The Memorable Masquerade

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Chapter 3 –Sheldon and Amy

Sheldon and Amy were sitting in the back of Leonard's car on the way to the costume party. Amy was thinking about a conversation she had had with Katherine a week ago. Amy had confessed to Katherine that she wished her relationship with Sheldon would move from platonic to romantic. Katherine had suggested that she take a scientific approach; observing Sheldon's reactions to various situations, gathering data and then formulating a plan. It was really quite a brilliant suggestion; I can't understand why such an intelligent woman would devote herself to the Humanaties she thought. This evening should provide an excellent opportunity for gathering data.

Shortly thereafter they arrived at the party. As they walked into the university's multi=purpose room, Sheldon sniffed "I see they couldn't decide between the eighteenth and nineteenth century."

"I think it looks beautiful."

"Thank you Penny." Katherine approached her friends. Sheldon admired Katherine's attention to detail in including a Gotham City Public Library ID badge.

"Wow, I almost didn't recognize you with that wig." Leonard remarked.

Amy, Penny and Katherine began chit-chatting so Sheldon tuned them out and instead looked around to see if the prizes for best costume were displayed anywhere. He turned his attention back to the conversation when he heard Katherine say. "Have fun guys. I have to go circulate." Katherine walked over to another group of guests.

"It's a shame Katherine has to spend the party schmoozing potential donors." Penny remarked.

"I'm sure she'll manage to get some time for fun." Leonard said. "Let's look around."

"Amy and I are going to find the optimal seating location." Sheldon said. He and Amy headed for the tables; Leonard and Penny started walking around the room.

After fifteen minutes spent choosing the best seat, Amy and Sheldon sat down. Almost immediately a woman dressed as Star Sapphire walked over to them. "Sheldon, it's good to see you again. I'm Martha; we met at the university mixer last year."

"Yes, I remember, I have an eidetic memory. You were attending with your friend Abby."

"That's right. May I sit down?"

"Of course." Martha sat down next to Sheldon, moving the chair closer to him in the process. "Martha, this is my friend Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy, this is Martha, she one of the adjunct faculty members of the Humanities department."

"It's nice to meet you." Amy said as the two women shook hands.

"Likewise I'm sure." Martha said dismissively as she turned back to Sheldon.

Amy was surprised at the surge of anger she felt as she watched Martha monopolize Sheldon. Remembering her discussion with Katherine, she decided to use the opportunity to gather data on how Sheldon interacted with women. She noted that Sheldon seemed completely oblivious to the fact that Martha was aggressively flirting with him. I would have thought a man of Sheldon's intelligence would have seen through this shameless hussy's ploys. Amy thought she's totally putting the "B" in subtle. What would Penny do in this situation? I know! She'd find the bar. Amy got up and went over to the bar to get a glass of wine.

"Excuse me, aren't you Dr. Fowler, the neuro-biologist?" Amy turned to see three young men dressed as Dr. Forrester, Mike and Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

"Yes, I am."

"Oh, wow! It is a pleasure to meet you Dr. Fowler. I'm Fred, and this is Matt and Jake. We're grad students here at Caltech and we're big fans of your work."

"Your paper on the addiction study on primates was amazing." said Matt.

"Is it true that you've been able to make a monkey cry by electrically stimulating its brain?" Jake inquired.

Amy was soon deep in conversation with the three men. She was flattered by their interest in her work. Back at the table Sheldon had noticed Amy's departure. He watched as she made her way to the bar. It's odd that Amy didn't ask if Martha or I wanted anything he thought. She is usually much more observing of social courtesies. I knew Penny was a bad influence.

He frowned as the three young men approached Amy and engaged her in conversation. Sheldon tried to focus on his dialogue with Martha but he was distracted by Amy. He could see that she was flushed with enthusiasm from the discussion. Why does she have to lean in so close to thosethose boys! If she can't hear them she should ask them to speak up. Is she laughing?

"Sheldon? Is everything okay?" Martha's question made him realize that he had stood up in an effort to see Amy more clearly.

"Oh, ah, yes. If you'll excuse me, I see someone I need to speak to." Sheldon walked over to Amy, not sure of the impulse driving him. "Amy." He greeted her.

"Sheldon. Sheldon, this is Fred, Matt and Jake, they are graduate students here. Gentlemen, this is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the physicist."

"Theoretical physicist." Sheldon corrected her.

"I apologize for the error."

"It's an honor to meet you Dr. Cooper. You are a legend here." Fred said. Matt and Jake nodded in agreement.

"I should think so." Sheldon said.

"Did you want something Sheldon?" Amy asked.

