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"Never have I ever been in a fight"- Shane

Hair was pulled, skin was clawed, and heels were dug into the side of her thigh. It didn't matter if you went to an all girl school, girls would still fight you over stupid reasons. This one was because there was a picture of Nate and her splashed across the cover of "Tween Dream".

Ella just took it, because it would be over soon and her bruises would heal eventually.

"Stay away from Nate." Priscilla warned, pompously flipping her carefully straightened hair over the dark blue blazer of the schools uniform.

Her message was heard, but not quite in the way Priscilla meant.

Ella wasn't like Caitlyn, who flash flared in anger. Oh no, Ella was like a kettle. She would think and sit over the fire, slowly coming to a boil and it takes quite awhile for her to stop being angry.

So she stewed for a couple of weeks, getting angrier and angrier, until she couldn't even stand the sight of blonde hair.

Today was no exception, and the boil over followed when Priscilla slammed a new "Tween Dream", with Ella and Nate as the front display.

"I thought I told you to stay away from him, you little bitch." As soon as Priscilla's hand made contact with Ella's face, Ella lept to her feet. Slamming the thin blonde on to the table, she straddled her waist and pinned her down, pounding her fist into Priscilla's perfectly sculpted scowl. Hit after hit, throw and throw, punch after punch, Ella couldn't stop. How dare this blonde bimbo tell her what to do?

She was breifly aware of the teachers yanking her off and the crowd that had drawn, but she didn't care.

Even sitting in the Headmaster's office, she could give a crap less.

"Ella, you're aware that fighting against the rules?" Headmaster Bailey asked, shuffling papers in front of her.

"Yes ma'am, I'm aware."
The headmaster let out a long suffering sigh, before leaving to make a conference call.

"Well Ella, you can no longer attend St. Mary's the Immaculate." Ella clenched her jaw slightly, and picked at some of the dried blood on her hand. "But, I do have something to say Ms. Pador. Congratulations, many students have complained about the damage inflicted by Ms. Kingsley."

"Bitch need a new nose job."

"So, wait, you've done all those things?" Caitlyn exclaimed, it was like yanking a sheet off of a newly found Ella.

"Um, yeah... sort of. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime. It's my turn, uh-oh six is dicks! Drink up boys!"