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Fred: The Beginning


Next door neighbor

8 year old Fred Figglehorn peered out the large living room window. It was matched perfectly to his small height. He had the biggest smile on his face watching the new neighbors move in across the street of the small culd-a-sac.

He couldn't hold in all the happiness and joy for long until his dad shown up behind him. "Hey kiddo, what are you doing?" John smiled, kneeling to his boy's size looking out the window with him. Fred moved around like a kid hopped on drugs from all the excitement building up inside his little body but John caught the little boy in his arms before he could run away.

"I wanna go see daddy…let me go see!" eager little Fred continued his squirming even in his dad's arms which clung loosely to him. Tired of his craziness John put Fred down and ran outside with him.


Across the street Fred could see another kid. By the looks he was another boy and he somehow missed the little girl right beside the older one.

John, Fred's wrestling father rested his large hands on his small shoulders looking with him. "Looks like you have some competition son." John smiled behind his serious look. No wonder little Fred was so crazy; he got that from his dad and maybe a little from his mom but mostly his dad. John Cena always pushed Fred to be like him. He'd even wrestle around with his young son from time to time, not often though.

"You are the king of this culd-a-sac not some newbie punk kid; just be careful son." John spun him around carefully and kneeled. He was serious and Fred smiled and gave him a fast head bob. "Thanks daddy." Fred turned back around and hurried across the street.

Once he made it, his bright yellow suspenders must have grabbed the kid's attention because Fred barely said a word. The new kid, who seemed older than him, stopped as he made his way towards the door and gave Fred a hard stare. He looked different from most kids around here. The hat, the crazy wrist bands, nice-prepped up clothes, slightly baggy slacks and nice kicks on his feet was more than one kid needed but he looked good in all of it.

Fred seemed terribly jealous but was excited on meeting a new friend. So he slowly made his way towards the new kid and smiled.

"Hi, my name is Fred!" Fred smiled wide. He waved once and put his hands behind his back. But what he didn't know did hurt him. The boy by the age of 10 or maybe 11 frowned at him full of hate and reached out pushing him in the chest. It sent Fred falling into the lime green grass on his butt.

Unfortunately, neither Fred's mom nor dad saw what just happened. Fred sat there staring up at the new guy eyes glistening with fear.

"AHH!" out of nowhere, Fred got up from his landing and ran all the way back home. He never felt this way before; he was never picked on like that before…usually people would say "Oh what a cute boy" or even "Oh what a sweet boy…why is he so crazy?" but never push him down the first encounter especially from another kid. After Fred returned home, he ran inside breathless and tears in his eyes: John who was resting in his recliner in the family room and mom ordering dinner, John got up from his spot and found Fred all disheveled.

John didn't bother asking what was wrong and took him in his arms. "Don't worry son, you can watch some wrestling with your dad." He smiled at his boy, wiping at his tears for him, since he hadn't been in the mood to do so.


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