Sheldon momentarily froze, what reason could he give? Luckily, the band struck up a waltz. I never thought I'd be grateful for cotillion he thought.

"Yes, I wanted to ask you to dance."

Amy's eyebrows rose in surprise; she couldn't remember how they'd managed to get Sheldon to take them dancing last time, but she was sure it hadn't been his idea. "I find that to be an acceptable activity." she replied and Sheldon took her arm and led her onto the dance floor.

Amy's heart beat faster as she revolved around the dance floor in Sheldon's arms. She looked at Sheldon's expressionless face I wonder if he feels anything?

Sheldon was bemused. He hadn't felt like this since the last time he had danced with Amy. My heart rate is elevated, I feel flushed, like I'm running a low grade fever, and I seem to be experiencing tunnel vision; all I can see is Amy. I wonder if I'm having some kind of allergic reaction?

When the song ended they went back to the table; Martha had left. Soon after they sat down Howard and Bernadette came over and joined them. After some idle chit-chat they all went to the buffet to get some food. While eating back at the table they noted Katherine on the dance floor and were surprised to see Leslie Winkle and Barry Kripke dancing together, but there was no sign of Raj, Leonard or Penny.

"Maybe they're out in the courtyard. Have you two been out there yet?" Bernadette asked.

"No, we have not." Amy answered.

"You should; it's so romantic." Bernadette recommended.

"Perhaps we will later." Amy said. She thought A moonlight garden. Katherine said I should see how Sheldon responds to different stimuli. Perhaps I should see how he responds to a romantic setting.

Sheldon looked at her curiously. I wonder why Amy would want to go out to the courtyard? She is not an outdoor enthusiast.

"Hey, did either of you see that girl who looks like Winnie Cooper?" Howard asked.

After they finished eating Howard asked Bernadette to dance and Amy and Sheldon were left alone. They decided to play Counterfactuals.

Amy asked Sheldon "In a world where mattresses are used as building material, what do people sleep on?" Before Sheldon could answer they heard a strident voice.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Dr. Dumbass." Leslie Winkloe walked up to their table followed by Barry Kripke.

"Leslie Winkle." Sheldon said with loathing.

"Dr. Winkle to you, you Texas beanpole." Leslie retorted.

"I refuse to believe that any educational facility would give you a doctorate."

"Well you don't have to strain your limited intellectual abilities. The diploma is right on my office wall."

"All that proves is that you have access to a printer."

"Why you..." Leslie sputtered.

Amy interrupted Leslie "Excuse me, Dr. Winkle is it? We haven't been introduced, I'm Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler."

"The neuro-biologist?" Barry asked.

"Yes. Dr. Winkle, you seem to question Dr. Cooper's intelligence, is that correct?" Amy inquired.


"Are you stupid?"

"What?" Leslie exclaimed. Sheldon looked at Amy with appreciation.

"Dr. Cooper has an IQ of 187. He received his PhD at 16 and possesses a B.S., M.S., M.A. and Sc.D. on top of his PhD. He received the Stevenson award at the age of fourteen."

"Fourteen and a half." Sheldon interjected.

"Thank you Sheldon."

"Do you have a point Dr. Fowler?" Leslie asked crossing her arms.

"Yes. My point is that only a stupid person would, in the face of all these facts, persist in calling Dr. Cooper's intelligence into question. So will you admit you are wrong, or will you kindly leave?"

Leslie stood speechless for a moment then turned and left. Barry sidled closer to Amy. "You're feisty Dr. Fowler. I like that in a woman." He walked off after Leslie, and Sheldon glowered at him.

"Thank you Amy." Sheldon said appreciatively.

"You're welcome, but no thanks are necessary. It was a pleasure to set that woman straight. She is a disgrace to academia."

"I couldn't agree more."

"I could use some fresh air after that. Shall we tour the courtyard?"

"If you wish." Sheldon replied. They crossed the room and went out to the courtyard. Sheldon and Amy wandered through the courtyard. As Amy commented on the features Sheldon found himself noting how her hair and eyes shined in the moonlight. Amy is the only one of my friends that has stood up to Leslie Winkle for me he thought as Amy paused to admire a fountain. She turned to look at him and he found himself staring at her lips.

"Sheldon?" Amy asked. I wonder why he's staring at me? She nervously licked her lips. Sheldon watched as Amy's tongue traveled over her lips. "Sheldon?" Amy asked again as he took a step toward her.

"I'm sorry Amy. Did you say something?" I wonder why I'm having trouble concentrating on the conversation?

"Are you feeling well? Perhaps we should go back inside?" Amy looked at him with concern.

"Perhaps that would be best. I don't seem to be quite myself tonight."

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