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The Search for Hope Chapter 5

The distinct note of Brian's Sil-80 echoed smoothly off the walls of the long tunnel he was passing through. In its darkened embrace Brian's face was lit briefly by regularly placed overhead lights. Staring ahead he saw there were no other vehicles in sight, and with a grin, downshifted into third gear, letting out the clutch with a snap as he floored the gas. A sudden quietness invaded the cockpit, unfit for a car of this caliber...a heart beat passed and suddenly the volume was turned up in a hurry as the monstrous turbo began to howl as the exhaust bellowed its familiar war cry, the potency increased by the closed environment of the long tunnel. Turning the wheel to follow the gently curving course of the tunnel he shifted into fourth, foot still floored on the pedal. Glancing down he checked to ensure his EGT's were not too high, it had been a while since he last drove his baby, and now was as good a time as any to make sure she was performing at her best.which of course she was. Looking to the speedometer he smiled as the needle swept past 110 mph. Exiting the tunnel, sunsets fading rays bombarded Brian as he continued to fly down the nearly empty street.

The Twin buildings of a closed parking complex would normally be a empty site late at night.but tonight was different, tonight was a race night.and so on this one night, the old complex was giving life anew as the flashing, pulsing lights of dozens of cars blazed hypnotically into the night, while a hundred subwoofers pounded a multitude of types of music through the air, rock, rap, techno and others all mixed into the night as hundreds of racers, spectators, and bystanders mingled, danced, and toured around the center of the spectacle: the cars themselves. In the center were three cars, a brilliant red Toyota Supra with a Veilside Millennium body kits, a Championship White Honda NSX*, and a dark green Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. The crowd gathered around these three power Japanese super cars, with dozens of side bets being placed on the whom each thought the winner was going to be.
The driver of the red Supra gazed condescendingly down on the crowd gathered around him.mocking them with his eyes. They can't handle this kind of power. glancing to his left at the other two cars he grunted in derision those three might give a good fight.but I doubt it. Smirking to himself he seated himself in his car, awaiting the inevitable, and focusing on the win. A few feet over the owner of the NSX glanced anxiously around. This whole scene was new to him. Little more than a rich boy aspiring for attention, he had bought the well modified Comptech supercharged NSX from a tuner shop, planning on racing it on the streets to garner respect and fame. Truth be told he wasn't that great of a driver, but he wasn't going to let that stop him. Confidence, he told himself, is key, after all. Besides, this car is too well built to lose to those.lesser vehicles, he thought with disdain, confident that money would see him through it all.
Towards the rear of the cluster of race cars, the driver of the green VR-4 was showing up to the crowd, revving the twin turbo v6 motor his car housed under its sleek carbon fiber hood. Bursts of flames burped out of his exhaust pipes, the crowds going wild around it as the growling exhaust echoed even over the din produced by the now fifty plus other vehicles. "Yeah baby you know who's gonna win tonight dontcha!? Uh huh that's right I'm the man, don't forget my name ladies, I am Arron Victor! I was BORN for this shit!" Numerous girls in the crowd whistled at him and threw him sly winks to which he grinned sharkishly at. The other drivers of the upcoming race just ignored him. Let the crowd have their idol, they thought, it didn't mean anything till after the race was finished. Even the jumpy newbie Cristobel was avoiding making that big of a spectacle, besides, he was more than content to wait until AFTER he won to embarrass "Arron Victor."
With a shout and a rising cheer, the crowd started to part in front of a new arrival, menacingly slathered in blackest of night paint, barely off the ground, and spewing fire of out its side piped external waste gate, the black Sil-80 of Brian O'Conner had arrived. Revving high its motor belched more fire out of its waste gate as Brian romped the pedal for good measure, inching forward towards the center cluster of cars.
Jonathan paled as he sat in his Supra, he recognized that vehicle, and more importantly, the driver.and even as he paled, he grinned. Here, at last, was a driver who would challenge him.
Cristobel frowned slightly in concentration, as he watched the crowd go wild over the new arrival. A response like that could only mean that this guy with a local favorite, and probably had a win record to continue being the favorite. Still wont make a difference though, not with the money put into my NSX. he thought confidently.
Arron's displeasure was obvious as he glared balefully at the black Nissan. The "Sinister-80" as one gawking race enthusiast put it. Man who does this punk think he is stealing my show? Feh.ill show him at the race.

