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◄Mom and her Sexy Friends►

◄Chapter 2►

◄Naruto's Plan►

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"Human speaking"

'Human thinking'

"Tailed Beast/Summon speaking"

'Tailed Beast/Summon thinking'


Pairing: Naruto and his smoking hot mom, Kushina

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Konoha / Hidden Leaf

'Lately, I haven't got the chance to jack off since my mom is constantly drinking with her friends, I mean what if one of hem catches me on he bathroom? Well now I'll get payback time' Naruto headed to the cabinet where they kept all their medicine and got out sleeping powder pills. He took out six of them and poured each pill's content on the women's cups. "Naruto! What's holding you back there! Hurry up..." He heard Kushina shout and called back, "Geez, I'm already here" Naruto placed the cups on the coffee table along with the sake bottle and left into the hallway where he leaned back and waited.

'So, I have my mom, Mei Terumi, Anko, Mikoto Uchiha, Tsunami (Tazuna's daughter), and Konan to fuck this night.. I should've done this on the first chance I had!' he thought with enthuasim. Soon enough the women fell with some falling noises, although some didn't wih the help of their soft and large breasts. Naruto chuckled at the women who had fallen as he came back. Kushina had fallen on top of Tsunami who was on the floor, Anko was on the couch with her boobs sticking out since her dress was very tight (In a good way) to cause her breasts to almost get out. Mikoto had been standing up so she fell into the backside of the couch with her butt showing and her upper body wrapped around the couch. Mei had fallen onto the coffee table and last but not least, Konan had fallen onto the floor with her ass raised in a doggy position and her DD cup breasts smashed into the floor.

'Nice, just nice' Naruto started with the closest one which was Mikoto and began fondoling her breasts causing her to moan in pleasure. Naruto grinned and did it in a aggressive way. Then he raised her ass to the top of the couch and pulled down her thong. He realized that she was getting wet and only because he was playing with her boobs. "You horny slut" he whispered to no one in particular. He stucI in two fingers and began going back and forth making lewd noises. She was muffling "Mh. Ah. Ohh. Mmm" repeatly until she came. Naruto then pulled down his shorts to reveal a 12 inch cock that was very large. He went inside of her and gasped, "Oh Mikoto! You're so tight and your pussy is pulling me in!" She could only moan in response. He kept on thrusting inside of her, every five minutes changing his speed and force until he was about to climax. He announced, "Bitch I'm cumming!" and released into her womb. He pulled out his dick in the process and spilled some on her back. He then wrote on her ass with a marker, Naruto's bitch.

He chuckled and move onto the next slut which was Konan who was already in position. "Now aren't you nice for being already in position? You even saved me some time, so I'll reward you little slut" Naruto murmured with a evil grin and pulled up Konan's dress so it revealed her ass. "Look at you! You're not even wearing underwear!" Naruto placed his member just below her pussy and began rubbing with his dick making her moan and whimper in pure ecstasy. He finally stopped and suddenly pushed it inside her, which also made her scream (In a good way too). He flipped her to face upwards after a few minutes and started playing with her amazingly soft and firm boobs while moving slowly in and out of her tight womanhood. He made two shadow clones and just right when he came, she did as well. The shadow clones were slowly jacking off into her face and body and released their warm semen. He watched her cute face slowly drinking it and layed there still unconscious.

"Alright boys, we have all night to fuck these bitches, so let's have fun!" said the original one while the other two cheered. One of the clones headed to Mei and took off her dress and found it that she wasn't even wearing bra neither underwear, well it was kinda obvious since she was the slut. On the other hand, her breasts were also soft but very large and creamy enough to make about just any man crazy from looking at those beautiful boobs. Naruto played with them while sticking his dick inside her ass in a doggy style position. The other clone was face fucking Tsunami which he placed on the couch and stood on top of it with one leg on the couch's arm to support him. After seven minutes, she began to gag on it but kept deepthroating it like a pro which made Naruto laugh. 'She's been probably sucking on some dicks too much lately...' Naruto then sat down and placed her on top of his member which was eager to get inside her womb. She let out a somewhat quiet but long moan which satisfied him. Naruto had also placed her leg onto the couch's arm for her to stand on while he gave her the thrusts with his cock.

While the clone did that, the original was playing with Anko's pussy. He was using his tongue which was trying to conquer the luscious vagina meanwhile also consuming her love juice. She came to the total of seven times under ten minutes. He knew it was his skill, which he also laughed at. Anko kept moaning out the words, Mmm, Maah, Aah. Naruto noticed after a while that she was uncontrollably moving from too much pleasure so he tied herrand flipped her over. In the process, he rose her ass giving him a nice view of her wet womanhood that pleaded to be penetrated. He inserted his dick into her ass which entered the first six inches, "Wow, how many times do you play with your ass, you slutty bitch?" and as soon as he went further in, it became tighter and pulled him inside and finally began to rape her ass making her scream in delight.

