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In this world, everything is based on wings; beautiful displaying wings. The bigger your wings are, the higher your rank and the more power you have. No one has bigger wings than the king – that's why he's the king – one from a rare and polished blood line that only leads to the best of all wings.

But this world is also split, almost like two that have merged together – one can't continue on without the other, just like the other can't live without the one.

It isn't really worlds, it's more races. You could consider it worlds; they sit side by side and either ignore each other or hug each other. It makes no difference.

One half is called lights; beautiful, shining lights sometimes referred to as angels, so commonly found with white, fluffy wings... You could almost say they're doves; innocent and pure.

While the other half are called darks, or shadows; strong and brutal darks. Some people consider them demons, but everyone's a demon in these worlds. It makes no difference. They are normally found with dark wings similar to that of a bat. Consider them black birds; the ones that stand out and bully the other smaller birds away.

There are also marks.

Marks apply to both lights and darks. These marks sit at the base of the wings, are normally clear to see, and help you find your soul mate. You can ignore them, but you'd be a fool to do so – after all, once you mate with your marked mate you gain power that can be ten times your previous. If you can't find yours by you 18th birthday they're considered dead – at least until found – and you're completely free to mate among others.

But if you have already met your mate – normally without knowing so – and you mate with another, your marked one will end up in unbearable pain, sometimes leading to death – but that's just in extreme cases. When you mate, your power increases, but if you don't mate with your marked mate then you only get half of the power that you would hope for if you were to mate with your marked.

Since your mark is at the base of your wings, if you have no wings you're considered "free for all," and are normally made into a slave; they are preferred as bed warmers than marked slaves considering how some mates act around their significant others.

If you have small wings, no mark (and are of low rank – extremely low), no wings at all, or sometimes even slightly under average wings, you will become a slave by birth right.

If you have large enough wings and good control over your power, you can make your way into high society, known as the "Upper" (but of course you need the approval, first). The Upper is naturally far better than the Lower; it's a clean and rich filled place that no one from Lower dares to step in.

Normally you'd have to be adopted from childhood to ever make your way into Upper from Lower, but even though there are special cases where some people managed to get in, it doesn't mean they felt welcome.

The kings' palace sits in the middle of the large Upper district, while the Lower district is scattered around the Upper, and from the palace you can see the clear difference in social class just by looking out a window at the city. It's no matter though; as long as only those with large wings live around the palace, everything is fine.

Out in the Lower, a storm was brewing as a panting woman with twitching, slightly over-average wings smiled fondly down at the new born baby in her arms. Such large wings for its' age it had! She'd be surprised if he managed to walk without falling over when he was older! She smiled and cooed down at him as his violet eyes beamed up at her in happiness.

She moved to sit down in an old breaking chair that looked like it would give way under any weight. Luckily it didn't, but in all honesty, she didn't care where she was, as long as her baby was safe.

Her hand slowly stroked over his tri-coloured hair as she thought back on her escape...

It was a close call – one that she had lost her mate in – but she'd had no time to mourn for him; her old home had been burnt to a crisp, and she had only just managed to save her son! She knew it would soon be her time to go, too... But she was glad that her father was still around; that was why she had come to the lower district: so she could give him her last dying wish – to protect her child from "them."

"Them," the enemies of the kingdom they lived in, would stop at nothing to make sure that the king's power would never reach its peak, but it wasn't about the kind this time; it was about the prince – the one who would become king.

And her poor, innocent baby boy had been thrown in the middle. She almost cursed her tri-coloured hair for it leading to such a thing; her child looked so much like the prince, she couldn't help but smile slightly at the irony of it.

Of course that wasn't the only reason; it also had to do with the small mark that sat at the base of the boys' wings; his mating mark matched the prince's. She feared for her child's life the moment she saw it and tried to pack up to run, but she sadly noticed too late and lost her husband for it.

She sighed and stood again, wrapping a piece of fabric that used to be part of her over-shirt around the small baby, then stepping carefully outside and glancing around before running out to find a certain better looking shack; her father's shack.

When she had found it, she couldn't help but smile at the memories that flooded back to her from her childhood. The memories, however, were not needed; her little boy's life was on the line.

She quickly but still somehow elegantly knocked on the door, looking around a little panicked as the door opened and she was met with the small grey haired man that she called her father.

"What is it my girl? Do you know wha – " The elderly man quickly stopped as he saw the tear stained face of his daughter holding a bundle close to her chest, burns and cuts littering her body.

"Come in, quickly," He said, ushering her in and looking around before shutting the door and letting her sit down on a chair.

"Th-they... They did it... They burned it to the ground...! They killed him..." The women finally said, breaking down in to tears, as he rubbed her back, trying to comfort her. It didn't seemed help much, but it was all he could do.

"There, there, now."

"Father... You know that it's dangerous for me to be here, but I had to come... It was for Yugi; if I didn't..." She just seemed to break down more as she kept up her rant through her sobs.

"It's okay, I know. Little Yugi's fine here with me..."

The woman looked up at her father and nodded. She handed him the bundle of fabric containing her son as she stood and wiped away her tears; she'd face her death with her dignity still in tact, she'd decided..

Yugi started to cry as he felt his mother's arms leave, and tried to reach out to her.

"Now, now, my sweet, I have to go. You be good for your grandpa, okay?" She placed a kiss on her father's cheek, then on her babies' forehead. At the door, she looked back at them one last time and gave a smile – the smile of a person going to their grave – but with life still strong in her eyes, she turned and disappeared past the door and into the night.

She had long ago sealed her fate. There was no going back from that moment. She had fought a hard battle, but they all ended the same; with her in the ground and no mourning to come.

A six year old boy with large-looking white wings perched on his back sat on a chair swinging his legs innocently while looking up at his grandpa.

"Why did the king die?" The child asked innocently as his grandpa looked up.

"Because some bad people wanted him dead," came the careful response.

"But why not go after the prince? He's the next in line," The child reasoned.

"There are some people who can't kill children. Anyway, no need to talk about this at your age, Yugi," He explained, ruffling his grandson's hair.

There was a short pause while Yugi thought about this before switching the subject. "Grandpa... Do you think you could teach me some covering magic? Or spells to hide things?" The child asked, beaming up to his grandpa.

"Now why would you want to know that kind of magic, child?" He asked, and looked carefully at his grandson; he didn't expect that to come out.

"Well, a little while ago, you said that I was marked to mate with the prince, but I don't want to mate with someone I don't love. I also don't want him to mate with someone he doesn't love." He said to his grandpa.

The elderly man's eyes seemed to widen for a moment as he though thought, before finally nodding.

"Okay. I'll teach you some, but really Yugi, you shouldn't even have to think of anything to do with mating at the moment." He chuckled while ruffling his hair again. Despite the fact this his grandson was both innocent and six, it didn't stop him from thinking carefully... Sometimes, anyway.

"Yay! Thank you, Grandpa!" Yugi cheered as he hopped off the chair and hugged his grandpa's waist; even though he was slightly short for his age, his grandpa was quite short, too, so it didn't really change a lot.

Yugi then let go and smiled as he walked to what he called his room, which was just a door leading to another small space in the hut that had blankets covering the floor. He didn't really go out a lot, and when he did, he just played along happily in the "garden;" the patch of land behind the hut that his grandpa grew things in. But he was content with his small life.

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