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◄Mom and her Sexy Friends►

◄Chapter 1►


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Story info: Alternate universe, more modern story. CONTAINS INCEST, PLEASE READ AT YOUR DISCRETION. M RATING.

Fire Nation county, Japan

It had been 12 years.

Minato Namikaze, famous for his machine Yellow Flash that drastically improved the everyday communications with the help of holograms, had died this exact day. His wife had inherited the rather modest penthouse at the Konoha Grand Hotel and Suites. She was devastated by the news of his death and quickly fell into a depression. However, it did not seem that way just as of recent events.

Naruto, Minato's son, had also hit a mild depression but quickly got over it with the constant help of his friends. He was the football quarterback star of his school, Fire Nation High, and naturally popular among his classmates. He tried many ways to cheer up his mother from her depression but all futile or achieved very little. Now, he had been noticing quite drastic changes in his mother's attitude. Suddenly, she was outgoing, bubbly, and rather.. flirtatious among her fellow female friends. Every now and then, she came home drunk with her friends dropping her off to Naruto, leaving him puzzled.

What the hell happened?

Over the years, Naruto felt as if he had no parents since his late father's death and sudden shut in mother that he had. They rarely talked, and it really felt as if he was just living with another woman. Honestly, Naruto thought very little of her as a mom, from the vague memories as a child. Every time he looked at her, it was a sense of awkwardness. Kushina Uzumaki was a total milf to put it bluntly. Despite the depression over the years, she maintained her fantastic figure, creamy white skin, and luscious rose red hair.

Tell me your secrets woman.

It certainly didn't help that Kushina wore almost see-through tops, short shorts, and stockings from time to time. Adding to that, her voluptuous body packed a massive DD-cup and slender hourglass body. That booty too. Mm. Ahem, moving on, Naruto slowly lusted for her as much as his morals wanted to avoid that. It was quite obvious at this point that Kushina went out with her friends to get drunk and occasionally flirt with guys. While rather immoral it seemed, it was understandable that after 12 years of her late husband's death, she couldn't handle it and wanted to find someone. That's what dead lovers wanted right?

All of this bothered Naruto for whatever reason. He wasn't jealous right? It's his mother he was talking about. He wanted her happy and she's trying right? Naruto had been in a couple relationships varying from Sakura to Ino to Tenten and finally Hinata. His most recent breakup had been over a year ago, but being the charming person he was, ended all of them in good terms and now all of them were the best of friends. But there was something about his mother that he lusted for.

"Could it be the idea of banging a downright hot milf that was exciting? Or was it something more serious like a mother comple- nono Naruto please you're not like that," he quickly thought. All of his thoughts came to an abrupt end after he heard a knock on the front door.

"Must be them again," Naruto sighed as he heard drunk giggles and murmurs. Opening the door, he found 3 drunk women.

Red hair, auburn hair, and finally purple hair. Kushina, Mei, and Anko respectively stood on the door barely awake and stumbled forward upon the door opening. Kushina, like always wore a black low-cut top that gave rather an amazing look at her cleavage, a small black leather jacket, grey short shorts that were slightly down, see-through grey stockings and finally a pair of heel shoes. Mei wore the same jacket and shorts, but opted for a navy blue crop top, no stockings, and grey boots that rose below her knee. Lastly, Anko had a black trench coat that went down to her thigh, purple see-through tank top, black mini skirt and heels.

Did he forget to mention Mei Terumi was famous for her research on mist and heating treatments?

And Anko's reputation in the interrogation department? Man, isn't Naruto lucky.

He would be lying if he said he wasn't aroused at the sight of cleavage and succulent lips. He had to do something, something to prevent some random guy from banging these women. Loosing this opportunity was definitely not going to happen tonight.

"Ishhh youu goingg to sshtand there all night Narusho? Help ush already," came the slur of a drunk Kushina. Quickly coming back to reality, Naruto went underneath the huddled women and allowed them to grab onto his shoulders to carry them into the living room. Grabbing onto Naruto's rather strong figure, mainly muscles and shoulders, Anko couldn't help but to admire the feeling. Most teens and men nowadays were weaklings, often disregarding their figure and remaining scrawny. Anko looked for guys that were confident in their strong body and this young man took the cake.

'How old was he again? Er... let's go with 18 since I'm so drunk,' Anko thought, but couldn't resist commenting, "My my, look at these. I wonder how you look topless." With that said, Naruto couldn't help but smirk unbeknownst to them. Too bad they won't know what happened. Choosing to remain silent, Anko let out a small tch. Guys these days, she swore. As Naruto gently seated them on the couch, he went to prepare the regular anti-hang over drink of the daily. It was a rare occurrence that Kushina's friends stayed over. Definitely not the first time, but rare nonetheless. Suddenly he had a bright idea. Naruto maintaining the inner excitement under a straight facade, headed over to the medicine cabinet like always for the small dissoluble hangover pill, but also grabbed 3 individual sleeping pills.

Coming back to the kitchen, he slipped the duo pills onto 3 glasses that went completely unnoticed by the drunk triplet. After a couple minutes, it looked seemingly normal and gave them the glasses of water, receiving 3 slurred thanks. Naruto promptly left to his room knowing they would be knocked out in around 10 minutes, and changed out into his regular pajamas to have more freedom of movement. After taking his sweet time, he walked into a rather amazing sight of the 3 beauties spread out in the two parallel couches.

Oh what fun will he have. Then and there he realized, life just got good.


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