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Carlos was petrified. 'Oh my gosh! HE'S KISSING ME! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What do I do? I'M KISSING A BOY!' Logan seemed to notice Carlos's hesitation, but he didn't care, he was too fucking happy. The brunet continued the kiss, sliding his lips long the ravens. Logan placed one of his hand on the back of the Latino's head, the other roaming over Carlos's shoulder and down his chest. Throughout all of his confusion, Carlos found himself oddly and stubbily enjoying the feeling of Logan's lips. When the tall boy broke away for air, both teens were gasping softly.

"T-that...that was my f-first kiss," Carlos whispered breathlessly, Logan's eyes lit up before he smirked. "And did you like it?" Carlos averted his eyes before nodding his head slightly. Logan couldn't help but look at how beautiful the Latino looked; his cheeks were tinted red and his lips were turned up in a small smile. That's why Logan didn't think twice about kissing Carlos's again. The brunet placed two fingers underneath the small boys chin to turn his head towards him before reconnecting their lips.

Carlos was just as clueless as to what to do this time as the previous; his lips were just there for Logan to do way with. Pulling away, the Latino looked at Logan with weary eyes. "L-Logan?" He asked quietly, "W-wait, please." The brunet furrows his eyebrows, "Why?" He asked confused. "I thought you said you liked it."

Carlos nodded his head slowly, "I-I know. B-but I can't do this." Logan's eyes were starting to turn black; anger running through his body. "Why not?" He asked mildly. Carlos took a slight step back, knowing just how violent this boy could get. "I-I'm just... I'm just confused," he said truthfully. "You c-coming to my school, those...James and t-those guys talking about me, and then you kissed me...and I liked it but..." The Latino was struggling to find the right words, so Logan held up a hand-signaling him to stop.

"I thought it was 'cause you were taken," Logan told him truthfully; trying to lighten the mood. (Of course, the mood wouldn't be so light if Carlos said he was) The raven shook his head. "N-no I'm not...I'm single," he gulped. " And just... confused." Logan sighed, "I guess I'm kinda confused too. But...yeah. Whatever," he replied back vaguely. "Sorry I kissed you," he added back in a muffled voice. Yeah, he wasn't really sorry about that.

"It's okay," Carlos said, running a hand through his hair. "So...I guess maybe I should...go?" he questioned; this whole ordeal was making his head spin. "Do you mean go as leave?" Logan asked, "or go like, getting the hell out of this bathroom?" The brunet was looking over the room with scrutinizing eyes.

"Uhhh," Carlos paused, wondering what Logan wanted him to do. "L-leave the bathroom?" Logan smirked slightly. "Then lets go," he said, motioning the Latino to the door. Carlos walked past to the door slowly; the brunet slugging and arm around the shorter boys shoulders as they made their way back to the living room.


When the pair returned back the the living room, Carlos's eyes bulged out of his head. Sitting on the couch were the same two boys that had been making fun of him. Only this time, both of them were sporting a bruised and bloody face. The Latino sucked in a breath, "Did you do that?" he asked Logan in shock. The brunet rolled his eyes, "Yeah, but don't worry, they're okay." Carlos doubted that.

Logan continued to walk towards the couch, pulling the Latino along with him. They both sat down on love-seat, the close distance making Carlos feel slightly edgy "Are you really okay?" Carlos asked the blonde and brunet. The tall brunet just groaned and ignored the question, the boy with green eyes shrugged, "Yeah. Coulda' be worse I guess." Carlos nodded slowly, "Do you need ice? Y-you know, for your eye?" He asked slowly. The blonde raised his bushy eyebrows, "Seriously?" he asked in amazement. The small boy tilted his head to the side, obviously confused. Kendall realized the Latinos confusion, and nodded his head slowly. "Uhh..sure, I guess."

Carlos quickly got off of the couch, happy that he could help. He made his way to the kitchen before stopping cold. Turning around slowly, Carlos returned to the living room before asking, "Where are the towels?" Logan grinned. "Underneath the sink," he answered. Carlos thanked him before walking swiftly back to the kitchen. The small boy went over the the sink and retrieved a towel before heading to the freezer and pulling out an ice-pack. Carlos wrapped the frozen pack in the towel before walking back to the couch.

