Hi all! Found this on the net and thought it was cool! It is like a game, sort of…more like a dare…I have to write a ….shoot….one shot fic, (HA!) With short words with one beat! Yea, the first part is like that too! I own no one! They live on the down part of my bed…love you all! Darth Mer Mer, the name works too!

He stopped and looked back, she was still there. The trees sigh as the wind blows in their leaves, no one else is near the two of them now. There is only the wind, the trees and each other. He did not think she would come with him to this place. He had not asked her, she came on her own free will. His heart sped up, throat dry with hope. If he could say her name, all would be right in the world. But he could not do that, she might go away again…

She was not mad…just sad, so very sad. She did not want to cry with his eyes on her as they glanced at her, gold and full of hope. No, she thought, don't look at me like that…I can't do this if you look at me like that! Tears fell down her cheeks…he had hurt her so deep, the wound was still raw and full of pain.

Don't cry, he would have said, but his tongue was too thick with words he had not and could not say to her. Of all the dumb things to have done! Why had he done this to her, the sweet girl who liked him even though he had sinned. He had done such a bad thing… "I'm so…" No he could not say that word! He looked down at his dirt covered feet, face too full of guilt to look her in the eyes.

The light fell through the tree's leaves, she was bitter as the light fell on her hands. She had to pass rule over him, no time for fear now. He had sinned…he had to pay for what he did.

His white hair hid his eyes as he stared at the light of the sun on the ground. He would take her for all she had! It was the least he could do for her after what he had done… It could not go on like this. "I didn't mean to eat it all!" He cried, hands clenched at his sides.

She glared at the boy. "But you did! And it was mine, I love that type of food! And I just brought one of them!" She struck an evil pose, her hair rose from her body as the wind blew through.

"But I didn't know what they were!" He cried, arms raised as if to save him the pain that was sure to come. "They smelled good…"

She grinned, her black hair flew close to her oh so evil smile as she heard his words. "Do you eat all things that smell…good?"

"No…just your things that smell good…" He gulped…those were the wrong words to have said…now she was even more mad.

"So," She said, her voice ever so quiet. "That's how it is…" Eyes narrow, she said the word with the most power, the word that held the most fear for the boy…


The end, tell me what you think. I like to hear your thoughts! That was very hard…but fun too. Well, I have exams in the…when the sun comes up! Good night. Love you all.

Darth Mer-Mer