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Arkham City Interview - Helix

[Star of Tape]


TYGER Guard: (Over InterCOMM) Sir, the prisoner is here.

Hugo Strange: Good, send her in.

TYGER Guard: Yes, SIR.

(the door soon opens, and a female walks in)

Helix: Soooo...THIS is the lair of the great Professor Hugo Strange.
i must say, it's not at all what i expected.

Hugo Strange: greetings, Miss Lynx.

Helix: i don't go by that name, anymore.

Hugo Strange: Helix, then?
Please...take a seat."

Helix: don't mind if i do.

(Helix pulls a chair and sits down.)

Hugo Strange: You are a very tricky inmate, Helix.
despite my Tyger Guards best efforts, they have difficulty keeping track of you.

Helix: HA!, your "G.I. Jerks" don't know Nothing.

it was all too easy to slip pass their "all seeing eyes"
leave this so-called "inescapable prison", and return later without them noticing.

Hugo Strange: I would love to discuss how you pulled that off, Helix.

Helix: heh-heh, YEAH: i bet you would.

Hugo Strange: Let's get to why i called you her-

Helix: oh, i know plenty well WHY i am here.
you want to study me, try and get in HERE.

you (like so many others before you)
want to figure out why i am, what i am.

Hugo Strange: yes...i do.

(Helix snickers)

Helix: good luck with that, DOC.

[End of Tape]

Hugo Strange: Let us begin with your Childhood.

Helix: miserable, NEXT.

Hugo Strange: doesn't work that way.
you need to tell me Every. Single. Detail of your past.

Otherwise, how can i possable hope to cure you of your "illness?"

Helix: What makes you think i NEED to be cured?
i think i'm perfectly fine JUST-The-Way-I-Am.

Hugo Strange: (Sternly) HELEN.

Helix: (Getting Aggravated) Alright-Alright, FINE! (Deep Sigh, Low Growl)

Hugo Strange: Now: your Childhood?

Helix: My early life was...Complicated.

Hugo Strange: go on.

Helix: My mother was Jessica Lynx, she was a Celebrity.
a Fashion Diva, Movie Star and winner of several Beauty Pageons.

She was so Rich and Famous, that she made sure to give me whatever i wanted.
of course, all i REALLY wanted: was to spend time with her and be Loved.

Hugo Strange: and, what of your Father?"

(Helix growls in her throat)

Helix: (darkly) you think i wanted my mother's attention?

Hugo Strange: You and you father weren't on good terms?

Helix: that's One Way to put it...
another would be to say that her "hated my guts"

Hugo Strange: Why?

Helix: Dad was a "Male Supremace."
HE believed that woman had their place...which was BELOW him.

my mom always had trouble giving birth.
she and dad tried numerous to have children, and every time FAILED.

Then, i came along, the One Success.
and, dad was "disappointed" that i wasn't a boy like he wanted.

(Helix scowls)

Helix: and, he took EVERY Oppertunity to express his "displeasure."

Hugo Strange: he abused you?

Helix: Oh, where do i BEGIN?

he Hit Me, Kicked Me, pulled on my hair called my B*tch (among other unflattering names.)

Hugo Strange: didn't you tell your Mother?

Helix: HA!, i never could get close enough to talk.
THAT, and dad also threatened to do worse things if i DID speak.

(Helix then scoffs)

Helix: luckily for me, i didn't have to say anything.
the media soon found out, and mom divorced him on the spot.

i wasn't abused anymore, but i was still Alone.
Mom was so busy, that i spent more time with the servants, than with her.

Hugo Strange: I assume her stardom eventually came to an END, yes?

Helix: I was a Teenager by then.
mom was a nervous wreck (you might even say "Crazy.")

but, by that time...i didn't care anymore.
she disappeared from public view shortly after: i NEVER saw her again.

[End of Tape]

Hugo Strange: According to these reports that i gathered...
you discovered your talent for Science during High School, yes?

Helix: Ahh, yes: my Teen Years.
i like to refer to them as my "Golden Age"

some of the best stuff that i ever made originated form my earlier work conducted back then.

Hugo Strange: You are refering to your advancments in Genetic Manipulation and Robotic Technology.

Helix: Heh-Heh, YEAH: those were the days.

I still remember the day i accidently invented "inter-dimensional travel"
my entire class was transported to a world of Fire and Brimstone.

to say we had one "Hellva Summer" was putting it mildly.

Hugo Strange: Let's focus on the discovering you made at Sixteen.
you discovered a cosmic energy that you called "Metronium"

Helix: Yes: METRONIUM, my Crown Jewel.

