Since you came, my life is a mess. Whenever I'm with you, I forget what I want to say. Since you touched me, I cannot concentrate, because all the time, I'm thinking of you.


They were breathing heavily; gasps and swallows echoed in the room, parted lips were pursuing the much needed air. A new breath of life.

England's shaking seemed to hinder Prussia's advances. The involuntary spasm of his muscles every time Gilbert's hands roamed over his body. The little jumps Prussia caused when he licked his skin. Through his dazed state, England pulled Prussia towards him, seeking his lips. Prussia smiled against the kiss, while his hands were busy gripping England's thighs. Prussia broke the kiss, and kissed England's jaw instead. He grazed carefully with his lips all the way down to England's chest. He stopped and let his warm breath out, a bit shakily, and gazed forward to England's face.

England blinked slowly and called Prussia's name. A shiver ran down Prussia's spine. He was so delighted.

Prussia nibbled England's belly lightly, earning a shudder from England. Prussia crawled over England again, brushing their bare legs together, holding and pulling his arms above his head. Those glass green eyes were enthralling Prussia's mind again, just like a couple of hours ago.

Prussia lunged forward, sucking and biting England's neck. "Nn…ah…" England drew Prussia away. But Prussia only pressed himself more against the blond. Their hands were wandering in every way; fingertips were caressing silky hair and lustful gazes were devouring each other whole.

Prussia tried to stay on top of England and hold his body down, and he tried to move around him to ignite his private bomb. Prussia roughly brought England closer to his body. He lifted England's arms over his neck and kissed him passionately. He held England's nape with his right hand and their lips melted together. They kissed again and again. After some time, with a smug smile, Prussia moved forward and pecked England's lips fondly. "I'm awesome, ain't I?"

England slumped over Prussia and both fell onto the bed. "You… are… a dimwit…"

Prussia hugged and squeezed England, and said happily, "Kesesese, I'm that awesome, right?"

'You want me to drill some sense into you, idiot?' That's what England thought, but he was too tired to actually say it. So, he only said, "…idiot…"

The time passed and neither of them could sleep, though they were exhausted.

England mumbled against Prussia's chest softly, "…Our loneliness… is… history…?"

"Yeah! Everybody is gonna freak out when they find out about us! France's face is gonna be priceless!" Prussia replied eagerly. "West is gonna scold me, that's sure! You're worth it though! Ah! Right! That Fatman may go berserk when he sees your neck… Ugh, shite, maybe I should use some kind of armor. Speaking of which, don't cha think I look even more awesome when I use my sword?"

England was baffled about several things in that moment, and was temporarily unable to respond properly.

"Hey, we should totally get married! It's gonna be totally awesome! I'm the one planning the wedding, since I don't trust your tastes and- hey, why're you laughing?"

"…I am not…" England managed to say.

"Yes, you are!" Prussia hovered inches away from England's face with an uncharacteristic serious face and then he broke into his usual smug look. "You look awesome when you smile, so it's cool."


"Ah yeah," Prussia kissed England chastely, "your blushing face is one of the awesomest cute things I've ever seen, so it's cool, too!"

England couldn't decide whether to smack Prussia for being a grammatical barbarian, or to kiss him for being nice and cute. One thing was for sure, even though he wasn't going to admit it aloud, Prussia was… awesome.

•To Be Continued•