Fred: The Beginning


He hurt me; a kiss

Fred ran home with tears in his eyes. His entire face was wet and he could do nothing but curl up in a tight ball on the couch with his face buried in a pillow.

All he wanted was a friend…was another kid to talk to and not to be pushed around by another kid. It made him feel alone and lonely.


Minutes later Fred nearly fell asleep until there was a knock at the door which startled him. He jumped from the couch in a hurry but stopped before he made it to the door. What if it was Kevin the mean kid next door? What if he wanted revenge? What if he wanted to hurt him…questions like that ran through his head constantly at that moment.

It was driving him mad.

But he peered out the window and noticed it was definitely Kevin, but with his mom at his side. It relieved little Fred to see that so he ran to the door and opened it the best he could reach on the tips of his toes. He opened the door nearly falling backwards in all the force it took to open it and Ms. Kevin smiled at him.

"Hello Fred Kevin wanted to apologize for hurting you earlier, don't you Kevin?" Shannon seemed to push Kevin into apologizing. Fred seemed a little uneasy about but if he was actually going to do it, it felt just as right.

Kevin stepped up to the door, his head down. Fred eyed him in confusion. "I-am…sorry." He said in such a small voice that Fred never realized until now. He was just as little as Fred was even in his voice and it made Fred feels a lot more confident and less afraid but that didn't mean he had to take down his wall of protection just yet.

Shannon looked down at Kevin then Fred with a slight smile. "Kevin that's not all." She rested her hand on his shoulder and made him jump.

Kevin let out a tired sigh before finishing what he still had left to say. "I'm sorry Fred, for-for being mean to you." He sounded pretty real and honest when he was speaking but still Fred had a bit of uneasiness.

Shannon smiled fully and patted Kevin's shoulder. "Fred, why don't you come over for a little play-date with Kevin? He'd like that." She winked at her son who looked very uncomfortable with the whole talk of a play-date with the kid he bullied.

Fred smiled and bobbed his head.

Shannon smiled again: "Okay!"


An hour later…

Kevin finished off the last batch of cookies that Shannon had baked, but somehow Fred got the last cookie? Kevin snapped a look at Fred who stole that cookie and chased him around for maybe 5 seconds before getting tired.

But after that, Fred was still in a happy mood and wouldn't mind sharing with him. "Do you want a bite?" Fred asked so sweetly, sitting at the kitchen table with Kevin sitting across from him. Kevin eyed him and the cookie. He licked his lips over once and stared at Fred.

Kevin didn't answer to that as he rose from his chair and stood beside Fred, snatching it right from his hands. He stared at the youngest kid, before chomping down onto the Choco-chip cookie right in front of him.

"Hey!" Fred called out, reaching out to grab it but he was too late. The kid had already eaten it and was totally nonchalant about it. He didn't bother to notice those tears that gathered in his eyes again not even that sad expression on his face. "What's wrong are you going to cry?" Kevin teased again, poking Fred in his shoulder with his finger over and over. Fred's lips twitched and the tears rolled down in small droplets.

Fred stood up on his feet and moved away from Kevin.

How can someone be so mean and feel normal about it? Kevin was the meanest neighbor ever. But strangely before Fred left, Kevin called his name: "Where are you going?" he asked so sympathetically it clearly knocked Fred off his feet. Kevin was frightening minutes before now he was all calm and silent. Fred didn't get it.

"I wanna' go home." Fred squeaked, with his arms limp at his sides. Kevin knew he was mean but it was in his genes. His father was always this way around Kevin and so it somehow rubbed off on him.

Kevin was sad to already see Fred leaving; time flew by so fast. "You're not going…" Kevin forced his hands onto Fred's arms and grabbed tight. Fred whimpered trying to pull away but Kev wouldn't budge.


Kevin showed Fred his room. It was a crazy mess but only with clothes strung all over the place. Posters colored the four walls and a giant boom box sat on its backside on the messy bed.

"This is my room; x-box over there and music over there." Kevin stood in his door way pointing in the direction that he had explained to Fred. Fred smiled and sat on Kevin's bed.

Kev looked in his direction and smirked small. "Here Figglehorn" Kevin pulled a wrist band from around his wrist and handed it to Fred. It was the best he could do since he ate his cookie. Fred looked down at it and refused it. "Take it Figglehorn!" Kevin raised his voice and Fred listened taking it carefully.

It was soft and plain black. He put it around his wrist and felt how warm and big it was. Kevin walked into the middle of his room kicking back the discarded clothes.

"Want to play a game?" he picked up a game controller and turned on the TV with a push of a button. Fred didn't acknowledge him. He was tired. "Fred?" Kevin called his name again and dropped his controller finding him asleep on his bed. Kevin looked down at him and noticed the soft paleness of his skin and his sweet rosy cheeks that he himself didn't have.

"Figglehorn!" he shook him with one hand in a low voice. Fred moved and opened his eyes. They completely shocked Kevin to see such beauty as they flashed open to him.

Kev turned around in a different direction and blushed. His heart thumped.

Fred sat up to stretch and yawn. "I wanna' go home…now." Fred told him moving away from the bed. Kevin held both of his hands in his lap, and quickly grabbed Figglehorn's hand. Just at that little touch Fred felt something spark between them. He didn't know what it was exactly but it felt funny.

Kevin carefully pulled Fred closer and closer and before long, Fred was nose-to-nose with his enemy that seemed sweeter than he really was. They were both quiet and Fred smiled pressing his little lips against Kevin's cheek.

Their hands were still held in each other's with building sweat.

Kevin accepted the sweet kiss but acted as he didn't and pushed Fred onto the floor. "Don't do that!" he growled, with hands in tight fists. Fred was shaking again.

Even though Kevin did feel something he didn't show it…only that little kiss against Fred's lips was the one time he really knew Kevin liked him deep down. It lasted 5 seconds long before Kevin stood up and forced Fred out of his house.


E/N: Okay like I said it wasn't terrible slash just a little kiss:D and it was cute! I always thought Kevin had something for Fred but rarely ever showed it…hope you enjoyed my three-shot! Reviews please XD