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"Shit," the nineteen year old Logan Mitchell muttered as he heard gun shots erupt through the air. It was just after four in the afternoon, and this had already been his second encounter with fire-arms today. He was currently a block away from his final destination, an abandon junk yard. Realistically, he shouldn't have even had to go here. "Stupid Jett," he said under his breath. Jett Stetson was one of Logan's gang members. Defiantly not his right hand man, but his strength and intimidation was useful at times.

"Why did you say yes?" Kendall Knight asked, "You knew getting involved with Ozzie was a bad idea." Logan let out a grunt. "I know," he said bitterly, "But seriously, how hard is it to pay someone back their fucking money?" Kendall just rolled his eyes, he didn't want to get started with Jett and his stupid ideas right now. "Lets just get their and solve this shit." The brunet nodded his head and started to sprint down the old, cracked sidewalk.

The blonde teen followed him easily, using his long legs as an advantage. Not a moment after they arrived at the gate, another member Logan's possy emerged, James Diamond. "Dude what happened?" Kendall asked. "Are you okay? Is Jett? We heard the gun shots." His words seemed rushed, to which Logan silently laughed at. He had always suspected Kendall had a small crush on James.

"I'm fine," James assured them. "Jett's the one that shot the gun. One of those douchebag thought they would pull some shit on us, but Jett got them first," he said smugly. Kendall seemed relieved at the news, but Logan was hesitant. "How many of them were there?"

James laughed, "Just one other dude. And when that first bastard got shot he ran like hell." Kendall was laughing along with his team mate; but Logan still had his eyes narrowed. "Where the fuck is Jett? I swear he is the biggest-" James cut the short boy off. "He's still in the junk yard. Probably cussing that guy up for all he's worth." Kendall was still chuckling while Logan groaned, and started to make his way into the junk yard.

Kendall and James followed, always behind their leader. It wasn't to difficult to find the boy in question, because just as the pretty boy had predicted, Jett was yelling his lungs out.


"Cool it Stetson," Logan said in an authoritative, and almost responsible tone. "If anyone's getting their dick ripped of tonight it's gonna be you." Jett paused when he heard Logan and the others come up. He turned away from his bloodied target, and looked at Logan with a confused expression. "What?"

Logan rolled his eyes, "You heard me. Stop turning up shit at every corner." Jett seemed agitated at that last comment. "I do not," he said defectively. "And the only reason I shot him was cause he said Ozzie wasn't gonna pay you back. And when he saw how mad me and James were he reached-"

Logan cut in, but with a surprised voice this time. "Excuse me?" His eyes flickered from Jett, to James, and them onto the other gang member. His tone changed as they landed on that last guy. "What do you mean Ozzie isn't paying me back? I GAVE HIM FIVE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS TO GET RID OF ALL THOSE DICKHEADS UP IN THE NORTH!"

The beaten boy on the ground started to tremble. "I don't know!" He shouted, "Ozzie told me and Jason that we need to deliver you guys that message!" Kendall and James's eyes shifted from the boy to Logan. "Oh yeah?" Logan said menacingly, "then maybe you can deliver this one too. I want every single cent at my fucking doorstep in ONE week." The burnet gave his victim one more kick in between his legs before turning around. Kendall, James, and Jett all following his lead.


Logan and the other members of his gang had all gotten something to eat after their tiny brawl. The green eyed boy and Jett got pizza while James and Logan settled for a coffee. They were all currently headed back to their crib, which was admittably in the worst, most ghetto neighborhood in all of Minnesota. It wasn't that they were going for the 'hollywood style gang' but because it was the most discreet area around. Logan didn't like nosey people; or people in general. Most of the time they just got on his nerves and wore out his patience.

The four boys were still a ways from home, but they didn't seem to care. They walked home almost everyday. "So, no more screw ups, right Jett?" Kendall said with a smirk as they started entering the 'ghetto' part of the neighborhood. James laughed, while Jett scowled and Logan seemed to ignore the comment.

