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Team Gibbs

"So…I think it's safe to say that aside from finding out the truth that that was a waste of time."

Tony sulked on his couch the next day. He was still trying to get over the fact that Boss and Probie have been dating for two years and they didn't know. Damon knew, but they didn't. He didn't like that. He liked knowing what was going on with his team, and those two getting together years ago counts.

"I don't know," Ziva murmured to herself. "It certainly opened my eyes to McGee."

"Yeah, who knew he could dance like that." Abby and Ziva's eyes glazed over before Ducky cleared his throat to bring them back to the present. "You think Bossman taught him?"

Tony tried to refrain from cringing at that. He liked that they were together, but he didn't want to know what they did behind doors. He looked over at Palmer who had been quiet since Damon told them the previous night. "You alright there Palmer?"

"This is bad, this is bad."

"What is?" He frowned as he watched Palmer start to play with his hands in obvious nervousness.

Palmer gave a humorless laugh. "I'm dead. He's gonna kill me. It was bad that I set Tim up on the date when we thought they weren't together. But knowing that they are together, I practically set him up to cheat! We know he went on the date, you guys watched it happen!"

The others winced as they thought about that. Yeah they had watched, Tony and Ziva, and had watched McGee and Damon laugh and have a good time. That's why they had called Ducky when the date ended because it looked like it had gone too well. And that hadn't been part of the plan. But now knowing that McGee and Gibbs were together, they all had set it up for McGee to go on a date with someone else. Someone other than Gibbs. Someone who obviously found McGee attractive.

Yeah, they were dead.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Palmer jumped. "It's him. Hide me!" And before Tony could tell the kid to calm the hell down, Palmer was running down his hallway and into what sounded like…his bedroom! Sighing, he went to open the door and flinched when Gibbs was standing at the door.

"He-Hey Boss. What's up?"

"The team here?"

Gulping, he nodded. "Uh, y-yeah. You know, hanging out."

"Not without us right?" McGee appeared beside Gibbs with a smile and…pizza and beer! Alright. "Can we come in? We got food."

"Sure." He stepped aside and let McGee pass who grinned at everyone and started talking to the three there, Palmer still hiding. Gibbs took slower to come in as he was staring at Tony.

Again he gulped and gave a nervous smile and almost sighed in relief when Gibbs gave his half smirk half smile. That alone let him know that they were good.

"Palmer, get out of there right now."

"No thank you! I like being alive!"

Tony growled and headed back to the living room. "Gremlin won't come out."

McGee smiled. "I got it." He got up and they listened to him talk through the door. "Palmer."

"Oh, uh, hey Tim."

"How you doing?"

"I've been better."

"I want you to come out."

"I think I'm fine here."

"If you don't come out, I'll send Jethro in and you and I both know that no matter what you put in front of the door won't stop him."

"…True." He sighed. "Fine." They heard the door open and Palmer speak to McGee. "He's going to kill me isn't he?"

"Nah. But if it makes you feel better, you can sit next to me. He wouldn't try anything with you next to me."

The four in the living room looked at Gibbs who gave a small smile before taking a bite of his pizza. The two men walked into the living room and Palmer practically glued himself to McGee, sitting beside him on the couch. McGee smirked and handed him a piece of pizza, trying to distract him.

"So…how was the rest of your guys' night?"

"Oh I think Tony had a good time."

Tony fought the blush that wanted to rise and lost. He could feel the heat fill his face as he remember the previous night.

"Oh?" McGee raised an eyebrow and Tony didn't know if he liked all this confidence. Some days he missed his old Probie, but then he liked this grown Probie who gave as good as he got. It was fun bantering with Probie instead of him just taking it. Though some days he wished he just took it, and he wouldn't admit that those were the days that Probie beat him in the banter. "What happened?"


The other eyebrow joined the first and Gibbs' own eyebrows rose. "Really?"

Tony squirmed remembering and under the stares of the others. "What? He was a little down that McGee left and it was putting a damper on the mood. So I offered to let him dance with the great DiNozzo."

Abby and Ziva smiled. "Yeah, and that's all you guys did the rest of the night. How was it Tony?"

He kept his mouth closed though his mind decided to provide images of them dancing so close; the heat, the feel of a body up against his, the feel of Damon's breath against his cheek and neck.

"He's a good dancer huh?" Gibbs growled, honest-to-God growl, and McGee just smiled sweetly. "Sorry Jethro." Gibbs nodded back and the team stared at the interaction.

They knew that the man lusted after McGee for years, and they worked to get them together, but actually seeing them together was something else. McGee read Gibbs better than anyone else. The man barely spoke since coming into the apartment yet seemed to have a conversation with McGee without problems. Gibbs eyes connected with whoever talked to him, but they always strayed back to McGee after a few seconds, as if to make sure he was still there and safe. And feeling his gaze, McGee would smile before going back to whoever he was talking to. It was really something else.



"Damon," he prompted.

"Oh." He shrugged. "Nothing to tell, just danced is all." And if he got Damon's phone number afterwards, he didn't need to mention that.

McGee seemed to be reading his mind because he slowly smiled before grinning smugly and leaning back, his arm going across the back of the couch and patting Palmer's shoulder in comfort after the young man jumped when Gibbs' eyes flickered over him.

"Where'd this confidence come from?" he finally asked.

McGee continued smiling. "Jethro likes to say that I gained his confidence while he gained my heart. Which is bull," he said rolling his eyes. "Him gaining my heart part. He already had a heart." He leaned over and stage whispered, "But don't tell anyone. It would ruin his reputation."

Tony held out for a second before laughing and the other joining. McGee smiled at Gibbs and the man gave a small smile and wink back.

Yeah, they were quite the pair. In love, balanced, and were definitely going to maim anyone who tried to interfere with their relationship or try to draw them apart.

Good thing the team had been acting on the hope of getting them together or Gibbs really would have given the team, Palmer especially, something to be scared about.

The End.

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