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Raindrops were falling from the sky that night. The stars were covered by gray clouds, not letting any light through them.

A pair of feet left some footprints on the dirty ground, heading for Magnolia's graveyard. Those footprints disappeared, when puddles of dirty water washed over them, only showing the reflection of the clouds.

The person headed to a certain grave, a bunch of red roses in his arms. The grave was in a corner between a wall and another grave. There were many different flowers on it, expressing,, that the person was still loved by other people. Her friends, her family.

The man kneeled down in front of this grave, putting the roses beside him. He folded his hands, his bangs covering his eyes. Every part of his clothing was soaked by the rain.

"Hey there..." His voice was hoarse and unsteady, while talking to the grave.

"We haven't talked for a while, so I wanted to at least tell you some things." His voice cracked as he was close to tears, but still suppressing the urge to do so.

"I've told you so many times, that I loved you. And now I feel miserable, that I was not able to hold you, when you needed me to." Now the tears were running down his face, although you couldn't see them, because of the rain.

The man wiped his eyes with his sleeve, taking his glasses down in the process.

"I know, it's your birthday today and I haven't seen you for years, but-" He stopped in the middle of his sentence, breaking down crying. It took him quite some time to stop crying, the tears just wouldn't stop flowing.

"I-I love you. And I always have. It hate that we were born so differently... If we weren't, maybe we could have stayed together much longer..." Another tear rolled down his face.

"But you are human and I'm a celestial spirit. We simply were not able to stay together forever..."

This was one of the few times, that his own words hurt him that much. Loke wiped away some tears again.

"We can never be together again, because I just can't die, like you did. I can kill my owner, but I would vanish, not able to return to you."

Tears flooded down his face again and they wouldn't stop this time.

"I'm sorry..." Loke had another breakdown, but recovered just a few minutes afterwards.

"I will never forget you..." He took a deep breath. "Lucy."

Loke put the roses on the grave this time, bowing in front of it and walking away, still crying.

Then he vanished, returning to the spirit world again.

Hey Lucy, I remember your name
I left a dozen roses on your grave today
I'm in the grass on my knees, wipe the leaves away
I just came to talk for a while
I got some things I need to say

I'm sorry to all the Lucy fans. Q_Q

I like Lucy, and I really didn't mean to let her die, but I love the song "Lucy" by Skillet and the plot came and I just had to write it. Q_Q

I really love LoLu~

Lucy didn't die in a battle, she died from age. I had on mind, that celestial spirits probably can't die from age, but humans can, so Loke looks excatly the same.

Oh, and Lucy gave here keys to a younger mage, when she thought she was getting to old for fighting, so Loke and the others have a new owner.

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