Mei on the other hand was being doggy fucked and being played with since Naruto's clone grabbed her breasts that were being jiggling left to right. "I'm cumming Mei!" then he grabbed her hips and slammed her into his cock before releasing into her. Mei was panting hard while Naruto slowly jacked off his remaining semen into her back. Tsunami who was unconsciously sucking Naruto's dick was almost done, "Here I go! Drink it all, Tsunami.." Naruto released his hot milk into her mouth causing her to choke but she drank what she could. The last victim was Kushina who was still on the floor, but before Naruto began with her, he used a marker to write on all of the women's backs, Naruto's Slut. The clones dispelled themselves while the original one got his mother and took her to her bed.

As he went to her room, the hallway he was walking on had the picture of his father before the bathroom door, he turned to his father and whispered, "Don't worry dad, I'll take good care of her" He placed her on her bed in a way making her look like she was too tired to get inside the bed's sheets and just slept as soon as she touched the bed. He also placed a sake bottle besides her and left the room. He went to the living room where Kushina's friends were and placed some dildos to make it look like they did it and once he was done, he simply smirked and continued to finish his reports.

1 Hour later

The women slowly woke up individually and saw their surroundings, no longer that drunk as before and realized their situation. As they grabbed their clothes, Naruto pretended to go grab a glass of juice and looked at them supposedly giving him a nosebleed. The women saw him and chuckled, "Well if it isn't Naruto.. Hey girls, what if we play with him a little bifoams a punishment for looking at us?" Anko said with a smirk. The women nodded and gave him a 'Come-here-you-pervert' grin. After a while, Kushina woke up and noticed she was on her bed with a sake bottle, 'Oh Kami, I must've been so drunk and tired' she thought and her head ached her so she went to grab a glass of water and a pill to nurse her head and walked into his friends who were all naked, and either giving his son a blowjob or sat on top of Naruto's face so he could suck their pussy. She immidietaly gasped and shouted, "What the fuck are you doing?" One of the women who were sucking his dick looked up and responded, "Kushina, your son's cock is so good! Cmon, taste him and tell me I'm right" Kushina was purely appalled, she did know her friends were drinkers but she never knew they could be like this, so horny and attracted to Naruto by just teasing him.

She hesitated and kept looking at his friends who were sucking his son's huge dick that looked very tasty and felt jealousy, she shook her head, 'No, stop. You're not going to suck your own son's dick' It was only for a few seconds until her body acted on her own and walked forward to suck Naruto's dick. It was true, he tasted incredibly good, it almost made her try to jump and ride on his cock. Naruto felt his mother's mouth wrap around his manhood and grinned. He grabbed her arm with his free hand and pulled her into him making her sit on top of him. He groaned at his dick which was barely touching her mom's pussy which was apparently wet already. Kushina couldnt resist herself and placed his dick inside her womanhood. "Oh Naruto! I haven't had sex in 13 years but your dick is so big! Please fuck me, make me your bitch, say it!" Kushina was bouncing up and down on his shaft making him groan and moan her name. "Kushina, you're my bitch, you heard? You're my bitch!" Naruto shouted while Kushina whimpered and cursed. "I'm cumming!" she shouted and soon enough, her juices came running down Naruto's dick and into his lower chest. The other women began to lick his lower chest while Konan switched places with Tsunami so Naruto could suck her womanhood dry. After a few minutes of switching their positions, the party (Group of people) became tired but had enough energy to go with Naruto into his room. He was the first to fall in the bed, unfortunately after four hours of continuous sex, he fell fast asleep not knowing what might happen next.

3 Hours Later

Naruto had waken up by something that poked his arms and chest, he also smelled a sweet scent that was a mixture of strawberries and mangoes. He dared to open his eyes and slowly he saw a redhead person on his left arm and an auburn haired woman on his right. Both were naked and found out that their breasts were the cause of his arm being poked. Big F cup breasts surrounded his arm and it's nipples poked his chest. He noticed it was Kushina and Mei how were sleeping with him in his room. He rose up his head and saw Mikoto and Konan below his chest hugging him in a sleeping position and saw Tsunami beside Kushina and Anko beside Mei. 'Wow.. I never expected my plan to be this successful...' he thought and kissed both Kushina and Mei on their foreheads and went back to sleep.

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