Tonight, there was no Carrie. There was no Heather, Lori, or John. Tonight, it was only the two of them.

She's so warm...

It was one of the only things running through Beth's mind as she trailed kisses down Kate's neck. Beneath her lips, Beth could feel the rushing of her blood, the warmth of her skin.

It was the first night that they had gotten to be alone together. Usually, Heather and Carrie would be with them, or Kate's mom would be home. But no. It was just the two of them tonight. No conversations on boys, and definitely no talk of John Tucker tonight. Tonight, they only belonged to each other.

"You're so warm..." Kate breathed, wrapping her arms around Beth's neck. It's funny how people in love could do that; read each others minds.

"Shh..." Beth whispered, backing her up against a wall. Her fingers ran across Kate's soft stomach; causing Kate's skin to heat up. After all, fire on fire, created more fire. Beths' lips traveled back up to Kate's, and she stood there for a moment, teasing her. Only when Kate whimpered did Beth grin wickedly, giving in to her. Their lips met, and a flush crawled over both of their cheeks. More fire.

Kate's hands traveled down to the bottom of Beth's tank top. Beth pulled away slightly. "" She sighed, taking Kate's hands and pulling them away from her shirt. Kate looked at her, confused and hurt. "It's not that I don't want to..." She breathed, trying to catch her breath. "I do. But..." She ran a hand through Kate's light curls, smiling at her affectionatly. "I've ruined so many chances doing that...i've lost so many relationships. And I don't...I don't want to lose you." She admited, biting down on her bottom lip. Kate averted her gaze, closing her eyes. "Let's just...make out. Or cuddle. Or both." Beth suggested, lifting Kate's head up by her chin.

"'s just the two of us for once." Kate pointed out, sitting down on her bed. Beth sat beside her, wrapping her arms around her.

"I know. And believe me...I want to. Soon, but not yet. I promise." She swore, cupping Kate's face with her hands. She gave her a light kiss, causing a grin to spread over the blonde's lips.