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"What the hell is this?"

Peter Parker stood on the steps of Mighty Thor's Secondary School staring into the eyes of three bullies.

One of them replied in a nasty tone, "This is where you find out where you're worth a damn in life."

"You're serious about this? Let's go!"


Peter was sitting in a chair in front of the principal's office, next to a silver-haired girl in a school uniform just like his.

She turned to him. "What are you in the hot seat for?"

"I got in a fight. An awesome fight."

"Did you win?"

"Totally!" (NOTE: He failed. Epically.)

"Cool. Are you new here?"


"Same here. I'm Felicia Hardy."

"Peter Parker."

"How long have you been at this school?"

"About ten minutes." (NOTE: Actually, it's about nine minutes and three seconds.)

"And you got picked on already? You must be really cool. We should, like, hang out."

"You think so?"


Later that day, Peter headed over to his 1st period class, geography, where he was assigned to do a presentation with a brown-haired girl named Janet Dyne. As he sat down next to her, she looked over at him and glared.

"Listen here, and listen hard. This is your first day here, so I won't bite your head off just yet, but if you get me even a 99 on this project, I will beat your ass so bad. So don't slack off. You better pull your goddamn weight."

"Um... okay."

"I'm Jan."


That was how the three friends met.

And soon, they formed a band, the New Warriors, and played for the students of Mighty Thor's Secondary School.

And during that time, Jan and Peter dated.

But it was not to last. Soon, Peter was forced to move away, thus ending the New Warriors and his relationship.


Johnny woke up his roommate from his daydream.

Peter remembered where he was (on a bus going home with Johnny) and who he was:

Peter Parker. Fun Fact: He was also the hero of Peter Parker's Precious Little Life!

He also remembered who he was going home with:

Johnny Storm. Fun Fact: He is gay!

"So, Peter... as I was saying, it's finally nice out."

"What? Oh, yeah. That's... good. That's good."

"Hey, I found out that Sergei Kravenoff is coming here to shoot the new season of his reality show."

"Um... wasn't he in The Amazing Spider-Guy #15?"

"What? Um... no."

"No, wait, he was in the Last Hunt storyline!"

"Let's change the subject. How are you and Mary Jane doing?"

"Great! Actually, she's coming over in a few days for dinner so you can meet her."

"I met her at your show, remember?"


"But listen, Peter. I have to issue an ultimatum."

"Like that one comic?"

"NO! Not like the comic! Okay, so if you want to bring over Mary Jane, first you have to dump Kitty."

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