I discovered that Metronium was a cosmic energy that existed since the dawn of time.
and, it's Mutigenic properties in it's raw form MAY have jumpstarted evolution itself.

Hugo Strange: you also theorized that if processe Metronium could be used as an Alterative Energy Source.

Helix: Yes, EXACTLY!

just as Automobiles replaced Horses Metronium would of replaced Electricity as a primary source of energy.

just a small sample of it could power a city as big as Manhatten!
so, large quantities of it could bring about the nexy Golden Age for mankind.

Hugo Strange: If that's true, then why didn't you tell the world of your discovery?

Helix: I DID try and tell them.
but, the Scientific Community didn't want the "crazed ramblings of a child."

Hugo Strange: i see...

Helix: so, i decided to keep my discovery to myself.
at least until i gain enough popularity so they'll listen to me.

Hugo Strange: you proceeded in OTHER projects?

Helix: of course.

(Hugo Strange chuckles softly)

Hugo Strange: yes...which brings us to your Greatest Creation: "Nightshade."

[End of Tape]

Helix: (darkly) i'm not talking about him.

Hugo Strange: Helix-

Helix: (Shouting Angrily) NO!, Forget it!
i've told you everthing else, no LET. ME. GO.

Hugo Strange: You know it doesn't work that way, Helix.
either you tell me about Nightshade, or i'll "make you" tell.

Helix: you wouldn't DARE.

Hugo Strange: i would...and, i'll Enjoy It, too.

(Helix growls angrily)

Helix: (Angrily) FINE!

Hugo Strange: GOOD, now.
i believe Nightshade was the product of your "loneliness."

(Helix shrugged)

Helix: eh, what can i say: i was Weak.

back in those days, i was desperate for companianship.
but, i was so busy with my work, that i never had time for any sort of Relationship.

though, eventually...all i wanted was a family, a CHILD.
and, in some way "undo" all the damage my own parents had done.

I didn't want to wait for "Mister Right" to come along and EVENTUALLY give me one.
so, i decided to do it the only other way i knew how: Making one scientificly.

Hugo Strange: you used your mad science to Clone yourself a child.

Helix: I wouldn't say "Clone.", Professor.

more like, i took a sample of my own DNA then, changed the chromizones around a bit so he was "unique"

Hugo Strange: He?

Helix: Yes, i made him a boy.
i was curious about that whole "Mother & Son" bonding thing.

though, Boy or Girl didn't really matter to me.

ANYWAY, i grew him in a capsule, an "artificial womb" if you will No Way i was gonna go through the "joy" of childbirth.

like any infant, it took MONTHS for him to develop.
but, the day soon came when he was "born", and i got what i wanted.

I named him: "Shade", i rather liked that name.
it was Dark, Mysterious and fit well with his jet black hair and lavender eyes.

Hugo Strange: Incredible...
you defied the laws of nature and, utilized mad science to grow yourself a modified cloned baby, and acted as if it were your own.

Helix: he WAS my own!

Hugo Strange: but, something happened, didn't it?
something changed that altered BOTH your lives.

[End of Tape]

Hugo Strange: Tell about how you came to be "HELIX."

Helix: Well, it happened on a Dark and Stormy Night (as most disasters do)

lil' shade was playing with the blocks that i made for him.
and, I was hard at work on a Dimensional Gateway that i recently constructed.

I had discovered the existance of a parallel dimension called: "The Shadow Realm."
it was an alternate plane in which Darkness and Evil thrived like a germ investation.

i theorized that if this world were to be destroyed...
then, ALL the evil in the world (and, others) would vanish.

heh-heh, i was a sentimental fool.
who thought that i could save the world.

so, i readied all of the Metronium i had and, readied to blast that world to Kingdom Come!

Hugo Strange: I assume your plans didn't pan out that way.

Helix: do i LOOK LIKE it did!

Hugo Strange: no.
so, tell me: what went wrong.

Helix: I underestimated the strenth of the Shadow Realm's "dark residents", that's what!
as soon as i opened the portal, a creature got out and rampaged into my lab.

it went after Shade, so i ran to him.
i managed to get him out of the way...but, the creature bit me.

then (to my amazment) i fired bolts of energy at it, destroying it.
it wasn't until LATER that i realized that the metronium that got damaged during the attack had mutated me, granting me amazing powers.

though, i had little time to dwell on this.
the demon that bit me, ALSO infected me with some "dark venom"

this supernatural poison was slowly corrupting my very soul.
in a few months time, it would completly take me over.

Hugo Strange: tell of the process.