Brian grinned crookedly as he slid his Sil-80 smoothly in front of the assembled cars, giving the car a bit of gas in neutral before opening the door and stepping out of it. Raising a hand he waved jauntily to the crowd, grinning at the cheers he received. Stepping away from his car he let his eyes drift half closed, taking in the night sounds and scents, the pounding bass, the scent of a dozen types of motors' exhaust, the muffled roar of the crowd having a thousand separate conversations at once, the rapid, echoing reports of each car. Opening his eyes fully he walked confidently to the three other drivers assembled for tonight's run. Closing to a few feet he eyed them individually, sizing them up. Finally he spoke, "So.what are the stakes?"
Jonathan smirked, "Right to business eh O'Conner? Heh.I like that. It's fairly simple. Two and a half buy in, no biggie for a guy with a car like that right?" he said, nodding towards the Brian's Sil-80.
"Hey, twenty five hundred is a lot no matter how you look at it.but lets up the ante to, oh I dunno, say.four large." Brians grin grew on his face, yet his eyes took a hard shift, focused now and deadly serious.
John chuckled at this, "Are you sure you're Sil-80 can keep up with your mouth? It takes more than a halfway decent car to win on this street."
At this point Christobal piped up, "A Sil-80? Is that what that is? Looks kinda cool, but I dunno, I doubt it could hang with my NSX." Grinning confidently at Brian Chris glanced over his shoulder at Arron, "But you could probably smoke the doors off that heavy pile of used parts."
"What!?" Arron exclaimed, "Man my VR-4 will eat your little over- priced toy car, it's not like you know anything about it anyways punk! I'll bet your daddy paid for it all"
"Keep talking," Chris snidely said, "just because YOU can't afford to get a REAL sports car doesn't mean you can talk down to me, I'll burn your little mitsubishi into the ground!"
"Now now children," John admonished, faintly amused, "save it for the race, that is if you can afford to even run." He finished, as he pulled out a roll of cash. "Four large huh? Sure why not, you'd better be a challenge."
"More than you can handle I think," Brian said, pulling out his own wad of cash.
"Four grand, is that all?" Chris drawled out, pulling out his cash, "I woulda figured you gent's would run for more.but if that's all it takes to get into these.amateur sticks, so much the better."
"Boy, put your money where your mouth is, cause by the first turn I'll leave you behind sucking fumes from a car you'll never catch." Arron smugly said, slapping his own cash down into a local "organizer's" hand.
"Yeah right, that'll be the day." Chris retorted, rolling his eyes.
"Alright, alright people! We got da cash, we got the flash, lets hit the throttles and burn some rubber, lets do this shit!" the organizer cajoled.

It was as if a bomb had been detonated in the crowd, everyone galvanized into action they rushed to the starting line, crowding the sides of the street, while Brian, John, Chris, and Arron got into their respective vehicles, gunning the motors as they peeled out towards the thin red line painted on the ground.
Pulling up to the left most slot John slid his Supra to a smooth stop, romping the gas once and letting the loud, sharp his of his twin HKS Sequential blow off valves spear the air. Coming to a stop to his right was Arron in his 3000GT VR-4, revving hard on his motor, then pulsing the gas, letting fire belch out of his tailpipes, grinning he turned up the volume on his already pounding system. Next came Brian in his Sil-80, also popping the gas and letting his Trust BOV (blow off valve) speak for him instead. Finally with a piped whir coming from its Comptech Supercharger, Chris's gleaming white NSX pulled to the line. Blood pounding in the ears, tension running high through their bodies, hearts racing, these four were ready to plunge headlong into the fray.

