Sonic The Hedgehog copyright Sega

Batman: Arkham City copyright DC Comics/Rocksteady

Arkham City Interview Tapes (Sonic Universe)

Shadow The Hedgehog -

Hugo Strange: Is he here yet?

Tyger Guard: yes, sir...he just arrived.

Hugo Strange: very good...send him in.

Tyger Guard: Are you sure?
you know, it wasn't too easy taking him down...he's DANGEROUS.

Hugo Strange: Do not worry...I can handle him.

Tyger Guard: very well.

(Door opens, then closes)

Hugo Strange: So...your the imfamous "Shadow The Hedgehog"...
PLEASE...take a seat.

Shadow: I prefer to STAND.
WHY am I here?

Hugo Strange: no special reason...I simply wish to speak to you.
I want to learn more about you, understand how you came to be.

Shadow: I have NOTHING to say to you.

Hugo Strange: Really?

Shadow: I am the Ultimate Lifeform: SHADOW THE cannot contain me, NO ONE CAN!
I will be free...and, if YOU or any of your soldiers try and stop me I will break every bone in your bodies."

Hugo Strange: oh, I don't think you will.

Shadow: and, what makes you think such a foolish thing?

Hugo Strange: Because if you harm me...Rouge the Bat will DIE.

[End of Tape]


Hugo Strange: Calm down, Mister Shadow...
I just need you to answer a few questions.

Shadow (Darkly): no...

Hugo Strange: (sigh) oh, very well...

(Hugo Presses a button)

Hugo Strange: Sniper 306, do you have Rouge in your sights?

Tyger Sniper (Over radio): Yes Sir, I have the target locked on.

Hugo Strange: good, then Fir-

Shadow (Frantic): STOP!

Hugo Strange: Sniper, hold your fire.

Tyger Sniper: Yes, Sir.

Shadow (grimly) what do you wish to know?...

Hugo Strange: everything, Shadow...EVERYTHING.
let us start at the beginning: how is it that you came to be?

Shadow: (Deep Sigh) all started fifty years ago...

Hugo Strange: go on.

Shadow: I was an Artificial Lifeform...
created aboard the Space Colony Ark by Professor Gerald Robotnik.

Hugo Strange: yes, I do remember reading about that.

Shadow: The professor said that I was created as a benifit to mankind.
he said, in my blood...held the secret to immortality.

Hugo Strange: I can see that...even after Fifty Years, you haven't aged in the slightest.
but, HOW is it that Gerald created you?

Shadow: it's...nothing important.

Hugo Strange: SHADOW...remember, that with just one word: I can END your friend's life.

Shadow: grrr...

Hugo Strange: I'll ask again: HOW...did Gerald create you?

Shadow: (Exhales Deeply) he...he used a blood sample from an alien warlord.

Hugo Strange: Black Doom?

Shadow (hesitant): um...y-yes.

Hugo Strange: isn't HE the leader of that savage race of aliens knowns as "The Black Arms"?
the SAME alien race that once attempted to dominate earth and kill off it's populace?

Shadow: ...

Hugo Strange: Shadow.

Shadow (Forceful): YES!

Hugo Strange: good...NOW, we're getting somewhere.

[End of Tape]

Hugo Strange: Now, back to our earlier talk over your creation...

Shadow (Grumbling): whatever...

Hugo Strange: How is that Profesor Gerald created you as a HEDGEHOG?

Shadow: never mattered to me why.

Hugo Strange: and, how is it that you look so much like that SONIC fellow?

Shadow (Angrily): You can leave HIM out of this!

Hugo Strange: Shadow...if I don't get answers, then you KNOW what will happen to Rouge.

(Shadow growls, then exhales)

Shadow: The Professor said he once tried to base his "Project: Shadow" experiment on a lizard.
but, it became unstable...and, uncontrollable, so he had it put in statis.

(Hugo is silent, he then reaches for something and puts it on the table)

Shadow: what's this?

Hugo Strange: Photographs taken by archiologist from the imfamous "Angel Island"
similair images have been sighted at the "Mystic Ruins", not far from Station Square.

look at the picture...doesn't it look familure?

Shadow (bluntly): no.

Hugo Strange (forceful) look HARDER...
that tile image depicts a Golden Hedgehog, a large, Green Emerald and a Water Monster.

(Shadow Scoffs)

Hugo Strange: coincidently, such an event occoured not too long ago...
when Sonic used those Chaos Emeralds to transform into his "Super Form"
and, fought a Liquid God of Destruction by the name: "Perfect Chaos"

Shadow: yeah...SO?

Hugo Strange: though this event occoured fifty years later...
we have found images of these ancient tiles in Gerald's Lab aboard the ARK.

