Wing's Of Fate: Chapter 22

Everyone in the kingdom was as quiet as the surroundings, their actions becoming monotonous, a cycle set on repeat much like the sun.

No one truly did anything new or intriguing anymore. It all became too bland and uninteresting. Especially for Yami.

The King ran his hand along the pale cheek before him, he enjoyed the warmth it emitted under his caress. His other hand made work of combing through the untameable locks, he had already brushed them many times while the boy slept. At first it had been tough, the bristles fighting against many knots, it was enough to bring a frown to his face at the memory of Yugi's previous life. However over time the matted clumps had become silky strands.

It was something had been constant in his life recently. After Ishizu's long hours and servants sweating while gathering water from the lake, it had finally started to pay off. The figure before him was almost completely healed, his heart beat a steady rhythm while he laid peacefully against Yami's bedding. Many bones had been set in placed and healed to perfectly to form the doll that way Yugi. Staying by his bedside and watching him heal had now become a continual event.

Before him Yugi was almost perfect, so healthy, so wonderful. It brought so much joy for him to see him like that. However sadly he could not be fully at peace. The wings that sat at Yugi's shoulder blades were a mess, their state had been unfixable. Ishizu had tried her best to reshape them, but the wings themselves looked nothing like what they were originally meant to. It was something Yami persistently tried ignored in favour of his mate's life being safe. He still hated the idea of Yugi's wings never being beautiful again though.

He had been assured that if Yugi continued to heal at this progressed speed that he may wake up sooner than expected from the unwavering sleep that he laid in.

The news had delighted Yami, over the time he had sat at the boy's side he had tried his best to create and expand their connection. His interest grew with the connection, the boy's friends dropping by to visit Yugi and to talk about his childhood. It made him feel so much closer.

It was through these times that he had been informed about how the high ranking members of his palace had all found their marked ones. He had barely registered anything when looking for his marked one, and during the hunt to find Yugi. At the time he hadn't even noticed his friends had been carrying their marked ones.

He had also learned much about Yugi. The key thing being that his name was Yugi Mutou. The very family name he had tried to investigate only to come up blank.

The King hummed over the thought while he continued to grazed his fingers over Yugi's cheek, enjoying the soft tingle of the bond between them. He had been very annoyed, almost distraught, the first time he had made skin to skin contact with Yugi, only to find that there was a blank feeling of a week bond. He had spent many weeks by Yugi's side trying to strengthen the bond to this point, where it would be unbreakable no matter what.

Many hours he had sat at Yugi's bedside, whether it was in the infirmary or in his own chambers, he desperately wanted to be the first person for Yugi to see when he woke up. If not he feared the work to strengthen the bond could all be for nothing. The idea of him not waking up at all had been pushed to the back of his mind and locked away, refusing to even admit it as a possible out come. Yugi was his marked mate. A mate strong enough to give him power and to stand by his side, he could get through this, he was made to.

At this point it had been eight weeks since Yugi have been moved to his chambers, he had glued himself to his side disregarding his work and putting it on to capable others who got the work done to his standard. He spent his days watching Yugi, tending to him and cleaning him, keeping the boy propped on his side to insure his wings could not be damaged more.

A beautifully crafted cherry wood brush was in his hand, a painting of some exotic flower on the back not even catching his interest as he pulled it gently through Yugi's well groomed locks for the third time that day.

It was not nearly as tiring as he had first thought it would be. He, A King, had hundreds of servants waiting at him hand and foot, had never even had a need to wash his own body before. But he took calm in stroking the brush through Yugi's hair, enjoying the feeling of fulfillment he received from the appearance of his hair after.

Sighing lightly he placed the finely made brush to one side before gathering one of Yugi's hands and gently petting it with his own. The skin was soft and smooth, much like a new born child's, much better to the brown mess it had been originally.

His wings fluttered as he brought the hand up to his lips, carefully breathing over the skin, letting his lips just touch it before carefully placing the hand back against Yugi.

A shiver ran through him at the thought of kissing Yugi's plump lips. But he didn't dare, not when Yugi was in such a poor state, he was in shape to be courted or to be ravished at this moment.

