Dressed and feeling like a school girl, Sydney Bristow sat there on the bed waiting none too patiently. She checked her clock for the millionth time and saw it was only 8:45. And then a soft knock came at the door, a knock she'd come to know well the past two weeks. Smiling, she padded softly to the door and pulled it open, her smile widening when his eyes met hers. She started to tease him for being early when he started talking.

"I just couldn't wait." He leaned in a placed his hand on her hip, pulling her closer to him and kissed her lips gently. She smiled, almost bashfully. "Well, that and Tovah insisted on checking you before breakfast so I came to tell you to meet me out on the patio once he's done for breakfast." He kissed her cheek and without waiting for a response, was gone.

Her examination was thorough as the others but less uncomfortable in some respects. "Your wounds are healing nicely Miss. Sydney." She nodded down at him and put on a slight smile. "I'm happy that you and the Master are getting on much better now."

"I'm going to be honest, this doesn't feel like real life sometimes…" She trailed off and sighed. Her heart started to race.

"Oh Sydney…" His face was pained. Taking a deep breath, he tried again. "That's because it's not."

There was a deep pain through her heart and abdomen then a blast of heat through her head and somewhere in the distance Sark's voice screaming her name.