"Here," Carlos said with a small smile. "That should help the swelling." Kendall extending his hand and took it, "Uhh, thanks." Carlos turned around and went back to sit with Logan. As soon as the raven sat down, Jett spoke up. "Don't I get something for my eye?" Carlos stiffened, "Oh! Oh, I-I'm sorry I should-" Carlos was just about to get back up; but Logan pushed him back down.

"No," Logan told him sternly. "Sit." "But-" Carlos pleaded. "No," Logan said again. "Jett as two feet, he might as well use them for something useful." Carlos was about to protest again, but Kendall jumped in as well. "Yeah, he's a real lazy ass. You should have seen him this morning." Jett glared at everyone. "If you're all done, I need to get my beauty sleep." Kendall scruffled, "You sound like James, and trust me, no amount of sleep could make you beautiful."

Kendall started laughing at his own joke, and Logan was right there with him. Jett stood up quickly and threw a weak punch at Kendall's shoulder before stomping off to his room. "Pussy" Logan laughed. "Totally," Kendall said back. Carlos was chewing on his lip, "I-isn't that rude?" He asked timidly. Kendall and Logan sobered up, the latter rolling his eyes. "Come on Carlos, you ever heard of the expression 'the truth hurts'? Same deal here." Carlos continued to chew on his lip, and Logan let out a sigh. "You gotta relax," Logan leaned over to squeeze the Latino's shoulders.

The three boys sat in silence before Kendall spoke up. "So, why don't you tell us something about yourself Carlos?" The small boy looked up at the blonde with a slightly shocked expression. "Well, what do you want to know?" He asked timidly. Kendall shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, just something for us to get to know you a lil' better." Carlos mulled over his thoughts, trying to find something interesting about himself. "Uhh, I go to Sherwood High School, I-I'm kinda smart. I love volunteering after school, and uhh..." The Latino trailed off, realizing everything about himself was lame and dorky.

Logan on the other hand, was finding his boy fascinating. 'God he's cute, and so...not like me.' Kendall was half smirking, finding it quite funny that Logan was obsessed with this guy. "Come on," Logan coaxed. "Don't be shy, it's just me and Kendork over here." The blonde boy rolled his eyes, but didn't object to the nickname. Carlos was blushing faintly, "Um, I-I like boys a-and I guess everyone knows that. And favorite color is purple?" The last statement came out as more of a question, the Latino becoming very self-conscious we he admitted to liking guys.

"You do that a lot," Kendall commented. "Do what?" Carlos asked, looking over at the tall boy. "You bit your lip a lot," he clarified. The raven nodded his head slowly, "Yeah, I know. I-It's a bad habit, my dad always says I'm going to bit my lip off." Kendall laughed, and Logan let out a weak chuckle, the mention of Carlos's dad put him in a bad mood.

"So, what grade are you in Carlos?" Logan asked as a distraction, noticing Carlos's backpack sitting near the door. "I'm a junior," Carlos told him. "And I'm taking two AP classes," He added proudly. There was a simotanious "Damn," from Logan and Kendall, and then a "but," from Carlos. "I get picked on for being in those classes," he said with a frown.

"Lemme guess," Logan said. "The people that pick on you are like that one fucker from before?" Carlos nodded, "Yeah, Dak. He's the biggest, and rudest guy in school. But he's not the only one. I guess people pick on me cause I'm so small." 'I can see that,' Logan thought to himself. But it's not like he appreciated it. Sure, Logan 'picked' on people smaller then him, but that was only when they had it coming to them. In reality, Logan loved messing with guys bigger then him, just to prove that size doesn't matter.

One question that was nagging in Kendall's mind was from him earlier conversation with Logan. "How old are you Carlos?" Carlos paused, before asking slowly, "How old are you guys?" Kendall quirked an eyebrow, "We're all nineteen," he said, including James and Jett. "What about you?" He asked again. Carlos let out a shaky breath, "Fifteen."

