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◄Mom and her Sexy Friends►

◄Chapter 1►

◄The Meeting►

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A/N: This story will be given quite a twist. Sakura and Hinata Bashing! (Means that they won't exist in this story for being bitches, if this offends you, I apologize in advance) Let's go!

"Human speaking"

'Human thinking'

"Tailed Beast/Summon speaking"

'Tailed Beast/Summon thinking'


Pairing: Naruto and his smoking hot mom, Kushina

Konoha / Hidden Leaf

It was a late night and at this time almost everyone went into their homes either taking a shower or preparing to sleep. Although two figures were outside at this time. They were each holding some groceries and walking to their home. One was 6 feet and had blonde hair, deep ocean eyes which melted any girl he looked at (What appeared to be daily), whisker marks, a tanned but not dark skin which had nice muscles and was wearing a casual outfit consisting of a orange/reddish formal shirt and black shorts. The other figure was slightly smaller and had beautiful fiery hair which was waist length, amethyst colored eyes, had soft and creamy pale skin and wore a dress that was violet that revealed an average amount of cleavage.

To the bystanders, it seemed that thy were lovers in some way but they were either sadly mistaken or badly informed. Some even had guts and whistled at the woman who turned to face them and winked. Heck if they cared to be watched but some drooled and some even pissed their pants. As they reached their home, they ran into five women also with revealing dresses and gorgeous appearances. "Well if it isn't Kushina and her son!" one of them said loudly.

"Now Mikoto, you shouldn't be loud or you might wake up some of our neighbors" said Kushina with a smirk. Naruto went on into their home and placed the groceries in their place while the women got inside two minutes after Naruto. 'Kami, she's been wearing those revealing dresses and has been drinking four days in a row, I don't think I can hold myself any longer' and he turned to see them open two bottles of sake.

The six women were on the living room that had comfy couches and a coffee table where they placed the sake and their little fancy cups. Naruto headed to his room and began doing some reports of his missions earlier on until Kushina shouted, "Naruto! Get us another sake bottle!" He sighed and went down to find both of the bottles on the floor and empty. He also looked at all six women that were heavily drunk. While he was opening the bottle to pour into their ups, he thought of an idea which he could only grin with evil intentions, 'Time for payback, mother'

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