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Chapter Seven: Where are They?

"Hey 'Mione, you done?"

"Just a minute Harry!"

"Sheesh.you've said that for the 10th time today" he grumbled and sat down the big armchair.

"Shut up!" she giggled

"Finished?" he placed his hand under his cheek.

"Wait I almost got the button on! There!" she happily proclaimed

Hermione went out of her room to enter the living room and saw Harry gaping at Hermione

"What? Is something on my teeth? Do I look ugly?" she worriedly asked

"No! It's just that, you look.beautiful" he smiled a bit. She kind of blushed at his comment but then replaced it with a grin full of mockery.

"Hehe, you fell for me, haven't you?!" she spit out without really thinking.

"." silence

"Harry, I was just kidding" she neared her friend with full anxiety. When she was very near him he flashed a cocky grin and tickled Hermione. Hermione countered him so both of them were laughing hard on the floor already.

"Harry! Stop!" she squealed

"Never!" he smirked

The house helper came in thus they stopped leaving them in a strange position. Harry was on all fours on top of Hermione and Hermione was laying down the floor. Their clothes and hair were messed up.

"Um.am I disturbing something?" the helper blushed a deep shade of red, hiding her face from the two.

"No! It's not what you think!" They both yelled.

They both stood up and straightened their clothes and their hair.

"Sorry for the mess we made Maria" Harry sheepishly grinned

"It's alright, sir."

"Aww, come on, I told you, just call me Harry" the green-eyed boy smiled

"Yes, sir-I mean Harry"

"That's better, oh and you can ask help from Eddy" he told her

"Okay si-Harry"

"Oh I almost forgot, Maria! This is Hermione, you know the friend I brought three weeks ago? Hermione this is Maria, my hose keeper." he introduced

"Hey!" Hermione smiled warmly and stuck out her hand

"H-hello" she accepted her hand a bit shakily due to Hermione's too hyper- active greeting

"I hope we can be great friends!" Hermione said in a chirpy voice

"Me too" Maria beamed

"Hey Eddy! Can you help Maria here with the mess we made? I would've done it myself but I 'm going somewhere" Harry called

"Sure Harry!" Eddy, the butler, replied


Harry has been driving down the street for a quite while and yet Hermione didn't find any sign of her mother and father. Harry decided to park the car and they walked around for a while. Hermione suddenly clung to Harry's arm, which caused his eyes to go wide a bit and turn his head to the lady who was hugging his upper limb.

"What's wrong?" He asked in a gentle whisper. She turned back to look at him and whispered back

"Nothing, it's just that we're supposed to act like a couple, remember?"

"Oh." he blushed a bit and turned his head away while scratching the back of his head a bit.

They decided to enter a local coffee shop and sit there for a while. Hermione scanned through the people who walked by hoping to see that at least one of them was her mum or dad. No avail.so she tried to get something from her bag. Harry at the same time was ordering food for the both of them since it was already lunchtime.

"What're you doing?" he asked the moment he noticed Hermione ransacking her bag

"Ta-daa!" she beamed and held a cellular phone right in front of his face. He was blinking innocently at his friend


She sighed, "Harry, don't tell me you forgot what this thing is!"

"No! I know what it is! I was just wondering when you got one since you never told me." he muttered

"Oh, okay" she smiled a bit.

She dialled her mother's number on the phone and waited for a few rings before a familiar feminine voice answered it.


"Hello, mum?"

"Hermione! Where are you?"

"I should be the one who's asking you that.I've been searching for you for hours!"

"So were we!"

"Ugh, never mind mother, just meet me up at the coffee shop"

"Oh all right, dear"


"Here's your order sir, I hope you have a nice meal!" the waitress said in a happy voice

Harry grinned a bit then took his knife and fork and started to enjoy his meal. He stopped to see Hermione still scanning through the people who passed by the shop. Hermione sensed eyes on her (A/n: I know, I'm making it SO obvious I like Squinoa XD remembers the song Eyes on Me) so she looked at Harry. He smiled sheepishly at her and motioned her to eat.

"It's alright Harry, I'll wait for my parents first" she smiled

"Aww, come on! It's not healthy for the baby!" he pouted

"What baby?" Hermione's father entered.


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