So Much Fun


Team Gibbs

"I call this meeting into order." Tony tapped his knuckles on his coffee table. Around him; Ziva, Abby, Jimmy, and Ducky quieted and turned their attention to him. "By you all being here, you've all agreed that it's time to make a move. Or…" he frowned, "to make a move so that our target makes a move." He looked at the others. "Does that make sense?"

"Certainly does," Ducky said.

Tony nodded. "Good."

"So what's the plan?" Abby bounced in her seat with excitement, Jimmy had to place a hand on her to get her to calm down.

"The plan…" he paused for affect, "is to get Gibbs to make a move on McGee."

"How?" Ziva asked.

"That…I do not know. Any suggestions?" The others rolled their eyes at him.

"Well, I have an idea, but it will take all of you to pull it off and it definitely won't be quick." They all looked at Ducky. "Jethro is very alpha male." The others snorted as they already knew that, they didn't need a psychology degree for that. "Therefore, he's very possessive and protective. We will have to push those two to get him to finally make a move."

"And if all else fails we lock them in a closet and don't let them out."

Tony laughed at Abby's backup plan and they all started making their plan to get their Boss and Probie together.

A/N: Thank you to yaoigirl22. Rating is T for now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be updating it to M when the story takes off and starts getting a mind of it's own which my stories seem to be doing lately. Going in directions I didn't even expect.