Helix: well, i first noticed the change in my eyes.
once purple, they turned full pink with reptilian puples.

my hands then changed, almost resmebling Talons or Claws.
my ears became longer (like a vulcan) and my skin and hair SLOWLY turned red.

Hugo Strange: Facinating...

Helix: THEN, came the "personality changes"
i randomly shifted from being Calm and Pleasant, to Aggressive and Snarky.

though, i've grown acustomed to it, now...
back then, it Terrified me: i was becoming a Monster.
and, there was NOTHING i could do to stop it.

so...i did the only thing i could do.

[End of Tape]

Helix: I knew that with all my science and technology combined with my new powers, i would be an "unholy terror" upon the world.

so, i decided to prepare my son for his new destiny.
his new mission to protect the world FROM ME.

Hugo Strange: what did you do?

Helix: First, i exposed him to the same energy that gave me MY powers.

i then created a PDA downloaded with every martial art and, lessons in morality that i could possably gather.

i put him AND, the PDA in a small pod, ready to be launched someplace safe.

I remember gripping the lever, seconds away from sending him away.
he looked at me with tearful eyes, still confused at why i was doing this.

i told him that i loved him, and made him promise to protect the world then...and, pulled the lever, and send him rocketing to an unknown location.

Hugo Strange: that must of been HARD for you.

Helix: probably was.
though, it doesn't matter to ME, anymore.

ever since the Demon Venom completly corrupted me i've been seeing things alot "differently", now.

I NOW see "Helen Lynx's" last ditch effort to be a Mistake.
and, my now Teenaged son "Nightshade" to be my greatest Failure and Disappointment.

countless times i have tried to dominated the world and known universe.
and, EVERY. SINGlE. TIME, Shade foils my plans...i HATE him.

Oh, i tried to be understanding.
i've given him PLENTY of chances to join me.

but, he's spurned every offer.
and, seems to live to make me Miserable.

Hugo Strange: more likely, he's just honoring the wishes of your Former Self.
which actually makes him your most Loyal subject in your so-called "Helix Empire"

(Helix snickers)

Helix: ooh, well ain't you just smart.

well, i suppose you would have to be.
i mean, HOW ELSE would you legally have half of Gotham walled off to construct this "Mega-Prison", where you let all the inmates kill each other.

Hugo Strange: Arkham City is an "experiment", Miss Lynx.
a "new way of thinking", if you inmates all decided to destroy each oth-

Helix: right-right.
and, i suppose all the workers who built this place AND, the reporters who have been "investigating" you are all Hardened Psychotics TOO, eh?

Hugo Strange: (surprised) what?

(Helix chuckles)

Helix: So, is ol' Deadshot?
still "taking care" of all those people you want quiet?

Hugo Strange: How did yo-

Helix: And, what of this "Protocol Ten?"
are your "goon squad" properly trained for it yet?

assuming of course, that i'm asking the right person.
because, i think we ALL know that your not really the one running the show.

tell me, Doc: how's your "Master?", and his charming Daughter.

Hugo Strange: ...

Helix: awww...what's wrong?, "Catwoman-Got-Your-Tounge", Heh-heh, HA!
fine, then you just sit down, shut up and allow ME to do all the talking.

heh-heh, i suppose your wondering how i know all this.
well, lemme tell ya' this: your not the only one with Eyes and Ears all over this city.

I assure you, "Scarlett" is very adept at espionage.
thanks to her, i've got this whole complex bugged.

I even know of Riddler's activties.

i know where ALL of your assocciates are at ALL TIMES (even Deadshot)
you can't make a move without me knowing about it FIRST.

so, to try and stop me...would be pointless.

Now, i'll stick around a little while longer.
Juuuust to see how things pan out in your "little kingdom"

but, as soon as things get boring: i'm gone.
and, you'll never even know when i left.


Hugo Strange: ...

Helix: well, see ya around, Doc.
and, uhh: give my reguards to "Mister Wayne", and "Mister Drake.

I have a feeling you'll be seeing them REAL SOON.

[End of Interview]

Author Note:

For this addition of my "Arkham Interview" collection
I decided to do something different, and have Hugo Strange
interview one of my OC's.

I decided to start with my best one: Helix.

her origin was based somewhat on Darth Vader and The Skeleton King from "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!" (good show, but needs a Shorter name)

I decided that Helx (being a cunning master planner)
wouldn't be fazed by Hugo's mephods, and would actually "silence him" towards the end of the session.

one of the reasons i chose Helix, was to get people more acustomed to her as a character.

I'll get to actually characters later.