"Don't get all cocky Knight," Jett said tightly, "You've screwed up way worst then that." The tall boy raised his eyebrow. "Oh yeah? Like when?" Jett seemed to pause for a second before a smug grin popped on his face. "Like that time wh-"

"AH!" James let out a scream as he felt something penetrate his side. Logan, Kendall, and Jett all spun around, surprised at his sudden outburst. "JAMES!" Kendall cried when he saw the problem. Three big, bulky men were standing behind them. One of them with a knife in his hand. A mix of "Oh my God's" "Fucks" and "Shits" were exchanged between those two boys. Kendall grabbed James and pulled him behind him.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Kendall shouted, about ready to murder the boys. "Just thought you'd like to know Ozzie didn't like your message," the man with the knife said. "You...YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Kendall yelled as he lunged forward. He nocked the sharp blade out of the other gang members hand quite essay before delivering several blows to his face.

Jett had pulled out his gun from before, aiming it at one of the other boys. "James get back to the house!" Logan shouted, knowing it was bad for him to be bleeding so badly. "You know what to do, just wait for us to come back!" After barking out his command, Logan followed Kendall's lead by bouncing forward, catching the last member off guard as he watched James stagger in the direction of their home.

"I SWEAR TO GOD! THAT WAS THE BIGGEST FUCKING MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!" Kendall screamed into the feeble boys face. The blonde grasped the other boys throat and clenched on with all of his power.

Logan was currently sporting some very bloody knuckles, and maybe a small bruise from where he hand been kicked in the side. He didn't seem aware of either though, his only rational thought was 'beat this cunt until he's absolutely begging for mercy.' His thought was interrupted when he heard the voice of the man being held up by Jett yell "COPS!"

Everyone seemed to freeze for the smallest potion of a second. Kendall jumped off the suffocating boys, turning to Logan with wild eyes. Jett had put his gun away; also staring at Logan for guidance. "Lets get out of here!" One of the other gang members said, all three of them rushing off in the opposite direction of the police sirens.

"Logan?" Kendall asked frantically, wondering why their leader wasn't directing them. "You and Jett go back the house," Logan said calmly; irritation still evident in his voice thought. "Go help James. I'll deal with this." Both Kendall and Jett seemed confused and perplexed at Logan's answer, but they both nodded hesitantly and ran off to the house.

Logan sighed, the only reason he was staying behind to be picked up by the cops was because he could see the bigger picture. 'Obviously someone saw the fight and called the police. If no one stayed behind we would have cops driving up and down these streets everyday looking for the fugitives.' Sometimes Logan hated being the responsible one.

It wasn't two minutes later that the smart boy saw the cops coming up the street, sirens blazing and lights flashing. He sighed again, walking towards the car. "Put your hands up!" One of the officers commanded him as he got out of the vehicle. Logan rolled his eyes but did has he was told. 'Stupid cops,' he thought to himself. 'I'm fucking giving myself over you you guys. Don't push me.'

"Now, turn around and slowly walk to me." The cop told him, receiving a groan in response. He had always hated cops. Their tactics and commands were fucking annoying. Never the less, he did as he was instructed. Once he had made his way over to the officer, he was immediately put in handcuffs.

"What the fuck?" Logan asked, thinking that he would just have to explain the 'misunderstanding' to the man. "Shut up," he was told. "I know all about you Logan Mitchell." It wasn't until Logan actually got a good look at the man that he knew who he was dealing with, Officer Garcia.

'Just my luck,' Logan thought bitterly. Officer Garcia was the toughest and most strict officer in all of Minnesota. He didn't take peoples bullshit, and that obviously got under Logan's skin. "Look Officer Garcia, this was all jus-" The short boy was cut off and he was drug into the cop car.

"Shut up," he was told for the second time. "You can explain everything once we get down to the station.


"For the hundredth time," Logan said exasperatedly, tired of explaining himself. "I didn't do anything."

"Then would you mind explaining the blood on your hands?" Mr. Garcia said grinning. Logan gazed down, actually taking notice of his bloodied knuckles. "It was out of self-defense, some guys came onto me first." The officer laughed, "Likely story, you provoke violence everywhere you go."