But it still gave him a sense of peace that he was at least able to kiss Yugi, even if it was only barely. The idea of kissing your marked mate was almost as fulfilling as the act of bonding itself, it was something that was hard wired in to everyone with a mark- Even those who hated each other found a sense of peace, love and happiness from being able to touch and kiss their marked mate.

He sat quietly trying to contain himself, he did not know how long he sat but he blinked for one moment before feeling that something strange was happening. Looking up he just saw Yugi's still figure laying on the bed, but something was off about it.

Staring at it intently he jumped when Yugi's hand jerked, his thumb twitching ever so slightly.

A cold sweat fell over him, his eyes grew wide as he flung himself up from his chair, uncomposed for a King but losing all of his well taught mannerisms in that one moment.

For a longer while he watched the body in shock, waiting for it to happen again, waiting for a sign that Yugi was indeed waking up. He stood there just watching, not even noticing the gentle trickle of sun that had once lit the room slowly fading as the sun began to set in it's constant pattern. Yugi's movement breaking the monotonous mood that had been set in place before.

It was pitch black by the time Yugi's hand repeated the action, Yami as if thrown out of a trance took a step back, "Yugi..", He whispered quietly to himself before taking a large breathe.

"ISHIZU!" A roar ripped from his throat, he could hear the echo repeating itself around the palace, running down every hall while Yami stood stiffly staring at Yugi with unblinking eyes.

"ISHIZUU!" He repeated, his wings raising as he noticed another twitch come from Yugi's hand, there was much less time between them now.

"ISHIZUUUU!" Yet again he roared. His voice not showing the desperation he felt, but instead coming off as an angry bellow.

Hurried footsteps came in no time, from where he stood he could hear many doors slamming and opening before his own was ripped open, creaking at the hinges as a flustered Ishizu showed at the door.

"He's Waking!" He gritted out, wings high watching the woman assess the situation with a frown.

"Oh.. Oh, my!" she finally exclaimed, hurrying over to the boy's side, going over all of his vitals and checking his movements. A constant twitch was now visible in three of his fingers.

Yami watched from the side as she quickly moved medicine and equipment to the bed side, taking a damp cloth and placing it on to the boy's forehead, the wetness of the cloth keeping it's grip to his head despite being laid on his side.

He watched closely, he sharply in too a breathe as glorious amethyst eyes opened.

"Yugi..?" He called, somewhat relieved but unsure as he pushed himself closer to the bed.

The eyes flickered to him and stared at him in a haze, closing and reopening a few times in a sluggish manner, before suddenly clearing and widening in shock.

"M-My King!" He cried out in a raspy voice, trying to push himself up to bow, only to be brought to the brink of tears by the movement as sever pain stabbed through his back.

"No, Little One. Stay down." Surprisingly gentle hands reinforced the words pushing him back down on to his side.

"Yugi, you must stay on your side. Your body has mostly healed from the incident, but yours wings are a mess. I tried my best to reshape them but as you were in such a deep sleep I was unsure of what exactly would be affected the most in terms of nerve endings." Ishizu explained from her position, taking pity on his panicked face. However it did not seem to help as Yugi didn't understand what exactly was going on let alone what a nerve ending was and how it would effect him.

"You are under the influence of heavy medicine to attempt to dull the pain, however we are not completely sure of how bad the pain would be when you awoke, so it may not be enough." she continued to explain, he understood that somewhat, but right now everything was coming at him in a such a rush it was hard to know what to focus on.

There was a long moment of silence in the air, only filled with Ishizu's work mixing medicine and checking vital signs, while Yugi tried to process the information provided. Yami stood silently watching all of the emotions flick over Yugi's face, not wanting to interrupt the boy.

For a moment Yugi's face contorted in to confusion, then it saddened before finally his eyes widened again, "M- My Win- wings?!" He croaked out, his throat dry from lack of use as he brought his hands to hide his face trying to curl away from the two before him.

"Little one... It will be okay-" He stopped as he tried to place a comforting hand on Yugi's shoulder but he only received a flinch from Yugi, his hand meeting plain air.

"Little one." He pushed.

"H-How... how did you find out?!" Yugi sobbed.

Yami stepped back for a moment, he realized what Yugi was sad about. Not his wings but instead the fact that he knew who Yugi was. It angered him, made his blood boil, at how upset he was over this, not even seeming to mourn the loss of surely once beautiful wings.

