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◄Mom and her Sexy Friends►

◄Chapter 4►

◄A Huge Ass Orgy►

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"Human speaking"

'Human thinking'

"Tailed Beast/Summon speaking"

'Tailed Beast/Summon thinking'


Pairing: Naruto and his smoking hot mom, Kushina

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Uzumaki Estate

A few of the women that Naruto fucked smirked at the moment he did as well, thinking of his current situation. 'Oh, this is going to get intersting.' Naruto came up to them and saluted them with a bow (Japanese always seems to do that). "Well come on mina (Quick fact: Mina means Everyone in Japanese), the food will get cold if we don't eat, and I can tell you're all hungry," announced Kushina with a grin knowing that most women didn't eat for the whole evening, otherwise their appetite might've gone away. The women went to the table whereas Naruto headed for his bedroom making Kasuga and Hana stop and ask themselves where he was going. Naruto went to his secret compartment that was just behind a blind point in his closet and got out Anastasia to weaken the new women's bodies so they can't make any jutsu or attempt at escaping. He came back into the kitchen to fill small cups with (Insert drink here). He went back to the dining table and gave every woman their cup, smirking while thinking of the huge ass orgy they might have if this went successful. He sat down and after 8 minutes of eating without drinking, the first woman who drank the beverage was Yuugao but the Anastasia didn't take effect yet due to the other women being awake so they wouldn't be alerted.

"Well this is very delicious, I haven't eaten this in a while!" stated Mikoto who was easily fascinated by the Uzumaki's fine cooking skills. Another two women drank the drink and this time it was Kurenai and Naruto. Why him? Because if he didn't drink his beverage, it would seem suspicious, wouldn't it? Besides, he only added the Anastasia powder into the other new women's cups. 1 more minute and 5 women drank it and it was Tsunami, Kushina, Kasuga, Tsume, and Konan. "What a fine drink this is," Kasuga complimented about their good choice of beverage. The last four woman drank it who were Mei, Anko, Mabui and Tsunami. Another minute passed and most women were done with their plates until the new women suddenly felt weak and their heads fell into the table. "What did you do to our food/drinks!" Tsume demanded with her "ferocious " tone. "Oh nothing, just some Anastasia and that's all responded Naruto while he and the other women he fucked got up to grab them.

"You will NOT get away with this Kushina!" Kurenai shouted to Kushina who by coincidence was dragging her into the living room. "Well, we'll see what you say after a few hours" she said with a mischievous grin which made Kurenai shudder at the a unusual thought she came to thinking of. Naruto made 5 clones, each one assigned with two women. One of them came up to them and stripped them till they only had their lacy bras and panties. Of course the women Naruto fucked before had come without any underwear so he wouldn't waste any time, one Naruto clone was laying down while Mabui's pussy was on top of his face, licking her pussy as well, while Konan was sucking his cock dry. Another pair was Naruto with Tsume who grabbed her boobs to wrap them around his cock to do himself a boobjob while Mikoto was fingering Mabui's slightly wet pussy. And another pair for example was Kushina on top of Kasuga with their pussies lined up in a parallel position for Naruto to rub his dick into the middle of the women so it rubbed and teased them. Some of the new women were trying to resist while the other ones finally gave up and began begging for his dick.

"Stop the teasing! Ju- just give me your dick," Kasuga begged and a happy Naruto immediately pushed it inside her snatch which was dripping wet from all the rubbing. She moaned and groaned with ecstasy as he went faster and rougher every minute or so. The last women who were resisting were already being anal fucked until they gave up as well and shouted at him to go harder and gave loud moans of satisfaction. Mei who was on the couch was being doggy fucked while Hana also on the couch was being fingered and moaning as well. "HARDER NARUTO! HA-RDER!" Kushina moaned in an exotic whimper whereas Naruto raised his pace into harder and fast thrusts into her womanhood. Naruto continued to ravish both of their exotic pussies until they got sore and that's when Naruto got ready to fire his load, but instead of doing that, he channeled a tad bit of chakra into his ding-dong so it prevented him from shooting. Of course Kushina knew he was holding back, not that she cared because it only meant this could go on for hours, oh and I mean HOURS.



It was so far a peaceful night for Kiba, Hinata, Sakura, Lee, Choji, Ino, and Sasuke (He's kinda social in this story, but still the same arrogant bastard he is :D) as they walked on the streets to a restaurant for small classmates reunion although some others had other important things to do, concluding only some going. Anyways, they were passing by the Uzumaki Estate by chance so they could invite Naruto along, and as they went up their front yard stairs, they heard a small moan. "Um.. what was that?" Choji inquired as he stopped eating his "small" snack and looked for the source of the small moan. Of course the others thought he was crazy until they heard another moan. "I hear that as well.. and boy, that's creepy," Kiba stated as he also looked for the source. The group continued going up the stairs and tried looking through the window, only to find it covered. They looked around for another one and luckily, that one was uncovered. They looked around and found the Uzumaki having quite an affair.. making all of them gasp except Sasuke, which stood behind them. "NANI?" they all shouted as they saw most of their friends and senseis. "What is going on guys.. WHAT THE FUCK!" shouted Sasuke due to him seeing his own mom having SEX with his most despicable rival. He rushed back to the front door and kicked it wide open, and he looked at the most unexpected thing in his life. Naruto and the other women were on the table having dinner as if any of what they saw back there an illusion. He just gaped at his stupid move of intruding like some police cop would've done. "Sasuke, don't you know it's rude to kick open a door, especially when we're having dinner here?" Naruto calmly asked, also as if anything happen. The other women also nodded and glared at Sasuke as if he have gone crazy or something.

"DON'T PLAY WITH ME YOU DOBE, I KNOW YOU WERE HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH ALL THESE WOMEN-" "Now now, that's a very dramatic accusation, especially if you had what I suppose an illusion. Now please stop intruding and let us eat in peace." Naruto said as he had stopped Sasuke from causing a scene. Now of course Sasuke wouldn't go after being supposedly making an accusation right in front of 12 women which looked like the kind of women who would talk to other people about this particular scene. He launched at Naruto who stood seated, and threw a punch, surprisingly caught by him without breaking a sweat. Naruto then stood up and still grabbing his fist, he threw him out the door. "Have a nice night, emo duck-face," he said and abruptly closed the door.

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