Name: One Winged Angel

Story Summary: He once said that "I will… never be a memory." At one time he had been a hero to all, and then he became known as The Nightmare. His name was Sephiroth. Today that hero will be reborn without the calamity that was Jenova to corrupt him. He will have help from many, for Naruto and Sephiroth are the same now.

Pairings: undecided at this point.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Final Fantasy 7 or any other story or character elements that will appear in this fan fiction.

C1, No Memory




A beautiful woman stood behind a massive set of bars that blocked her way from the dark deep tunnel that stood before her, she knew being here was her own fault that she would forever pay the price for it. But her young host was quite innocent of what had been done to him and now he even his friends were being placed upon a sacrificial altar for suppose good. She knew there was something special about this boy that she could feel it in her very bones as she walked about her cage contemplating their fates.

At this point she heard what sounded like footsteps in the distance and solid figure of someone she hoped never to see again only to notice that the darkness that had once made him a threat was now contained within a sphere and she knew what was to come.

She crossed her arms over her chest and then said out loud for all to hear, "Why does humankind even bother? You wreck everything you've ever made… And then you start over like it'll be any different the next time."

The silver haired man gave her smile and then said, "I suppose we're no good at facing ore memories. We'd rather gild at the past… And fide something worthwhile among the rubble and build a future with that."

She walked up to the front of the cage and came face to face with Sepheroth and said, "And that's way your all here then? To "Gild the past?"

She could see the confused look his face as she then pointed behind him, he then turned his head to see 4 people walking up to them.

"Cloud and Tifa as well as our descendent I see… I take it that you all know why we are here then." Sepheroth said.

Cloud was the first to speak, "So the sphere in your hands holds the last of Jenova's legacy. The way Zack always talked about you Sepheroth being a hero, now I can see that something happened to you all that time ago. "

"So what will our son have to do to survive this coming battle that he will have to fight?" Kushina asked.

Sepheroth closed his eyes and then said, "Despite the fact that he is my reincarnation he will still have to fight the darkness that was in my heart. If he can defeat it we will all have a chance to help him along way for you two get to know your son… Now, let us begin."

Just then a young boy no older than 14 years of age appeared before them looking confused and worried as he realized that he was inside his mind. He then saw all the people before and was even more surprised to see the fourth Hokage standing alongside a red haired woman, standing next to them was a blonde spiky haired young man was a rather large sword on his back was standing next to a beautiful young women in a battle outfit. The last person he saw standing with them was a tall man with silver like hair that reached the middle of his back, his face at this moment had a rather mournful look upon his face.

Naruto turned around to see the Fox was still in her cage but had changed considerable, instead of a fox as big as a skyscraper now stood a beautiful woman with nine flowing tales behind her.

"You have to send me back right now, my friends are in danger." He said to her.

She closed her eyes and shook her head no and then pointed to the group behind him, "We cannot send you back right now, the Lifestream has decided that it is time for your reincarnation to be complete. Over time your souls have become one. Until this point where you must fight your past life's darkness, if you succeed Naruto you will have the power to save your friends and help many more people that you have yet to meet. This man with the silver hair is your past life as well as one of your ancestors, his name is Sepheroth."

Naruto walked up to his past life and asked, "What will happen to me I mean us?"

"If we succeed, then all will be right for the time being as I do not know what the future holds any one. But if we fail, we will be a nightmare on the world. We must not lose, we must not fail. I wish that we both had a choice in this, but we don't. Are you ready to begin?" He asked the young boy who only gave him a yes and the two began their merger into one being.

As the merger was complete it revealed a boy who looked more around the age of 16 years old, his hair was no longer spiky but longer to the middle of his back. The whisker like birthmarks on his cheeks were now gone, his clothing had also changed to look more like a cross between the man and the boy. The sphere that had once been in Sepheroth's hand was now floating at the other end of the room now exploded into a mass of black fluid that formed into a dark copy of Sepheroth.

The dark copy then smiled and said to him, "When I defeat you I will have the power to destroy this world and make it a ship just like my mother did long ago. But first I think I will revel in destroying this world you hold so dear and not even the Lifestream be able to stop me this time."

But before he could make his move Naruto went on the attack forcing the dark one on the defensive who smiled at him and said, "Oh, where did you find this strength?"

"I'm not about to tell you." He screamed out for all to hear.

The battle went on for it least a few minutes and was quite intense to say the least, parts of the chamber that held the Fox captive were now rubble thinks to their battle. Naruto was now panting heavily and couldn't believe how intense this battle had become. But before he could make another move the dark one found in opening and stabbed him through the chest, Naruto grabbed the sword that was now stuck in his chest and looked into its eyes.

"Is this the pain you felt before, let me show you what real pain. You won't ever forget it." He said as a black wing shot out of his back and through Naruto into the air. At the same time he began to stab the young man repeatedly, he then thrust his sword forward right into Naruto's just once more.