Without further thinking Yami gripped Yugi and pulled him up to press him against his chest, cradling him, taking the utmost care of his back. He completely blank Ishizu's calls in the background.

For a while they just stood like that, Yugi sobbing in to his shoulder while Yami held him close, relishing in the bond he felt between them, even through Yugi's sadness and pain. They stayed like that until Yugi's sobs decreased down to gentle sniffles, squirming every now and then in his arms, a bit shocked to be suddenly faced with such a strong bond when before there was none.

Yami leaned down and placed a soft peck on Yugi, enjoying the satisfaction that came over him before placing Yugi back on to the bed, making sure he laid on his side.

"Little one. You're safe now. Never worry about such people ever again." He cooed strongly to Yugi, it sounded odd with the gentle loved filled words being so strongly pushed, fingers soothing him gently as they ran surprisingly smoothly through his hair.

"My King-"


Yugi sat silently for a while, his breath caught at the stern reply, even with the permission he just got given it felt wrong to even think of addressing the King by name. But the gaze the King was giving him made him bow to his wishes.

"Ya..." He tried, "Yami." Tried again, enjoying the sound even though it came from his dry throat.

"That's right Little One." The King's voice sounded so strained, his eyes were even gazed slightly, he felt something odd flow through him, something akin to lust or pleasure but he wasn't too sure why, it was too low- almost like a hum – to have come from his person. He could only think that it came from the King, receiving such pleasure from just Yugi saying his name, it shocked him a little.

he King took a deep breath, composing himself before smiling down at Yugi, "You need not worry any more. We have the rest of our lives to straighten things out.", Yugi returned his smile hesitantly, feeling tired from his crying a moment ago.

"You should sleep." The King announced. Yugi nodded his head slightly, surprised at how he easy it was to follow the words, as he started closing his eyes and drifted on in to a black abyss.

Yami had stayed with Yugi the whole night, he simply sat there watching him just waiting for his next chance to see those coloured irises. He considered sleeping but found that when he laid down he could only think about his Little One, so he returned to sitting beside him and admired his features.

Unlike before when Yugi was in a coma like state, he now had slight movements, mumbles and gargles in his sleep with small jerks and twitches. He found it adorable to watch his marked mate.

It was only when the sun had started to peek in to the room that Yami noticed Yugi was heavily covered in sweat. He simply put a new dampened cloth on to his forehead, not believing it was anything serious, until Yugi started to thrash.

Screams tore from the Little One's throat.

His legs kicked from left to right, violent hitting a side table beside him. Yami tried to carefully contain the movements trying not to pin him and hurt him. Yugi was erratic, eventually Yugi managed to twist himself on to his back. A few sickening cracks followed before a blood curdling scream ripped through the room.

Yami didn't know what to do, but he pushed Yugi on to his side, neglecting any thoughts that it may injury him. From the feeling that throbbed through the bond, he was in far more pain than any pinning could ever cause him. He felt so helpless, just holding his lover tightly when he truly couldn't do anything, even just holding him like this was hurting him, but it was hurting less that being on his back had.

His nose twitched as he stiffened, his breathing long ago growing heavy as he could only watch when blood started gargling form Yugi's mouth. He panicked and shouted for someone. His wings had risen. He had called over and over, he wasn't even sure who he was calling for. But his throat soon hurt from the roars he screeched.

From that point on-wards he had no recollection of what had happened. A vague memory of hands dragging him away from where he could see Yugi's blood pooling. The scent so strong, so sickly.

He was sure the image of Yugi's blood stained lips would never fade from his memory, not for as long as he lived. That and the torn mess of Yugi's wings after the incident.

It had been later that Yami had been informed that some of Yugi's wounds had not healed as well as they had thought. When the Little One had the nightmarish dream, causing his original thrashing and screaming, he had knocked one of his ribs, effectively piercing through a segment of his lung. He should have reacted strongly from that, but because he fell on to his back the pain from his wings had over powered the feeling of his lung and he had continued thrashing, causing himself more damage and pain.