It was Logan's turn to grin, "I don't know what you're talking about Mr. Garcia. Violence comes to me. Not the other way around." That was actually true-to a degree. Most people liked to mess with Logan just to see how long they could last against him; it was never every long.

"Look Mitchell, I don't care how violence seems comes to you. The fact is that is does." Logan slammed his handcuffed wrists down onto the table. "It was out of self-defense!" Logan nearly shouted. "They came on to me first! What was I supposed to do?"

"You should have reported the-"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Logan was fuming at this point. "HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO REPORT A FUCKING-" The door of the interrogation room opened, stopping Logan from continuing his rant.

"Dad?" Came a voice, then a cough. "Can you stop all the yelling? I need-" The voice had come from a small Latino boy. His hair was short and black, and he was sporting a tattered t-shirt and sweatpants. He looked like a mess, at least to everyone else. Logan seemed to overlook all of that though. He first noticed the boys lips, how they seemed to stick out in a pout. Then he noticed the boys eyes, they were a beautiful shade of brown. And although he would never admit it, he actually thought this boy standing in front of him was gorgeous.

Logan seemed to notice a pause though, and that was when he realized the pretty boy's eyes were transfixed on his handcuffed wrists. The Latino's eyes flickered to the delinquents face, and that was when he started stuttering. "Uh-I-I um..I was- I was just," Logan couldn't tell if the boy was scared or what, but he just couldn't take his eyes off him.

"Carlos?" Officer Garcia called, breaking both Carlos's gaze off Logan, while the burnet learned the cute boys name for the first time. "What did you need? I'm a little busy." Carlos bit his lower lip and then answered. "Sorry, I just...I need it to be quiet," Carlos looked over at Logan and then back to the officer. "B-but you're busy so I can just-" Officer Garcia held up a hand, telling Carlos he could stop talking. "It's alright son, I'm almost finished here. Just wait for me outside." The Latino boy nodded silently before turning around and closing the door behind him.

"He's yours?" Logan asked with interest. Wondering how such a beautiful boy could be related to this old, tough looking man. "Shut up," the cop said. "I'm done dealing with you for tonight; but this is the last time. Next time I see you in here I'll be booking you and sending you off to jail. Got that?" He warned. Logan let out a breath of relief, "Yeah, I got that."


After he was freed of his handcuffs, and received another warning from Officer Garcia, Logan was released from the police station. He was pleased that he was finally out of that hell hole. But he couldn't even think of that at the moment, all he could think about was Carlos. "God he's beautiful," Logan murmured out-loud as he made his way out the door. When he walked into the parking lot he suddenly realized he didn't have a car to get home. "Fuck," he cussed.

"Language," someone told him in a surprised voice. He was about to make a come back when he turned around and noticed the noise came from Carlos. "What?" Logan asked, clearly shocked that he was being scolded for use the word.

The Latinos demeanor changed quickly, "You shouldn't..You shouldn't use that word," he said quietly, no longer making eye contact. The brunet laughed, "Are you serious? You must not get out much, cause everyone says that." The small boy was bitting his lip again, and Logan was once again distracted. Logan took a step closer to the raven haired boy; only to receive a step back in response.

"What?" Logan asked. Carlos was looking at the bad boy again, but he made gave no answer back. Logan started assessing the Latino, taking in his stance, and then his facial expression. "You aren't seriously scared of me, are you?" Logan chuckled. "N-no," Carlos finally said. Logan laughed again, "Lair."

The small boy was blushing fiercely, hitting his fist against his side, wondering what he was supposed to say now. He was just about to speak up when he heard his father call out for him. "O-over here dad," he said is a shaky voice. Officer Garcia made his way over to his son, noticing the delinquent was standing right there.

"What are you doing here?" He questioned. Logan knew that the officer really wanted to know, 'What the fuck are you still doing here and why the hell are you talking to my son.' Logan shrugged at said, "Don't have a car."

"We can drive you home," Carlos offered. Both Logan and his dad tensed, and Carlos seemed to draw back. "...Right dad?"

