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Au fic with CB focus but will feature most characters (SN as well).

Summary: While Blair's carefully planned life is on the brink of falling apart, she is more determined than ever to fight for it. However, a most unexpected ally makes her doubt what she had wanted all along. If she can actually trust him, that is.


Nathaniel Archibald was nervous. That, in turn, made Blair Waldorf nervous. Nate was so nervous, that he was practically fidgeting in his seat. Blair had taken one look at her boyfriend standing at the foyer biting his lip and staring intently at the floor and she had immediately realized the gravity of the situation. He had only briefly glanced up when she had come down the stairs and had offered her a hesitant smile and a chaste kiss, turning his eyes downcast almost at once. Blair had swallowed down her growing anxiety and after asking Dorota to bring them some tea, she had graciously led him upstairs to her room.

She had realized since his phone call two hours ago that something was up. Nate had requested rather urgently to see her as soon as possible while he was well aware of the fact that Blair hated rescheduling and they had already made plans to have dinner that same evening. She had assumed it had something to do with his father, as his situation had been going from bad to worse for quite some time now. Not that Nate had been too willing to talk about his father and his troubles, thus far. She had learned more about the rumored scandal from Dorota, who was friends with the Archibald's Ukrainian maid, rather than her tight-lipped boyfriend. Now that Nate seemed inclined to actually talk to her, hardly masking her disbelief and excitement, Blair had graciously accepted the change of plans without uttering a single complaint, willing to support her boyfriend in his hour of need.

But as the time passed and Nate just sat there looking at her bedding as though it was the most fascinating thing in the world, Blair's patience was running out and fast. Dorota had come and gone with their tea and now Nate really did not have any more excuses. Blair had even cleared her throat twice, but that also failed to pull him from his inner thoughts.

"Nate!" She snapped finally with a huff. How could she be an understanding girlfriend if he still refused to talk about his problems? And if he was determined as usual to keep everything to himself, then, why on earth had he called her and forced her to cancel her shopping trip with Jenny?

Nate raised his head startled, looking at Blair like he had forgotten she was actually in the room with him. She just looked at him pointedly. She was seconds away from tapping her foot in impatience.

Nate released a heavy sigh and his expression turned to something between pain and actual fear. He opened his mouth to say something but he snapped it back shut, shaking his head like he was regretting it and turned back to look at the bedding.

Blair was starting to get actually worried, not to mention extremely frustrated. She had been determined to listen to him, but since he did not look forthcoming, she decided on a change of tactics. After all, Nate always needed some gentle prodding to come through for her.

"What's wrong?" she asked trying to valiantly keep both her anxiety and her frustration out of her voice and making it sound more soothing instead. "Is it something concerning your father?" she continued with a sympathetic look.

Nate could not hide a grimace, "Sorta", he mumbled still not looking at her.

"Tell me", Blair insisted trying to tamper down on her impatience as she reached out her hand to squeeze his knee.

Nate sighed again and finally turned his head to actually look at her. His expression seemed now more fearful than before, but Blair could tell he had finally decided to talk. She watched him as he debated with himself for a few more seconds and finally locking clear blue eyes on her wide brown ones, he took a deep breath in and quickly blurted out, "I'm getting engaged."

Blair felt very undignified with her mouth hanging open like this, but there was little she could do about it.

"Wait what?" she asked just to make sure she was not hearing things.

Seeming to have found some well-hidden courage depletes, Nate took another deep breath and this time pronounced much more clearly, "We're supposed to break up, and I'm supposed to get engaged."


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