(Hugo chuckles)

Hugo Strange: he even modeled the power core of the ARK on the "Master Emerald Shrine"

Shadow: you getting to a point, here?"

Hugo Strange: Professor Gerald based your design off of the images of "Super Sonic", didn't he?

(Shadow is silent)

Shadow (grumbling): maybe...

Hugo Strange: so, YOU and SONIC may have more in common than you think.

Shadow (Yelling): NO WE DON'T!, we are NOTHING alike!
everything's a GAME to him, he NEVER takes anything seriously.

Hugo Strange: which brings us to why YOU are such a "serious" person.

Shadow: what do you mean?

Hugo Strange: tell me about MARIA...

[End of Tape]

Shadow (Enraged): LET ME OUT OF THESE CUFFS!

Hugo Strange: I am afraid I cannot do that, Shadow.
your behavior at the end of our last session has made this precausion NECCESARY.

Shadow: GRR!

Hugo Strange: Now...let us talk about Maria-

(darkly) you are not worthy to even speak it.

Hugo Strange: I see you are quite "emotional" over Miss Robotnik...
GOOD, then SHE must be at the root of your problems.

Shadow (darkly): i'm WARNING you, Strange-

Hugo Strange: NO, Shadow...I am warning YOU.
failure to cooperate will not bode well for Miss Rouge's "health"

(Shadow growls forcefully)

Hugo Strange: now, Tell me about Maria Robotnik...she was Gerald's granddaughter, yes?

Shadow (glumly): fact, she was the ONLY reason he agreed to do "Project: Shadow"

Hugo Strange: and, WHY is that?

Shadow: Maria was born with the NIDS Virus.

Hugo Strange: the "Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome"

Shadow (Grimly):'s a very FATAL disease.
it rendered Maria's body incapable of resisting even the WEAKEST of illnesses...even the flu could of killed her.

Hugo Strange: I hear there was no cure for NIDS.

Shadow: I know...that's why Professor Gerald created me, so a cure COULD be found.

Hugo Strange: what was your relationship with Maria?

Shadow (sadly): she...was my ONLY friend.

Hugo Strange: yes...

Shadow: Living on the ARK was hard for me...
most everyone treated me like an experiment, some vermin.

but, not Maria...she was different.
she treated me like a person, made me feel LESS alone.

Hugo Strange: and, how did YOU treat her in return?

Shadow: with the kindness and compassion she DESERVED, of course!
Maria was like me, in some ways: Lonely, an outcast because of her disease...

(Shadow pauses)

Shadow: I...remember seeing her crying once.
it was her thirteeth birthday, and she was sad her father hadn't sent her anything.

Hugo Strange: why not?

Shadow: Maria's mother died when she was made her father bitter and angry.
I couldn't understand why he'd hate her so much...Maria was like an angel to me.

I did my best to cheer Maria up...I ALWAYS did when she felt sad.
all I wanted was to make her happy, to see that beautiful smile on her face.

Hugo Strange: sounds like she was MORE than just a friend to you...wasn't she?

(Shadow is silent)

Shadow: I don't know...

but, what I DID know...was that Maria wanted to be cured, so she could like on Mobius.
and, I...I wanted to cure her, to grant her wish and see her smile.

Hugo Strange: and, did you?

Shadow (Darkly) no.

Hugo Strange: why not?

Shadow (growling) you know WHY..."G.U.N."

[End of Tape]

Hugo Strange: from the report I read, the President of the United Nations from fifty years ago sent a G.U.N. squad to the Space Colony to shut down Project: Shadow.

Shadow: yeah...he DID.

Hugo Strange: why is that?

Shadow: how should I know?
for all I know, they were AFRAID of me...and, what I was capable of.

Hugo Strange: Afraid?
come, Shadow...we all know better than that.

what REALLY happened back then?, what made G.U.N. turn against Gerald Robotnik?

Shadow: ...

Hugo Strange: Shadow-

Shadow: They wanted to use me as a WEAPON.

Hugo Strange: I see...

Shadow: Gerald only created me so I could help humanity.
eliminate all disease, all pain...turn the world into a "PARADISE"

but, G.U.N. wanted a Weapon of Mass Destruction to combat their enemies.
they wanted to turn me loose on the world and destroy whoever and whatever they pointed at.

Hugo Strange: how did Gerald feel about this?

Shadow: he was outraged...he said, Project: Shadow was NEVER meant for that purpose.
when G.U.N. demanded that he deliver what they wanted...he said "NO"

Hugo Strange: and, THEN they invaded the Space Colony.

Shadow: they accused Gerald of espionage, working with their enemies AGAINST them it wasn't true, of course...but, they didn't listen.

they...they KILLED everyone aboard the ARK, everyone who was involved with the Project.

Hugo Strange: what were YOU doing during the attack?