Brian looked to his left, then his right, gazing at his competition. The NSX to his right didn't worry him, the boy would be lucky if he didn't kill himself in the corners, likewise the green VR-4 gave him little pause, a fast straight line car, no doubt, but the VR-4's never had a good reputation for sharp turns. Finally he focused in on the reflective bright red paint of the Supra. That's my challenge tonight, Brian told himself, if everything under his hood matches the attitude of that car, he could easily be pushing 500 wheel horsepower.Brian was, unfortunately, correct in his assumption, the Supra he faced COULD easily push 500whp, that in itself would be hard enough, but this particular Supra was a member of the T04r club, a ultra exclusive Supra club that only admitted members with at LEAST 600whp. Jonathan's Supra, peaked at a mind boggling 693whp, with another 100 hp held in reserve, or rather, in a gleaming chrome Nitrous bottle, which John was subtly arming that that very moment!
Reaching down Brian flipped a toggle switch, and his own nitrous bottle's remote opener did exactly that, opening the valve on his Nitrous Express setup. Flicking a series of additional switches he finished arming his nitrous, and pushed his purge button. A heartbeat later a cloud of nitrous rushed out of a small purge outlet located in the center of his hood, spraying upwards into the warm night air. Almost a second later, twin plumes of nitrous erupted from dual purge valves located on the Supra, by the windshield wipers. Both clouds quickly dissipated, and both acknowledged each others nitrous readiness. Across from Brian, Chris discreetly armed his own nitrous system, purging his into a fender well, where it would not be easily noticed. Arron, who discouraged the use of nitrous in any situation, merely scoffed for the crowd, laughing at how they would need nitrous to keep up with him.
The organizer raised his hands from beside the road, the stage was set, all four cars roared their challenge from their exhaust, gouts of flame spewing forth, eager to rush the cars forward. Raising his hands all the way up, the crowd going suddenly quiet, he dropped his hand, and all cars launched hard out of the box, surging forward with unbridled ferocity; the roar of their exhaust almost suppressed by the cheers from the now raging crowds.
Right off the line the VR-4 took the lead, its all wheel drive system allowing Arron an incredible launch, sending him a car length ahead of the others and gaining. Chris in his NSX follwed closely behind, the lack of turbo lag on his supercharged NSX an obvious advantage, behind him the quicker spooling turbo of Brian's Sil-80 began to pull his car ahead of John's Supra.
John, in his Supra, merely smiled as he felt the cars mammoth turbo begin to spool up, with a surge akin to a army boot to the head his neck snapped back as the monster To4r began to really spool, quickly eclipsing 15psi in boost. Lights blurred around him as he reached 24psi, and the taillights of Brian's Sil80 rushed closer.
Looking in his review mirror Arron saw the white NSX closing on him, as its high output, high revving, supercharged motor quickly ate up the distance on this first, half mile stretch of pavement. Behind him he saw the Sil80 flying up on the NSX, and behind him, the Supra devouring the road, pulling right beside the Sil80.
In the NSX Chris whooped as adrenaline rushed through his body, and he began to pull even with VR-4, its heavy weight and AWD system hurting its high speed performance somewhat. Seeing the turn quickly approaching, a sharp right hander, he began to slide behind the VR-4, sliding to his left, prepping in the outside corner, a perfect textbook maneuver. The VR- 4 took the inner line, using its grip afforded by AWD to sink into the line, and power out, right on his heel was the NSX, sliding its tail out and almost clipping a parked car, he began to rush the right side of the VR- 4, gunning to take him out on the next turn. A half a heart beat behind them Brian and John took the turn.
Approaching the corner Brian jerked the wheel left, opposite the turn, then right, invoking a scandanvian flick and sliding his car nearly sideways through the sharp corner, never letting a millisecond of speed drop off, putting him nearly right on the rear bumper of the charging NSX. Behind him John's Supra powered through, sliding beautifully in full boost, clouds of white smoke billowing up from its rear tires as they fought to regain straight line traction. Over all the noise Brian could easily hear the Supra's turbo devouring air, and could only watch as it pulled easily beside him.
John laughed in excitement as he pulled next to Brian, glancing over he floored the throttle while engaging the clutch and power shifting into fourth gear, the sudden jerk pulling him ahead of Brian. Looking forward he exhaled sharply, cutting his wheel to the left to take a hard turn, unexpected and damn near slamming into the tail of the NSX.
Brian slid through the turn without missing a beat, planning his attack on the giant Supra for the next turn, a tight, but shallow, right sweeper. Prepping early he took the inside lane, hoping to box the mighty Supra out as the road narrowed. Up ahead the VR-4 and NSX battled on for the lead.
Arron frowned as the NSX pulled a little too close for comfort on him, and jerked the wheel to the right to shake him off his attack. Chris, for his part, reacted well and swerved to the left, rushing in to slide beside the VR-4. Cursing himself for letting the newbie trick him like that, Arron reached down and flicked the switch to toggle the switch from 19psi setting to 27psi setting on his TurboXS dual stage manual boost controller. The car surged forward as the twin 20G turbos spooled hard, giving him a sudden lead on the NSX. Chris, seeing the sudden lead on him, reacted without thinking, hitting the N20 button on his steering wheel, enabling a 75 shot of direct port nitrous to flow into the cylinders. Several things happened at once: the NSX, with the sudden increase in power, planted its rear into the ground and pulled hard, but the sudden torque surge jerked the steering wheel in Chris's hand, and the car spun sideways suddenly facing the wall of the narrowing sweeper at 100mph! Struggling with the wheel he turned into the spin, and smacked the side of the NSX against the rail, sparks flying across his face as he slid backwards against the concrete barrier, facing the oncoming headlights of Brian and John.
