C2, Wars End

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


4 years later, Western territories.

The lieutenant and several of his soldiers escorted a group of potential slaves to a holding cell and then reported to their leader for further orders.

The leader of the group of soldiers saluted his commanding officer and then said, "Sir, our latest raid was a access. We have captured many potential slaves."

The General gave his men a smile and then said, "Excellent work, did you raid that territory as well?"

"Yes Sir, It was so easy. We didn't run into any trouble at all and there was no sign of the One Winged Angel's forces. We also destroyed one of his fortresses. There's nothing to implicate us in the attack."

He gave a his lieutenant and then said, "Very good, I want you and your men to prepare them for the market as soo-"

Before he could finish the sentence an explosion rocked the encampment and created chaos among them, the General took charge instantly and began to relay orders to his men.

He then saw one of his best men run up to him and say, "Sir, it's him. Sepheroth and his Army, they have surrounded us."

The General was now Very pissed and turned to his lieutenant, "Find them, I want them all dead."

It was at this point that a large chunk of wall came flying right at them forcing them to get down or be hit by the wreckage.

As they got up from the ground and began to look around them for the clause of the explosion only to see the one of the most powerful women walking up to them with a very pissed look on her face. It was Tsunade, leader of the Turks and second in command to the One Winged Angel himself.

Right next to Tsunade was none other standing the Nine Tailed Fox herself the two of them immediately launched their attacks upon the General and his men who were totally unprepared for the attack.

The General and his Lieut. Made a run for it as the two women cut their men down, one of Tsunade's punches broke two of the men like they were nothing. The Fox broke another one in two and continued her assault upon the enemy.

The General was shocked to see his encampment in ruins at the hands of the One Winged Angel's best fighters had delivered a crippling defeat. All around them were fires that raged with intensity that destroyed everything the General had worked so hard to build was now burning before him, all of his work to become one of the most powerful warlords in the Eastern territories was now destroyed for good. Never again would he be a threat to the land.

It was at this moment that he saw all of his future slaves fleeing from what was once his base of operation, as he watched them run away from his burning camp he then saw through the roaring flames the figure of a young man standing there. As his eyes adjust to the light of the fires he instant recognized the figure as Sepheroth himself.

The General was absolutely mesmerized by the appearance of this young warrior and terrified by it, his hair was a bight golden blonde that flowed to the middle of his back, his eyes showed a kindness to the civilians but the minute he saw the General it changed completely. Now it was a look of total hatred and loafing for his very being.

"And what are we doing?" A voice said directly behind them making them turn to see who it was.

The two people walking up to them were clearly members of the Turks, Sepheroth's our personal bodyguards and enforcers of the peace. The two before him were none other than Reno and Rude, they were Tsunade's two Lieut.'s. Both of them were very young, Reno was a 22 –year-old redheaded female who kept her businesslike suit lease to let her move freely where as her friend from childhood Rude who had a score just above his eye and wore sunglasses and looked more like a businessman then a member of the Turks.

The General now had a look of pure fury upon his face as the two of them walked up to him and his Lieut. Who had gotten into a fighting stance by this point to protect his master from harm.

The General then said in a mocking tone, "So he can't even do it himself, he sends all of you to do his killing for him. So much for the great One Winged Angel I'm going to enjoy killing you two a lot, and I'll come back stronger than before and kill your so called master. Then I'll be the Emperor of this land and not him."

This of course only made Reno laugh at him and then say, "Please… Your not that good of a warrior to take on our boss."

"Except you're your wrong, this was all the bosses doing. So I'd make peace with your impotent god if I were you." Rude said to him.

"If you think I'm going to leave my men to do this work alone you're sadly mistaken." Sepheroth said as he walked up to them with sword in hand.

The General quickly turned around to see the Nightmare walking up behind them with a rather annoyed look upon his face and with one quick motion he cut down the Lieut. And then cut the legs off the general himself.

The General looked deep into the eyes of the Nightmare as he tried to crawl away from him and the Turks and then begin to plead for his life, "Please let me live."

Sepheroth would not hear any of it from this bastard, he watched as the pathetic excuse for a man tried to call away from all his sins that he was now destined to repay 10 fold for dark actions upon these innocent people.

"You're begging for mercy from us? I know all about you General, I know how you've killed the innocent without mercy. how you victims pleaded for mercy and you showed them none at all. So I will show you none." After he finished saying this he brought the sword up and quickly cut the man down like the dog he was.

After the deed was done he turned to the two Turks and said, "Make sure none of his men live, and save as many civilians as you can." The two of them nodded and continued on their way to complete their mission.

Tsunade have finished with her mission by this point and walked up to him and said, "Naruto, we got lucky this time. They didn't kill any of the civilians this time think God. Are you all right?"

He turned to look her in the eyes and then said, "I've done a lot of good here Tsunade, but I never asked what's happening right now and what it's bring to the lands. I never wanted any of this to happen, I never thought I would be a leader again and lead people like this again."

