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Chapter one: The Truth

A dark figure entered the dimly lighted room

"You said you wanted to tell me something, what is it?" the dark figure asked the girl who was covered by the shadows

"Ron, I-I'm p-pr-regnant and.i-it's ours." the girl told the dark figure who'd identified as Ron

"Wha-?! No way!!! There must be some kind of mistake here Hermione!!!" Ron screamed at the girl who's recognized as Hermione

"Ron, this baby is ours. Aren't you even the least bit happy?" Hermione questioned looking sad

"No way I'm not taking that kind of responsibility!!! I'm leaving! And don't even think for a second that I'm going to marry you or even support the baby for that matter!!!" Ron said that leaving Hermione behind crying and whispered to Ron

"I thought you loved me."


Harry was passing by the room where Hermione and Ron had just been talking in. A little later he saw Ron coming out

"Hey how are you two love birds doing?" he said in a rather sarcastic voice than a teasing one.


He had grown to love Hermione little by little after that rumour of the two of them being lovers. At first he was kind of annoyed because he had a major league crush on Cho but later he found out that she's still grieving over Cedric and he felt used, plus he started to mature, thinking crushes never last.

And started to realize that Hermione was changing into a really nicer, kinder, more dedicated, friendlier and not to mention good- looking person (let's just say that Hermione has become on of the most good- looking person in Hogwarts since 5th year, she now has her hair straight with curls at it's lower portion, her big bucktooth teeth have become normal sized and straight, and she's got a gorgeous body). Oh yes, she's changed; she's not the bossy, arrogant and snobbish Ms. know-it-all that he once knew.

When they were in sixth year Harry found it as the perfect time to ask Hermione to be his girlfriend. But then Ron does it first and Hermione just had to say yes.

Harry wanted to make Hermione jealous by flirting with Ginny, Ginny didn't really mind at first because she always liked Harry ever since she met him but she found someone else. Last day of school for the 7th years came that's the time Ron said to Hermione that they had to commit their love for each other "physically".

Hermione found out she was pregnant a few weeks later.

End of Flashback

"I don't care!!! I've got a good future ahead of me and I'm not ruining it! I'm leav-"

"So what about Hermione? Are you just going to leave her and your baby alone? No forget about the facts now, what if you DID use protection, was she just going to be another girl you've laid?!" Harry snapped at Ron

"Harry, please understand.I don't want to be a father, I don't like responsibilities and I have a great opportunity to become successful. That's why I'm packing and leaving after graduation."

"But Ron!" Harry couldn't do anything anymore, Ron just ran away

'Some lover he is, I guess I better see if 'Mione doin' fine.' Harry entered the room seeing Hermione sitting on the floor crying so hard as if she were a little child who just lost his/her toy.

Harry went near her and hugged her tightly.

"Hermione, it's alright. I'm sure some other guy will come.and he'd love you no matter what." Harry started as he stroked his hand through her hair

"Yeah like who?" replied Hermione still crying

'Someone like me' Harry silently thought and then said

"Listen Hermione, there are still people who'll be there for you. Your family, friends and other people who are thoughtful enough to help a lovely young lady and her kid." Harry stopped to see Hermione stunned at the statement he said, looking deeply in her chestnut coloured orbs.

'Lovely he just called me lovely. Does that mean he loves me?' Hermione shook her head mentally and scolded herself 'Hermione! Shame on you! How could you think like a pathetic loser?! It's just a compliment and he just feels sorry for you, that's all. You're just his friend remember? You were nothing more and never will be.'

"Hermione, Hermione is something wrong?" Harry said at the same time waving his hand in front of Hermione's face

"Uh-what?! Oh yeah! Harry I'm fine" Hermione replied as she started to walk out of the room all of a sudden and stated "I better just find a place now while I still have the chance to get away"

Harry grabbed her hand, shook his head and replied

"No, you're staying with me"

"What do you mean?

"You don't need to find a place anymore, after graduation you'll live with me."

"But Harry you're staying with the Dur-"

"Not anymore I now have a house of my own." Harry said

"What about Ginny?" Hermione questioned

"What about her?" Harry asked back

"I-I-I thought you two have been lovers since you defeated Voldemort on our 6th year" Hermione stuttered at the same time looking down to hide her pinkish face from Harry and fiddling with her thumbs.

"Whatever made you think that I love Ginny that way? I only love her as a friend and nothing more. Anyway, she has Draco with her now (A/N: I couldn't help but put a D/G moment here! =3)" Harry smiled

"Then, who stole you heart?" Hermione questioned Harry in a teasing voice.

"I can't tell you." He turned away hiding his red face

"And why is that?"

"I just can't, well technically yes I CAN but I wont." He said sternly and stuck his tongue out playfully

"Come on give at least one hint! Do I know her?" she pleaded. And he couldn't resist her puppy dog eyes and her adorable pout.

"Oh alright, I give up! You're close with her, I'd say a bit TOO close. She goes with you wherever you go." Harry ended

'She could be Lavender or Parvati' Hermione thought thinking Harry was using a figure of speech when he said "wherever you go"

"Well that's not important as of the moment. What's important is you get better until you deliver the baby, alright?" Harry said as he put his hand on Hermione's shoulder as a sign of comfort.

"Now we better get some shut-eye, tomorrow's graduation day. Wouldn't want Ms. Valedictorian collapsing when she gives her speech just because her boyfriend left her and couldn't sleep anymore, now would we?" Harry joked and gave Hermione a soft noogie as she giggled

"Come on Herm, I'll bring you to your room, alright?"

'He's so sweet. I bet the girl who'd get to marry him or even get to be his girl at the least would be very lucky. I wish Ron were more like him.' Hermione thought dreamily and then thought again

'No! I should get over him and listen to Harry's advice.' Then they reached her room

"Goodnight beautiful, sweet dreams" Harry said and later kissed Hermione on the forehead

"See you tomorrow!" Harry said before leaving Hermione

'He is just too good to be true' Hermione thought as she entered her room she saw Lavender and Parvati with very mischievous faces

"So your cheating on Ron now aren't you?" Parvati asked

"No, we just broke up." Hermione replied

"So I can have him now, that is, if your alright with it Herm?" Lavender questioned

"Sure, but word of advice, he's just another playboy. Never loyal to the girl he committed his love to. I guess he changes girls like he changes his clothes everyday and I was an exception only because I was his best friend" Hermione said looking down

"Oh man and I thought he was a charming gentleman. Well, hey at least there is Seamus." Lavender muttered under her breath

"A good choice, I'm sure he'll take good care of you" Hermione smiled softly

"Hey girls how 'bout a slumber party when we go back to the muggle world? Just the three of us, at my place." Parvati blurted out surprisingly

"I'm game" Lavender beamed

"Herm, how bout you?" Parvati and Lavender questioned together

"I don't know.I better ask Harry" Hermione answered with a look of worry pasted on her face

"How come? Oh I see" Lavender grinned

"Ooh.so is the hottest guy around your boyfriend now?" Parvati teased

"It isn't what you think it is, I mean he told me I'm going to be under his care until I can find the one who right for me. Well, at least that's what he told me.I hope he would keep his promise." Hermione said at the same time trying to hide the blush on her face from the other girls

"I think we should sleep now cause it's getting late and I'm really, really sleepy" Hermione faked a yawn, trying to change the subject so she wont get busted. And then fell into a deep sleep.


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