After that night Yugi had been rushed to the infirmary for medical attention, Ishizu had tried her best to heal his lungs, and successfully managed to seal the wound with some technical medical method and healing water. When he was considered stable enough Ishizu made work of rearranging his wings again, however Yami was brought to pain when he was told that Yugi had awoke during the process screaming out in pain from the feeling of his broken wings being touched. Yami was severely upset, but at the same time a little happy, Yugi has also screamed his name during his awakening, it being out of pain upset him.

Yugi had been asleep since that operation. Yami had continued to stay by his side, tending and grooming him whenever it needed to be done. It pained him to watch Yugi in his nightmarish state, this time though they were unsure if he would ever wake. He was in a coma. One much deeper and stronger than the first one he had been in.

It didn't sit well with him, but he couldn't do anything about it. Yugi would wake when he was ready, but right now it seemed that his brain was too tormented by all that had happened when he was awake. His body and mind was just simply refusing to face the world.

As time went by Yami grew colder, more angry, he continued to return to Yugi's side though, feeling at peace next to the boy who he gently brushed the hair of. His marked mate was one with him and right now it was so frustrating for him to feel a bond but only feel a dull fuzz on the other side. But he felt that he loved Yugi, so he continued hoping that one day he would see those eyes open, that those plump lips would curve in to a smile and kiss him gently while his cute cheeks glow pink.

For now though Yugi was a porcelain doll who laid inside Yami's chambers, dressed in the finest of clothes, groomed and cleansed often to maintain his youthful appearance. Truly he looked like an angel laying. Yami had also changed, becoming more cold and cruel, ruling his kingdom with an iron fist, the rage of what had been done to his marked mate fueling most of his cruelty. Once before he had been able to keep his temper under check, but now he was a loose cannon, only calm just after meeting Yugi.

The council had once dared to suggest him trying to find another mate, in hopes of calming his temper, so he would not have to cling to the painful connection that was more or less one sided.

That member had his head separated from his shoulders in front of his whole council, before starting a long speech about how they had pushed him to find a mate to gain his full powers, now he had his true mate there was no need to find another. All while leaving crimson footsteps from the blood of the ex-member.

Everything had become very easy after that, no stupid requests or ideas and everything was done to an amazing standard, he as rather pleased with his palace.

Despite his cruel behavior he still treated his kingdom good, making sure there was never any starvation or excessive poverty. He still stayed around his high ranking members and friends, them not finding much of a problem with his new behavior.

Every once in a while he allowed one of their own marked mates to visit Yugi, they all had a small place in his heart for taking care of his marked mate so well and trying to protect him when he himself couldn't and didn't see who he was. At first they had been so frightened in front of his, especially after the first public execution, they had all dropped to their knees and bowed to him. He just simply scolded them playfully, saying they need not do so, however the white haired one still continued to attempt to.

Yami stayed by Yugi's side often, smiling gently at the pale face, button nose and long eyelashes. The boy was very girly looking.

He clung to the idea that one day Yugi would wake up, he always had food at the bedside table ready to feed him if one day he did awake. He refused to believe he wouldn't wake up. Because he would, he could feel it. Just like how he could feel that one day those beautiful wings would flutter in the wind once again.

The day finally came, three years later, when he sat by Yugi's bedside, those beautiful eyes opening looking up at him in a daze. He broke out in to a smile, his eyes widening just staring and taking in the sight he had waited so long to see again.

Joy flushed through him, his cheeks heating up a little as he stretched his smile further. Because right now, this kingdom was perfect, Yugi would love it. He was sure of it. He had made it in to the most perfect place for his marked mate. His mate would only see the best of the best.

Yugi looked at him tiredly, not fully understanding his dazed surroundings or the soft feeling of silk against his skin, but he smiled. Through his hazed eyes he could see Yami looking so happy, he could feel the love and warmth in the room flowing towards him and through the bond. As if it was contagious he felt happy, Yami's feelings flowing through him as he let a tired smile grace his lips.

Yami sat there for a while just staring happily in to Yugi's eyes, his hand caressing the soft hands in front of him before leaning in and kissing those lips he wanted so much.

The fact that he had once tried to hide himself from this man completely thrown out the window as he smiled. He could no longer deny his fate, not the fate that his wings carried with him, especially not when his mate looked so pleased to see him.

So Yugi returned the kiss, fully happy in that one moment that he and Yami were marked together, to be mated forever. To be each other's half. He was finally at peace.

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