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I could feel his eyes on me as I stood up and padded barefoot to my closet, I changed quickly and turned to find Toshiro pulling his shirt back on. For the first time I saw his smooth skin, the slender, yet undeniably powerful muscles bunching as he moved his arms. I gulped when my eyes moved down to his abs, standing out against the smooth planes of his stomach. I gulped softly and turned away.

While walking out of my bedroom, I felt Toshiro's reiatsu move closer and his fingers brushed mine. I knew what was coming, and man was it going to suck. I felt him squeeze my hand reassuringly, so I cast him a small, rare true smile. We walked into the living room to find a now dressed Rangiku and Yumi sitting at the kitchen table, staring at each other in a semi-akward silence. Blinking a couple of times, I stared at them until they looked at us.

"You guys should get over it." I stated simply. Yumi huffed and Rangiku snorted. I continued on, "After all, even if you both were drunk last night, it's obvious that you feel something towards one another or nothing would have happened the way it did."

The two blinked and then looked at each other, varying shades of red on their cheeks. Toshiro and I sighed at the same time. Sometimes the two could be so blonde, and I was the blonde one. I cast a glance at Toshiro out of the corner of my eyes. He smiled at me, and just as we were sitting down at the silent table my front door burst open and a very loud quincy and a grinning Shuhei Hisagi walked into my living room area. I growled at the black and gold haired girl.

"God damn Jay, don't you ever knock?" I glared hard at her. I heard Toshiro mask a soft laugh with a cough and turned to face him with a blank look and dead panned. "What's so funny, lover."

I felt satisfaction well up in me when I could see the light dust of pink on his cheeks that was only noticeable at this close of a range, but it must have been visible because a moment later he snorted. "I think we would have to have done something to be considered lovers, sweetheart." I saw the glint of amuesment in his eyes when i squeaked at the pet name and Jay laughed out loud.

"Wow, you two got into it fast. And no, I never knock, not with you at least." She grinned dangerously. "But I might start having to, to give you guys enoughtime to get dressed before I come in."

I snorted indignantly, and Toshiro chuckled slightly. Yumi and Rangiku were still staring at each other, off in their own little world. I blinked at them as Jay started threatening Toshiro with the usual sisterly speal.

"I swear up and down, Hitsugaya," She started.

"That's Histugaya-taicho to you." He interupted in a bored tone. Jay snorted and continued.

"If you ever hurt her, I will hunt you down, and I don't care if you're a captain, I will cut your cajones off and wear them as pendants on a necklace!"

I blinked. "You went Mexican-American on us there Jay." She snorted.

"Sado-kun would know what I said, cajones is spanish for the baseballs under the bat." She said matter-o-factly. I groaned. "Besides," She continued. "Didn't you know the Espada were spanish anyway? Some of their names spawned from Spanish roots, which really surprised me."

"Shuhei-kun. You've been really quiet." I turned to the scarred shinigami, who grinned at me in return. I felt Toshiro's breath on my ear, then he whispere dsoftly.

"I think he got laid, love." I blinked a couple of times.

"That explains why Jay is so hyper..." I trailed off as Hisagi started laughing.

"Yea, we had sex." He stated matter of factly, and Jay smacked him.

"You don't just blurt something like that out!" She yelped

Unperturbed he continued. "So what did you guys do?"

Toshiro and I blinked and looked at each other blushing. "Nothing." Toshiro stared at Hisagi, daring him to question further. Jay just grinned her ass off in what I knew was the "I know something you don't know" shit eating grin. However, she chose that moment to instead notice the two women staring at each other silently at the other end of the table, completely oblivious to the world around them.

"They had sex last night," I answered her questioning gaze and Shuhei looked slightly startled.

"How odd." He stated and then he absently rubbed the 69 tattoo on his cheek. Toshiro noticed and got an evil smirk on his face, I grinned. "Quit picturing that in front of your girlfriend, Shuhei," He smirked as Shuhei turned red. I continued the statement after Toshiro with a snort. "Jeeze Jay, looks like you hooked the pervert."

