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Husky: This is why I hate girls...

Nana: Don't be mean! This can actually be pretty good!

Husky: Well...Let's see...

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Chapter one

The Storm

Nana looked at the sky in doubt. She could see storm clouds on the horizon. Lightning lit the sky every couple of seconds.

"Husky!" she called. "I don't think this is a good idea!"

"You're so annoying Nana! We're sailing on a huge ship! What could possibly happen to us? Besides, we have out +anima powers!" Husky was tired of Nana.

"But look at those storm clouds!"

"Don't worry, I'll save you if you drown", said Husky.


"Scaredy-cat!" Husky laughed.

"That's too far!" Nana shrieked.

Oh no, here it comes thought Husky while trying to cover his ears.

Nana used her screech. When she first used it, no one knew what hit them, and they all passed out. But over time, they've become familiar with Nana and her bat powers.

Husky fell on the ground, but he didn't faint. He had enough time to cover his ears.

"This is why I hate girls..." Husky mumbled into the ground.

Nana walked away in fury. "I'll show him! I'll save his sorry but out there, and he'll just have to admit that girls are so much better than boys!"

Nana walked away from the docks and focused on finding Cooro and Senri. She decided that the best place to look was the tavern.

The girl approached the small building and saw a crow +anima boy flying out of it, with a native-looking man following close behind.

Cooro grabbed Nana's hand. "Run!" he yelled.

They didn't stop running until they came to a small alleyway between two buildings. The alleyway was very filthy and small puddles from last night's rain reflected the evening sun.

"What did you do now?" Nana asked in agony.

"Nothing..." Cooro said while keeping his eyes down.

"What did you DO?" Nana screamed.

"Well I... I ate two plates of curry and I wanted to buy some apple desert, but I didn't know that I didn't have any money left and I accidentally ate the apple pie and Senri was hungry and I got him some food too and the manager came over and gave us our check and I only had 1k and the manager got angry at us and I spread my wings and started flying away when-"

"Geez Cooro! Your appetite will get us in jail one day", she turned to Senri. "I know you don't talk much, but you should at least control Cooro! Look at you! He didn't even get you any food!"

Senri nodded, and Nana signed. Senri would never change... And why does Cooro always ask to go with Senri?

"Geez..." Nana complained while pulling out her wallet, "I was going to buy myself some new clothes, but now I'll have to spend half of it repaying your food bill."

The blond girl had a terrifying facial expression on.

"Scary!" Cooro thought.

"Come on, let's go! You'll have to apologize to the poor man!" Nana grabbed Cooro and started dragging him out of the alley.

"B-b-but-" mumbled Cooro in protest.

"Oh you're back, kid", said the tall, scary-looking owner of the tavern.

Cooro tried to force out a smile, but he couldn't.

He never lied or he never tried to steal on purpose, but when he saw this man, something inside made him feel uneasy. He couldn't apologize the way he usually did. His heart beat faster and faster, ready to jump out of his chest. He breathed in short gasps.

His grip on Nana's hand loosened, but Nana wouldn't let Cooro run away. She felt Cooro tugging his hand away, but her grip was unbreakable.

"Here, Cooro!" She handed Cooro a small leather bag. "Apologize to the man!"

"S-s-sorry," mumbled Cooro, and quickly made his escape through the door after giving the man the leather bag.

"Geez!" complained Nana as she began to chase after Cooro.

The man looked into the bag.

"Hey! This isn't enough!" he yelled, only to find the black-haired boy and his friend gone.

Husky looked everywhere for Cooro, Nana and Senri but they were nowhere to be found. The ship, whose owner promised to give them a ride, was almost ready to depart.

"Where are they?" he mumbled to himself in worry.

Soon, he saw the whole gang jogging- no running from around the corner of a sailing equipment shop. Husky sighed with relief.

As they came closer to the blue-haired boy, Husky noticed that they were all sweaty and out of breath, meaning they've been running for quite a while.

"I told you, we were supposed to meet here ten minutes before 3! It's already 3! What took you so long, Nana?"

Nana grinned, and opened her mouth to start explaining only to be interrupted by the captain.

"Hey! You kids! Weren't you going to go with us? Get on now, we're leaving!"

The captain seemed like a scary person at first, but you could tell, there was a hint of kindness in his eyes. He looked like a very trustworthy person.

Corro ran onto the ship, followed by the whole gang.

Soon enough, everyone helped with the departure.

It was past dinner time, but the whole crew was still up.

It began raining and all of the sails had to be re-bound because of the strong wind. Senri was out on the deck, bound by the rope to the main mast, helping out the sailors.

Cooro, Husky and Nana were below deck. They were just kids so they wouldn't be of much help. Their +anima powers also wouldn't be too useful in the rain.

Nana was playing with her hair. She was worried about Senri, and about the rest of the crew.

"I knew this was a bad idea," she said.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine," said Husky in a calming tone, yet there was a hint of worry on his face. The boy has gone from pale to ghost-pale, cold and silent.

Cooro jumped up. "Let's help!" he shouted and rushed for the door. Nana caught Cooro by his shirt. "No! You'll only be a nuisance!"

Cooro grunted and sat back down on the hammock. He was scared for his friends, he wanted to help! The hammock swung side to side, gently rocking Cooro to sleep.

He awoke on the floor, bruised and hurt all over. He sleepily rubbed his eyes, only to see that Husky and Nana were missing. He threw his goggles on and ran to the deck.

As soon as he came up, he knew something was wrong. One of the tall masts was lying on the deck, broken with a couple of sailors sawing it off. The sky was now not only dark-grey but had a small hint of green to it. Teams of bound together sailors were running around, retying knots and trying not to fall overboard. The waves have gotten five times bigger, each one of them now like a small tidal wave.

Cooro lost his balance right away and started falling. He was saved by a pair of hands, grabbing him by the foot.

"Cooro!" screamed Nana as she pulled Cooro on board. He recognized his friend who was soaked to the bone, wearing only her underskirt and a t-shirt. "Thanks!" he beamed.

Now Cooro finally got to help out, his main job was to get all the water of the deck, and make sure that the cannons were down and secure. The battle with the sea raged on for an hour…

No… I can't do it. Senri is too far away… I only have Nana and the captain. Where's Cooro? Husky couldn't see anyone around him, except for some pieces of the broken ship. He got his last glimpse of the surface and got flipped over by a wave, sent to the depts.

Nana was right…This is the end…

Warm sunlight beamed on his face. A blue-haired boy was laying on a beach. Broken pieces of wood surrounded him. Seaguls were flying in the sky, reflecting off of the blue water.

Husky woke up from what seemed to be a nightmare. He looked around.

Where was he? He was washed up on a beach, his clothes full of sand. Cooro was hugging his leg, calmly sleeping beside him. He sat up and took off his cape, only to hear some kind of crying or weeping. "Oh no!" he thought, "Nana!"

He rushed over to the noise and found Nana hiding behind a bush, her back bare.

Husky blushed. "Are you ok?"

Nana turned around. Her face was swollen up, like as if she's been crying for hours.

"No…" her voice trailed off. "Look at my back!"

Husky stared at her back, not finding anything unusual, except for some small scratches. Only then he noticed it.

"They're gone!" she wept, "my +anima is gone!"

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