Brian saw the headlights spin towards him and was glad he was on the right side already, sweat beading on his face he powered through, ignoring the smoldering wreck that was a NSX. John reacted well, swinging behind Brian and following him through, at full boost he rushed in on Brian, and acting as if nothing had happened, tapped the Sil80's bumper at close to 120mph!
Arron was sweating profusely, seeing a car wreck like that shook him up, and he lost his rhythm. Swerving left to right erratically coming out of the sweeper he over compensated, and as a gentle left hand turn came up, lost control completely, sliding out of control he struggled not to hit the wall. Closer and closer it came, until finally, sliding completely sideways, he stopped inches from the wall. Breathing deeply, gasping for breath he could only watch as Brian and John both slid sideways in a beautifully unplanned twin drift, flying down the last straight away, a good mile long stretch, before the final left hand turn, a sharp u-turn that made a perfect hairpin.
Brian panted for air as he felt his rear get tapped once again by the dominating Supra, before clenching his jaw and focusing. Shifting into fourth he flew down the now straight four lane road, the Supra hot on his heels and pulling aside him on the open road, he could only groan as the realization that this Supra was more powerful than he possibly imagined could be hit him.
Pulling easily beside him the Supra began to roar harder as John shifted into fifth, now approaching 165mph. Pulling away from Brian he awaited the inevitable nitrous spray. Brian didn't dissapoint him.
Cursing Brian slammed his thumb on his nitrous button, a sudden sharp hiss filling the cabin as nitrous shot through the feed lines, belching into the intake manifold, and from their into the cylinders. A sudden, deep urgent growl erupted from the SR20DET, and the car rocketed forward! Pulling past the Supra with his boost pegged at 28psi Brian held on for the ride of his life.
Up ahead, in a darkened recess a shilloute of a vehicle shook slightly, as the engine vibrated, a deep, ominous growl filling the partial alley in which it was concealed. The driver clenched his hands on the steering wheel, watching the approaching headlights.
Grinning widely as Brian passed him John laughed aloud.then triggered his own nitrous. Before he could blink his car screamed loudly as the cylinders were suddenly crammed with nitrous.100hp extra worth of nitrous. Pulling even with Brian he was about to pass when a sudden black blur shot out into the road! Slamming on the brakes he managed to avoid slamming into the black vehicle. Swerving wildly, the weight of the Supra now working against it, he managed to bring the car under control. Glaring at the black car his eyes widened in surprise, for those taillights belong to a Skyline.
Brian also slammed on his brakes, bringing his car to a much more controlled deceleration. Also glaring at the midnight black car, he too gasped in surprise at what he saw.
Menacingly low, with a black paint that seemed to absorb their headlights brightness, was a breathtaking Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R. Still, neither Brian nor John were about to let it get away with such an act, and powered after it.
The Skyline, spewing fire from its exhaust, approached the turn first, like Brian it jerked opposite the turn first, then slide sideways through the tight hairpin, much more fluidly and graceful than anything Brian or John could duplicate. For John, he saw a level of control and driving he knew he couldn't easily approach, for Brian.his eyes immediately fixated upon a dark, ghostly decal across the side of the Skyline, barely a few shades lighter than the Skyline its self, it depicted a Chinese dragon clutching two symbols in its claws. As the light from Brian's headlights hit upon it, the letters "D" and "T" were clearly visable.
Brian's mouth dropped open, and he barely reacted in time, swinging roughly through the turn. Flooring the pedal he recovered and flew after the mysterious Skyline, the Supra forgotten as it too raced behind him. Approaching the finishing line the crowd cheered, then gasped in panic as the Skyline approached them at over 80mph without slowing, Brian in close pursuit. Flying past the finish line the Skyline continued down the road, its exhaust leaving a distinct aroma.
John, unable to recover entirely, growled in anger as his motor bogged, not seeming to have handled the sudden drop in speed as the nitrous overflowed the fuel flow. His car sounding sick, he limped across the finish line behind Brian, who, prize apparently forgotten, flew past the crowds and chased after the diminishing shape of the Skyline. Pulling to the side of the road, John got out of his car as the crowd flocked around him. Ignoring the questions and cheers he watched as Brian too disappeared out of site.

His eyes focused entirely on the Skyline in front of him, Brian followed the Skyline as it fled down the empty streets. Suddenly its brake lights flashed, and the car kicked its tail out in a monsterous power slide as it turned right, down a business avenue. Gritting his teeth, Brian followed the car, somehow knowing that he had been baited intentionally, that there was no way seeing this.phantom Skyline was a coincidence.

End Chapter Five

*Honda NSX, Acura NSX, same difference Next chapter: the REAL race begins, and Brian hopes to learn of the DT Racing Skyline's origin.

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