Let it Rain

A Jane/Lisbon story

By Brown Eyes Parker


Jane and Lisbon drabbles based on different songs with rain in the lyrics, or title. For the November challenge on Paint it Red.

Disclaimer: if I owned any of it, I wouldn't be writing fan fiction and Jane/Lisbon would probably be a couple already, which would probably mean I ultimately ended the show.

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iv. Bring on the Rain

'Cause tomorrow's another day

And I am not afraid

So bring on the rain

Tomorrow's another day

And I'm thirsty anyway, so bring on the rain

Bring on the Rain, Jo De Messina_

It had been two hours since Red John had been executed, and now it was raining softly. It was like it had been sent to wash away all the damage the serial killer had wrecked on the state of California.

He stepped outside of the CBI and lifted his head to the sky. He closed his eyes, and letting the warm rain fall on his face. The rain was cleansing, it rinsed away the nine years of grief and anger from his soul. He hadn't gotten his revenge, but Patrick Jane almost felt like a new man standing in the summer rain.

A gentle touch on his shoulder brought him out of his reverie, and he lowered his head to see Teresa Lisbon beside him, her Emerald green eyes standing out in the different shades of gray of the afternoon. There was long pause, and then she slipped a tiny arm around his waist, smiling up at him. Jane waited a beat before he returned her smile, and draped his own arm around her shoulder.

"You're soaked," Jane finally said after a solid twenty minutes had gone by.

"You're not much better," Lisbon replied.

He let her go and wiped flecks of mascara away from her cheeks. "Well, your mascara is running."

Lisbon was about to retort, when she sneezed. "I think it's time to go inside and get dried off. Are you coming? I'm pretty sure there's a cup of tea with your name on it."

"Sure," Jane answered.

She took his hand and as she led him back into the CBI, while it continued to rain outside.

TBC. . .


Not so sure about this one. It isn't my favorite by any means, but I guess we can look at it as a filler drabble. If you liked it (or didn't) feel free to tell me.

Holly, November 21, 2011_