"Whatever." She smirked. "At least I'm getting some!"

I growled at her, feeling my cheeks heat up. "Don't even go there!"

"Aww but Meg…" Shuhei jumped in, casually. "You know it's true… You're just jealous…"

I snarled and pressed the shinigami badge to my chest, forcing Toshiro to grab my limp body, as well as causing Yumi and Rangiku to snap out of their daze. Taking a leap at Hisagi, I grinned evilly, slamming the badge on his gigai's chest.

"Time for a spar Shuhei-kun." I grabbed his collar and left through the window I had taken to leaving open, much like Ichigo did. Grinning I faced Hisagi, who smirked back at me.

"Do you always solve your problems by fighting?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Only with you, Renji-kun and Ichigo-kun." I smirked back.

"Well, if we're gonna do this, go shikai, I want a challenge." He grinned tauntingly. I let out a low growl. I raised my head, glaring at the scarred man in front of me.

"As you wish." I smiled and unsheathed my zanpakuto, with a grim slide of my thumb along the blade, I whispered. "Spread your wings, Kagetenshi."

From there my zanpakuto split into 2 katana like swords, balanced perfectly with slightly serated edges. He grinned, his sword Kazeshini, held easily in his hand. I smiled, my canines glinting ferally. Hisagi cracked his neck. And then we were off, the clashes of swords ringing through the secluded area we had chosen months previously for such occasions.

I attempted to dodge a slash but ended up with a small cut on my cheek. Angry with this I took a wild slash, letting my anger get the best of me, but for once it didn't bit me in the ass. I managed to disarm Shuhei and bring my blades up in a perfect X against his neck. I grinned when I saw disbelief in his eyes, and I leapt back, proudly knowing I had beaten one of the best swordsman I knew. I blinked when I saw Hisagi look off to the side, and I followed his gaze to see the slightly shocked and or happy grins coming from my comrades. Toshiro's was blank, but slightly contemplated. I wanted to know what he was thinking.

"Oh my god that was awesome!" Yumi grinned.

"I can't believe you won a sword fight Meg-chan!" Rangiku grinned at me. I snorted and wiped away the blood that was still trickling out of the wound underneath my eye. Hisage had a nice little cut on his throat, proof of my win. I jumped when I felt Toshiro wipe my cheek unexpectedly.

"We should probably bandage this…" he whispered in my ear and I blinked, but he gave me an odd look so I just nodded in acquiescence.

"Oh let's go on a double date for lunch!" Yumi grinned, grabbing Jay's hand, bouncing slightly.

"O.. kay…" Jay replied warily. Happily Yumi took off dragging Hisagi and Jay, Rangiku smirking and following behind as I felt Toshiro pick me up.

I blushed when I let down an undignified squeak as I was placed on my bed, sitting up. One second Toshiro was here, and then he was gone. But I knew where he was when I heard rustling around in my medicine cabinet. Blinking I sat on my bed and started to pull off my shoes, not wanting dirt on my bed, then I laid down and stretched, popping my back.

I jumped a little when I felt Toshiro's hot breath on my cut. "You know, I caught you staring at me this morning." He whispered to me, and I opened my sky blue eyes to gaze into teal blue ones. I gulped inadvertently. I breathed sharply when I felt Toshiro's tongue flick over my cut, it stung slightly but it felt good too, kind of like when you get a paper cut and want to suck on it. As soon as his mouth left my cheek I could feel the blood start to well up again and then Toshiro's mouth was there again. I gasped this time, audibly, and I could feel Toshiro's smirk on my cheek before he pulled away and slid the bandage on.

That's when he kissed me, pulling me up into his lap, flush against his chest, my legs on either side of his hips. Surprised I parted my lips, losing any ground I could have used to be stubborn. I moaned softly into his mouth as his tongue explored mine, tracing the places he carefully mapped out the night before. That is, until we noticed the clicking from behind the door and the window. I growled softly and Toshiro's eyes glinted. A couple cameras were going to be in the trash later, beyond repair.

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