"I can't honestly tell you what to do about this one Naruto? All I can tell you is that there is one better thing to lead these people into a new era of peace and prosperity. And who knows you might just make the greatest Emperor of all time that the world has ever known." She said to him with a smile on her face that told him she was serious.

He gave her a smile and then sealed away Masamune as he walked away thinking of what was to come not only to him but to the world that he knew.


New Midgar

Vincent Valentine walked down one of the many hallway of the of the soon-to-be Imperial Palace of one Naruto Uzumaki who was known to his people more as the One Winged Angel or by the name he went into battle with, Sepheroth. But to his enemies he was known by another name, the Nightmare.

Vincent had long since been surprised to meet the reincarnation of Sepheroth and learned that the darkness that had once been part of his very being had now been destroyed. The young man had begun to restore the world in the western territories and had been surprised to learn that two of the original members of Avalanche had survived to these past 500 years as well as a few others here and there.

Despite everything that had happened to both Vincent and Naruto in the last four years it was clear that he had changed the very world they lived in. He was happy to know that the future would be bright and hopeful for the first time in many years.

He was also happy to know that the last taint of the Calamity or otherwise known as Jenova was forever destroyed thanks to Naruto and the Lifestream.

Despite what many people might've thought of Vincent he had no illusions of being immoral, he just knew that he and his friend would be living a long time to come. The two were already becoming an item and were already thinking of settling down and starting a family together. At the same time Vincent gave his advice to the soon to be Emperor on both helping the people and when the need arose to give him combat advice as well. He was well aware that Naruto had never asked to be appointed the Emperor of the western territories but Vincent had told him that sometimes the mental power will be thrust upon people who have proven they could take it and not abuse it and he was one of those men.

Vincent himself had not changed much over the past five centuries except for a few new gray hairs on his head and often wondered what the future holds for everyone now. Vincent knew that Naruto had never sought out to create an empire only to stop the wars that were constantly going on in these lands.

Vincent finally entered the room he had been searching for and smiled as he walked up to the nervous soon to be Emperor was being fitted out for his coronation clothing as both Tsunade and Tenten continued to make sure everything was in place and was ignoring the nervous look upon his face at this time.

Off to the corner of the room set the Nine Tailed Fox had to admit that the site of this was very amusing to her. The Daimyo of Spring Country Koyuki also sit in a chair off to the side of the room her admiring her hero's good deeds and how he was now being rewarded for it.

"I'm not so sure about this one guys, I mean do I really deserve all of this?" He asks them honestly and nervously.

"In a sense you're just like both of your ancestors an a way if you ask me, but you have to remember it was the people who choice you for this honor Naruto." Vincent said.

Koyuki got up from her seat and walked over to him putting her hand on his shoulder in a comforting manner and then said, "You will do fine Naruto, you've done so much for the people and now it's their turn to show how much they care for you."

He gave her a warm smile and nod and then proceeded to walk over to the window to pear out upon the crowd that gathered for the coronation event. He then turned around and walked to the entrance to the balcony and then said to them, "Alright I'm ready for this… I just pray that my rain has no war in it, and yet when I look back at the East I sense a coming war that I may have to fight one day in the future that will come to us."

The Fox who is now known as Vixen then said, "No one knows what the future will hold my Emperor, if war comes and if it forces you then you will fight it but until that day just rule with a fair hand and a good heart. In my heart that is all you need to rule."

"Thank you." He said this to them and began to walk out onto the balcony overlooking the courtyard of the Imperial Palace had many civilians and military who he helped and the constant wars of this land and now their were waiting for this grand moment to see for the first time their Emperor.

The gathered crowd cheered heavily only until he put his hands up for moment of silence to say his piece on this monument's occasion, "Thank you all for coming to this historical event, today marks the first day that we are a true empire. And yet at the same time you the people still have power and the right to express your thoughts and feelings as we move forward into the future. As you all know it took us four long years to not only to end the wars but to unify this country as well. When I first came here I had no dream of creating a unified country but I did want to end the wars and save as many lives as I could. A long time ago my old home village of Konoha I once dreamed of being its leader the Hokage. But as you all know that dream was destroyed by one dark man and I lost a lot of good friends thanks to him. I know that there are probably a lot more in that dark place waiting to be saved and I hope one day that I can save them. But for now I must look out for our own interests and security, I make this promise to you now that I will do all my power to keep us out of the war to come if I can. We will not go to war unless we are forced into one or we have no choice or if one of our allies are threatened. My friends my people I ask that you work as hard as I will for this new country and our empire, and I do mean our, now let the celebration begin."

The crowd cheered heavily and began to celebrate the coronation of their Empire.


Konoha Hokage Tower

A man wearing heavy body armor and a mask shaped like an animal on his face with the symbol for Root upon it walked down the hallway of the Hokage Tower to see his commander-in-chief and leader the current Hokage Danzo.

The man looked to the secretary and then asked, "Is Lord Danzo in?"

"Yes he is, you may go in."

He then walked into the room and saluted his master and then gave his report, "My Lord, the situation in the West has become more stable than we thought. They have even christened a new Emperor."

Danzo just had to ask, "What is his name?"


End of C2

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