"Uh," Mr. Garcia was hesitant to answer, not wanting this trouble maker anywhere near him or his kid. Luckily for him, Logan spoke up first. "No, that's alright. I'll just call one of the guys. They'll come get me." Carlos looked like he wanted to say something else, but his father had already started heading to their car, and Carlos knew that was his cue to follow. "O-okay then, bye..." He trailed off, realizing he didn't know the other boys name. "Logan," the burnet said. Carlos's eyes lit up and he half smiled, "Bye Logan."

Carlos made his way over to his fathers car, and Logan watched as they drove out of the parking lot and onto the street. Sighing he pulled out his cell phone and dialed Kendall's number.

"Logan?" Came Kendall's voice after three rings.

"Hey dude," Logan said. "How's James?"

"He's fine," Kendall replied, and Logan could practically see the smile on Kendall's face. "What took you so long, where are you?"

"I'll explain everything later," Logan said in an annoyed voice. "But I'm at the police station and I need you to pick me up." Although Logan couldn't see it, Kendall nodded his head. "Kay, I'll be there in a few."

"Thanks man," Logan said before hanging up.


After Kendall and Logan had made it back to the house, Logan immediately flopped down on the couch next to James. "Spill," Kendall said, following Logan to the living room and sitting down on one side of the red love-seat. "What?" James asked Kendall, noticing how animated he was looking at Logan.

"Somethings up with Logan," Kendall said matter-of-factly. "He's like, so out of it!" James looked confused for a second before looking over at Logan. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted up at the ceiling.

"Come on dude, what's up?" James asked. "Nothing," Logan replied, his eyes still closed and his arm now dropping over his face.

"Bull. You didn't say shit in car, and you said you'd explain everything later. And oh look," Kendall said, looking down at the invisible watch on his wrist, "It's later." Logan let out a groan, knowing Kendall and James would keep patronizing him until he gave in. "It's no big, I just meet this guy-"

"OH!" Kendall and James squealed at the same time. "Our little Logie has a crush! How sweet!" Kendall started making kissy noises and that's when Logan drew the line. He got up and wrestled the blonde to the floor. Pinning him down within a matter of seconds. "Don't tempt me Knight," Logan nearly spit. Lowering his voice he hissed in Kendall's ear, "I know all about you're 'little crush' too."

Kendall narrowed his eyebrows, "Oh yeah?" he said, calling Logan's bluff. Logan smirked and looked up and the boy sitting on the couch, his attention now focused on the television. "Jamie," the brunet sing-songed. The green eyed boy's eyes grew wide and he shoved Logan off him. "What?" James asked, turning back to the boys on the floor. "Kendall likes-"

"PIE! FUCKING PIE!" Kendall screeched, looking at James and Logan with terrified eyes. James gave Kendall and weird look and said, "Cool bro..I like pie too." Kendall let out a sigh and gave look a look that said, 'If you ever try and pull shit like that again I will beat you to a fucking pulp.' Logan didn't seem to care though, he knew he could take on Kendall-hell anyone- and he would always win.

"I gonna go to sleep," the brunet informed his friends as got off the floor. "Don't start jacking off to that dude you like," James told him. "Fuck off," Logan said as he made his way upstairs to his room. It was the biggest room in their home, 'Hell I bought the place, of course the biggest room belongs to me.' The walls were painted white, with a large balcony on the north side. His king sized bed was placed in the center of the room, and a black framed couch with white cushiness located at the foot of it. Most of his clothes were scattered across the floor; Logan being Logan he was to lazy to pick them up.

The burnet boy made his way for to his bed before flopping down onto it. "Ugh," he groaned, still thinking about that Latino boy. "Why can't you get out of my fucking head?" he wondered out-loud. He kept replying images of Carlos biting his lip, his blush when he was embarrassed, the way he seemed so scared that Logan would hurt him. The brunet couldn't focus. It was at that moment that he realized he needed to see Carlos again. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" Logan asked himself. He was sure he was loosing it if thought seeing this boy again was a good idea. But after all, Logan was never a very good guy…

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