'I'M A PERVERT!' Logan screamed in his head. 'I WANT THIS BOYS FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS DICK! JESUS LOGAN.' Kendall was laughing his ass off, understanding exactly what Logan must be thinking about himself. "What's so funny?" Carlos asked confused, turning to look at Logan. The brunet had managed to mask his internal emotions with a simple shrug of his shoulders. "Oh shit," Kendall said as whipped his eyes, "Sorry but this is hilarious." Carlos didn't know what he said, and he was about to ask again but James had walked into the room.

"What are we talking about?" James asked has he sat down next to Kendall. The blonde shook his head, "I'll tell you later, I promise." James did a glance over at everyone in the room. Kendall looked like he was trying not to laugh, the Latino looked utterly confused, and Logan face was unreadable. "Kay," James said slowly. "Well, I was gonna order a pizza so, uhh, Carlos?" The small boy looked up to the brunet, showing he was listening. "What do you want?"

"Anything's fine," Carlos said politely. "But I don't eat pork so, no pepperoni please?" James nodded his head, "No problem." The pretty boy pulled his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through his contacts until he found what he was looking for. James placed his order; two medium pizza's, one with six cheeses and sun dried tomatoes, and the other with alfredo sauce, garlic, and jalapeños. Once the brunet hung up, the four teens settled in and watched t.v.


Twenty five minutes later there was a nock on the door. "Huh, they really do deliver in under thirty minutes or less," James muttered as he stood up to get the door. The brunet took the boxes before shoving two twenty dollar bills in the delivery boys hands. "Keep the change," he said, before flashing is award winning smile.

The delivery boy thanked him before turning around and walking back to his car. James returned back to the living room and placed the pizza down on the coffee table. "Food's here," he said nonchalantly. Kendall opened the two boxes before grabbing a slice of each. "Should I get plates?" Carlos spoke up, "or some napkins?" Kendall raised an eyebrow, "Sure, I mean, if you want to I guess..."

Carlos stood up with a smile and nodded his head, and the brunet sitting next to him resisted the urge to groan. While the boys and been waiting for their dinner, Logan had managed to wrap one of his arms around the Latinos shoulder without freaking him out. And Logan would admit it-he was addicted to the feeling of Carlos.

The gang leader was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Carlos ask, "Does anyone want something to drink?" James cleared his throat before saying, "I'll have a coke." "Same," Kendall replied. "Logan?" Carlos asked, still in the kitchen. "Uh, I'll have a Sprite." A few moments later Carlos appeared back with four plates, three cans of soda, and a bottle of water.

The Latino gave each boy a plate before handing them their respected beverages. "Water?" Kendall questioned as Carlos took his seat next to Logan again. The small boy blushed faintly, "Yeah, I don't drink soda..." That was something that surprised everyone. "Seriously?" Logan and James asked at the same time. "Why?" Carlos chewed on his lip softly, "I don't know, it's just a choice thing. I know it's really weird." Logan, Kendall, and James all agreed with that, but Logan also thought it was adorable. It was just another quirk that made Carlos special.

"Anyone wanna watch a movie?" Kendall asked. There was a simotanious 'yeah' and 'sure' from the other three boys.


It was around ten-thirty when Carlos let out a huge yawn. His eyes began droop, and it was quite obvious that he was having a hard time staying awake. "Is someone sleepy?" Logan asked quietly. Carlos nodded his head slowly, and the brunet's heart fluttered. A tired Carlos was an irresistible Carlos-at least to Logan.

"Kay, I'll show you were you can sleep tonight." 'And every other night you're here,' he added silently to himself. The brunet and raven both got off the couch, trying to remain as quite as possible because James and Kendall were both still watching the movie. Logan took the small boy by the hand when he saw him sway, freaked out that Carlos was going to pass out any minute.

The two teens made it to the staircase without much difficulty, and Carlos slowly removed his hand from Logan's. "I can walk by myself," he said slowly. Logan eyed the boy carefully, but didn't protest. The little Latino boy used the railing to steady himself before marching up the stairs with Logan trailing behind. When they reached the top, Carlos turned around to look at the brunet. "Where to now?" He asked sleepily, and Logan couldn't help but chuckle, because to him, it sounded like this was some type of adventure for the raven. "Just follow me," he said back, his small smile still present.

