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◄Mom and her Sexy Friends►

◄Chapter 2►


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Story info: Alternate universe, more modern story. CONTAINS INCEST, PLEASE READ AT YOUR DISCRETION. M RATING.

The Uzumaki Penthouse

Not being hasty, Naruto pushed his eagerness back and wanted to enjoy every second possible. Walking up to Kushina, he lifted her face by her chin and slid a finger into her slightly open mouth. By reflex, it felt as if she was ready to suck on whatever she thought it was. It just left Naruto a little awestruck, was Kushina that desperate? He had to ask himself, is this really right?

Who cares, the penis is always right.

Gazing at the other two females, he couldn't stop from getting an erection. It was practically one of those hentai cliche that he occasionally read where a guy takes advantage of 3 drunk milfs, actually come true. Pulling down Kushina to his waist level, Naruto brought out his erect 8 incher onto her cheek and smacked it a couple times for the fun of it. It seemed to be a trend in porn nowadays, and actually felt great to be the dominant. He proceeded to stuff it in her mouth to which she also wrapped her tongue around it subconsciously. He still questioned it but nonetheless gasped in pleasure, thrusting now and then in form of deep throat. He didn't want her to gag and potentially bite on his dick, that would hurt.

Pulling pulling down her so-called modest clothing, he met a lacy red bra to which he also pulled upwards to release the enormous melons. They weren't in the slightest sagged, rather plump but soft to the touch as he grabbed a fistful. Giving it a tight squeeze, he let go to the nipple to which he rolled and pressed prompting muffled moans from Kushina. She on the other hand continued oblivious to the "dream" licking and twirling her tongue to the man. This was exactly what she wanted in real life, but regardless enjoyed the "wet dream".

Naruto gave a final thrust before moving onto Mei. He knew she had worked and talked to his dad, to which his dad introduced her to Kushina. However, having the highly esteemed research woman in person, he had to thank his dad. Man knew who to befriend. This time, he brought her to a sitting position and took off her jacket and shirt, but left the bra. There was something about the blue lacy bra covering her equally huge tits that enticed him. Using the bra, Naruto slipped his rod into the middle of Mei's breasts and below the bra creating a tight but lubricated hole. Additionally, Naruto went to create the best feeling ever by manually squeezing the breasts together, making him groan.

Breasts are amazing.

He was about to release but decided against it, wanting to save it for the big final. Pulling his dick out of the meat confinement, he leaned down to give a haste kiss on the auburn head. Her mouth was intoxicating, quite literally. The taste of alcohol alongside her plump, red lipstick drove him crazy. Finally came the trench coat girl. While being a tad bit younger than the other two, it did not stop to show the maturity of her figure. Anko was the self-proclaimed wild one of the group or so he heard. Pretty sure it was true, already convincing Naruto by her appearance. He went for the bra underneath her tank top, only to find bare breasts covered by what seemed nipple covers. Guess she was indeed a wild one. Naruto figured it was so she could show off the see-through element of her shirt without going too far. It was the thought that counted.

Changing up the method, Naruto simply bent the slender figured woman upside down on top of the couch with her knees on the ground. Seeing the legs were perfectly aligned tightly closed, he lifted the mini skirt to bring her ass into view. Nicely heart shaped, he noticed a thin purple thong running in between her nether lips that were slightly moist. Grinning, he knew only the best thing to do right there and then. Pushing his penis in the barely noticeable gap of her legs, he rubbed his long shaft onto Anko's pussy lips. Almost magically, he could definitely feel the wetness coming from her pussy, slowly dripping. Naruto however didn't know if it was actually her vagina that was lubricating his dick more or just his imagination. But he wasn't going to let the thought ruin his godlike bliss.

Pussy is bliss.

Anko likewise was moaning to her supposedly "wet dream", after no man dared go near her but she knew they all secretly fantasized about her. After feeling Naruto's strong physique, she felt a rather sudden attraction towards the football star. She had heard about Naruto from Kushina's random drunk rants, how he was a great young man but felt bad that their relationship as a family collapsed to nothing. Seeing him for the first time did indeed intrigue her, as if "love at first sight as a thing". More like lust. Back to reality, Naruto pulled her thong upwards, prompting a louder moan and that was almost the final straw for him. It took a massive amount of willpower to not bust a nut, but somehow succeeded in not to. Slowly pulling his dick from the thigh department, Naruto figured he should move on to the main course.

Using his upper body strength, he flipped both Kushina and Mei similarly to Anko, and proceeded to remove their bottom garments. From the short shorts, to the matching red colored thongs, Naruto whistled.

"Jesus these girls must be the best friend trio or something."

And there he had it ladies and gentlemen, it was a sight to behold, three perfectly heart-shaped asses. Kushina's had a small mole on the upper left butt cheek which he found uniquely alluring, for whatever reason. Anko's was more tan and it contrasted to the creamy white Kushina and the slightly tanner white Mei. Naruto had to slap his cheeks twice to make sure he wasn't in a dream, only to giggle perversely when it was all true. It was basically butt heaven, with an amazing side of semi-wet vaginas. Naruto figured he should do the honor for Kushina since she was in the middle and basically the first to have lusted for. Grabbing his rod, he stroked it a little before lining it up on the pink supple nether lips of Kushina and pushed in an upwards motion to finally penetrate her. And god was it the best thing he had experienced; it was a smooth thrust but on the way out, Kushina's insides tried pulling him back in, resulting in the tight feeling.

"Mmmf, mmmm," came the muffled, sleeping moans of Kushina, exciting Naruto further as he grabbed onto her slim waist. With the new found support, he pushed deeper eliciting louder moans. Thank god he knew the sleeping pills were designed to make the person sleep through anything for the next 8 hours or he wouldn't get away with that. Slipping in and out, squelching noises being made, occasional drips of their combined orgasms falling into the floor, it was like music to Naruto's ears. Kushina herself was living her daydream ironically, but moaned as if she was wide awake. Not forgetting the other two lovely milfs on Kushina's side, he used his fingers to dig into their own holes, Anko gasping in sleeping delight while Mei groaned in a lascivious manner.

These three were definitely something else.

Cough horny.

Unfortunately, Naruto was just seconds away from releasing his massive load and moved fast. Quickly taking out his member from Kushina's pussy, which tried it's best to bring him back in, he moved to the other side of the couch. Naruto positioned his dick and with a final stroke, he released enough semen to cover all three faces. Catching his breath, Naruto simply grinned and shook his head.

What the fuck happened that made this all possible?

Oh right, his dad. It felt a little heartbreaking knowing that he was doing this to his mother and his dad's wife no less, but at the end of the day, she was asking for it and he delivered.

Crap he had to clean up, and with that in mind, he quickly dressed the females and removed any of his cum residue on their bodies as well as the couch. Finally he accommodated their bodies back to "drunk" positions and let them sleep there. Oh tonight was great, the best he ever had. His previous experiences ranged from Ino's complete inexperience that drove him impatient, to Hinata's absolute shyness and akwardness, to Sakura's uh.. "body", she was beautiful don't get Naruto wrong but in the sheets, it felt inadequate. This time, his own mother beat the cake for all of them, proving that milf pussy was number one. He still had to get his way with Mei and Anko but figured individually was the best choice. Smiling with the thought of conquering milfs, Naruto walked into his bedroom and dozed off from the now appearing fatigue.

Oh boy, awake horny women will definitely be more draining.


Just like the old plot, Naruto bangs these ladies but as you have read, this is definitely more detailed. I am most definitely proud how this turned out, and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

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