep either." She said a little louder than normally so he could hear through the ruffling of his hair.

"Really?" Was his muffled response.

"Yeah really." Lucy paused, pulling the towel back slightly to see his face. He looked up at her from under the small towel and smiled warmly at her. The look that literally melted her heart. At times he was so intimidating and tough but his looks could be so gentle, it was like they were coming from a completely different person. His eyes drooped slightly and he leaned into her hands. Natsu was tired, not only tired but exhausted. He had been through a lot and it was beginning to show.

What he needed now was a good nights sleep, heck, it was what both of them needed right now.

"Come on Natsu, lets go to bed."

Willingly following, like a zombie he got to his feet and let her help him to her bed. Handing him the towel before he climbed into her bed she told him to dry himself off a bit better. Quickly searching through her drawers she found a pair of shorts he had left at her house a while ago. Until now she had forgotten about them, thankful she had forgotten she handed them to him and turned around to give him some privacy to change. He did so, the bed creaking soon after as he climbed on, the signal that he was done.

Turning and looking at the bed she felt nervous for some reason. Her hands were shaking slightly and she tightened them into fists to try to stop the shaking, which didn't work either. Why was she nervous anyway? She had been sleeping in his arms for a while now...but this was the first night as a couple...

Were they actually a couple? Yeah, right? They loved each other right? So did that make them automatically a couple? Natsu was so vague about the whole thing, he probably had it sorted out in his head already, he usually came to conclusions a lot faster than herself. Whether they were completely wrong or right.

Knowing Natsu he probably thought that they were married now.

Tomorrow she would have to talk to him about it but for now, she was tired...and there was a once again shirtless dragon slayer waiting for her in bed. Oh the ways that this situation could be read so wrong.


Lucy was brought back to reality when she met Natsu's eyes, staring curiously at her as he sat up slightly on the bed.

"You okay?"

She couldn't help but smile at him. Yeah, she was fine just nervous. It's crazy that he wasn't at all. Maybe she was just being weird after all. Nodding she took the few steps to the bed and pulled the blankets up and slipped underneath. Swallowing her fear and nerves all at once she moved close to him, wrapping her arms around him and placing her head against his chest. The way they had so many times before in the forest.

Her smile grew when she heard his heart, sounded like he was nervous after all. Natsu was just better at hiding it. Looking up at him as his arms almost hesitantly made their way around her she saw the light tinge of red on his cheeks. He could act like he wasn't nervous but his body betrayed him. She felt him lightly kiss the top of her head and mumble an almost incoherent goodnight before his breathing quieted and small snores came out. He fell asleep almost instantly and she felt sleep finally creeping up on her as well. In the arms of a reckless dragon slayer Lucy Heartfilia fell asleep.

She truly wouldn't have it any other way.

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