Logan led Carlos down the hall, stoping when they reached the entrance to his room. Logan opened the door, and Carlos's eyed widened just slightly. "I'm supposed to" The Latino questioned carefully. "Yeah," Logan answered back. "Why? Don't you like my room?" The poor raven stood there in shock, before he started spilling out his thoughts, "O-oh my gosh! No..n-no, wait I mean yes! Yes y-yes I do like it. I really really like it. It's j-just...oh my gosh, this is your room? N-no I c-can't sleep here. That wouldn't be-"

For the second time that night, Carlos was kissed, only this one was a little more forceful than the last. Logan's lips felt firm against the smaller boys, and he placed a strong hold on the back of the Latino's neck. Because the lip-lock was so sudden, the raven hadn't had a chance to take a breath, leaving his gasping for air when the two parted. When his lungs were filled, Carlos starred at the brunet with scared eyes. "W-why do you k-keep doing that?"

Logan smirked, "That was to make shut up," he said matter-of-factly. "The first time was 'cause you looked so fucking cute." There the raven stood, in shock and silence again. Getting tired of this routine, the older boy rolled his eyes. "Go get some sleep," he said while motioning to the large king sized bed. But Carlos didn't move an inch. Letting out and annoyed huff, Logan wrapped his hand around the smaller boys wrist and tugged him until the Latino flopped down on the bed.

"There," Logan said satisfied. "Now sleep," he ordered. Carlos slowly pulled back the thick blanket and tucked himself underneath, immediately surrounded by warmth. "This bed is comfy," Carlos said softly. Logan smiled arrogantly, "It was three thousand bucks, it better be comfy." Normally the small raven would have protested about sleeping in Logan's- anyone's three thousand dollar bed, but he knew the gangsters would undoubtedly force him to stay; so he did.

"Hey...Logan?" Carlos spoke up as Logan made his way back to the door. "Yeah?" The brunet asked. "D-did you...d-do you really think I'm...cute?" He asked shyly. Logan paused mid-step, and turned around slowly. "Yeah, I do." The Latino's cheeks flushed red, and he gently nodded his head. "K-kay, thanks."

The 'thanks' was really obscure, even to Carlos. He didn't know if he was saying thanks for the complement, or just thanks for answering his question. Without bothering to ask what Carlos really meant, Logan turned around again and flicked the light-swich off before making his way back downstairs.


When the brunet returned to the living room he was surprised to see the movie was off, and Kendall and James talking adamantly. "TEN BUCKS!" James shouted when he saw Logan reapper. "What the fuck?" Logan questioned when he saw James start to shake his ass in front of Kendall's face in a victory dance. As much as Kendall secretly enjoyed that view of James, he was still pissed that he lost their little bet, so he slapped James's ass in order for him to stop.

"And why does Kendall owe you ten bucks?" Logan asked. James jumped back onto the couch and sat with a smug smile. "Kendall here thought that you were gonna fuck the poor kids brains out. I said that there was no way in hell you would...tonight," he smirk. Logan's eyes narrowed at his two friends, "You're so immature, Carlos is more then just a simple fuck," he hissed.

Both boys held their hands up in surrender. "Dude, we know," Kendall chilled him. "But honestly, you do want that from him, don't you?" Logan's anger was replaced by...guilt? "Well y-yeah but-" Kendall lowered his hands. "That's just what I was thinking. You want him, everyone can see that. And you're usually the guy that just takes what he wants. I don't see why it would be any different this time."

Logan's voice started to shake, "I already told you Kendall. He's different." Kendall shrugged his shoulders, "If you say so. But you aren't very good at controlling yourself." Logan's head was spinning, and it didn't feel like it would ever stop. He stumbled over to the love-seat he was sitting on earlier and let his thoughts roam.

'I do want sex from Carlos. Oh my god that would be so amazing. Just thinking about it makes me want to cum. Fuck, imagine all the things he could do with his-No! I-I can't just..I can't do that to him. He's so innocent, and fuck. I could barely kiss him without freaking him out. Just think about what would happen if I said I wanted sex from him! B-but what about what Kendall said? Fuck does he think I don't know I can't control myself? Goddamnit! I. Want. Carlos. But I can't have him like that. Not yet.'

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