Shadow: what do you think?, I was trying to protect Maria.
all I could think about was getting her to the escape pods in time.

hoping to god that my "ultimate lifeform" title wasn't just for show.
that, if ANYONE was to survive had to me HER.

Hugo Strange: why take such a risk?

Shadow: do you know what it's like to LOVE someone?
I mean, to really and TRULEY care for them.

Hugo Strange: no.

Shadow: My needs didn't matter, my SAFETY didn't matter.
all that mattered was HER...I had to save her.

Hugo Strange: did you?

Shadow: in a way.

Hugo Strange: what do you mean?

Shadow: I got her to the escape pods...but, she put ME into it.
all I wanted was to save her...but, SHE was trying save me.

I begged her not to...but, she had made up her mind.
she told me to protect humanity, and then...then...

Hugo Strange: then WHAT?

Shadow (near tears): she pull the lever.. sending me into space.
I remember hearing gunfire...and, seeing blood on the window.

Hugo Strange: hmmm...strange.
so such evidense has ever been found.

in fact, I read that out of all the ARK Casualties: Maria's Body was NEVER recovered.

Shadow: heh...of course not.

Hugo Strange: Shadow...are you keeping something from me?

[End of Tape]

Hugo Strange: what REALLY happened back then, Shadow?

Shadow: I already told you what happened.

Hugo Strange: I don't think you've told me EVERYTHING.
remember...Rouge is counting on you to give me the RIGHT answers.

Shadow: ...

Hugo Strange: SHADOW!

Shadow: alright, FINE...I'll tell you.
about several weeks ago, I made a discovery reguarding the Chaos Emeralds.

Hugo Strange: what was it?

Shadow: Chaos Emeralds can induce "Chaos Control", which can Slow Time.
but, I discovered that when two seperate emeralds are used at the same time-

Hugo Strange: they create Time Portals.

Shadow (Surprised): wha-!

Hugo Strange: you created a Temporal Gateway that took you back to the moment Maria died...and, you ALTERED the past.

you killed the soldier that would of killed Maria...
and, you took her back with you to the future.

Shadow: I had to...she didn't deserve to die.
she sacrificed herself to save ME, I had to save her.

Hugo Strange: and, what of the OTHER people aboard the ARK?...the ones you DIDN'T save.

Shadow: there wasn't any time.

Hugo Strange: REALLY?
you had the power to travel through time...yet, you had NO TIME to spare.

Shadow: LISTEN!, I-

Hugo Strange: NO, listen.
your obsession with Maria has clouded your judgement.

there were OTHER people you could of just chose NOT TO.
Maria was MORE important to you...even more important than Gerald, your creator.

Shadow: But-

Hugo Strange: tell me, SHadow...does the name: JESSICA FAIRBORN mean anything to you?

Shadow: no.

Hugo Strange: it should.
SHE was a classmate of Maria in the on-board school that they attended.

her family was killed during the G.U.N. invasion...but, SHE somehow survived.
she's still alive, today...a resident here in ARKHAM CITY.

I hear she wants to KILL you.

Shadow: so?, ALOT of people want to kill me.

Hugo Strange: yes, but THEY not as obsessed with you as she is.
according to my report, she reconstruct her face to look EXACTLY like your good friend, MARIA ROBOTNIK...all to drive you to MADNESS.

I hear she calls herself "Bloody Mary", now.

Shadow: What's your point?

Hugo Strange: oh, nothing...I just think it would be just AWFUL if SHE knew that Maria was still stasis, but ALIVE.

(Shadow gets worried)

Shadow (concerned): you WOULDN'T!

Hugo Strange: no...but, "I" don't have her.

Shadow (Enraged): WHO DOES!, TELL ME!

Hugo Strange: oh, nobody...just a Green, sociopathic Hedgehog who happens to be a patient here.

Shadow: Anti-Sonic!

Hugo Strange: I hear he's called "Scourge", now.

Shadow: but, HE'S INSANE!

Hugo Strange: yes, I know...I've interviewed him.
he is quite facinating, you know.

Shadow (Shouting): WHERE IS HE!

Hugo Strange: oh, DON'T WORRY...he'll be quite easy to find in Arkham City.
but, now I'm curious: WHO are you planning on rescuing FIRST: Maria Robotnik...or ROUGE?

[End of Interview]

Author Note: The start of a set of oneshots based on an upcoming Sonic/Batman Crossover (based heavily on the ARKHAM CITY Videogame)

I decided to start with Shadow The Hedgehog, since he has ALOT of mental problems
and, I wanted to see how an interview between HIM and Hugo Strange would go (more on the way, soon)

these oneshots are written in the style of the Patient Interview Audio Tapes unlocked in the Arkham Games