"Tell me what you cherish most? Give me the pleasure of taking it away." At this moment flashes of everyone that he was fighting for, Tsunade, Tenten any others had not abandoned him when Danzo had successfully completed his coup against the office of the Hokage.

Naruto's eyes showed determination that shocked the dark one. "I pity you… You just don't get it at all. There's not a thing I don't cherish." His hold on the dark one's sword tightened, the dark energy that once embody the sword Masamune that he wielded was being replaced by the energy of the Lifestream, Naruto then kicked the dark one away from him and hold second sword out of his chest. The dark one thing noticed that he felt strange and brought it up to his face to take a look at it and noticed it seemed to be disappearing in front of him.

Right at this moment a black and white wing popped out of Naruto's back, he then flew right at the dark one impaling him on both of the swords, the Lifestream slammed into the dark one destroying the energy of the calamity once and for all.

The look of fear on his face was unbelievable as the Lifestream consumed his body and evil once and for all, "I will never be a memory."

"Yes you will, you are a memory now." He then floated down to the ground came face-to-face with his mother and father.

Kushina walked up to her son embraced him in a hog, "It's so good to see you my son, this is your father Minato Namikazu. The fourth Hokage, you must have many questions for us?"

Before anyone could say anymore the cage that held the great Fox back began to dissolve right in front of them as she walked out of her former cell and stopped right before him and then said, "You will have plenty of time to get to know them and learn from them. But right now you must help your friends complete your transformation. I will also be free of this place and bound to you as part of my punishment for my own dark deeds. Your reunion is not over."


Tsunade was tired and exhausted by what had been going on, the coup had been brutal and had forced her to take Naruto away from the village to prevent him from being turned into a weapon. The strangest thing that had happen so far had been Naruto going into some kind of medication like state and was most likely trying to get help from the Fox, it had only been about 20 seconds for them, but there was no telling how long it had been for Naruto.

Right at this moment one of the Root ninjas got a clear shot at Naruto and took it, what surprised the operative was that Naruto got up and put his hands out in front of him is if he had a sword in them and was preparing to block the strike. Although the Root ninjas of the hidden leaf Village were supposed to have no emotions at any time this one showed fear for the first time in a long while.

His sword came in contact with something even though there was nothing there at the time also at the same time that this happened physical appearance of his target changed completely. The next thing that happened was the appearance of a long sword in bluish green kind of fire.

The boy then lifted his head up and looked right into the Root's eyes and then said, "Good to see… Murderer."

(A/N: the song One Winged Angel from Advent Children starts playing at this moment.)

Before the Root could even react he was cut into two pieces, Naruto then jumped right in front of Tsunade and Tenten to protect them from the enemy that had been sent to kill them. Right at this point a energy emerged from Naruto's body and encompassed both of his friends. Tsunade herself seem to become more energized and realized that something was happening to her body. Tenten's injuries were healed fully within a second.

The energy then formed the body of a beautiful young woman, it was only then that the Roots saw that she had nine Fox like tales behind her as well as Fox like ears on her head.

He then smiled and dashed into combat cutting them down like they were nothing, he left no survivors of these evil men. As soon as the battle was over Naruto and the Fox walked over to his friends. He then said to them, "A lot has happened to me and we are not safe here anymore my friends. You must have a lot of questions for us?"

Tsunade was the first to walk up to him and look him over, "You've been merged with a past life haven't you?"


"Is she who I think she is?" She asked him.

"Yes she is, she has a debt to me that must be paid. You look much younger?"

The Fox then said, "That would be my fault, when I was being freed from my cell which in young Naruto here. Some of the Lifestream was used to free me must have made you younger and fixed you up as well. I want you to know that I never wanted to attack your village. I was forced to. And now this evil man was to rule the world. Please allow me to help you."

Tenten then spoke, "Where should we go? If we go to any of our friends or allies we will be putting them in danger. What will we do?"

Naruto then remembered right where they were and said, "We go to the unknown East, they would not dare to follow us in that territory. I feel we are needed there as well."

Four of them then began to walk the unknown lands and a future one day save the world.

End of C1

This is my first chapter of my new story and I hope to hear ideas from you guys as well. I would also like to hear your ideas for names for the Fox. Also a couple of characters from the final fantasy 7 series will make appearances as well, some will be still alive while others will be in ghost like ways, and a few will even be represented by their descendents. The next chapter will also feature a time skip, by the way the story takes place 500 years after advent children.

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Next the graduation age for them must be at least 16 and he must come back at least one month before graduation from the Academy of Konoha, he must be a trained and good Klingon warrior and be able to use all the weapons from the TV shows and movies, as well as a trained ninja for Konoha as well.

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